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    Big Brother and Amazing Race are two shows I love to watch! I TOTALLY miss Friends! <br /><br />I also like spending time with my husband and friends!
  1. Huh...sounds interesting, I loved Beauty and the Geek!
  2. Ryan looks great today!!!! I just can't stand Suzanne and Shannon for some reason!
  3. I was glad when she called everyone back in and fired her! She was getting on my nerves tonight, she went from so confident to Ms. Negativity!
  4. So are they not leaving the country then?! I have been wondering that!
  5. I agree..totally annoying...this was only my 2nd BB though!
  6. I heard that this is going to be the last season for Will and Grace!? I really like that show....all the good comedies seem to be going away like that, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond and Sienfeld!!! I think it's neat the the premiere is going to be live though, I'll be watching and I bet it will be interesting!
  7. Of those, I have to go with Desperate Housewives!
  8. Reunion is one I've been watching too of the new shows! So far so good, we'll see!!!!
  9. This will be interesting, but I can't say much...I watched dancing with the stars!
  10. Wow, what a group! A man from a 70's hit show with a Playboy playmate?! Plus a den mother?! How interesting! I'll be watching!
  11. I have been watching and enjoy the show just as I did last year.....same old thing!
  12. I really love this show!!!! Ty is so great...however I miss seeing him on Trading Spaces!
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