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  1. I had forgotten how much I hated Paul last summer. Lol But I'd rather have him in the house then Cody. At least he has a personality.
  2. Omg... just caught up on the first 3 episodes. This guy has 0 personality! His DR sessions are so bad. Hope he is out quickly.
  3. AR_Rocks

    Dan - Winner BB10

    If Dan wanted to take Keesha to the end, then why did he give the final Veto comp to Memphis? If he had taken that one, he could have left the noms the same and Keesha would have voted Jerry out. Anyway, I am glad that Dan won and that Keesha got the fav jury prize! First time that who I wanted to win actually won!!
  4. AR_Rocks

    Amazing Race 12

    WooHoo! Less than 2 hours to go! I am so happy that it got moved up!!
  5. AR_Rocks

    Did Anyone Else Notice??

    When Phil read the instructions for the detour tonight, he clearly stated that they had to proceed on foot to either of the two locations. Charla and Mirna took a taxi to the cookie stand. When they checked in at the Pit Stop, I kept waiting for Phil to give them a time penalty but he didn't. What's up with that?
  6. AR_Rocks

    Tom Rock and Terry Cosentino

    When I was watching the show, I could have sworn that it was Jerry!! When I came to Morty's I thought the name was wrong on the thread name.
  7. AR_Rocks

    CBS 'Races' To Sunday Next Fall

    Hopefully, the Canadian stations will still show AR at the regular time, even if CBS is delayed!
  8. AR_Rocks

    Vipul and Arti Patel

    Yeah, me too. I was interested in seeing how both of the first two eliminated teams would do. Oh well...
  9. AR_Rocks

    Tom Rock and Terry Cosentino

    Seems like they were making friends with the cheerleaders, though!
  10. AR_Rocks

    TAR 10 General Discussion

    rook... I didn't even notice that there were no 'senior' teams. I was too busy noticing that there is more racial diversity. Hmmm... isn't that what they are doing on Survivor? It was a good show, and I was so shocked by that early elimination. If they keep doing this, are there going to be less shows, or maybe more 2 parters? Now that BBAS is over, it nice to have both AR and Survivor to look forward to each week.
  11. AR_Rocks

    David and Mary Conley

    LOL, fizzle! If anything, it is going to be 'lack of communication' that brings this team down.