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  1. 7:20am BBT Cliff says OVI confided in him yesterday that he was Student Body President at college. He sees this as an accomplishment and will keep his secret with the HG. He thinks it may have been a mistake for Ovi to tell him though, because if he can campaign and win at a huge school like Tennessee, he might not necessarily want to sit next to him in the final two making arguments about who should win. Knowledge is power! [Cliff is certainly thinking ahead. ~Monadyan] He says he hopes he is entertaining and that people see him in the right light. A guy that is playing hard and having fun. He thinks he probably portrayed as the dad figure. David used a word last night to describe the mentally challenged. That doesn't seem smart at all. We are all being careful with what we say. He says They all called David out on it and he didn't apologize. David is up and walking slowly from the bedroom upstairs. He pauses a long time at the top of the spiral staircase than moves slothlike down the stairs and strolls gingerly to the WC. Cliff hears him walking and pauses his thoughts. 7:30am BBT David exits the WC, washes his hands with soap and dries them. Cliff hears him and says, "washing their hands, that's good". David moves out into the back yard where he stretches and rubs his eyes. Cliff talks lower. More about David saying "the word". He hopes he will never say anything like that but if he were to he would apologize and is shocked David didn't. Cliff wants him to own up for saying it. People out there heard him say it, screenshotted it and are talking about it. He hears the person and says he's not going to talk about game play anymore. He's going back to bed. He shouts out to his family and apologizes AGAIN for not shouting out to them last night. He gives a shout out to TexAgs. We know things! Shout out to George Strait and says what he wouldn't give to hear Troubador right now, to remind him of who he is and why he is there. He'd love to hear a George Strait love song right now, the Pure Country Soundtrack. His playlist: Anything by George Strait. Robert Earl King, look him up. Gringo Honeymoon, Merry Christmas From the Family is hilarious. The Road Goes on Forever. Roger Kreeger, Corey Morrow, Clint Martin, Jerry Jeff Walker. Cliff shows his patriotism by pulling the blankets down and showing his white star covered navy boxers. He says we are in a great country. What happens between consenting adults is fine, but he will leave that one for another discussion. He remembers the bicentennial in 1976 and thinking about the year 2000 and how far away it seemed at the time. He recalls 53 years ago celebrating the 4th of July in a house in Rockwell, TX, that is no longer even there, thinking about a time that is now 19 years in his past. What a journey his life has been. Happy Birthday America! The stuff you do well, you do incredibly well, the stuff you don't do so well, I think will change faster than anyone else out there. He has seen a lot of changes, most of them for the best. Who would think that a gay broadway dancer and himself would be so close and that he would be close to a bi/lesbian woman from NJ? He never even met anyone from NJ. He loves the diversity of this country and believes that is what makes us strong. The house is diverse and everyone has different beliefs, they don't talk about the political ones, but he knows there are different beliefs. He says he is a Libertarian and he knows people think different from him but they aren't evil. They might be misinformed. He says a terror attack would bring the country together again. He hates that thats what would do it, but... David is in the kitchen washing dishes. David speaks out loud a minute and says that the room upstairs really sucks, it's cold, he feels sick and he doesn't want to sleep up there every night.
