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  1. Would be fun if several of them secretly vote to evict Caleb with the idea of blaming someone else for that vote and Devin ended up staying.

    BB should/needs to come up with some kind of reward system that would reward players for not Voting With House.VWTH makes things all way to predictable. If there was some kind of cash/point reward for the hg who most successfully voted against the house, eviction nights wouldn't be so much a foregone conclusion.

  2. Candice (IMO)has shown her true character.....I don't know too many people who could have accepted all she has been put through with as much grace & class. She's no "angel" for sure and has had to fight in the mud at times.....but when you find yourself in a pig pen, it's hard to get out without any mud on your hands.

    She would merit my vote on her ability to survive as long as she did.

    This.And to handle it with the dignity shes' had.Even Howie didn't have to endure the visceral hate that she has.Everybody else could just simply play the game.By their words and actions,GM,Aaryn,Kaitlin,Amanda and Spencer were never going to work with her unless they absoloutely had to.And they never had to.

  3. Candice was a good player but a person can only take so much before they lose it. I think the treatment and the comments that she had to endure were definately uncalled for There is a difference between calling someone a bitch and calling her Shaniqua big difference. Aaryn, Kaitlan, Gm, and Jeremy were in this group and the only thing they liked to do was call people names say how ugly they all were. In the end Candice will have the last laugh when she gets out and finds out that Aaryn and Gm are now unemployed as a result of their behavior in the house. She doesn't have a chance to stay in the game. As far as Helen goes Helen does not forgive people when they cross her. Candice went to Helen last week because she knows Helen is in charge of the votes and she knew if anyone could have saved Howard it would be Helen. Helen got mad and went and told everyone that Candice threatened her. Same thing with Jesse she has crossed Helen and is now an outcast. I think she spent the time with Howard because the rest of these idiots are not worth the time or the energy it would take to try and talk to them. This game is personal for Aaryn and she is on the I hate Elissa band wagon yet again. It is probably a good thing she is leaving before Jury so she doesn't have to spend anymore of her time with these losers.

    Good post. And to think Helen actually considers Candace her ally. To a lesser extent, Jessie has done the same thing. But I believe Jessie is starting to hear the drumbeat for her as well.

    I agree. Candice needed to show a tough facade and instead showed her vulnerabilities. Aaryn picked up on those vulnerabilities right away and then others joined in. Helen turned her back on Candice.

    She had nowhere to go but Howie.Maybe Elisa,but Helen pretty much has her leashed.

  4. Candice started out being part of the Elissa/Helen group and was doing just fine. She should have cemented herself with Elissa and that group. They all hated Aaryn and GM and that side of the house. I think that her wrong turn is she got hints from production that she should hang with Howie and she thought a showmance would get her more attention and air time. Candice isolated herself and her attempt at fighting back against the "mean girls" was awkward and not well done. She never should have left the fold of Elissa and Helen and let Aaryn take the lead with them.

    She didn't leave Helen;Helen left her.If I fault Candace for anything is that she didn't/couldn't come through in the clutch to win hoh/pov that could have charted a different course for her.She retreated to Howie because of the shared experiences.

  5. I know that some of you hate it when I lose my PC blouse but okay; mcrae olsen is one ugly dude. He has a pitifully underdeveloped body for a man his age - wrap it up and call it scrawny - his hair is awful and receding and he talks like a tough guy when in fact, a couple of girl scout daisies could whip his ass.

    Who would kiss that? Much less do other things to it. Yikes.

    Could be because him and Judd share one gonad. Amanda has his other one.

  6. What an unbelievably horrible rude cruel thing to say! I didn't think I could think anyone was as despicable as Arryn, but Ginamarie is every bit as scummy.

    Little does she know that people see her as the cockroach that she refers to the other(Candace) hg's as.For someone to talk a good game, when it came time for her to shakeup the house with being a strong player,she wet her pants and took the easy route. She's as vile as Aaryn and Amanda.

  7. I agree with your analysis, people in the house just don't like Candice, and it's very sad for her.

    With my comment though, I was more referring to her inability to unite with Howard and Spencer last week and make a more concentrated effort to flip the votes. I don't think for a minute that it would've worked, but it's certainly better than calling a house meeting and screaming at a potential ally. That just made her more visible and more of a target while also making an enemy of Spencer. I don't know, that's just my opinion.

    Give credit to Helen for orchestrating Candaces'meltdown moment. If left Candace with one less way to turn, though Spencer never liked her in the first place.

    She is supposed to play the game instead of playing the victim. She has been an utter fail with that, along with her now ousted boy Howie.

    Play the game with who?Aaryn?Amanda?Gina Marie?Even the ones who pretend to like her(Helen and Jessie) join in the Candace bashfest whenever she isn't around.And she has been the victim.

  8. I think that GinaMarie is going to enjoy her week and exercise the power. Maybe a new side to GinaMarie. Should be fun.

    She'll exercise the power they already had; the continual Candace bash. Everybody will agree and have a good laugh over it, and then put Spencer up to boot. The problem will come if somehow Candace won pov.

  9. i was thinking the same thing. i watched her walking and she looked like a damn clodhopper. she looked like her shoes were way to big and weighed 10 pounds each.

    i really am not impressed with her on any level. I still can't figure out why she could not parlay her ability to be the mvp into a powerhouse. instead of using that advantage to take control of the game, she basically allowed herself to become helen's "bitch'.

    I like Elisa,but that is the problem I have with her.If only she would free herself from Helens'leash.

