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  1. Dan's America's Player was just for last week, right?
  2. Libra is a U G L Y sista without her makeup .... Just like OPRAH
  3. James is like a cockroach .... ya just can't kill the guy.
  4. Best Diary Room Sessions was Dr. Will and Boogie! ! ! ! ! !
  5. I thought he died a long time ago.
  6. Hi - We were chatting in the LOBBY and I was dropped out - Let's try again tomorrow. OK?
  7. It was on for 3 hours???? I only had 2 hours.
  8. That alone is an oximoronic statement. Rosie can never be included in THE BEST of anything! She is contemptable and embarassing. I can't wait until she takes her disgusting self and fades away. Soon to be forgotten. Oh happy day!
  9. Quite the contrary - - - I loved watching it again!
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