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  1. 12:30am BBT (CAMERAS 3/4) JC and Tyler at the kitchen counter plotting. JC says we need to keep Brett in this house. He says the worst case was if RS would have won HOH or Bayleigh, but he thinks they are going to be ok. Tyler heads to bed and JC puts the grapes they were munching in the frig. Out walks Brett with a hunk of meat. JC asks if he’s making steak at 12:00? Brett tells him that he feels like he needs to won the veto. JC says Bay is up there with Fessy and they are watching us right now. They begin to talk weather and heat waves. JC says in September its 102-103. JC says Fessie told her to put you up and Brett says he doesn’t know why Fessy is after him. Brett places a huge piece of meat in the skillet. JC says worst case for you is if Rachel wins veto. JC is encouraging him telling him hes ok. Brett cooks the steak about 3 minutes and plops it onto a plate. JC asks him if it is semi-rare? Brett looks at it and says, it’s pretty rare. JC says it is barely cooked, you are insane, just don’t die. Brett throws it back in the pan and the two laugh. Steak and air fryer discussion ensues. Brett takes off the steak again and JC says it is raw, you are going to die. They are both giggling. JC says what if there is bacteria? 12:50am BBT JC says he tried to get Bay to put up someone everyone hates in the house, like RS. That way she would not get blood on her hands, but she insisted on you. JC tells him goodnight and not to die, and heads to bed. Brett continues eating his bloody piece of meat and gulping water. He finishes it up and does his dishes. 1:00am BBT Sam walks by and heads to the wash room. Brett goes to the WA and JC is brushing his teeth. Sam comes out of the bathroom and says Goodnight, Brett goes in. JC goes to the kitchen and sees Sam rummaging through the frig. He tells her he was asleep fot an hour and got called to the DR, now he is awake! Sam gets a coffee cup of mint chocolate ice cream. Brett joins her at the counter. Sam is told to put on her mic but she doesn’t. Sam is telling Brett she put a pile of sugar by the coffee maker as an offering to the ants which have invaded the coffee pot. Sam gets her mic and sits back down. Brett begins cleaning the counter and stove top. Sam says tomorrow is going to be a long day. Brett agrees. She’s looking forward to having the backyard back and cooking for the have-nots. 1:15am BBT Sam asks Brett if he thinks Kaitlyn hates her. He says, not even close. She is worried about her coming after her at the finale. Brett assures her that there are people she might come after, but not Sam. Didn’t you hear the stories, he asks. Go on… she says… he says she said a few things that were questionable to Fessy and Tyler. Sam says, I meant what I said. I think it is cheap and not necessary. You’re right, he says. She says, there’s a whole sea of people in here. Doesnt’ mean because we are locked up in here we need to pick one. She didn’t pick just one, he replies, and they both snicker. True, Sam giggles. Sam begins her empowered women speech again. Flirting with guys is a double standard. It’s cheap and unnecessary. Be smart enough to come up with someone else. She says, you come in here talking about being an empowered woman? I’ll turn you over my knee and spank you, get outta my face. She says there are two people in here that don’t have pairing up options, JC and RS. Be more considerate, will ya? 1:30am BBT Sam at the coffee pot area, alone with the ants. She motions for the camera to come closer.. we’re about to get em. She points and picks up a little folded piece of foil which is her homemade ant trap. She puts it into a container and pops on the lid. Round two she says as she begins to make another trap. Haleigh enters and says hey! Sam shows her the ant trap and says she declared war on the ants. She says they all eat this and they stay out of our shit. Haleigh points and says is that a queen ant? Do they all die if we kill her? Haleigh squishes her and they both scream in excitement. They are looking at all the captured ants in the canister. Sam is looking forward to hitting the sucker with Raid. 1:40am BBT Haleigh makes a bowl of cereal while Sam stares at the ants. Sam has a theory that the astroturf in the backyard is covering ants. There isn’t any dirt under there, just ants. BB stirs them up and they come after us. She looks at the gummy bear bag and says we need to evict in gummy bear a week and feed it to the ants. 1:55am BBT Haleigh and Bay in the geo room. The Swaggy eviction is the topic. Haleigh says she was doing what she thought best and Bay thanks her for coming clean about voting him out. Bay says that they might have been able to freak out on Kaitlyn and changed her mind. Swaggy will forgive you when he comes back. Haleigh says well, he will probably be back (still Battle back talk) and Bay says I really wish he would come through the door right now, there is lots to talk about. The two discuss Fessy and agree he needs to keep his mouth shut. Bay says she told him he needs to be the muscle and let her be the brains. 2:30am BBT JC and Rachel at the kitchen counter. She’s drinking water and he asks her of she is tired of drinking water. Rachel is coming from the DR. JC tells her to go to sleep because of the comp tomorrow. She asks him if he has the 2nd power. She says you told me you had it. He says I was probably f***ing with you. She keeps drilling him about the power and she thinks he has it. He keeps telling her that he doesn’t have it. He tells her that she will see it on TV, he doesn’t have it. By walks Brett who says he chugged a whole jug of water and not he has to piss every 5 minutes. Evidently the DR is telling them to drink water. JC says it is going to be a heatwave tomorrow. Brett and Rachel in the WA. They can’t sleep. Brett complains about his dry skin driving him nuts. Brett joins JC in the kitchen again. JC misses Kaitlyn. She left a bunch of stuff here. He asks Brett if he misses her? Do you miss her touching you? Her massages? Brett denies it all. On that note the three head to bed.
  2. 1:15pm BBT Brett is making a salsa/bacon mixture. Tyler is doing dishes. Sam in the shower. Angela and JC are in the WA. She is telling him that she just made sure she was OK with Bay, didn’t even discuss who was going up. They cleared the air on the Swaggy thing and that’s about it. Kaycee/Haleigh/Rockstar/Rachel in the HOH with Bay. They discuss the contrast between Sam and Bayleigh’s HOH. Sam didn’t talk to anyone and Bay wants to talk to everyone several times. The wonder when the nom meeting will be. Kaycee leaves and they briefly discuss powers and thinking someone was coming back. Bay says people came to her pretending to be team Swaggy and she says the ONLY people who supported Swaggy were she and Fessy. Bay tells Rachel that it is the three of them and she has to keep Fessy in the house. She says Kaycee and Angela might come after Fessy. Rachel says we have to get Scottie out before the double eviction. Scottie would put up Rachel and JC. They do not want Scottie to play for HOH in the double eviction. They are trying to figure out when Scottie should be HOH. They are talking about the Battle Back again. 1:30pm BBT Brett/Fessy/Scottie/JC in the PBR discussing the hurricane in Houston last year and BB not telling the houseguests. Tyler and Haleigh on the HOH landing. Tyler says the house is quiet without Kaitlyn. Haleigh says she misses her, but… Haleigh says she probably not talk to me when we get out of here. They both agree that they did not have her total loyalty. 1:45pm BBT Angela and Rachel in the Have-not room Rachel says, Scottie tried to pin the flip vote on me! I’m done! Done! He went in there and told her it was me. She tells her that Bay wants Brett and JC out but she wants Brett out more than JC. She tells Angela that it is going to be me and Brett or Brett and JC on the block. If we win the veto Scottie goes up. Angela tells her to throw it if she can, to Brett. Rachel is really angry with Scottie. She tells Angela that she wants to be on the block so she can win the Veto and take herself down. She wants the be the one that sends Scottie home. Bay will leave the noms the same, it has to be one of the nominees that wins the veto. She calls Scottie a snake, a straight up snake. She tells Angela she really wants to work with us but she wants Brett and Tyler gone. 2:10pm BBT Rachel tells Angela all about Bay’s power app. She also tells her how loyal she is. They need to win a HOH so they can keep Brett and Tyler safe. They are going to try and convince Brett to win the veto so he will be safe. Rachel says Rockstar needs to go, Scottie needs to go. Kaycee comes in and Rachel tells her about Scottie throwing her under the bus. Then she tells her about Bay wanting to work with them, but Brett being in the way. Kaycee says shes going to try to get closer to Fessy and Haleigh this week. Rachel says Sam is mad at Scottie for going against her and voting for Kaitlyn to stay. They told her they thought it was Scottie. They are sure that if Scottie goes on the block that he will go home. 2:20pm BBT Haleigh/Bay in the HOH. Bay tells Haleigh that it will likely be Rachel and Brett on the block. Haleigh says Fessy was waking her up all night. Bay calls Fessy in the room and she tells him not to EVER say anything that she does or thinks about doing is a bad idea. She tells him JC is not going up so stop going around being all Team JC. Fessy points at Haleigh and says, I don’t need any questioning from you. When you asked me if I flipped. She says she asked everyone, not just him. Haleigh says you are not above being asked. She tells him she has the right to ask him anything she wants to anytime she wants to. Bayleigh says that’s right because it is an open relationship. 2:30pm BBT Haleigh and Fessy continue to fuss at each other, until Bay leaves to give them a minute alone. Haleigh follows bay out and Fessy says, Perfect, just where I want to be. Sam is in the storage room inventorying the new groceries. She asked for a few things she didn’t get. She takes the bananas, because Angela is going to make banana bread for the have-nots. She also takes a watermelon with her that she says got smashed, so they need to use it now. 2:45pm BBT Haleigh and Rockstar in the PBR. Haleigh is telling her about she and Fessy’s tiff. Rockstar says she does not trust JC, he’s a b****. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good b****, but I don’t trust him.