  2. 6:40am BBT Happy 4th! Cliff hopes everyone gets fried chicken and potato salad and mashed potatoes and watermelon and sweet tea. He wishes they would get something too so they wouldn't have to cook. He feels bad about Ovi and is happy he has a chance to fight his was through and maybe come back to the game. He thinks having Ovi in the house is good for his game because he has a good relationship with him. Ovi wanted to make an alliance with him but he doesn't think its a good idea. He will tell him that when/if he gets back in they can talk about an alliance. He thinks Ovi will be so excited and start bugging him with names for their alliance. He was worried when Julie started talking about a twist, he was worried that an alum would come in the house. Not Paul! Nooooo. He is happy that David gets to experience things in the house too. He doesn't know what it is about David but he has absolutely rubbed Cliff the wrong way. He says they are all Type A personalities so he doesn't know why David gets to him, but he does. He thinks David is dangerous and a threat to all of them. He says he seems to have close ties in the house despite only being in the house a few hours. As far as the HOH, he went in thinking he really didn't want to win, so he was happy to throw it, but he didn't throw it, he honestly missed that question. Had he won, he had targets though, and would have put up Kemi and Jessica. He got nervous when he realized it was Jack and Jessica as the last two because he doesn't know where Jessica's head is. He said they have talked about her being the plus size gal and he being the old guy. He is happy Jack got it and Jack has already told him that he is safe. He believes Jack, he has other targets besides him and he'd be shocked and a little perturbed if his name showed up. He thinks they have the same targets though. He has to get to work today. Talk to every single person and be friendly to them all. It is working so far. He asks for thoughts and messages if any of the houseguests in there don't like him. Davis has already gotten under Michies skin and maybe because Michie was responsible for Daving being banished. He is worried that Michie will clash with David and that would be bad for Cliffs game because he (Cliff) is aligned with Michie. [?] 7:00am BBT Cliff says when he came in the house his plan was to create bigger targets than himself, and he has accomplished that. He thinks the other HG are comfortable with him and feel safe with him. It's hard though because there are 16 people in the house to please. It is day 16 and he feels like he is entering the middle game. He's not coasting, he's stabilizing and maintaining relationships. He feels like he is no longer the old guy target anymore, he has gotten past that. The showmances and relationships are forming. Nick and Bella are an item and assumes they are a voting block. Jack and Sis seem to have a relationship, and hes comfy with Jack but sees him as a scary player because he was deceptive to Ovi so he could do it to him too. He doesn't necessarily trust Christi, but he's ok with her. Kemi talks enough to him that he doesn't think he would be her primary target. Nicole and he have a final two so he's OK there. [?] His core alliance right now is Michie and Holly. Kat is in there but she is just not meant for this game. Cliff says she had all these followers and she's not a fan. Holly isn't either and she is playing the game with emotion because she doesn't know enough about the game to play it any other way, but he is OK with her. He tells feeders to go back and look at 4:00 to 4:45 PT. Michie talks about telling Kat that he can't work with her anymore. At 10:01 this morning he is going to pull her aside and tell her he can't do it anymore. He says during a commercial break after the votes had been cast, Kat was squeezing his hand, he was sitting next to her, she was asking, am I good? Am I good? She was so paranoid, so nervous, so unsure of her position. He says she is going to be like that every time they have nominations. He feels bad for her but he doesn't want to work with her. maybe she is fooling all of them and shes the brains and playing all of them. He doesn't think so, but maybe. Cliff has noticed Kat and David in the boat room talking one-on-one. He thinks this might be a thing to note because he knows David is coming after Michie and he knows Kat is looking for a showmance and she shouldn't be talking to David alone. Michie noticed it and others did too. Michie talked about the RV group last night. He doesn't think it's an alliance, but it is Kemi, Jessica, Nicole, maybe Bella, maybe Sis. He thinks Michie would target Kemi and Jessica first. he wants to protect Nicole and bring her in as a floater. No one would suspect that they are tight. He needs to make sure they are on top. He has to do what he can to protect her the next few weeks and keep everyone from finding out they are working together. Synopsis he says: Michie is worried about Kat. David is a potential threat. game talk: Jack called a house meeting and told everyone that we are not going to talk to David and Ovi about game strategy. we are going to keep them in the dark. He told them is the house meeting in front of them which he thinks might not be a good idea, but he (Cliff) told David that he'd fill him in on game talk. He wants to cover his bases and make sure David has bigger targets if he comes back.
