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  1. 2:35pm BBT Will is back from the DR and Johnny asks Ali to leave so that he can talk to Paras and Will. Johnny proceeds to throw his pitch about why it is better to get rid of Kaela this week. The discussion lasts for ten minutes and then Will wants to go out and have a cigarette.
  2. 1:50pm BBT Johnny and Will are in the HoH room chatting about Maddy and Paras leaning towards keeping Kaela in the house. Johnny can't believe that they would want to keep a strong duo in the house because they will have a great chance of winning the HoH. Will said that he told them he wants to keep Ali and he is tired of the back and forth on who to keep. Johnny said that Derek and Kaela will win the game one-hundred percent. Will is going to have a chat with Maddy and Paras later on because the two of them are stubborn. Johnny said that if Maddy and Paras turn on him and keep Kaela then he will put them up the next time he wins HoH. 2:19pm BBT Will is called to the DR as Paras and Ali join Johnny in the HoH room. Ali is telling the two what her gut feels about who will go up in the triple if Paras, Will or Maddy win. Paras tells Ali not to talk about her game and what she would do because she does not know. That is the same thing that Ali was just telling Kaela during the house meeting. Ali said that if she had no loyalty, she would have called out Johnny and Paras during the house meeting and if that is not enough to prove loyalty then she does not know what is.
  3. 11:00am BBT Paras and Maddy are chatting in the white bedroom trying to figure out how their vote is going to go. They are thinking about keeping Kaela so they can get Derek and Kaela on their side. Paras is concerned about how Will is going to vote and that he might be mad at them if he is blindsided by the way they vote. Maddy thinks that Will is just watching out for himself anyway and does not think he will win HoH anyway. She does not believe that Will would put them up before Olivia and Ali anyway. 11:21am BBT Will, Kaela and Derek join Maddy and Paras in the white bedroom and proceed to make their plea at why they should vote to keep Kaela this week. 11:31am BBT Johnny, Ali and Oliva join the group in the white bedroom and it turns into another house meeting with disagreements, talking over each other and yelling. Maddy suggests that since her, Paras and Will are considered a threesome, then they should probably have a chat later to decide who they want to keep. 12:15pm BBT The house meeting is over with Johnny and Kaela being the only two left in the white bedroom still talking about who said what.
  4. (The house guests will probably be sitting out in the sun most of the day. I will try and check back later to see if there has been any game talk.~sassy2565)
  5. 10:42am BBT The feeds are back and Ali is the replacement nominee. Most of the house guests are sitting out by the hot tub in the sun and then the feeds switch to the red bedroom where Oliva asks Ali how she is feeling. Ali said that she is feeling alright, but she is pissed off. She is going to win the triple and send Johnny out of the house. Oliva said that she can help and suggests that they go and lay outside for now. Ali has to eat something first.
  6. 8:15am BBT Good Morning Canada! Today is the PoV ceremony. The lights are on in the BB house but the house guests are still sleeping. After fifteen minutes, Maddy gets up to do a house wide battery change and BB announces to the other house guests that it is time to wake up because there is one hour until the PoV ceremony. 9:30am BBT All of the house guests spent the past hour getting ready for the PoV ceremony and now they are in HoH lockdown. 9:57am BBT The feeds go down, time for the PoV ceremony!
  7. 5:48pm BBT Oliva and Johnny are done talking and the feeds switch to Derek talking to the camera in the kitchen about slop, while he makes slop. The feeds switch to Ali and Johnny in the HoH room. Johnny starts out by telling Ali that he does not know what to do with the replacement and Ali asks what his gut tells him. Johnny said that if he puts up one of the three (Will, Paras or Maddy) they will vote them out. Ali said that is something that has crossed their mind, but they know what his mission is. Johnny does not want to keep Derek's supportive half in the game. They spend some time talking about the game and how much they can think, plan and go over scenarios but it all comes down to the comps.
  8. 5:15pm BBT Oliva and Johnny spend some time talking in the catacombs. They are talking over scenarios of who goes up and who goes home, and who will go up for the triple depending on who wins HoH. Johnny asks Oliva if Ali will be mad if she goes up in Derek's place and Oliva said that she will be furious. Johnny said if it was not for his revolution of the four of them playing together he would make another choice, but he is not going to keep the four of them in the house and send out a weaker player so it is either her or Ali going up. Oliva told him to do whatever he feels he needs to do she just wants to make it to the end. Johnny is going to talk to Ali and if Ali asks if he talked to Oliva he will tell her that he just went over his options with her.
  9. 4:37pm BBT Oliva and Ali are going over scenarios if they vote Kaela out and then they win HoH they would put up Derek, Will and Paras. Oliva hates to go to the end with floaters. Ali said it is either that or go to the end with beasts, there is no middle. The conversation switches to what they are going to do for dinner.
