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  1. I AM a Britney fan- but she is REALLY catty- Kathy does talk tons of crap; and embellishes the poo out of stuff people do. She's actually really good at it- it's working for her right now. She is completely two-faced; but right now it's a great game technique for her.
  2. I took it as asskisser, brown-noser...didn't take it as racial at all.
  3. hi guys. I don't think Brit's dumb- I love her- but unfortunately, I don't know if she can compete that well. Also, she doesn't really have any solid alliances, much as she's trying. I hope she can find a way to win
  4. US Men will have 3 spots next year, Paige! Abbott and Rippon currently 1st and 2nd with 5 skaters left-so we have our lucky 13, at least!
  5. I don't think she'll be top four or better, but I guess we'll see. I actually thought Bruno's shopping cart analogy was pretty apt. I know it's a whole new world for her, but her leg lift positions were awful, like a dog lifting it's leg.
  6. Yana, I feel really happy for your Mom! (really brave!) and your family. It's so difficult to make a change like that.
  7. No, Yana. I read a blog 'razingruth.blogspot.com'(hope that's ok to post). I was writing an article a while ago and found this blog and she fascinates me. 'Ruth" is a young woman who left a quiverful family, and her experiences since then are just amazing to me. There has been lots of speculation recently on what quiverful is and if the Duggars are, which I believe they have stated they are not. 'Ruth' (not her real name) says of course they are. There has been increased speculation in the media lately re: the Duggars and quiverful. Yana, I hope the stuff I post doesn't make you uncomfortable due to your past experience. I mean no disrespect; I am just so interested in the lives of the women in these lifestyles.
  8. I hear that the baby is hanging in there. I think still under 4 lbs, and not ready to leave the hospital yet (it's around Michele's due date now). Some new articles are outing The Duggars as quiverful/Gothardites-and it's pretty controversial (to me). That their 'mission statement' if you will is to have enough families such as these that they create enough 'God warriors" that they can begin having a real impact on government/laws. Also, some of the more 'controversial' child rearing practices they do, blanket training, long intervals in prayer closets, spanking are never shown on camera. I think TLC is whitewashing this family. And my heart breaks for Jordyn Grace, their one year old, who doesn't really get much mothering.
  9. Quadruple yuck! I will do laundry while Kate dances...or I'll clean the litter box...or I'll swiffer something... Think she'll have the kids in the front row in matching 'vote for mommy' shirts? I want her to tell Tony she's thirsty, and have him drink water in front of her and give her none!
  10. I'd love to see him go to World's, too, but I understand him withdrawing. Evan is not a prodigy like Johnny Weir. He won by being the hardest worker out there, and working the points system. Winning Worlds and Olympic Gold back to back is a big achievement. It's hard to sustain that level continuously. He was under a lot of pressure; and although he says he may wanted to compete again, I think he really needed a break. Of course it's the money, too! He'll make big bucks from stars on ice. I really hope we retain 3 spots. I think we will. Rippon is brilliant and the international judges love him. Ryan Bradley is usually solid, and Jeremy Abbott, if he can beat his Jeremy Abbott demons, can win the thing! He's the complete package when he's on. I hope between Mirai and Rachel and Denney/Barret and Evora/Ladwig, we can get our ladies and pairs 3rd spots back, too.
  11. i have totally fallen for her-she's completely adorable. i'd love to keep seeing her on tv-luv her! and louis von a, too-
  12. i really appreciate your 'insider' views, yana. the duggars, well, mostly jimbob and joshie-just seem SO judgemental. i do admire michelle's calmness-but i don't watch them anymore-but i know many do.
  13. no disrespect intended- but i see, on this show anyway-that their 'word of God' is massively spun. ie. the bible didn't really mean water into wine, it was grape juice, and the passages re:dancing w/ joy don't really mean it's ok-etc. i dislike this show for the exact opposite reason i dislike jon and kate. i disliked kate's patronizing jon and the boys--and with the duggars, i feel so terrible for the girls w/ such limited lives.
  14. i get scared thinking of jess/lyd. ok, she's part wacko, but i just can't get the image of his feet in her ladyparts and the hiney-bruise out of my head!
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