  3. 6:20am BBT Cliff is up, pottied and on his way to the boat room to begin today's version of Cliff's Notes. Wearing his patriotic boxer shorts and his Texas A&M hoodie, he settles in to the comfy seat, pulls up the blankets and begins his soliloquy... Good morning live feeders and my wonderful amazing family. He wanted to be sure to get up early this morning to insure he had live feeds on him to apologize to his family for not giving them a shout out during voting yesterday. He feels horrible, he had it all planned. And it went like this... I with a sad heart vote to evict Ovi. Escapee 143. I feel horrible, I was going to shout out to my family during the live vote. He said JUDY Chen once during the show, and this caused him to forget the shout out because he was too worried about saying JUDY Chen again. He asks the live feeders to let his family know that he's sorry. He feels bad about Ovi fighting all day yesterday to stay in the house. He wanted him to know he was going home but he couldn't tell him. Jack and Jackson were telling him that he was safe and he hates that they promised him that because it was untrue. 12-0. Cliff is happy it was 12-0 because had there been any votes to keep ovi it would have cast suspicion in the house and the house doesn't need that.
  4. 7:30 am BBT Cliff got up, ate a bowl of cereal while staring at the memory wall and is now delivering his early morning sililoquy. After the usual greetings and shout outs he's pondering the demise of Ovi. He feels bad about Ovi because he deserves to be there more than Kat. He says Kat doesn't need to be here. He thinks he has votes he doesn't have. He counts the votes against Ovi: Nick, Jackson, Bella, Jessica. He knows that Christie will go with Kat in the case of a tie. Ovi needs 7 votes to win. He has to get Sam, Tommy, Jack, Isabelle, Analyse. Cliff says he will vote with the majority. The other group will benefit him more so what he needs to do today is quiz Jack, Tommy and Sam. He will pledge his loyalty and go with them. He reaches out to the live feeders to tell Ovi that it broke his heart to vote against him. He can't make a power move this week without knowing who is landing where.
  5. 7:35am BBT Cliff continues... The cracks are starting to form as he expected. Veto went well, not not as he expected. Sam pulled him off. He is going to tell Sam today that if he wants his support he will help him out in exchange for the veto used on him. He can't figure out why Christie put up Ovi and not Kemi. Ovi told him that he volunteered to go up to help get Kat out. He thinks the Power Kids are : Kat, Jackson, Christie, Jack, Sis, and Holly. They are the cool kids. The other side is Nicole, Jessica, Kemi, Bella and Ovi is trying to land both ways.
  6. 7:22am BBT The Cliff Show has begun. Cliff is wearing a hoodie and has pulled up all the blankets in the room atop him and he's going, brrrrrrr.... Must be cold on deck this morning! Chilly this morning, he says. Good morning to my family and all the live feeders out there. Monday morning, day 13, 7:15 our time. 9:15 in Houston. He has 2.5 hours till anyone else gets up. He values his morning private time and hopes he can continue the pattern of sleeping late and getting up early. He does shout outs to his family and he misses them and can't imagine not seeing them or knowing what they are up to for 3 months. Shout outs to BB youtuber, Mad Rose. He enjoys her BB parodies. Shout outs to Joker's Updates and Hamster Watch! [I might not listen so closely, since Morty didn't get a shout out. - Monadyan]
  7. I select Tommy Bracco as my BB token for Morty's BB 21 Monopoly Game.
  8. 9:42am BBT Cliff is finally awake, searching quietly for his clothes for the day, trying not to disturb anyone. He heads to the storage room, changes his batteries and puts on a blue button-down shirt. He buttons it wrong, notices his error and re buttons starting from the bottom until it is correct. He looks over the kitchen as he walks by and then settles on the boat room where he crawls in among the pillows and blankets and says, good morning world... Good morning to my wife and kids. I love you so much. Everything is going well, and he will see you in 3 or 4 months. He does a shout out to Mr. Brocco, happy birthday! More shout outs to family and friends. He gives the daily synopsis. Says people are getting scratchy and now people are not as kumbaya as they were in the beginning. He got good news, he is probably coming off the block according to what Nick and Kat told him. He says if it doesn't happen and he looks shocked, it is genuine and he will probably faint. Cliff talks about the possibility of getting HOH and not knowing what to do if he gets it. He needs to pick out some possibilities. He says the person that won the 2nd HOH has never won BB. He is going to have more gray hairs when he comes home from the isolation and the paranoia. He says things are about to hit the fan and these friendships that people think they have aren't real and some of them are about to find out. He knows we viewers want drama and he says by this time next week firm battle lines will have been drawn and the games will have begun. Look for a George Strait song called Troubador as it is his theme some. He is a 54 year old guy with a 24 year old brain. Shout out to George Strait! He thinks about that song all the time that he is in that house. Jackson is up! The monologue might end soon. 9:55am BBT Jackson passes by the boat room and enters the WC. He exits, washes his hands and blows his nose. In that order. Cliff talks about people whispering and looking around and the feeling you know what's going on when you see it. He says good bye from the BB house, for now! Enjoy your Saturday, hug and kiss your wife and kids. 10:00am BBT Jackson, wearing only grey briefs and an eye mask, enters the storage room and changes his batteries. And we get WBRB... wake up time?