  10. 4:34pm BBT Paras tells Maddy that Derek can win Will over by telling him that he should not be associated with Johnny because Derek is staying and he will come after Will if he stays with Johnny and that Johnny can't play in the triple and he cannot protect Will but Derek can. Maddy asks Paras if they can trust Derek to pull this off and Paras says yes she thinks so if they keep his girl in the game. Maddy thinks the competitions are easier now that there are less people.
  11. 4:31pm BBT Paras and Maddy are in the white bedroom and Paras is asking Maddy who she thinks that Johnny will put up because he said before that he does not care. Maddy tells Paras not to push Johnny because he might get suspicious of that. Paras thinks that maddy should go to Johnny and tell him who to put up and say the three points 1. He said he wanted to be led. 2. He said that he does not care which one goes first. 3. The whole point of them keeping him is so that he chooses a side. They agree that game talk with Johnny is going to start soon.
  12. 4:30pm BBT the house guests spent all afternoon laying out in the sun by the hot tub.
  13. 10:28am BBT Ali and Oliva are in the red bedroom planning on keeping Kaela and not telling Johnny about it until after the PoV ceremony. They will talk to Dayla and let them know that they will save Kayla if they promise the final four with them. Oliva thinks that Johnny might be smarter than to put up a floater. Ali said if that happens and he puts one of them up, then game on and he does not get to play in the HoH next week and they will go after him so Ali thinks that Johnny is smart enough to know not to put one of them up.
  14. 12:18pm BBT Maddy leaves the HoH room and Johnny says to himself that he does not believe anyone, but that is okay because they should not believe him either and then he puts his ear phones in to listen to his ipod. (going to get some work done now~sassy2565)
  15. 11:30am BBT Johnny heads down to the kitchen where Derek is sitting at the counter. Derek takes the opportunity to give Johnny another pitch not to put them on the block. Derek tells Johnny that the only way Will, Paras and Maddy have gotten this far in the game is by lying. Johnny spent ten minutes listening to Derek when Will entered the kitchen so Johnny took the opportunity to leave and go back up to the HoH. 12:15pm BBT Ali, Oliva and Kaela are in the wash area getting ready for the day while Maddy and Johnny spend some time talking in the HoH room.
  16. 10:59am BBT Will joins Johnny in the HoH room and Johnny said how he is so exhausted from yesterday. Paras walks in and Johnny tells her that he is exhausted from all the talks yesterday. Paras tells him that she came in to tell him that she is not going to bother him today, but if he has something to ask her please do. Johnny said that whatever Daela says to him means very very little to him, but he will let them talk to him today because it is part of the game. Paras left the HoH room while Johnny and Will spend time talking about how fake Daela is and how they can see through them. Will advises Johnny to tell Ali and Oliva that he will put up Daela if they promise not to put him up during the triple and then they discuss how everyone's word in the game is always subject to changing.
  17. 9:56am BBT Kaela thinks that Johnny's chances of winning are better with them in the final five instead of Maddy, Will and Paras. Kaela wants to tell Maddy about Paras saying not to trust Maddy and that she would put her on the block if she could. 10:20am BBT The feeds switch to Paras and Will out by the hot tub smoking a cigarette. They can't wait until the nominations are over and can't wait to see Kaela and Derek on the block. Will hopes that Johnny keeps his word and if one of them come down, he will put up Oliva or Ali in their place. Maddy joins them out by the hot tub and said that she is going to study today. They talk about if Derek and Kaela try to start stuff today they are going to stay out of it and not fuel the fire. Will and Maddy shout out to all that are enjoying this day because it is 4/20. Will is not buying any of Daela's bs today and everyone knows where everyone stands. Maddy thinks that one of them (Daela) will be gone this week and they have to prepare for the triple. Maddy is aggravated how Daela put them in a position to talk about each other yesterday and Will agrees because Daela was spilling so much about them. They are going to talk before the triple so that if they win they are all on the same page on who to put up.
  18. 9:22am BBT Good Morning Canada! Today is nomination day and the lights just turned on in the BB house. Ten minutes later the rooster crows and BB tells Ali to arrange a house wide battery change. Maddy is up in the wash area getting ready for the day when Ali and Paras walk in. Ali said it is going to be a messed up day and they discuss talking later about something that Paras did not know about. The feeds switch to Kaela and Derek still laying down in the catacombs. Kaela said that today is going to be interesting and she talks about Maddy, Will and Paras putting out there names to go on the block.
