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    graphic design, knitting, watching Big Brother (of course!)
  1. desertrose0601

    Breaking Dawn

    Yup I saw it. I'd rate it as a decent enough movie and a pretty good ending to the series. Not the best movie in the world, but definitely entertaining and worth watching if you like this series.
  2. desertrose0601

    90s Show About A Boy

    Wow these both sound very interesting. I've never heard of either of them! Lol. Do you know if there are episodes available to watch anywhere?
  3. desertrose0601

    House photos

    Fun! Thanks for sharing!!
  4. desertrose0601

    Available to watch in the US?

    Has anyone heard if BB Canada will be available to watch in the US (either live feeds or tv or both)?
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    1. Slimcruz


      Nope, Pinkie. Yep, Marty, some good tv.

    2. Slimcruz


      Nope, Pinkie. Yep, Marty, some good tv.

  6. And now I have to leave in 1 minute and I'm still in my robe. Thank you for distracting me, Twitter.

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  13. Wow, how did it get to be almost October? We're still having 80 degree days here. What's going on?

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