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  1. The list is too funny! I wonder how much this list will increase between now and the time she gets evicted?
  2. For some reason, CBS isn't showing the special Friday night episodes on their website like they do the shows for Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday. And being they are a 'special' show, I haven't been able to watch them on any of the links for the CBS live shows. They are running whatever is already in the tv guide. I don't even bother with the 'videobrother' link, it has to many slow spots and then catches up to where it should be and I miss out on a lot of stuff. Can anybody tell me what was shown in the two Friday shows on 8/4 and 8/11? Thanks.
  3. I just clicked on the link for CBS Live Stream and got this: The requested URL cannot be provided Object URL: http://www.hdca.st/embedplayer.php?width=750&height=460&id=ibtvcbs&autoplay=false&strech=exactfit Reason: The object is infected by HEUR:Trojan.Script.Iframer Message generated on: 8/9/2017 6:36:26 PM I know that it always opens/starts with the first link, but I'm not sure I want to try the other links after that pop up. Any body else have any problems with the links today?
  4. Not to be nit picky, but could someone please change the date on yestersday's and today's threads? It says Tuesdays August 7 (should be 8) and Wednesday August 8 ( should be 9). Thanks.
  5. calliegirl

    Cody & Jessica

    I don't like both of them either. Cody has an evil look about him and just seems like a cold person and Jessica comes across as a 'user'.
  6. calliegirl

    BIG Thank You to this season's LFUS ♡♡

    Thank you to all the LFU.
  7. You're probably right. I think that Paul has/had the nastiest attitude this season. Even worse the Paulie, but not much worse.
  8. In Paul's speech that he was practicing for the jury, he says that he got the round trip ticket. I thought that Michelle was the one that had it.
  9. calliegirl

    Big Brother General Discussion

    Bingo! It's all about the attention. The 'good' attention anyway. I hope that James working with Corey and Nicole works out great. Just seeing the looks on Paul and Victor's faces will be priceless when they realize they have been blindsided.
  10. calliegirl

    Big Brother General Discussion

    The more Nat runs her mouth about herself (how she knows how to work and has the best work ethic - from the 7:13 time in last nights post and she's 'bragged' about it and herself before) the worse she makes herself look, IMO. If you truly are that way, then people will notice. No bragging or patting yourself on the back needed. I hope that James doesn't help her out financially at all after the show. She only ended up with James because she 'hopped' from guy to guy till she found one that she could manipulate to a certain extant.
  11. calliegirl

    Big Brother General Discussion

    I felt so bad for James as she was running her mouth. I wanted to reach thru the computer screen and slap the you know what out of her. I hope that he now truly sees how she is and doesn't persue a personal relationship with her outside the house. I also hope that they do send Nat out this week. James never told her who to put up or vote for etc. But she was telling him if he stayed who he needed to put up. I also thinks she has a thing for Victor, but her personality is more fitting like Paul's. Especially when she get really mad.
  12. calliegirl

    Big Brother General Discussion

    I'm not pissing on all the girls, just Natalie. I don't like Paul or Victor. It's too bad that Nicole and Corey can't see that they are being used/manipulated by Paul and Victor. Mostly Paul. Victor just seems to kinda tag along with whatever Paul wants.
  13. calliegirl

    Big Brother General Discussion

    Yeah, like someone said earlier, she is just using James. She also seems like she is / would be high maintenance in real life.
  14. Isn't the show on now? For some reason, the VideoBrother stream isn't working or the above link. Guess I will have to wait till tomorrow to watch it on the CBS web site where it appears that they have disabled/removed the comments / comment section.