  10. Demographics have nothing to do with Howard's insanely poor game skills and it is those poor game skills that have him where he is today. I had hoped for better from him... but he's failed himself with his poor analytical skills, poor strategy skills, poor communication skills, poor social skills, and surprisingly poor physical game play. He just not built for games of logic, strategy, social acuity & communication.

    As I said in my earlier post, he was my early season favorite, but he gave me nothing to hang onto after watching him. His game is sit back and do nothing(floater) or to spend so little time and effort coming up with strategy and tactics as to be a bystander. And then unfortunately when in the rare case when he does strategize, he come up some hair-brained scheme doomed to fail like voting against the house and blaming the vote on Jessie. The rest of his time he has been nearly completely disengaged from the game only rarely interrupted when he spouts one of his nonsensical rants filled with contorted metaphors and self-righteous innuendo. If any label fits Howard, it's "Failed Floater."

    Howard is no a "man" in the sense that you are using the term. His is a quitter and self-righteous jerk. He has NOT been loyal; he's tossed ALL of his allies(Jeremy, Spencer, and Candice) under the bus and used his religion as a game weapon. All of that is perfectly OK in this game but in the face of all of his poor game-play, to claim he is a man of integrity and loyalty is nonsense.

    I also disagree with your position that unless a HG is an alpha male or alpha female, that HG should just back off their game using their personal skills & strategy and make way for the Alphas. BTW, there's an ironic bigotry in your "gay, fat, effeminate and whipped males" comment. That sounds very much like something Aaryn would say.

    Howard's lone good move was his wonderful defense and support of Candice during and after the bed flipping incident. As good as that was, it is not enough to win BB and even that was diminished when he laughed at Candice's "white ass Honky" comments. How was that any better than Kaitlins & GM's behavior laughing at Aaryn's equally offensive "Shaniqua" comments?


    All the 'analytical,social,and game skills mean zero to people who have you pegged already and are not trying to hear it.Since being caught in the lie(which he did out of loyalty to the MC,McCrae,Jeremy and Spencer with his changed vote, quickly sold that loyalty down the river)Helen and Amanda had made him house enemy number one. So with Helen, Amanda and Mc all against him, who was he left to try to appeal to? The Racists?Jeremy sold him out and went to Kaitlin,Mc to Amanda,and Judd was never going to have his back.So he does he have left?

  11. Well at least she got the $5,000, because she's definitely not getting even the $50,000 with her stupid play.

    What really could she do?5 guys had formed an alliance pretty much soon after they crossed the door.3 of the girls are racists(GM,Aaryn,and Amanda) who wanted absolutely nothing to do with her,and of the remaining 4,Kaitlin associated with the mean girls, Jessie and Helen pretend to like her, but stabbed her in the back every chance they got(and still do)leaving her hopes pretty much on Elisa, who I believe likes Candace, but has so far submitted to Helens wishes.Really,what was she supposed to do?

  12. Can someone clue me into the reason why everyone dislikes Amanda so much now? I haven't been doing anything more than watching the broadcast shows for the past few weeks (because anything more would be too painful as far as I am concerned) and she gets a great edit. The last time I was on here and up to date on the feeds people liked her!

    Besides the bullying,lying(well that's part of the game;don't admonish others doing it)and the racial remarks,there isn't much to like.

  13. I agree NYROSE. Just because you make a comment like "go make some rice" to an Asian does not make you a racist, at least not in my book. I understand that making comments like that on TV is not a smart thing to do as it makes her "look" like a racist. When I think of racists I think of skinheads, KKK members, black panthers, etc. When they are pissed at some one in the house they say mean things and call each other names like bitch and asshole to berate them. Some of the HG's (Aaryn, GM) toss some ethnic insults in there along with the profanity to their face and behind their backs during the heat of an argument/discussion. That may make them low or no class people but a true racist, naaaaaaa.

    Sounds like your racists have to be 'uniformed/affiliated 'before you will identify them as such. Low class or no class people as you put it, may have a slip of the tongue (revealing their true feelings)from time to time, we can acknowledge that. But Aaryn has done so(and not only her,GM,and Amanda and Spencer when given the chance)repeatedly and without any provocation. It is simply to belittle people who she feels somehow superior to. If she simply called names(which is still childish, but standard behavior in the house)it wouldn't be nearly the outcry.Howard,much to his credit, has tried to put it past him and play the game; though he is in an impossible position.

    So, your totally convinced Aaryn is out to get Candice because she's black. I guess we need to brand Amanda a racist too because she lies on Howard and is obsessed with getting him out. Why do you think she is targeting him??? You tell me. She hates him and it's personel!!!!

    Through Aaryns actions and words, I am totally convinced. As well as Amanda. Gina Marie to a slightly lesser extent, but it was easier for her because she/it was part of a pack mentality.

  14. I remember a comment about Andy's "white legs," imagine if someone said something about someone's black legs. Innocent as both comments are, there would have been uproar over the black legs comment. JMO

    Well who was it(and in what context) did they make the comment?

    Sounds like you're dying for a reason.

  15. Agree...except for throwing comps if it involves those three bitches going on slop. I would have thrown that bucket down and just stood there. All the other houseguests would have applauded and stood by him IMO.

    That might have been the thing,but as sad as it is,he may still need one or two of them at a critical junction to stay in the game.With the exception of Spencer,Candace and maybe Elissa,the whole house seems to be against him.

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