  3. 3:22am BBT Rachel enters the HOH. Rachel says, I feel like I’m good with you. Bay says everyone in the house is, and that’s the problem. She says everyone wants one person but no one will give me any other names. Rachel whispers, Brett? Yeah, she says, but you can’t say anything. She goes on to say, and also I’m mad at you for what you did in the bathroom, it was really annoying, don’t be annoying. Rachel asks what did she mean. Bay mentioned that it was between Rachel and Rockstar and Rachel said, take Rockstar. She says it made it sound like she was intimidated by her and she doesn’t want people to think she intimidates anyone. 3:22am BBT Rachel enters the HOH. Rachel says, I feel like I’m good with you. Bay says everyone in the house is, and that’s the problem. She says everyone wants one person but no one will give me any other names. Rachel whispers, Brett? Yeah, she says, but you can’t say anything. She goes on to say, and also I’m mad at you for what you did in the bathroom, it was really annoying, don’t be annoying. Rachel asks what did she mean. Bay mentioned that it was between Rachel and Rockstar and Rachel said, take Rockstar. She says it made it sound like she was intimidated by her and she doesn’t want people to think she intimidates anyone. Rachel says it was just her being polite. Bay says she is trying to figure out where the lines are. She has no ride-or-die. She wants to be left in a safe spot. Rachel tells her that she loves her and would never come after her. Bay tells her that people have mentioned that Rachel/Angela/Kaycee have not been on the block or in jeopardy in any way. She tells her that Scottie did tell her that he flipped the vote on Swaggy wearing a Swaggy shirt, and she thinks he’ flipped the vote on Kaitlyn too. Rachel agrees that he was the one. She wants to try and backdoor Scottie to keep whoever stays on the block from coming after her. Pawns go home, and she’s scared to put one up. She hasn’t talked to Scottie yet, she won’t kick Tyler when he’s down and she just talked to JC and I was considering him, but it might be dangerous because he talks to everybody. Rachel says, I talk game with Fessy. She does not have a connection with Rockstar. Bay fears that if she puts Scottie and Brett up and the noms stick, she will be on the one that stays radar. She can’t keep Brett here because of the 4 of you. Rach/Kaycee/Brett/Angela. Rachel assures her that if it were bay and Brett on the block that she would vote out Brett. Rachel does not want to go up as a pawn. Bay tells Rachel that either JC or Rachel are going up as a pawn. Rachel suggests Angela as a pawn. Bay says no because she is a physical threat. Rockstar says, put up a weaker player like RS. Nope. Rachel asks if she has the third power and she completely lies and says no. Rachel goes on to tell Bay that JC had the second power, he told her. She doesn’t know what it is but she thinks it already expired. Bay says Tyler could have one. 3:45am BBT Scottie 1/1. She tells him the whole house thinks he is the flip vote and he denies it. He thinks it was Rachel. He says Rockstar thinks it’s Brett and is sure it wasn’t Tyler, and Bay says she told me she thought it was Tyler and didn’t think it was Brett. Whatever she says. Bay tells him that he’s crazy and weird but she trusts him. She threatens to gut him and lay his intestines out if she finds out he is lying about the vote. She tells him that he is not on her radar. He tells her to put up Tyler/Brett/JC/Sam, pick any 2. Everyone else is untouchable because they are working with you or you want them to. Scottie promises Bay that the four of them are his team, Fessy/Haleigh/Bay/RS. He promises and no more flipping back and forth. She makes him swear his loyalty and take an oath. 3:55am BBT Brett 1/1. He says he doesn’t have much for crazy thoughts. She says she likes everyone and she’s in a bad place. She doesn’t think there are sides anymore. He tells her that they are in the same position because they lost their #1. Everyone tells her that they are not coming after her, so they aren’t all telling the truth. He says, well, after I am gone, who is the target? Brett says he wants to work with Bay. They are both islands. He tells her he loves her as a person and respects her and if he goes up, it is only a game and he gets that. They hug. 4:00am BBT Kaycee comes in and says it’s 4 am. Bay can’t believe it. Bay is excited and doing somersaults on the bed. Bay tells her that JC threatens her a little bit and Brett too. They both trust Tyler. Kaycee throws Scottie under the bus. They both think he flipped the vote. They go over the possible flippers and determine it was Scottie. Kaycee thinks Rachel would be a good pawn. Bay says the house will go nuts if she nominates JC. Kaycee says she feels bad for Rachel because she’s gone through so much. She has ADHD. Kaycee says she feels for people that struggle with insecurities and Rachel is so smart and she knows the game. Kaycee wants JC on the block. Bay asks her to talk to Rachel and see how she feels about her and bay is going to talk to her and make her swear her loyalty to her of she doesn’t go up. Kaycee agrees to report any crap talk about Bay to her. 4:30am BBT Kaycee and Bay agree that Scottie needs to be backdoored. He is a threat, he’s smart, athletic, great memory, he’s won comps, HOH and Veto, and he’s unpredictable. Bay says she really wants JC gone and she’s scared to put Brett up because he will be mad at her. If JC didn’t go home he would come after her next week. Kaycee says Brett will go after Scottie and Rockstar. Brett would be great in jury because he would be unbiased. There is a knock on the door. It is Fessy. She asks him to give them a few minutes. The decide on JC as a pawn, but think he will flip out so if that is going to happen, it will be Rachel. 4:45am BBT Fessy is in the kitchen eating. Bay comes down to get her dirty clothes and Fessy heads to the HOH with his plate of food. He puts on her headphones and paces, looking around. He dances briefly in the HOH bathroom mirror. Fessy 1/1 He says the only people who he thinks would put him up would be Angela and Kaycee, so he wants her to find out of he is ok with them for next week. JC becomes a topic. Bay says he was asking about his game being safe and she told him that he needed to be telling he how he would help her game. She referred to him as “little man” so we can see that she has zero respect for him. Fessy starts picking his nose… Bay tells him to get a frickin’ tissue cause she knows there is something in there. [now mind you, she has been sniffing and holding her finger on the right nostril while she blows out the left nostril all night, but takes offense to him sticking his finger in his nose? Really? - -monadyan] He goes in the bathroom, opens the bottom vanity drawer, no tissues, returns to the courtroom and continues to sniff and blow. Fessy does not want JC used as a pawn. He says everyone will use him as a pawn. Bay asks then why can’t she use him? She says Rachel promised her loyalty and JC didn’t. Fessy asks what Brett said. She gives him a truthful synopsis. They go back and forth about JC vs Rachel. Fessy says we can pull Tyler in and she says everyone is trying to pull Tyler in. She tells him he is the only person advocating for JC, everyone else wants him up. He says worst case scenario, Brett and JC on the block, Brett wins Veto, she says Scottie goes up, and Fessy says JC goes home and Scottie comes after you. She tells him that JC would choose them over her and Rachel would choose her over them. Fessy says, you think? She says, I KNOW! She tells Fessy to win the veto, take JC down and she’ll put up Rachel. She says she would love for JC to go home because Swaggy hated him. It is just circling and circling. 