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  1. 12:13 BBT Karen is telling Demika that they're not playing Kevin's game. He will be going home. Telling them how she'll play the "mom card" to convince Dillon to help get rid of Kevin.
  2. 12:11 BBT Karen claiming that Neda and SIndy (I think) are the fakest people ever. She's dropping the F bomb left right and centre about all the fake people in the house and that she (Karen) is honest and real.
  3. 12:03 pm BBT Ika and Karen continuously Neda bashing. Last night Karen was SIndy bashing. (both acting like 14 yr olds with their bullying gossip)
  4. 12:10 BBT Kevin is talking to himself in the SR about Ika possibly refusing his Veto he will use on her. (WHY would he save her!?). He seems to want to save her, put up Dillon and have Karen vote out Dem. Ika will vote out Dil, leaving a tie for Kevin to break. However, he seems to be unaware of Karen's loyalty to Demika and that both votes will be to eliminate Dil.
  5. 4:15 BBT "NOMINATIONS TODAY" is still on the big screen so we're not sure if they've been done. Probably not.
  6. I'm done for the night. I hope you get more help!
  7. Dillon having a cig, admiring the rain fall that YYZ is experiencing. (Toronto). Kevin has joined him. The heaters on are on outside!!
  8. Dillon asked BB for an ETA for the BY. The feed 2 went down.
  9. Dem and Dil discussing how Dre was manipulative and they finally got to see her true colours. She's shady. It appears the BY is on lockdown. Dillon get antsy.
  10. Karen and Ika going over a lot of "what if" scenarios.
  11. Karen is explaining William's secret Veto to Ika. She is saying he should have kept it to use tonight, unaware Will had a time line to use it.
  12. 10:44 BBT Dre is very upset, telling Demika she's done with them, going solo. Doesn't need them to carry her.