  19. 12:44am BBT Hello Canada! Tonight (Thursday night) at around 10:00 pm Kaela and Derek were in the HoH room talking to Johnny about the others. They all three agreed to get the others and have a house meeting to get truthful information out because Johnny wanted to know who has been throwing his name out. The meeting started out calm and Ali is the one that did most of the talking to keep it peaceful and not throw everyone's game out there. Will stayed for a few minutes and then had enough because they are playing big brother where everyone tells lies and throws names out there. At one point Kaela and Paras got into a heated discussion because Kaela said that Paras is the one that told her Maddy and Johnny were with Ryan to get Kaela out and that Maddy and Johnny spearheaded it all. Paras insists that she did not say it that way because she said that it did not make since for Maddy and Johnny to spearhead that. Paras left the room and told Johnny that she would talk to him later. When Maddy was the only one left in the HoH room with Johnny they talked about the four of them (Will, Paras, Maddy and Johnny) protecting each other moving forward. Johnny wants to put up Kaela and Derek and he asked Maddy if she would support getting Derek out this week if the veto does not get used. Maddy could not promise to vote Derek out, but thinks that it maybe a good decision. Maddy agreed to help change points of view to get Derek out if he stays on the block, but she does not want to push Paras at the moment because she is heated over the argument with Kaela. Johnny and Maddy were also talking about how they caught on that Ali, Oliva, Kaela and Derek kept talking about how they protect each other. After Maddy left the room, Oliva entered the HoH room and started talking to Johnny about the others basically putting doubt in Johnny's mind about everyone else. Sounds like Derek and Kaela are going to be put on the block together and they went from the penthouse (HoH) to the cellar (catacombs).
  20. 12:43am BBT Maddy enters the wash area where Paras is still getting ready for bed and Maddy tells her that if Oliva and Ali get scared that Derek and Kaela are going to team up with them then they might want to keep Johnny. Paras said that she does not think that it is good for Johnny to stay and she has to go with her gut but things can change tomorrow. Paras is tired of Will getting mad at her all of the time and talking mean to her every single day and she is sick of it. 12:53am BBT The lights start dimming while Maddy, Will and Johnny are getting in bed. They spend the next hour talking about the other house guests and then they fall asleep.
  21. 12:26am BBT Johnny and Ali meet up in the storage room and Johnny asks Ali when she is going to present a plan to Derek and Kaela. Ali said that she is going to do it tomorrow and she is going to say that other people in the house are approaching her and giving her good reasons why its better to keep Johnny in the house right now. Johnny said that they will say wtf that makes no sense because you are working with them. Ali said that she is only working with them until the triple and she has to do what is best for her game and she told them in the beginning that she was going to weigh the pros and cons she never told them one-hundred percent. They agree that Will and Paras are together. Ali will honor the final five but now its kinda week to week. Ali said that Will had a conversation with Daela telling them that he was on the fence about who to keep and Daela got mad at Will. Ali is going to talk more to Paras tonight and talk to Daela in the morning. Ali told Johnny that Maddy is coming around too so she thinks that it will be a clean sweep and then Ali leaves the storage room. Johnny tells the cameras that girl is so annoying and Paras is scared too and that is so annoying. He thinks that there is so much potential for this to all explode tomorrow if something is shared. If one person confronts another about something that he has shared its going to all go downhill and then he leaves the storage room to get Maddy to meet him in the storage room. After they get there Johnny tells Maddy everything him and Ali talked about. They both agree that there is no hope with Kaela keeping Johnny. As Johnny heads to bed he stops in the wash area where Paras is getting ready for bed and tells her that Ali said that she was going to talk to her tonight and then he heads to bed.
  22. 12:00am BBT Good Early Morning Canada! Ryan, Ali and Oliva are in the kitchen talking about a dinner that Oliva is going to make on Friday while her and Ali are fixing tea. The feeds change to Kaela and Derek in the hot tub talking about how Kaela is competitive and she would beat Derek at a lot more than just pool. Derek wants to get out of the hot tub to shower and because Johnny has been wanting to talk to him. Kaela thinks that Johnny had all day to talk to him and she don't mind giving jabs. They decide to get out and go get dried off before they come back out to put the cover on the hot tub. 12:17am BBT Ali and Will decide they are going to go out by the hot tub and have a cigarette. Will asks Ali if she one-hundred percent trusts him and she said that she does. Ali found out that Erica was saying that she did not trust her and she wants to know honestly if Johnny ever said she was not trustworthy. Will said that neither one ever said that to him. They both agree that if they get the next HoH they would put up Johnny and Derek. Ali said that Johnny told her that him and Erica were going to get Ali out before Oliva because they trusted Oliva more. Will agrees that Johnny sketches him out but he trusts him more than he trusts Ryan and Ali agrees. Will said that Ryan is swearing that he wont go after him next week if he votes for him to stay. Will tells Ali that People are saying that Ali, Oliva, Kaela and Derek have a thing. Ali said that she heard that too because Johnny said that to her too. Will said that Daela is trying to lock it down with him too. Will thinks that Maddy is in good with Daela too. Ali seems to find all of this information interesting. As they head inside they are whispering about how Johnny did not use the PoV on him previously so that is why he don't trust him much but he trusts him more than Ryan. Will tells Ali to try and work on Paris. 12:24am BBT BB announces Good Night to the house guests.
  23. 2:00pm BBT The house guests are still on outdoor lockdown. Paras, Ryan and Derek are playing pool while the others are just laying around.