5:15am BBT Fessy tells Bay no one in the house will use her as a pawn and she agrees. He says he doesn’t not believe in pawns. She says Rachel has been her confidant this week, not JC. Fessy says JC is his confidant since the beginning. Bay is steady munching potato chips. She is literally eating them with both hands. Fessy is telling her this scenario and that scenario and she’s munching and says un huh, un huh. He asks him what her speech should be. He tells her Brett is a physical threat and Rachel is a pawn. She counters with, I love you both, someone had to go up, fight for the veto. Fessy tells Bay about going into the DR and telling them this is for Swaggy! They got out Kaitlyn! Your girl is HOH and has a power app! 5:23am BBT She says on a heavier note I have something to tell you… She tells him she is late and took an EPT and it was negative. Fessy tells her with all the girls in the house all their stuff is messed up anyways because they are all regulating. And she says, that’s what I am saying, this time they all started together and they are on their last day. He says well, that stuff (the Plan messes your stuff anyway. She says I don’t know!! He says you take it within 48 hours, and it messes you u, and she says it’s not good for you either. He says it is really bad, and we get FISH. 5:27am BBT When we come back to them they are talking about Swaggy and him seeing other girls. Bay really thought he was coming back last night. She says if he is seeing someone else she will kill him, kill him! They discuss the HOH comp and it seems like it was a sled kind of thing. She scored an 8.08 and the goal was 8. 5:35am BBT They go back over the rules of Bays power app. Bay gets in the shower, Fessy is on the HOH bed listening to music. 5:40am BBT Fessy decides to wear his Swaggy shirt to the noms tomorrow and Bay says good idea. 5:45am BBT Fessy asks Bay to talk to Haleigh and she needs to step up her game. Is she’s not a nominee she’s chilling. She is not sticking up for any of them, she just cares about her own safety. 6:05am He gets his plate and heads out after hugging Bay. Fessy does his dishes, gets a shower, brushes his teeth and heads for the geo room. He does his prayers and the briefly sits and thinks. 6:25am BBT Fessy heads to bed… he chooses the middle bed in the PBR. He sleeps alone.
  4. Which HouseGuest will win Head of Household (2 Points)? Scottie Which HouseGuests will be nominated for eviction (name 2 HouseGuests, 1 point each)?Fessy/Haleigh Which HouseGuest will be a Have Not this week (name one, 1 point)?kaitlyn/JC/Haleigh/Fessy Which HouseGuests will be picked to play in the first Veto competition (name 3 HouseGuests, 1 points each)?Rachel/Tyler/Bayleigh Which Houseguest will be chosen to host the Veto competition? (1 point)?JC Which HouseGuest will win the Veto competition (2 points)?Bayleigh Will the Power of Veto be used (Yes or No, 1 point)?NO If the Veto is used, which nominated HouseGuest will be saved (1 point)?Hayleigh If the Veto is used, which HouseGuest will be the replacement nominee (2 points)?Kaitlyn Who will be the first HouseGuest to vote for eviction? (1 point)?Tyler Who will be the last HouseGuest to vote for eviction? (1 point)?Sam Which HouseGuest will be evicted from the Season 20 Big Brother House (3 points)?Fessy BONUS QUESTIONS: Will a new twist be Introduced this week (Yes or No, 2 points)?NO Will any former HG enter the BB20 House this week (Yes or No, 2 points)?NO Will Julie Chen say "But First" before or after she says "Hello, HouseGuests." on the 7/26 episode? (Before or After, 1 point)?Before Wildcard Questions These questions will remain in effect until if and when the event happens. They can only be entered once into the contest. Additional wild cards may be added, so check back weekly! Round One: Which HouseGuest will be the first to climb the climbing wall on a broadcast episode (4 points)? Answer: JC Which HouseGuest will be the first to threaten to DOR (Depart on Request, 4 points)? Answer: Kaitlyn Which HouseGuest will be the first to call a house meeting (4 points)?JC Which HouseGuest will be the first to give up and not complete a competition (4 points)?Bayleigh Which HouseGuest will be the first to cast a mystery vote (4 points)? Answer: Kaitlin Which HouseGuest will be the first to win a tie breaker (4 points)? Answer: Scottie Which Houseguest will be the first to complete a secret task (4 points)?JC Round Two: In what Week # will the first Double Eviction occur (Week 4 through Week 13, 4 points)?week 8 Which evicted HG will use the Bonus Life Power App for a chance to return to the game (Kaitlyn or Rockstar, 4 points)?Rockstar Who will be the last Houseguest evicted before the start of the jury (4 points)?kaitlyn Who will be the first Houseguest to join the jury (4 points))?Brett Who will be the first Houseguest to intentionally start a fight (4 points)?Brett Will Pandora's Box make a return appearance (Yes/No, 4 points)?NO Who will be the first Houseguest insulted by Zingbot (4 points)?SAM (***Sorry Mona you already answered the wildcard questions and I can't change your answers--Dade***)
  5. 2:08pm BBT Rachel and Sam in the HOH. Sam asks Rachel who she prefers to send home, and she says RS, because she is closer to Kaitlyn. Sam says Kaitlyn doesn’t not like me. True, says Rachel. Who do you like more, Sam asks, me or Kaitlyn? You.
  6. 2:00pm BBT Tyler is trying to convince Sam that Kaitlyn needs to go and Sam says no. Sam keeps saying RS can’t win a comp, we can get rid of her anytime. They are at a standstill. Tyler is talking sides and Sam says there are no sides! He says Kaitlyn is a huge target. If you go up against Kaitlyn, you stay, but not Rockstar. Why? Asks Sam. She says she has proven herself in comps and RS hasn’t won anything. Kaitlyn will be against the people that vote against her, he says, she won’t go after you. Tyler says Rockstar wants him gone since week 2. She says we all know there is something public or secret with you and Kaitlyn. Good he says, that’s what I want them to think. 2:08pm BBT Rachel and Sam in the HOH. Sam asks Rachel who she prefers to send home, and she says RS, because she is closer to Kaitlyn. Sam says Kaitlyn doesn’t not like me. True, says Rachel. Who do you like more, Sam asks, me or Kaitlyn? You.
