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  1. I think Neda ended up with a raw deal this season. She had such a huge target on her back just because of who she was. Receiving safety until jury made the target bigger.
  2. At this point of the game you have to do what is best for your game, and true loyalty may not be the answer. I think it is still anyone's game. I think just the right combination of strategic play, sociably, manipulation, adaptability and luck is what the winner of BB18 will have to possess. This season I've had a difficult time rooting for just one person, I think I would like to see a vet win. I do not want Paul to win, I just don't like the character he portrayed in the house.
  3. Vanessa needs to align with Steve and Jmack and target Liz and Austin with the option of putting up Julia if needed. If Liz is evicted many more options will open up for the HGs.
  4. I'm back this year. I haven't posted much but love Morty's. I've been around for years and nice to see familiar posters and new posters. I'm Canadian so watch Big Brother Canada also, there was next to no activity on the boards there. I don't watch live feeds so I'm thankful for Morty's updates.
  5. What a great start to this season, I'm so excited.
  6. Can you imagine being interrogated by him in real life, he would have you admitting to doing wrong ( whether you did or didn't ) and thanking him for it. He is good but I'm getting tired of seeing it all be so one sided. I wish some people would wise up and band together and take a shot at Derrick and Cody and Frankie.
  7. I think she should nominate Aaryn and mccrea and back door Amanda. I am worried about the guys forming an alliance so maybe Elissa should back door Mccrea.
  8. Brookteag, I enjoyed your rant!
  9. I couldn't believe how rude Peter was in discussing Jillian. I would have thought that the jury ( namely, Peter, Alec & Topaz) would have had more class and made their decision on who should win by examining who played the best game. I too, was a fan of Peter, but I don't have much respect for him now.
  10. Emmett will be a spokes person for dairy farmers doing several "drink milk" commercials. Talla will.............
  11. I am a proud Canadian, BBC was really good! The HG's were entertaining, the competitions good and Arisa was a very good host. 2 thumbs up to BBC. I trust we will see a BBC2 next year. PS also loved Marsha the moose and the secret tasks!
  12. I agree, Talla would have been the better choice for Emmett to take to the final three. Was Emmett afraid that if Jillian would have won the final part of the HoH that she would have taken Talla to the final? Jedi, I've seen you around here for quite some time and I think you know this game quite well, any chance you would try out?
  13. I just want to say a huge thanks to Morty. I love your site! Thank you to all the live feed updaters and everyone else who helps Morty with this site. Thanks to the fans who posted in the forums. See you in June!
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