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  1. the quicker Austin goes the happier I will be. What a pig.......
  2. happy4506

    BB15 General Discussion

    Nice to know I am not the only one to think these are the biggest bunch of dopes to have been cast. Howard is probably the nicest. Where did they get this cast from??? Don't really care who wins.
  3. happy4506

    Jessie - BB 11

    Talk about ruining a show. Bringing Jessie on is a fast way to do it. He is gross
  4. happy4506

    Which Hg Did You Instantly Dislike?

    Dick, and Kail.
  5. happy4506

    Next Amazing Race To be All-Star Edition

    My vote would be Kevin and Drew from the first season. Those guys would liven things up and maybe take some wind out of ROMBER's sails.
  6. happy4506

    amazing Race

    : Since the race lasts so long, when each couple is eliminated where do they go until each race is completed. I heard Phil say on a talk show that they are not allowed to tell wherethey are going at the beginning.