  9. 9:12 am BBT House guest wake up call and we got to hear the music!!!!! Ocean Avenue by Yellow Card! Jack and Cliff are enjoying the tunes. Bella arose. The HOH occupants are unmoved by the music. No signs of life there. FOTH/WBRB
  10. 7:25 am BBT Cliff is up and in the kitchen. He first cleans up the dirty dishes left in the sink, then proceeds to microwave an egg, toast two pieces of bread and pour a cup of milk. He sets his table with the above mentioned items along with a banana and a bottle of hot sauce. He dumps the egg from the microwaved cup onto the piece of toast. He washes the egg dish and pours hot sauce atop all and begins enjoying his breakfast. He holds his plate in his hand and eats from it while studying the memory wall. He drinks the milk then eats the banana all the while staring at the memory wall. The other cameras feature Holly, Analyse and Christie, all sleeping in the HOH bed and soft snoring can be heard. Cliff finishes up, washes his dishes goes to the LR, picks up Orwell the owl, removes his hat and sunglasses and goes to the boat room where he wraps up in a blanket. He positions Orwell against the back wall. He addresses live feeders! He apologizes for there not being much going on. Everyone stays up late. He is sorry for the folks that have to work today and the ones that get up early to watch the feeds and only get to see him cleaning, so he gives a synopsis of the previous day. He says they had the POV comp, and he killed it. He scored a 0 and was tied for third worst. Nicole and Kat got 0's as well. He doesn't have the POV, but Sam does and he believes Sam will use it on him, but he knows to never assume that he knows what is going to happen because it never does. Most everyone thinks that the POV ceremony is today and the eviction is Sunday, but he and Kat think it will not be until next Wednesday. He and she decided not to tell the others this theory. Cliff says that this is to his advantage and his fears are lessening. He feared he would go home before everyone got to know him. He thinks he has a relationship with everyone in the house. He and Jessica are the outcasts because he's the old guy and she's the plus sized gal and the rest of them don't see them as athletic as they are. He says he is going to be a floater for a while but not forever. Once he sees where the strength is he will gravitate towards them. He quotes Steinbeck... oh, the best laid plans of mice and men... He says he may not be doing great in there but he is having a great time and that is all he really wanted to do. He says after watching BB on POP for season after season he appreciates being there doing it live. He forgets about the cameras and people watching him. He says that if he stays there till day 90 he will probably start to hate all the others. He says no one wants to be the one that makes the first big move and takes a stab at a popular person. He is proud of his performance in the log hanging HOH. He figures everyone would think he would be the first one off. But being 6 or 7th to fall, he was proud. He didn't want to do too well, but he knew he couldn't hang on much longer. He says he makes assumptions about what he knows in there, but he would give anything to spend 5 minutes with a live feeder and pick their brain. He asks for anyone who has mental telepathy to try to get through his thick skull and send him their thoughts so he could have some insight. To my family, Sharon, Kelly, Daniel and all my extended family, he hopes they got a little sleep last night because he knows they are trying to watch everything. He wants to try and fit in and be up all night too but he just can't. He is trying to catch all the conversations but there are too many people and too many rooms, so he positions himself in a room that people go to and he tries to stay near Christie because he thinks she might be a king pin.