  7. 2:00am BBT Brett and Kaitlyn in the geo room discussing power apps and flip votes and total votes. She is questioning him and he is getting upset that she is questioning his motives. She is talking about “what if” possibilities. He says she just likes to make stuff up and she needs to separate her reality form fantasy. She says she is going to tell the DR her one on one with Brett went fine. They hug it out and say they will see each other later since they are sleeping together. 2:05am BBT Fessy and JC playing pool discussing apps and flip votes and total votes and who is going home Thursday. JC assures him that there are enough votes to get Kaitlyn out. JC says people will tell you one thing and then do what their friends want them to do. Fessy tells him that they wouldn’t even be in that situation if he hadn’t f’ing fallen off that f’ing tree! We wouldn’t be in this situation if you hadn’t f’ing won the f’ing veto. Shut up! Don’t get me started, JC says. JC says Haleigh was safe and Kaitlyn would have went home and I would be in bed sleeping in stead of out here trying to get votes. Fessy says, should I go talk to him? NO! says JC, don’t say anything. Tomorrow, do your thing, run around the house, play with your balls, and do not talk to anyone. The votes are locked, you need to chill out. You have done enough this week. Rockstar walks out and announces that Rachel is talking about Kaitlyn being a have not next week. JC says she is being paranoid, she says it’s easy when you are on the block. 2:10am BBT Brett/Tyler/Rachel in the BBR. Brett says Kaitlyn asked him if he used a power app and that’s why he is here this week. He says she is after JC now. She says she heard that he was spreading a rumor that she doesn’t really have a boyfriend. Angela walks in and Brett walks out. Angela in the WA with Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is painting white dots on her face with a q-tip. Kaitlyn says she thinks she has the votes to stay but there were 7 votes to keep Winston last week and he only got 5 votes. Yeah, Angela says, someone isn’t telling the truth. Rockstar comes in and says (in her new Eeyore voice) that she waaaas asleep… and there was a looottttt of noise and she could’t sleep so she got up and went and smoked a cigarette. She says she woke up to Rachel talking about you being a have not next week, meaning you are going to be here and… Kaitlyn interrupts and says, wait… why am I going to be a have not next week? I don’t know, ask Rachel about it, RS says. Kaitlyn says she’s not talking to anyone tomorrow but Rockstar. I want to be around someone fun if it my last day. RS said she just wanted a cigarette and Sam must be the keeper of the lighter. [aren’t they Sam’s cigarettes? – monadyan] Meanwhile back at the pool table JC and Fessy are discussing the DR and being admonished for it. Nonetheless they continue. So, says Fessy, they asked you about ME again in the DR today? Yeah, (FISH) They continue… (more FISH) When the camera returns, JC says, you are not allowed to talk about your diary sessions with other houseguests and BB responds with… you are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other house guests. So they discuss comps and JC says they have a variety of them. JC goes to make a shot and starts saying boom, bam, be, bop, boom, de de… and BB says… YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! They all laugh. STOP SINGING. HUMMING IS THE SAME AS SINGING. STOP IT! JC says OK, Bob. …I’m about to go to bed and make your life easier. JC sings a line and BB booms, SHUT IT DOWN! JC starts singing again. PLEASE STOP SINGING. JC cannot stop singing, and BB says, THAT’S REALLY ANNOYING! STOP IT! (FISH) 2:25am BBT Kaitlyn/Haleigh/Brett/JC at the counter eating sweets. Kaitlyn is dipping her used spoon into the ice cream container and says is it OK to double dip? JC is eating a bowl of something and goes to the frig looking for whipped cream, there is none and he heads off to get some in the storage room. When he returns Kaitlyn and Brett have eaten what was in his bowl. RS talks about pregnancy cravings. With Aradia she wanted to eat raw garlic. With Avalon she dumped hot sauce on everything. And with Isaac she wanted cotton candy ice cream. In the have not room everyone is on their little bowls. They are trying to get BB to turn off the lights. They have emoji pillows covering their faces. Jaycee is particularly animated with hers. [Worth a look at 2:25am camera 3.] Finally BB turns off the lights after a brief period of silence and no activity. Thanks, thank you. YOU’RE WELCOME! They laugh. They all start giggling and talking again. Kaitlyn and Tyler at the bathroom sink. She tells him she did something very cool without his help. She had Bayleighs vote. Tyler tells her not to ask Brett about using the damn power again. She says she didn’t (she did) says she only asked him if he had a power. He says tell Brett that you will not come for him forever if he will vote to keep you. She says, Angela just came to me and said that JC was trying to change her vote. I know I have Haleighs vote, we talked today. He says ok, just come to me Thursday and I will tell you who voted for you, cause I know. He says, people are lying to you, Kaitlyn. Still, she asks? Still, he says. Tyler heads down the hallway and runs JC and high 5’s him. His shorts get caught on the locker handle and pulls it open and JC says, you just tore your shorts. BB says, SAFETY FIRST! NO HORSING AROUND! JC says well, Bob, you should have thought about that before you put it there. That’s very dangerous, Bob. JC points at all the water/toothpaste spots on the mirror. You think the live feeders see all of these on the camera???? 2:40am BBT Haleigh is at the counter making goo-goo eyes at Brett and eating a few spoons of the apple dumpling Sam prepared earlier. It’s not that good, she says, I wish the apples were applier. JC comes in and suggests that she put it on the frig. She says no, someone can eat it if they want. He tells her it needs to be refrigerated, it will go bad. He puts it in the frig. Kaitlyn and Brett head to bed and she assures him that he is not her target. She is doing what Tyler told her to do. She begins feeling his arm muscles and says her face is smaller than his arm muscle. JC comes in and she and Brett start dancing. JC says, that is very sexy of you. 2:45am BBT Meanwhile in the hammock we discover, Fessy, Rockstar and Haleigh. The topic is votes… Haleigh says we have Bayleigh, Scottie, JC. We don’t have Tyler. We don’t have Rachel or Kaycee. Haleigh also Angela says that Fessy should be Kaitlyns #1 target. They want Kaitlyn in stay in the game and break up all of us and then make Kaitlyn go after she and Fessy, so we just attack each other till we are gone. Haleigh says Brett is in limbo and he is getting tired of that side so this is a good time to talk to him. She says Sam, Angela, Kaycee and Rachel are working together. RS says if one of ya’ll MF’ers win, I’d better get a nice birthday card. A NICE birthday card. 3:10am BBT Kaitlyn who was with Brett in the BBR has relocated to the PBR. RS and Haleigh enter the room to go to bed. Bed 1 is empty. Kaitlyn is in bed 2, JC is in bed 3, formerly Bayleigh’s bed. RS crawls into empty bed 1 with Orwell. Haleigh crawls into the bed with JC, and Kaitlyn pops up and says JC won’t let me sleep with him. Haleigh says, he’s not sleeping with me, who is in this bed? As she reaches over to her old bed, Kaitlyn says, me. She gets up and announces she is going to go sleep in the queen size bed by herself. Haleigh says that she wants to sleep alone too and begins tickling JC. JC says he does not want to sleep by his self. Well I do! Haleigh says, and you smell like lemons. It is the oils, he says, you want to sleep with Fessy? No she says. Then that is your only option, he says. My stomach hurts, she says. It’s what you eat, cookies and ice cream, he says. Tell me a story, he says. Once upon a time, there was this little boy…. (He cuddles closer) and his dad was the king and he grew up in a beautiful kingdom, and his dad ruled the world. But then, his dad suddenly died. There was no rhyme or reason for why his dad died, he just died. So, his uncle decided to take over the land. So now his uncle is the king and he decided he wants to move away and not be a part of this. Then these two guys start seeing this ghost and the ghost looks a lot like the little boys dad. He decided to go see for himself. When he gets there it is his dead dad as a ghost. The ghost tells the little boy that his uncle killed him. The boy is pissed and wants to kill the uncle, naturally. The little boys mom is now married to the uncle. So he designs a play and puts in a few lines about the brother killing the other brother, because he wants to see his uncles reaction. The uncle does not react well… he freaks out so the little boy knows it is true. So… long story short, there is this girl Ophelia, she’s just a random girl, not really a part of the story. He gets into a sword fight and the uncle says winner has to drink this wine. But his mom ends up drinking the wine and it’s poison. So the mom dies, and the little boy is pissed because the uncle has killed his mom and his dad, so the little boy stabs the uncle with the sword and kills him, still full of grief, grabs a glass of the wine and kills himself. The End… JC asks for clarification and after a brief recap, he says, so Hamlet killed himself, in the end??? Why is always Shakespeare stuff like that? he just has a weird thing with that, she says. You think he was gay, JC asks. I dunno… she has never read any stories about his personal life. There are stories that Shakespeare isn’t even a real person. 3:45am BBT All 4 cameras show sleeping houseguests.
