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  1. @washingtonpost They still can't believe they pulled that off

  2. @washingtonpost About to be expected.Look who he represents

  3. @weddlesbeard Its over Beat Pittsburgh

  4. @506sports Good.he brings excitement to the broadcasts
  5. BB should/needs to come up with some kind of reward system that would reward players for not Voting With House.VWTH makes things all way to predictable. If there was some kind of cash/point reward for the hg who most successfully voted against the house, eviction nights wouldn't be so much a foregone conclusion.
  6. This.And to handle it with the dignity shes' had.Even Howie didn't have to endure the visceral hate that she has.Everybody else could just simply play the game.By their words and actions,GM,Aaryn,Kaitlin,Amanda and Spencer were never going to work with her unless they absoloutely had to.And they never had to.
  7. Good post. And to think Helen actually considers Candace her ally. To a lesser extent, Jessie has done the same thing. But I believe Jessie is starting to hear the drumbeat for her as well. She had nowhere to go but Howie.Maybe Elisa,but Helen pretty much has her leashed.
  8. She didn't leave Helen;Helen left her.If I fault Candace for anything is that she didn't/couldn't come through in the clutch to win hoh/pov that could have charted a different course for her.She retreated to Howie because of the shared experiences.
  9. Could be because him and Judd share one gonad. Amanda has his other one.
  10. Little does she know that people see her as the cockroach that she refers to the other(Candace) hg's as.For someone to talk a good game, when it came time for her to shakeup the house with being a strong player,she wet her pants and took the easy route. She's as vile as Aaryn and Amanda.
  11. I'm kinda on the fence with Spencer, but in comparison to the some of the rest of the hg's,he looks better. Say this much, out of the remaining guys, he's better then the the Sac-less 3(Judd;Mc,and Andy)
  12. Watch a few episodes of King of the Hill and focus in on Boomhauer.Afterwards Judd becomes surprisingly clear.
  13. Slop is beyond old, and the airline seating for beds is ridiculous. The collar is stupid too. So if it has to be there,GM is very befitting to wear it.
  14. Give credit to Helen for orchestrating Candaces'meltdown moment. If left Candace with one less way to turn, though Spencer never liked her in the first place. Play the game with who?Aaryn?Amanda?Gina Marie?Even the ones who pretend to like her(Helen and Jessie) join in the Candace bashfest whenever she isn't around.And she has been the victim.
  15. She'll exercise the power they already had; the continual Candace bash. Everybody will agree and have a good laugh over it, and then put Spencer up to boot. The problem will come if somehow Candace won pov.
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