  11. 4:00 am to 5:00 am BBT Bella is in the WR area with Nick, who is whispering to her very quietly as she sobs and sniffs. Bella is crumpled up under a blanket and Nick is whispering to her ear, so it is nearly impossible to understand what he is saying to her, but basically he is telling her that she IS a good person. It would appear that she is having a meltdown because her mother is demanding of perfection in Bella and Bella doesn't feel that she could ever please her mother. He is counseling her and trying to calm her down. Once she calms down he begins to give her analogies and explain to her that she is looking at her mother's actions the wrong way. She needs to look at her mother like an iceberg. What she sees of her mom is the tip, or the part that is sticking up out of the water. She needs to look below the water and see what is driving the tip out of the water. Once she can see what is below the water, (what her mother has been through in her life that makes her demand so much from Bella) she will be better able to understand her mother. He basically tells her that it is not really about her with her mom, but some factors in moms past that drive her to be tough on Bella. About this time we see Tommy in the other room getting up and moving slowly and quietly out of the bedroom so as not to wake the others. He walks to the WC and finds Nick and Bella. He apologizes for interrupting them and after a few, It's OK, it's OK's, they all agree to go to the boat room and talk there. Once in the boat room the counseling session continues and Nick begins to explain how he became a counselor. He had anxiety all his life but after his grandfather passed away it worsened. He became depressed, thought about suicide and sought help. He has dealt with anxiety all of his life. He went through counseling and was better for a while until he started college. He threw out some interesting tidbits along the way... He says there was a study done on therapists and their clients. It was concluded that clients who liked their therapists got better without therapeutic practices just by virtue of liking their therapists, whereas clients that disliked their therapists didn't get better even with therapeutic practices being used. [Hmmmm... -Monadyan] Tommy says he probably needs therapy and Nick says that he might find a place away from the cameras where he could counsel everyone. Tommy tells Nick that he can't sleep because of the thoughts in his head. Nick sits up and asks, what thoughts? Tommy spouts off, what happened today, what might happen tomorrow, etc. Tommy explains his need to be in control of all situations and how he feels of he isn't in control. Nick goes into counseling mode and asks him why he worries about tomorrow and what will happen if something happens that is out of his control. Then he proceeds to explain anxiety and fight or flight and how we all need some anxiety but when anxiety gets out of hand is when we need help for it. He asks Tommy to think of a time when there was a good outcome from a situation that he was not in control of. Tommy cannot readily think of one. They are all tired and they wish they could sleep there. BB reminds them sleeping is only allowed in the bedrooms and Bella says she will stay awake in there and they can both go to sleep. They complain about Jack's snoring and Tommy does a great impression of snoring Jack. It's animalistic, he says.
  12. 5:30 pm BBT The VETO comp was a school cafeteria with ice cream machines and vending machines, and it took soooooo long because it was an individual comp and each player made a mess that had to be cleaned up before the next player could compete.
  13. 12:30am BBT (CAMERAS 3/4) JC and Tyler at the kitchen counter plotting. JC says we need to keep Brett in this house. He says the worst case was if RS would have won HOH or Bayleigh, but he thinks they are going to be ok. Tyler heads to bed and JC puts the grapes they were munching in the frig. Out walks Brett with a hunk of meat. JC asks if he’s making steak at 12:00? Brett tells him that he feels like he needs to won the veto. JC says Bay is up there with Fessy and they are watching us right now. They begin to talk weather and heat waves. JC says in September its 102-103. JC says Fessie told her to put you up and Brett says he doesn’t know why Fessy is after him. Brett places a huge piece of meat in the skillet. JC says worst case for you is if Rachel wins veto. JC is encouraging him telling him hes ok. Brett cooks the steak about 3 minutes and plops it onto a plate. JC asks him if it is semi-rare? Brett looks at it and says, it’s pretty rare. JC says it is barely cooked, you are insane, just don’t die. Brett throws it back in the pan and the two laugh. Steak and air fryer discussion ensues. Brett takes off the steak again and JC says it is raw, you are going to die. They are both giggling. JC says what if there is bacteria? 