  8. 11:15am BBT The HG are making breakfast/drinking coffee/sunning. Kaitlyn says Brett told her she was grinding and talking last night in my sleep. 11:22am BBT Kaitlyn is telling about her full moon ritual. She writes down all the things she wants to release and then she flushes it down the toilet. She doesn’t burn it because she doesn’t want any of it to remain. 11:30am BBT RS and Tyler in the bathroom area. She is telling him as a fan of the show she really wants to make it to jury so she can vote for the best player. She hasn’t won any thing and she is loyal. She will go on the block as a pawn anytime. He tells her he is in a weird spot. She tells him that her family is all fans of the show so she wants to compete the process. He tells her that he sees how bad she wants to be there, but he says in the house, Kaitlyn is like his #1, but his vote is not locked in. She gets weepy when she talks about how getting to jury is helpful to her family. She tells him that she is like a bishop on a chess board. She is an advisor and she is good at it. She feels things. 11:45am BBT Haleigh and Tyler discuss the vote. She is promoting RS. She is saying that she had heard that Kaitlyn is targeting Fessy. She says that people talk a lot about the relationship between he and Kaitlyn. A lot. [She is really pouring it on – monadyan] Tyler is going to talk to Fessy and see what he’s thinking. Rachel and Kaitlyn in the pool rehearsing a Little Fartletts song and dance. Tyler goes in the BBR to change and the cameras click his way. Get off me! 11:50am BBT Scottie and Kaycee at the counter side by side. She is showing him how she talks out of the side of her mouth. She is pretty good at it. She says her family and friends hate it when she does it. He can’t imagine situations where she would be sitting next to anyone. She’s like, watching TV, in a waiting room, at a counter. 11:55am BBT RS and Tyler at the bathroom sink. She is brushing her teeth and tells him she is living on the edge. Not going to use sunblock, just go in and out for brief periods of intense tanning.
  9. 1:00am BBT Haleigh/Rockstar/Bayleigh/Scottie/Fessie at the hammock. They are talking votes. Bayleigh tells Rockstar to stop saying that she will go home to your family. People will not vote for you to stay if they think you want to go home. RS says she needs to realign. She says the words that come to mind are bitter and hurtful. Rockstar goes on a Brett rant. She says you’re going to keep this trust fund yappy brat here over someone who needs to be here? But they will, she goes on, cause they are all that way, they have summer homes and St Croix houses, 500K in their checking account. Bay stops her and says that those people are in here to play, and you gave up today. They are playing the game, but you need it so you need to play harder than they are. This is another summer at band camp for them and it is life or death for you. She tells RS that she is letting them beat her. Meanwhile Sam is in the kitchen preparing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. JC is in the bathroom area shaving, Rachel is primping and applying night cream. Bayleigh says this is an interesting house, Haleigh says it is an interesting season. It is week 3 and we have already had two out bursts, one pot and pan song, 150 cries, one personal attack, 4 flips. Fessie says there have been three votes and 4 flips. They begin counting flip votes and how America perceives the flippers. [I’d rather watch Sam methodically making the pb&j – monadyan] 1:05am BBT At the bathroom sink, JC is shaving and seems to be upset about something. Rachel heads out and says good night, my love… I love you. He mouthes that he loves her. BB tells JC to put on his mic. He goes off and says he is shaving and he is not going to put on his mic, and to f-off and to tell the producers and to give him a penalty nomination if they want to. Then the cameras start adjusting on him and he tells them to stop pointing the damn cameras at me, look at something else, he is doing something private here. 1:10am BBT The camera pans out and we see Rockstar at the kitchen counter standing and watching as Sam eats a beautifully browned grilled cheese sandwich and what looks like scrambled eggs. It’s an awkward moment. Sam asks RS if she ate. RS says in her newly discovered Eeyore voice, no, I’m probably going to eat something tomorrow. Sam retrieves a bottle of steak sauce from the door of the frig, pours out a generous portion onto her plate and begins dipping her sandwich into it. RS asks Sam if she is going to go back outside and Sam says, I might. RS leaves. Sam finishes up her sandwich and picks up the pb&j she prepared earlier. It’s one slice of toasted white bread folded over like a cocoon around the contents. She uses her knife to scoop up the remaining steak sauce and wipes it on the sandwich. She looks off towards a camera and says, I wish you were a little bit cuter, and furry, and you had 4 legs and you could cuddle with me right now. Did you hear what I said? I said, I wish you were a little bit cuter and furry and had 4 legs and a tail and could cuddle with me right now and make me feel better. She tells the camera that her dogs watch her the whole time she eats at home, so… it makes perfect sense. They just sit there staring and waiting patiently. I always give them a little something, but I ate all of that and you don’t have a mouth or a belly, so… 1:15am BBT Back outside at the hammock, RS says Kaitlyn told her earlier that Fessy came to her and begged her to pick him for the veto so they would both be safe. They all agree that she’s a liar and they need to show the house that side of her because they are not going to see her that way until she gets them out. RS says it is lonely to be on the block, everyone is laughing and having fun and it’s hard. Haleigh reminds her that Kaitlyn is the one laughing and having fun. RS says shes going to put on makeup tomorrow and do things that make her happy. She needs to try and make the people she is worried about seem interested. Maybe farts? No, Bayleigh says, you are not Kaitlyn. RS says that she doesn’t think that farts are funny. 1:30am BBT Sam pulls an apple dumpling out of the oven, and Bayleigh says that’s what I want you to make for me when I’m off slop. It can even have the butter in it, I need that. Sam is tearing foil to put on top and notices that there is a Froot Loop in it and says, Froot Loop Dingus! She asks Brett if he was thinking about hos mom today? He says yeah. She says she started thinking about her dad really hard to day and it kinda made her nervous. Brett says funny you say that, me too. He tells her he will go outside with her. The two discuss glittery flip flops and Steve, the salt of the earth. Crickets and the sound of the a/c. She asks him if he is going to marry Angela and have little fit babies. He says if they had them, they would be. Rockstar is swinging in the hammock, but watching closely the goings on on the patio. Rockstar heads over and has a seat with them. While Sam and brett discuss soccer/football/rugby, RS stares off in the other direction. JC comes out and asks Brett if he can sleep with him. Sam says, the little spoon? JC says no the big spoon, that’s the only way it will work. BB says, Brett! Are you wearing someone else’s microphone? Sam says, shit! That’s never happened before. Brett checks, yeah I am, Tylers. He leaves to return the mic to Tyler. Rockstar says, Sam… (Eeyore