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  1. Drummergirl

    Future jobs/roles for the House Guests

    Alec will give up his pursuit of of social psychology and team up with Aneal to become acting coaches. Peter will be in charge of public relations, and A.J will do everything else.....for free! ....Saddly, Danielle will be their first and last client.
  2. Drummergirl

    The Morning Show (link)

    Yeahhhh, that's a good point too, and for the most part, the reason I was so offended by his "question". Having said that though, and in no way defending him, I have watched a few wrestling episodes of WWE, and it is not uncommon for rude and obnoxious behavior when the "villains" of the show are talkin their smack to the "heroes". But not to take anything away from C.M Punk or Dan Gheesling, it seems to me that playing the game from someone else's play book, is automatically destined for failure, and indicates an unhealthy lack of independant thought and ability. I suppose his performance can be attributed to his lack of experience/exposure in reality, and in that sense, and though he was just as old as the majority, socially, he is definitely stunted.
  3. Drummergirl

    OMG Topaz blew it big time!

    Brookteag, personally believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, rant or otherwise! But I did enjoy your rant, and I highly encourage anyone to do so. Ranting is kin to venting, and venting does everyone some good from time to time. It's a great stress/frustration reliever, and saves on all the hassles of lugging those heavy boxes of ammo up rooftops later....works for me anyway! lol. ..and thanks KayBeeRN! As you have seen, I do endulge my own need to rant at times, and try my best to be fair most of the time. But in the post you quoted, I must admit I was a bit ticked at the time, and my sarcasm slipped it's leash again....ooops! lmao!!!
  4. Drummergirl

    The Morning Show (link)

    Thanks Hawknose, I totally forgot about that and missed the whole thing! Now that I was able to see what i missed, it has me second guessing a few things. The most unexpected impact of the interview was that of Peter. I do remember Peter being a huge fan of wrestling, and everything else reality based, so it is possible that his desire to be "remembered" had been the motive behind his attitude during the finale all along...or is he and I absolutely full of it and I am just looking for a reason to forgive that display I wonder? lol.
  5. Drummergirl

    Well Peter, looks like ya blew it.....

    yeah I sorta feel the same way. At first I just thought he was one of those awkward people who lack social exposure. I had thought along the lines of childhood traumas and stuff. You know, the boy in the bubble kind of thing, or relentless bullying, or something like that. I am still not too sure though as his doucebaggery may be simply an over compensation to protect the last bit of dignity he has left. He doesn't strike me as the sort who bounces back well from failure.
  6. Drummergirl

    OMG Topaz blew it big time!

    My hat is off to anyone who can last longer than 5 weeks in that asylum. Though I can’t be positive 150%, I am pretty sure that my line of thinking would be, screw eviction, I would just hope I don’t get arrested. That being said, I have great sympathy for those who managed to stick with it, and though Topaz was no where near my favorite HG, (all her annoying clapping when someone said something remotely funny, and all the effort it seemed to take her to ahh ha mmmm mmmm mmm, laugh, used to drive me nuts), I did feel bad for her with that trick…not twist…trick BBC played on her for her 15 min HOH. But in the case of the finale, the only thing I felt bad for her about was the fact that her error would be terribly hard to live down long after the show was done. I’ve read some of the tweets to Tom and Liza, and it amazes me how cruel people can be. 10 feet tall and bullet proof behind the safety of their monitors and touch phones, people will say anything and without conscience for the real people they are speaking to. (I wasn’t a fan of Tom, and certainly not Liza either, but come on folks, have a heart for crying out loud)!!! Unfortunately, I think Topaz will experience much of the same, and though I do feel sorry for her because of that, it is because of that alone. She was well rested, and far away from the pressures and dramas of the BBC house for a good length of time. She had her….jurymance? to cuddle with, and a group of friendlier co-jurists to vent with. She took her time to cast her vote, and even enjoyed the luxury of flipping Jillian the middle claw while doing so. BBC did the right thing and made her own her mistake. Call it crisis of conscience, just desserts, poetic justice, or miraculous divine intervention. Call it what you will, her vote was cast and Jillian became the winner. You don’t get “do-over’s” in hockey for scoring on your own net, and you don’t get to re-vote on BBC just because you were too busy trying to be vindictive and failed. Too bad Gary had to pay the price for her cattiness though. I did like Gary, but even I didn’t believe he deserved to win after having the one and only second chance at the prize money, and with more advantages than any player in the game. I didn’t like his explanation of why he deserved his spot in the final two either. He endured slop for two weeks, made a big move, and had to wear a prison suit…..and your point is? Alec was on slop for three weeks while battling it out with more people than Gary had to deal with, and he still came back to win a challenge, so where does that entitle Gary a spot in final two? The big move he made was only successful because he had the backing, and encouragement of the quarto alliance that Tom was supposed to be a part of! I am not going to even bother dissecting the ridiculous rationale of the prison suit. Gary was loud, proud, and very entertaining to watch. He is a big bundle of whimsies, sparkle, and creativity, chalk full of joy and love for all. He will go far after his exposure on BBC, but deserve to win? No. He was rightfully evicted, and not even through a back door move either. He had his fair shot at the win, and lost. He is special, but not any more special than the others.
  7. Drummergirl

