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  1. DrewFan

    Amanda & Alex

    Aaaack! Just when I was saying that I'm officially cheering for Alex and Amanda because of the stuff people are saying about Amanda's dad (again today, they're still bringing up nooses and stuff)... Alex has to go and act like Matt and say homophobic stuff! WHAT IS GOING ON???? They need to separate the couples, because I only like a few people and CAN'T STAND their partners! Go Sharon (but ewww Josh)...go Natalie (boo to Matt)!
  2. DrewFan

    Can't Decide Who To Root For

    Ugh! What is WRONG with these people? Every time I think I have someone to cheer for, they say something disgusting or stupid. Let's see here... James - he gives me the creeps...and he's paired up with the vile Chelsia. Chelsia - just today she made ANOTHER joke about a noose and Amanda's dad! DISGUSTING Joshuah - he added to Chelsia's hate today with a gross comment of his own. Sharon - I feel so bad that she's paired with Joshuah...if she were playing as an individual, I'd cheer for her. Adam - poor guy, but he also seems like he can really be a jerk. Sheila - someone please tell her off! She's the biggest liar and gossip in the house! Ryan - I feel bad for this guy, for being paired with such an annoying witch, and for having such an unappreciative girlfriend. I'd probably cheer for him if he were alone. Allison - can't stand her "I'm so awesome" attitude and they way she keeps trying to trash Jen to Ryan. Matt - jerk from the beginning, moreso after his homophobic comments today. Natalie - she cracks me up! She's so needy, but I love her! Wish she were free of that Boston bunghole. Alex - I really, really liked this guy until he and Matt went on their tirade against James today. I don't like James, but they went too far. Amanda - attention wh*re. Kinda like her because the whole house ganged up on her, but prefer others to her. So, I guess I'm cheering for Sharon, Ryan, Natalie, and maybe Alex if he can come back from some of the stuff he said today. I hope they end the couples thing soon, or I don't really have ANYONE to support!
  3. DrewFan

    Chelsia & James

    Chelsia's just a vile, disgusting person. The first week I though she was awesome...fun and didn't care what others thought. And I thought she was pretty. Now she's just UGLY. James gives me the creeps. He seems kind of pervy, and not because of his porn past. Just...gross, but I can't put my finger on it.
  4. DrewFan

    Amanda & Alex

    After what Chelsia and James just said on the live feeds, I am an Amanda and Alex fan to the end. They both just made more jokes about nooses and Amanda's father, and then Chelsia thought they should hide Alex's cross (the one made from metal from Ground Zero).
  5. While strategizing in the HOH, Chelsia said that maybe the POV will be trying to get out of a noose. Allison: that's fucked up Josh: and the body's like, her dads! Chelsia suggests that maybe they should hide Alex's cross.
  6. DrewFan


    This guy went from being one of my favorites to being the one I despise the most. He thinks he has free reign to say whatever evil, malicious thing he wants. Can you imagine the reaction he'd make if someone referred to him by a homophobic slur? But he can call women C*NTS and everything else in the book. What a coward.
  7. DrewFan


    Her words were absolutely twisted around. She never said RAPE and she never called Natalie a slut. Alex himself admitted that he tried to touch her in the HOH bed the other night...now, she is obviously very emotionally immature and very needy, but she is never mean-spirited in anything. The ones who are really despicable behind others' backs are Sheila, Allison and Chelsia.
  8. DrewFan


    Okay, this post just proves that I pay WAY too much attention to pop culture. That picture of Neil with Perez Hilton on BB9addict's blog is not a recent one. That was taken when Perez was rockin a moustache and green hair. Currently he is moustache-free and his hair is some weird pink/blue combo and has been for a few weeks now - read his site and you'll see. I think it's been about 5 months since Perez rocked the moustache. So that can be crossed off as incorrect info.
  9. DrewFan


    I don't understand why that would be such a big deal! I mean, everyone else signed their waivers, and as long as he didn't engage in any risky behavior with someone who didn't know his condition, what's the problem? I remember when Pedro was on the Real World back in the mid-90s, and it was probably one of the best and most profound "stories" from that series.
  10. DrewFan

    Amber Week 8 Evicted

    I really don't think Daniele handled the question well at all. She just said something like "That's something personal, it's not game." However, she was sitting there in the final 2 with her DAD...I don't know how much more personal the game can be than that!
  11. DrewFan

    Rules Of The Big Brother Game

    But don't women who are victims of domestic abuse often drop the charges and allow their abuser back into their homes and beds? Just because Jen didn't change rooms doesn't mean she wasn't afraid of what Dick might someday do. I think she was afraid that really pushing for Dick's eviction with the producers could jeopardize her chances to win the game. The houseguests obviously knew how partial the producers were!
  12. DrewFan

    Ap Vote Finale

    If Dick wins, he'll get the money AND his daughter back (because she'll stay close to the money). If Daniele wins, she'll take the money and conveniently realize she's not over their "issues" and Dick will never see her again. I'm voting for Dick.
  13. DrewFan

    Will Dick And Daniele Mend Their Relationship?

    I think it was impossible not to, with that cheesy, inspiring "hero" music playing in the background...the somber battle drums and orchestra swelling. Heck, they could play that in the background of a Nazi video and it would make some people cry. I hate how CBS manipulates us with those subtle things...
  14. DrewFan

    Will Dick And Daniele Mend Their Relationship?

    According to the feeds, they've already started sniping at each other...or, at least Daniele's been sniping at Dick. I think if Dick wins, then Daniele will mend the relationship to be closer to the money. If Daniele wins, then Dick's never going to see her again. I really think she used Dick to get to the money, just like she used Zack, Eric, Jessica... She definitely took advantage of her Dad's love for her...I don't think she gives a crap for him, other than she's happy that he helped get her to the final 2.
  15. DrewFan

    Daniele - 2nd Place Winner

    None of us know for sure whether these feelings she has for her dad now are just for the camera or genuine (or is it jen-uine?). But she does seems to be the kind of petty girl who would be "daddy's little girl" if Dick wins the money (after she's done pouting in the corner), ensuring she gets some of it. And Dick will give it to her. But if she wins, I won't be surprised when I hear that she's decided she's not really over their "issues," and stops talking to him again. He's just another person in the house that she used to get the money...