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  1. I hope he was, it was really rude!
  2. Yep! Then he mentioned if he won HoH that everyone would see his "fat wife." He is one classy guy (insert sarcasm here).
  3. Bellenoir

    Big Brother General Discussion

    Yes, he ate all of Alex's cereal but she has shown to be quite the petty little guttersnipe as of late (the hat speaks the truth). I found the entire thing hard to watch, especially when they started on his daughter. He knows he is going home, why beat a dead horse? Of course King Paul was quiet, he can do no wrong. I have never seen such a group of mindless followers on this show.
  4. Bellenoir

    blind loyalty to paul

    Same here. I can't help myself I like Kevin, sadly he is losing favor with his majesty the King of Friendship.
  5. Bellenoir


    I feel bad for Cameron as well, especially when we have minions just sitting there happy to go to jury and lounge around. It would be hilarious of Josh is the one to get Paul out! Love it!
  6. Bellenoir

    Returning Players

    Yep, just posted something about this on another thread. One of my biggest pet peeves......returnees.
  7. Bellenoir

    Pet Peeves. etc. ...

    I know it is a microphone issue but I cannot stand the constant munching and crunching sounds..........grrrrr......makes me nuts. I am also not a fan of return players.
  8. Bellenoir

    blind loyalty to paul

    Exactly! This drives me crazy. The blind devotion of Paul by some (most) is bizarre.
  9. Bellenoir


  10. Bellenoir

    Cody & Jessica

    Exactly, it will be the highlight of the season for me! Watch the minions run!
  11. Bellenoir

    Cody & Jessica

    I am feeling the same way. Enough. Actually liked the two of them but I am so tired of hearing their names day in and day out. Waiting for Cody to go so Paul's minions can start to tear each other up!