12:50am BBT JC says he tried to get Bay to put up someone everyone hates in the house, like RS. That way she would not get blood on her hands, but she insisted on you. JC tells him goodnight and not to die, and heads to bed. Brett continues eating his bloody piece of meat and gulping water. He finishes it up and does his dishes. 1:00am BBT Sam walks by and heads to the wash room. Brett goes to the WA and JC is brushing his teeth. Sam comes out of the bathroom and says Goodnight, Brett goes in. JC goes to the kitchen and sees Sam rummaging through the frig. He tells her he was asleep fot an hour and got called to the DR, now he is awake! Sam gets a coffee cup of mint chocolate ice cream. Brett joins her at the counter. Sam is told to put on her mic but she doesn’t. Sam is telling Brett she put a pile of sugar by the coffee maker as an offering to the ants which have invaded the coffee pot. Sam gets her mic and sits back down. Brett begins cleaning the counter and stove top. Sam says tomorrow is going to be a long day. Brett agrees. She’s looking forward to having the backyard back and cooking for the have-nots. 1:15am BBT Sam asks Brett if he thinks Kaitlyn hates her. He says, not even close. She is worried about her coming after her at the finale. Brett assures her that there are people she might come after, but not Sam. Didn’t you hear the stories, he asks. Go on… she says… he says she said a few things that were questionable to Fessy and Tyler. Sam says, I meant what I said. I think it is cheap and not necessary. You’re right, he says. She says, there’s a whole sea of people in here. Doesnt’ mean because we are locked up in here we need to pick one. She didn’t pick just one, he replies, and they both snicker. True, Sam giggles. Sam begins her empowered women speech again. Flirting with guys is a double standard. It’s cheap and unnecessary. Be smart enough to come up with someone else. She says, you come in here talking about being an empowered woman? I’ll turn you over my knee and spank you, get outta my face. She says there are two people in here that don’t have pairing up options, JC and RS. Be more considerate, will ya? 1:30am BBT Sam at the coffee pot area, alone with the ants. She motions for the camera to come closer.. we’re about to get em. She points and picks up a little folded piece of foil which is her homemade ant trap. She puts it into a container and pops on the lid. Round two she says as she begins to make another trap. Haleigh enters and says hey! Sam shows her the ant trap and says she declared war on the ants. She says they all eat this and they stay out of our shit. Haleigh points and says is that a queen ant? Do they all die if we kill her? Haleigh squishes her and they both scream in excitement. They are looking at all the captured ants in the canister. Sam is looking forward to hitting the sucker with Raid. 1:40am BBT Haleigh makes a bowl of cereal while Sam stares at the ants. Sam has a theory that the astroturf in the backyard is covering ants. There isn’t any dirt under there, just ants. BB stirs them up and they come after us. She looks at the gummy bear bag and says we need to evict in gummy bear a week and feed it to the ants. 1:55am BBT Haleigh and Bay in the geo room. The Swaggy eviction is the topic. Haleigh says she was doing what she thought best and Bay thanks her for coming clean about voting him out. Bay says that they might have been able to freak out on Kaitlyn and changed her mind. Swaggy will forgive you when he comes back. Haleigh says well, he will probably be back (still Battle back talk) and Bay says I really wish he would come through the door right now, there is lots to talk about. The two discuss Fessy and agree he needs to keep his mouth shut. Bay says she told him he needs to be the muscle and let her be the brains. 2:30am BBT JC and Rachel at the kitchen counter. She’s drinking water and he asks her of she is tired of drinking water. Rachel is coming from the DR. JC tells her to go to sleep because of the comp tomorrow. She asks him if he has the 2nd power. She says you told me you had it. He says I was probably f***ing with you. She keeps drilling him about the power and she thinks he has it. He keeps telling her that he doesn’t have it. He tells her that she will see it on TV, he doesn’t have it. By walks Brett who says he chugged a whole jug of water and not he has to piss every 5 minutes. Evidently the DR is telling them to drink water. JC says it is going to be a heatwave tomorrow. Brett and Rachel in the WA. They can’t sleep. Brett complains about his dry skin driving him nuts. Brett joins JC in the kitchen again. JC misses Kaitlyn. She left a bunch of stuff here. He asks Brett if he misses her? Do you miss her touching you? Her massages? Brett denies it all. On that note the three head to bed.