voice) I wanted to ask you… if there was a tie… if you’d vote in my favor… Sam says that she hadn’t really thought about it. She didn’t think about there being 12 votes this week. She asks her, what if you stay and you get on the block next week and you are gone forever? RS says, well then that’s the game. Her intention is to won the HOH and not be gone forever. She wants to show her kids that she did something. Sam says she thinks having a chance to come back is better than not having a chance. RS says as my friend in this house I hope you would vote for me to stay. Sam is noncommittal. She has a headache and has reached a new low, this is not the time to talk. She says being HOH is worse than being on the block. She is talking about nominating 4 people. She didn’t nominate just two, she nominated four. She says, the shit is gonna hit the fan and it fit’n to get ugly. 1:50am BBT Most of the house is asleep or saying they wish they were asleep. Haleigh and Scottie in the WA. He says the votes were always going to be 7-5. He did it to be trending. He just admitted to her that he voted Swaggy out, he thought she knew. She says she is glad to know that because she was very confused. 1:55am BBT JC passes by Scottie and Haleigh at the sink, goes into the bathroom and emerges quickly. They both laugh, that quick? He says he had to fart. He doesn’t need to wash his hands because he didn’t touch his d***. Whatever. He doesn’t know why we have to wash out hands when we touch our d***s. He says, it is society making us miserable. The d*** is just like any other part of your body, it is skin. Haleigh has now completed her make up and headed to the DR. JC headed to bed and Eeyore/Rockstar comes in and sits down on the sofa. She goes over her conversation with Sam to Scottie. She seems upset that Sam has to even think about it because they are friends. Scottie says she needs to tell Sam that Kaitlyn went around for weeks making people think she had a power. RS says for him to tell her. She says Kaitlyn says she is gunning for Sam because she is supposed to be all Woman Power, but she put up 3 women. He tells her to tell folks that she is a fan and she will vote for the best player not the best friend. She appreciates good strategy. She will tell Brett she won’t vote bitter. 2:00am BBT Scottie goes to bed, leaving Rockstar alone at the sink. She gets body wash from the shower and washes her face and then wipes her face on the hanging hand towel. She applies a cat face mask and goes outside. She passes by a camera and says it’s her otter mask. It might make her feel better, she got it for her birthday from the lovely Rachel. Haleigh comes out and she details her pitch to the others. She’s going to tell Brett that she doesn’t know how he pulled off what he did last Thursday, but that she loves an evil genius. She tells her that her talk with Sam did not go well. Haleigh feels bad about the way things turned out. RS tells her to tell Sam what Kaitlyn said about gunning for Sam. She will also tell Brett that Kaitlyn says if she is ever HOH he will go on the block. Haleigh tells her that tomorrow is a new day and Kaitlyn will say something stupid that I can go tell the others. Haleigh says she doesn’t even think Joe is real, she made him up so she can flirt and snuggle and be cutsie and they won’t ask for more because of Joe. 2:20am BBT Fessy and Rockstar in the bathroom area. She tells him her plans and how things with Sam did not go well. She’s going to tell people she really just wants to finish up the show. She says she will come out ahead if she does. He tells her to tell him what to do because he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He says JC has a plan too but he’s not going to do it till Wednesday night. She tells him that they can trust each other. Haleigh comes in and goes into the shower to change out of her DR outfit. Fessy opens up a cabinet and gets out some hair product. Haleigh says he’s using too much because that little tub costs $80. 2:30am BBT Haleigh puts on a pair of booty shorts and complains about her cellulite. See it, don’t say you don’t. RS says that’s what you smack. Guys love that. If they don’t want something to hold onto then they have little d***s. They laugh. RS says the other day she put on her bathing suit for the first time around Fessy. and I said, look at all this shit, and he said, well, I think we are all men her and we know what a real body looks like. And I said, thank you. Haleigh says, I love that. RS says she’s feeling better and says she wants Haleigh to sleep with her. Haleigh says I want to sleep alone but I will sleep with you. 2:45am BBT Haleigh asks Fessy for a big shirt to sleep in. He gets her one and the two snuggle and he begins rubbing her back. Things appear to get a little steamy. She says, unnecessary, unnecessary, don’t be a weirdo, what is this? What’s happening? I’ve got to get away from you. She gets out of bed and he grins like a sad puppy. She says, you bother me. He asks, in a good way? Lay back down. No, she says. She gets in her (Bayleigh’s) bed alone. 2:50am BBT Brett is in the BY doing laundry. He wanders around the BY asking where the f did he put his cup? He starts picking up loose weights and putting them on the rack. He picks up the free weights and the kettle balls and places them by the rack as well. BB calls him to the DR. 3:00am BBT RS alone in the geo room doing a monologue. She says she just had a talk with Brett. She thinks it went well. She appealed to his strategic nature with her love of the game and expressed her loyalties and how they are unfaltering, so maybe she might be able to pull off a surprise ally in our enemy which would be both thrilling and exciting. They may just keep me here. She hasn’t pulled out all her cards yet, but that was the first move she feels really solid bout. If she can go to sleep, she will and get up in the morning, put on make up and have a new attitude. She went through her Rockstar phases of self pity, anger, more self pity, into action mode and here she is… who knows what else she can pull off. We are gonna see America, we are gonna see. Evil genius appreciates evil genius. 3:05am BBT Sam and RS on the patio. (do these folks ever sleep?) RS tells Sam she had a good talk with Brett. Sam says she was laughing in the DR and now she feels like a crazy person. She feels like Mr. Potato Head. Put the smile on, click. Put the frown on, click. She’s just like Mr. Potato Head, only not as cute. RS tells Sam what she just told us in the geo room. Word. For. Word. Sam makes a hasty “I’m done talking to you” exit. Fessy and Sam meet in the hallway and do a few side-stepping football drills and Sam tells him she is going to make him some tap shoes. He heads to the BY and does his nightly prayers in the corner obscured by the hammock. Rockstar finally goes to bed and the lights go out… then she is called to the DR. Fessy and Sam are outside. They smell something. Sam says it is grease. Might be chicken and waffles. How sick would it be if we were next to a Waffle House? Sam says now it smells like Chinese food. Haleigh jumps up and walks across all the empty beds in the PBR. She goes into the BY. Sam says, don’t forget your water bottle, and she tells Sam that she left her ring on the sill. That’s worse, says Sam. She finds it and picks up her water bottle. She says she woke up out of a sound sleep thinking about her ring. Fessy asks Sam to explain the power again and she does. Again.
