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    Jeremy - Week 1

    Did CBS deliberately go out of their way to recruit the biggest nuckleheads Texas has to offer? I promise that this is not a true representation of our state!
  2. maybe to shake up the veto, every week the HoH spins a wheel with 3 equally possible outcomes; they play for the Golden PoV, they play for Diamond PoV, or no veto at all that week. This should be done sometime after nominations.
  3. Lumberdad

    BB14 - Golden Key, Veto and other twist ideas

    I see a few good results from this idea. First, it would change the way everone plays the game which could break up some of the monotony. Second, this would completely change the backdoor scenario. Third, we would hopefully see less of tools walking around feeling safe because an alliance member wins HoH.
  4. Lumberdad

    Pandora's Box - Diamond Power of Veto

    Right now I am betting Matt will put up Kathy. If he gets wind that Enzo is throwing him under the bus and cutting him loose, then all bets could be off.
  5. Put a mudwrestling pit outside. Since this season has been nothing but one big catfight among the ladies, we might as well get some entertainment out of it! Sheesh!
  6. Lumberdad


    I was and kinda still think it's Annie, however my wife has a nose for things like this and says it is Lane. She claims that when the twist was announced he flushed red and was quiet and uncomfortable. She also feels that BB probably did the lock themselves since we were told they were going to help out the first week. I don't know if I am convinced that she is right, but after several years of marriage I have learned not to go against her on things like this.
  7. Lumberdad

    Early Predictions

    Another new member here. I am predicting Andrew to be the first out. His not competing on the Sabbath could make him an early target. I am actually going to go with Kathy to win it. As an officer that specializes in criminal profiling, I suspect that she will be very good at reading people.