  14. 1:15pm BBT Brett is making a salsa/bacon mixture. Tyler is doing dishes. Sam in the shower. Angela and JC are in the WA. She is telling him that she just made sure she was OK with Bay, didn’t even discuss who was going up. They cleared the air on the Swaggy thing and that’s about it. Kaycee/Haleigh/Rockstar/Rachel in the HOH with Bay. They discuss the contrast between Sam and Bayleigh’s HOH. Sam didn’t talk to anyone and Bay wants to talk to everyone several times. The wonder when the nom meeting will be. Kaycee leaves and they briefly discuss powers and thinking someone was coming back. Bay says people came to her pretending to be team Swaggy and she says the ONLY people who supported Swaggy were she and Fessy. Bay tells Rachel that it is the three of them and she has to keep Fessy in the house. She says Kaycee and Angela might come after Fessy. Rachel says we have to get Scottie out before the double eviction. Scottie would put up Rachel and JC. They do not want Scottie to play for HOH in the double eviction. They are trying to figure out when Scottie should be HOH. They are talking about the Battle Back again. 1:30pm BBT Brett/Fessy/Scottie/JC in the PBR discussing the hurricane in Houston last year and BB not telling the houseguests. Tyler and Haleigh on the HOH landing. Tyler says the house is quiet without Kaitlyn. Haleigh says she misses her, but… Haleigh says she probably not talk to me when we get out of here. They both agree that they did not have her total loyalty. 1:45pm BBT Angela and Rachel in the Have-not room Rachel says, Scottie tried to pin the flip vote on me! I’m done! Done! He went in there and told her it was me. She tells her that Bay wants Brett and JC out but she wants Brett out more than JC. She tells Angela that it is going to be me and Brett or Brett and JC on the block. If we win the veto Scottie goes up. Angela tells her to throw it if she can, to Brett. Rachel is really angry with Scottie. She tells Angela that she wants to be on the block so she can win the Veto and take herself down. She wants the be the one that sends Scottie home. Bay will leave the noms the same, it has to be one of the nominees that wins the veto. She calls Scottie a snake, a straight up snake. She tells Angela she really wants to work with us but she wants Brett and Tyler gone. 2:10pm BBT Rachel tells Angela all about Bay’s power app. She also tells her how loyal she is. They need to win a HOH so they can keep Brett and Tyler safe. They are going to try and convince Brett to win the veto so he will be safe. Rachel says Rockstar needs to go, Scottie needs to go. Kaycee comes in and Rachel tells her about Scottie throwing her under the bus. Then she tells her about Bay wanting to work with them, but Brett being in the way. Kaycee says shes going to try to get closer to Fessy and Haleigh this week. Rachel says Sam is mad at Scottie for going against her and voting for Kaitlyn to stay. They told her they thought it was Scottie. They are sure that if Scottie goes on the block that he will go home. 2:20pm BBT Haleigh/Bay in the HOH. Bay tells Haleigh that it will likely be Rachel and Brett on the block. Haleigh says Fessy was waking her up all night. Bay calls Fessy in the room and she tells him not to EVER say anything that she does or thinks about doing is a bad idea. She tells him JC is not going up so stop going around being all Team JC. Fessy points at Haleigh and says, I don’t need any questioning from you. When you asked me if I flipped. She says she asked everyone, not just him. Haleigh says you are not above being asked. She tells him she has the right to ask him anything she wants to anytime she wants to. Bayleigh says that’s right because it is an open relationship. 2:30pm BBT Haleigh and Fessy continue to fuss at each other, until Bay leaves to give them a minute alone. Haleigh follows bay out and Fessy says, Perfect, just where I want to be. Sam is in the storage room inventorying the new groceries. She asked for a few things she didn’t get. She takes the bananas, because Angela is going to make banana bread for the have-nots. She also takes a watermelon with her that she says got smashed, so they need to use it now. 2:45pm BBT Haleigh and Rockstar in the PBR. Haleigh is telling her about she and Fessy’s tiff. Rockstar says she does not trust JC, he’s a b****. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good b****, but I don’t trust him.
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