  10. 6:00pm BBT Scottie and JC in the yard discussing the veto meeting. Sam told the HG that she was putting her best friend in the house on the block. Scottie thinks none of the powers have been used and everyone is overplaying in fear of them. 6:10pm BBT Sam and Scottie putting down the shades on the patio. She is trying to catch critters for the spider. She honed in on a cricket last night and wanted it for her room. It would remind her of home. Scottie has a city train near him that he hears all the time. Sam has a country train near her. She tells him about her love for trains. She tells him, you know that saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer? I love you Scottie. They both laugh. She tells him she hasn’t seen him much these past two weeks and she hopes he is OK in all this. He says, yeah, oh yeah, and they hug. Scottie returns to jogging around the backyard with Rachel. 6:15pm BBT Brett and Tyler play pool while JC watches on, munching on a wedge of watermelon. Brett hugs JC and tells him he is really happy that he didn’t go on the block today. JC says, me too. Rockstar is wandering aimlessly with Orwell. She runs into Scottie in the WA and tells him she doesn’t know what to do with herself. They discuss how dry it is there and both of them say they have never gone 30 days w/o rain. Rockstar says, maybe I will go swing in the hammock. 6:25pm BBT Camera switches to Fessy and Haleigh in the PBR. They are silent. They begin to discuss the vote. Haleigh says she thinks Rockstar would be more loyal than Kaitlyn. She says it is bothersome to her that he is close to Kaitlyn because she doesn’t know what she is telling him. Her relationship with Tyler and Brett is scary. 6:30pm BBT Brett comes in and tells Fessy and Haleigh not to nap or they won’t sleep tonight. They agree to go out and workout in a bit. Haleigh has to let her watermelon settle. Fessy asks what everyone is doing. Brett says, Rockstar is in the hammock, Scottie is making slop in the kitchen, Rachel is being weird outside, Tyler is walking in and out, JC and I played some pool, Kaycee is taking a nap in the have not room, Angela just showered. Brett leaves, Fessy says to give him 10 minutes and he will come out. Fessy says no one thinks I like them in this house. Haleigh tells Fessy he should become friends with Brett since they both lost their best friends. 6:45pm BBT JC and Angela in the geo room discussing who to vote out. JC wants Rockstar out because she is too unpredictable. 7:50pm BBT Haleigh, Rockstar and Bayleigh in the have not room plotting against Kaitlyn. Haleigh says earlier on the patio, Tyler was sitting there and Kaitlyn pushed up against him and said, hold me, hold me. He stood up, pushed her away and went to the bathroom. If she keeps doing things like that, we might be able to convince him to vote her out because it could become a problem for his game and we all see it going on. They girls head out to work out. Bayleigh says she feels like she is neglecting the world. 8:05pm BBT Kaitlyn in the hammock while the fellas all work out around her. Brett asks Fessy if he is a grower or a shower? A grower, Fessy says. ED, RBS, HDS, all sorts of sexual maladies are briefly discussed. Kaitlyn is trying to get Brett to hang out with her because she’s on the block. She wants Brett to tell her a story to make her laugh. He says when he was in high school he was in an all boy talent show and he came in dead last. It was a dance to MJ’s Thriller. He totally bombed it.
  11. 2:10pm BBT Kaitlyn and Fessy in the PBR. Of course she is crying. I don’t see tears, but it sounds like tears. [she has perfected the cry/whine voice – monadyan] Kaitlyn says Fessy would have been with Swaggy, not her, if he has stayed. She says she is sorry that she took someone away from him. She is being sarcastic. She says, he was a huge threat to my game and yours. 2:15pm BBT Kaitlyn says she will talk to him later if he is tired. He says… do you trust me? If you trust me, do not worry about me and Haleighs vote, get the other two. He says he doesn’t want Rockstar to know he will vote for her, do not tell Tyler, ok? 2:15pm BBT Rockstar walks in, and Kaitlyn asks her how she is and she says, fine. Kaitlyn leaves and Fessy tells Rockstar that she only needs 5 votes, not six and he starts helping her count her votes. She tells him she is in her self-defeated phase right now. They begin talking about the power Sam has and all they know is that she will have a chance to come back into the game. Fessy rolls over and Rockstar says, you’re good people, Fessy, don’t let it get to you and don’t sleep all day. 2:25pm BBT The pool scene includes, Brett, Haleigh and Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn tells Haleigh that she knew the the moment Fessy won the veto that things shifted and even though he looked in her eyes the night before and told her he’d save her, she knew she had trusted a man to save her and she could have saved herself. 2:30pm BBT RS/Kaycee/Bay/Rachel in the HN room. Rockstar says Sam says she did it because this is the only week the evictee has a chance to come back. Good luck to me competing against Swaggy in a physical comp. Rachel says she can come to them and get support from them this week if she needs it. She says if she goes home she gets to see her kids and watch the feeds and figure out wtf is going on and really happening in the house. 2:45pm BBT RS/Scottie/Haleigh on the patio discussing Sam’s power. They think it will be a battle-back or an Americas vote. Brett brings out freeze pops. They all take one. RS says she isn’t going to campaign and Haleigh says don’t worry, I am doing it for you, and don’t think I’m not including the fact that you haven’t won a comp and she has. 2:55pm BBT. JC and Fessy in the HOH w/o Sam. They discuss Tyler and how he has no one telling him things like they do.
  12. 2:00am BBT Brett tells Tyler and JC about the Rockstar apology. He was scared she was going to pop off again. JC says that made it to TV, did they ask you about it in the DR? Of course, Brett answers. Tyler exits the room, Kaitlyn is asleep in the next bed. JC tells (whispers) to Brett that there is something insane going on right now in the house but he cannot open his mouth about it yet. I have to wait until the nominations are done but you are going to go crazy! Like good or bad, asks Brett. Like good, fun, popcorn, he says. You know what popcorn means? Yeah, says Brett. I tell you, JC says, after the nominations are done you are going to go crazy with it. [You can feel the excitement in JCs voice as he tells Brett this. He is giddy with the knowledge he has, and he can’t wait to get his popcorn and have a seat to watch – monadyan] 2:08am BBT Fessy calls Sam over to the hammock. She is stuffing her face with puppy chor as she walks. He asks her if she has any idea who she would put up if he uses it. She says, F***! Are you going to use it? He says it weighs on who goes up as a replacement nominee. She says, all I need from you is yes or no. RS offers to leave, and Sam says, Fessy, I told you I wasn’t going to talk to you about this. This is your decision. He tells her the fact that she is close with everybody in the house scares him, it could be anybody. I told you, she says, you need to make up your own mind. Whoever is trying to tell you what to do? This is your decision. I want you to do whats best for you, not whats best for me or anybody else. You won the veto, you make the call, then I’ll make my call. So, he says, you have no one set in stone? No, she says, I haven’t thought about it. To be honest, I hoped you wouldn’t use it at all. He says, I can tell you, if I don’t know who the replacement nominee is, I lean more towards using it. Who do you plan to use it on, she asks. I don’t know, he answers, honestly I don’t even know if I will know going into it. They rinse and repeat the last minute of conversation. Yes or no? Who goes up? He explains he struggles because he will have to vote against one of them so it would be easier for him if he didn’t have to choose until tomorrow. So, she says, you pick tomorrow and I’ll pick. So you’re gonna use it, she asks for the 5th time. He reiterates, if he knew who the nominee would be he could decide about his game. She says, we’re f***ed. He says we both are, she says yeah. Like I said before you can save one person or save a bunch of people, it’s up to you. How much does the person mean to you that you’re taking down? Over all these people? You could be the HOH next week, Fessy, and what are you gonna do? You’ve got to be a real man and stand up for yourself. You’ve got to be able to think for yourself. I trust you, I trust your judgement, I just need to know if you’re going to use it or not. Then I’ll have to make a decision. And it could be me going home next week, who f’ing knows? They both tell her she won’t go home next week. She says, hey, we can do this all day. We all love each other, this sucks. I need to know Fessy, just tell me yes or no. He says, I’ll lyk in the morning, but it’s 75% chance I’ll use it if I don’t know who the replacement is gonna be. Alright, she says and turns and walks away, still munching on the puppy chow. I’m gonna go to bed thinking you’re gonna use it, she says. Fessy says, she’s pissed. Un-huh, says RS. But that’s the way the game is, he says.
