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  1. SweetSensation

    Romber Fanatics and All Things Romber!

    Did Rob look like he's gained a few pounds?
  2. SweetSensation

    Blue Collar TV

  3. SweetSensation

    Blue Collar TV

    You Might Be a Redneck If... You secretly get your firewood from your neighbor's yard. You've ever tried to marry a judge just to get out of paying a traffic ticket. You've ever been arrested for loitering. When you leave your house, you are followed by federal agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and the only thing you worry about is if you can lose them or not. You've ever held somebody up with a caulk gun. If the entire police force of your town knows you on a first name basis. If you have a 'reserved' cell at the police station. You ever held a family reunion in jail. The last time you saw your daddy outside, he was picking up trash, chained to three other guys. You've ever changed the numbers on your house so the police can't find you. You've ever committed a crime with a lawn mower. You hear a siren and your first instinct is to hide. You regularly see kinfolks on "America's Most Wanted." You've ever stolen a bulldozer You list your parole officer as a reference on a job application. You've ever shot anyone for looking at you. Your good deed for the month was hiding your brother for a few days. You entire family has ever sat around waiting for a call from the governor to spare a loved one. You've ever stolen toilet paper from a public restroom. Your pocketknife has ever been referred to as Exhibit A. You've ever shot somebody over a mall parking space. The officer that just pulled you over asks if "you have any I.D." and you respond "About Whut?" You and your friends are putting an engine in a pick-up truck, drinking beer, and the conversation is: Which county jail has the best food! You've ever been kicked out of the zoo for heckling the monkeys. You've ever hitchhiked naked. You get homesick watching cops. The FBI surrounded your trailer park twice so far this year. You've ever held a guy over your head because of a fight over a CB radio. You've ever been pulled over by the Coast Guard. You slash open boxes of cereal with a knife because you consider yourself a serial killer. You help booby trap your family's marijuana crop. You've ever gotten into a fist fight in a Laundromat over a dryer. You buy a police scanner to keep up with your relatives.
  4. SweetSensation

    Romber Fanatics and All Things Romber!

    Well said Rans!
  5. SweetSensation

    Romber Fanatics and All Things Romber!

    To answer your question Tabitha, I DO think we would see these threads regardless of who won. Everybody had their favorite team. I for one, am happy that U/J won, but I REALLY wanted Romber to win. I think U/J deserved the win, they worked hard!
  6. SweetSensation

    Romber Fanatics and All Things Romber!

    I agree Skye, there are WAYYY too many cry babies...learn to deal with a little debate or disagreeing sometimes. Isn't that part of life? I could NOT imagine what life would be like if everyone agreed on EVERYTHING..geez a lil boring!
  7. SweetSensation


    I TOTALLY agree Skye!
  8. SweetSensation

    Blue Collar TV

    You Might Be a Redneck If... You've ever stolen clothes from a scarecrow. You wake up in the morning already dressed for work. You have to dress up the kids to go to Wal-Mart. Three quarters of your clothes have logos on them. Your underwear doubles as your bathing suit. Your tractor, hat, and coat are the same color. Your clothes are older than you. You wear your softball uniform even on the days you're not playing. You go clothes shopping at Goodwill. Everybody can tell what kind of underwear you wear. People are afraid to touch your bathrobe.
  9. SweetSensation

    Blue Collar TV

  10. SweetSensation

    Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney

    OMG, she married MY MAN! How dare her! Nahhh, really they do look cute together! BUT, I HEART Kenny! Go away Renee! LOL
  11. yes, remember she was @ Mike's and Susan thought he had someone else and she freaked out.
  12. SweetSensation

    Blue Collar TV

    HAHA Rans!
  13. SweetSensation

    Blue Collar TV

  14. SweetSensation

    Blue Collar TV

  15. SweetSensation

    Living With "Fran"

    Thanks for the reminder pm Tabitha! Art, save me a place on your lap! See the rest of you on the couch!