    Emmett Blois HG Discussion Thread

    I agree. The way they edit those diaries, they build things up to look a certain way, but after watching live feeds, you start to notice things like that, and learn to ignore the hype BBC editors try to create. Emmett had a responsibility to his own game, but he always tried to ensure that his moves were as best for both him and Jillian as he could, right up to the end. I think the thing that blinded him with Gary was the fact that he received a letter from home telling him that Gary was a good guy. Though that was early in the game, and things do change rapidly in the BB house, I think Emmett was trying to choose the lesser of two evils, and took a chance on the last one he had a mental character reference for. Though he probably considered the possibility that Gary would take Jillian over him, I believe he thought some chance was better than no chance.
  8. Drummergirl

    Future jobs/roles for the House Guests

    Talla will be harnessed for the worlds first eco friendly wave pool. Topaz will be hired by BBC for their creative department in the development of their beloved "twists" ...of course she will be fired within the week for sleeping on the job though....
  9. Drummergirl

    OMG Topaz blew it big time!

    Congratulations to Jillian, she owes a lot of the win to Topaz…twice! First for believing Jillian and giving up an important challenge to her, in a game notorious for broken promises and lies, (and then go on to blame Jillian for it), and secondly, just for being the bitter and catty queen of drama she is. lmfao! Hope Peter enjoyed the justice…the poetic justice that is. Bitter and remaining deluded of his own self-importance to the end. Glad he didn’t disappoint! Alec of the shield…and the only one to throw up your sign when he came in…too bad his ploy to lead Gary to a tear jerking speech didn’t sway enough votes. Looks like its back to the books for him. Study harder, muuuuch harder. A.J, bro wannabe till then end. He was convinced that you didn’t need to win competitions to win BBC, as it is more important to have strategy and a good social game. Well then, how did that plan work for ya. Oh yeah, that’s right, first place…..in the jury house, leading the pack of the “bros” he admired so much! And Talla, what can be said of Talla. Little fireball did everything she said she was gonna do, and did it Talla style…I did love it! Andrew was the only one besides Emmett who asked a question that seemed actually relevant to their own vote, annnnnnnnnd, he did it with class. It was unexpected, but I was impressed! Emmett, loved the passion and conviction from him. But more so than anything, that he also kept Jillian’s back in the jury, even through he was licking his own wounds at the time. True, tough, and the equal winner on my score sheet! Thankfully, Emmett and Jillian had a three way alliance that neither of them knew existed with Topaz. Thankfully, Topaz was caught sleeping again, and didn’t know about it either! lol
  10. Drummergirl

    BBC Overall Report Card

    I agree for the most part. There were some great moments, and then there were the not so great moments and issues too. I think overall it was a great season for the BBC execs to cut their teeth on. I was very happy to see that they started to really get on the ball and take care of the contestants needs and conditions, but next season, I would really like to see more camera attention to following the action on the feeds, rather than just watching 3/4 feeds of someone putting on make-up or taking a shower. More creative thought given to challenges would be nice to. This season seemed to depend too much on a lot of trivia and puzzles. A couple of those are alright to give everyone a chance, but too much makes it rather dull. On the plus side, the build a demon, cabin fever, and a few others were creative and fun to watch. The awards celebration was very sweet, and the skype from home thing was heartwarming to see. Overall, I would rate this season a C+ as well. Great start, but soooooo much more could be done to improve the show.
  11. Drummergirl

    Gary POV Unsuccessful?

    Why...Do you love it?! I don't know if it did or didn't do anything, but at least I can say I did something, and that was good enough for me.
  12. Drummergirl

    Gary POV Unsuccessful?

    Oh! Sorry for the confusion Brekkie Boy. I was responding to a few critiques others were donating regarding Big Brother Canada, and was just offering my own thoughts about it is all.
  13. Drummergirl

    Gary POV Unsuccessful?

    It seems to me that there are more pots and kettles in this game than an English teahouse, but it is a game, and most of the cast went in there to win no matter what they had to do to win it. (I say most, as a few seemed to have secondary dreams of stardom). Of course, tempers will fly along with the numerous and various accusations as well, but I must say, there are personality traits that come out and separate a favorite from the rest. My initial concern with BBC was the treatment of the contestants. Constant and unbearable heat, being left in pain for unreasonable amounts of time, sleep deprivation, giving unfair advantages to boost ratings, (The Topaz 15 min HOH thing was just wrong in my opinion), and a ton of other things that went on for the longest time, and then admonish/punish them if they complained or were lethargic afterwards. I wrote BBC a nasty one after the shower incident with Emmett and Jillian, and since then, BBC seems to have cleaned up their act a bit. (Not sure if that is coincidence or not, but whatever, as long as they fixed that part up at least). Who deserves to win? Again, in my opinion, anyone but Gary or Talla. Talla did nothing but prance around and talk incessantly with either the voice of a four pack a day 60 year old truck driver, or an even more annoying, and constant interrupting preschooler. How she has been permitted to live her life unsupervised all these years is beyond me. Gary had his chance and blew it, end of story. I voted for AJ to return as he was sort of blindsided in the first place, and also because I thought he could or would do the least amount of damage to the game already in play. (No matter who they brought in there would be some damage, and give someone else an advantage as well as having their own, but I thought AJ would be the most insignificant of those factors). Arguments can be made for the remaining three, but in my opinion, Andrew has lost my vote big time. From the beginning, it was easy to see that he needed about a gallon of dip to go with all those chips on his shoulder, but after a few weeks and a few wins, he started giving them up and became much more personable, and almost charming. He goes from being the open mike stand up champ, to taking offense to anyone who won’t consider him the old and wise Sage of BBC. He complains that all the “punks” don’t respect or listen to him, but does it constantly to everyone else, as though he is entitled to just for achieving the ripe ol’ age of 38. OMG, I hate to admit it but I have socks older than he is, give me a break. I wasn’t too fussy about his reasons to Dan as to why he deserves to stay either. “ I am playing and busting my butt because I have a house that I am trying to furnish and I need to help out my twin brother and his family”…seriously? Isn’t that the sort of thing he complained about Suzette for? Whatever, I guess you gotta say and do whatever you have to in order to survive in that game… I just don’t like him much. He does deserve to win, but in a final two with Emmett or Jillian, he would not get my vote. Jillian is another who I wonder how she lives an independent life. I think in her own element, she’s probably outgoing, bubbly, and very caring though, and I don’t fault her for the lies and broken promises as she has been doing most of it on the suggestion of Emmett to benefit them both. Anyone is fair game in BB, but she has remained loyal and true to Emmett, regardless if she agreed or not with his logic, and as far as I am concerned, that says more about her than the lies she has told to the others. She too deserves to win, and just as much as Emmett, so either way, I would be happy with that. That being said, Emmett is my number one vote and as well, deserves to win. He played a spectacular game, and though Jillian was a huge factor to his success so far, she has equally been a heavy weight too. He has managed to play his game, keep her safe, calm all her fears and impending meltdowns, keep track of all that is said in the house, pick up and carry on regardless of the twists and challenge setbacks he’s had, and continues to be a quiet and steady rock of strategy and support for him and Jillian. I don’t usually like the big muscle bound glory boys, and especially those who seem to have had every advantage in life. But in this case, I have to give credit where credit is due. He may owe something from the benefit of a solid foundation of family morals and ethics, but he is his own man, and has played according to his own mind and spirit, rather than others who spoke of “what would Dan do”, “what would Daddy say” or “what will my fans think of me”. ...just my take on it all.
  14. Drummergirl

    Emmet is such a baby

    Personally, I have never been a huge fan of BB anything. But I was kinda excited to see what BBCan could do, and I've been an avid watcher since the beginning. I don't know any of the cast personally, but I can say without a doubt, regardless of where the game is played, people are people, and given the right circumstances, under the right conditions, anyone can lose their cool. Sure, we can watch and think we could do better, (Peter is a good example there), but I am sure living it would give you a completely different perspective. I don't blame anyone for cracking with frustration/pressure in that house. What do you know, Emmett is human after all too.