  13. 9:00pm BBT Haleigh and Angela in the hammock. Haleigh says, is the moon always there? Angela says, I don’t think so, and it’s relay bright tonight. The two mention that Rachel hasn’t been out of the have-not room all day. The way she is going to take it will be funny. Haleigh says, what’s that noise? Is that one of them? It sounded like someone screaming. [could be the viewers – monadyan] Rachel, Kaycee and Bayleigh in the have-not room are discussing the comps and the set and how they thought it would be as opposed to how it actually is. Bayleigh used to wonder how things were done and now she knows. 9:15pm BBT Haleigh doing abs while Fessy talks about the veto (surprise). He wants to be able to express his opinions with her and her not share them. She is getting frustrated that he keeps asking her if he can trust her. He heads off to run with Scottie. 9:20pm BBT Bayleigh, Kaycee and RS in the HN room. Bayleigh says she feels like her insides are coming out. She is bloated. She says everyone in the house is weird/odd. Once her family sees this they will no longer be able to say she is weird. Kaycee is typing with her toes on the wall of keyboards. She says she is emailing her family. Bayleigh asks Kaycee if she would carry a child for her. She says yes and they agree to be friends forever. Kaycee tells her to move to the west coast, this is the perfect time. Bayleigh says while she is there she can do modeling and stuff. Rockstar and Rachel on the patio. Rachel is explaining her absence today. She wanted to be a have-not to be alone in the room and have no one question her. She says JC told her that he put grapes from the dirt floor in her mouth. She says there is probably a rule about putting unsanitary things in someone’s mouth, but it’s JC and he can get away with that shit. 9:40pm BBT Kaitlyn comes out on the patio and plops down next to Fessy. She says the boys told her she looks particularly small tonight. What? he says. She repeats it. Who are the boys? Tyler and Brett, she says. Oh, he says, I didn’t know they were “the boys”. He tells her she is weird and she starts whining. 9:47pm BBT Sam on the patio smoking says, In all seriousness, cast of BB20 is the most creative and unique cast there ever was. Yeah. Rockstar says, Kaitlyn… I’m going to say something nice about everyone in the yard. OMG! I’m really excited! I haven’t gotten a compliment in a little bit. Lets all do it, Sam says. Rockstar: Sam… you are an amazing mountain mama and she will never get over her primal strength hanging from that tree. It was the most amazing thing to watch. It was like goddess energy bursting out of you. Warrior spirit. Awesome but scary. Kaitlyn, you are lovely, exuberant, vibrant, and you are a joy to be around. Fessy, you are obviously beautiful and more importantly, you are fun. And you are a kind spirit in a giant man. Brett… uh, he is funny and he lightens the room that he is in. He knows how to make fun of himself. He keeps things fun. Tyler is a sensitive guy. He has angelic energy like a light beam with a halo of air. Kaitlyn is offering her opinion as well. He is very guided. His spirit guides are around him all the time. Kaycee is like… Kaitlyn interrupts and says , she makes me question my sexuality, for sure. RS says she has this calming energy. She reminds me of like, a joint. She makes you laugh at weird times, not because she is funny, but just like a giggle. Scottie is quirky, funny and also very athletic. He is like an onion. He unfolds his onion and you learn something new about him each time. Rachel is beautiful and talented and smart and also kind and sweet and compassionate. Angela is obviously physically beautiful, but reserved and as you get to know her she blossoms into a kind person. She is self-disciplined and not afraid to eat a tub of ice cream. Bayleigh is very strong and there is a lot of power to her. She is very beautiful and worldly. She’s travelled a lot, seen a lot for her years, she’s wise. Now, Fessy starts. Rockstar, after Steve left you said you were the oldest one, but you never let that get you out of your comfort zone, you were true to yourself whether or not people in here would accept you. Sam, you are a great listener and you are a tough mamajama, but you have the softest heart, and you remind me a lot of my mom because there are two sides to you, you can get down and dirty but you have a compassionate side, the best of both worlds. Kaitlyn, I’ve never met anybody like you. I’ve never had a friend that’s a girl close to me, and because you are so off the wall, so different and unique, that’s what draws people towards you light up a room and you can say stuff with confidence, even though you are the littlest one in the room. Sam says, Stop… precious Fessy… Kaitlyn: She begins by telling them that they don’t know this, but she saw something she shouldn’t have seen during press week. I saw….. (the cameras switch!!) 10:08pm BBT Tyler in the shower talking to Haleigh. He is praising her handling of being on the block. She tells him about doing abs and a bug flying in her ear. 10:20pm BBT Kaycee with Haleigh in the KT. Haleigh says she is ready for the day to end and she has no idea what will happen tomorrow with the veto. If he does use it we don’t know who is going up and they might be the one that goes home. 10:30pm BBT Sam enters the bathroom area and tells Haleigh that she loves her little lisp. She melted every time she said Horatio when she was reading Hamlet. That was her favorite Haleigh moments. Angela and Bayleigh on the hammock talking about all the houseguests secrets. They think Brett has a secret. Bay thinks Brett is related to someone. They want to get invited to the Stash-Bash next year. Maybe his dad will fly us out. (?) They begin comparing tans. Brett walks over and comments on Angela’s stomach and how dark it is. Bayleigh says, look at my leg compared to her, we are the same person. Haleigh walks out and starts up a conversation with Angela about something Kaitlyn said to her. She said she knows things about me that she will tell me later. She said she keeps getting hits about her and she’s not going to finish college. Haleigh says, I have 20 hours left, I’m going to finish, they are all online. Haleigh starts talking about Sam noticing her lisp. Angela says she feels like she has a lisp, she can’t say anything right. Haleigh says she is really bad in the DR, can’t get a thought out. 11:00pm BBT Bay and Kaitlyn in the kitchen. Bay says she can’t believe she just got full off a pickle and an olive. Bay says she had a good day and Kaitlyn says because it was a good day tomorrow will be easier. Bay says she is at peace and when her time comes she will be ready. Kaitlyn says you fear the block when you aren’t on it, but when you get on it, it’s ok. Whatever happens is fine, if she goes home and she knows who she is going home to. 11:20pm BBT Most of the HG are outside on the lawn either stretching or laying around talking. Sam begins picking at the poppies on the wall and gets told by BB to Stop That! bay mentions wanting to take a pillow from the backyard and put it on her have-not bed. BB says, Please DO NOT move the pillows! Bay says, hey, now we know, the person that says these things is here in the building because there is no way they had a clip that said not to move the pillows. 11:45pm BBT Kaitlyn and Fessy in the bathroom area. He has showered and brushed his teeth, she is flat ironing her hair. Sam, JC, Kaysee and Tyler in the kitchen admiring Sam’s gauged ears. She used to have a pierced nose, she still had a naval piercing. Kaitlyn comes in and says she needs to know of something makes sense and she thinks there are smart people in the house that might understand what’s going on with her. She has trouble moving her neck back weird and now she can barely swallow. The back of her head and neck are stiff and it’s hard to swallow. Sam says… spinal meningitis, you’re gonna die. It’s legit muscle, Kaitlyn whines. Tyler shows her a stretch to do. It hurts, she whines. He finally begins rubbing her neck. Kaycee asks Sam to pierce her nose. Sam says we need a needle and a piece of ice. She pierced her own lip. She marked it with a pen, pushed the safety pin through and it left an ink dot there forever. 12:00am BBT Brett is making McGriddle burgers. Some version of a burger with pancake syrup on it. Sam says make me one. JC is munching on puppy chow, and says if he ever becomes HOH he is going to appoint the have-nots. No volunteers for him, he points and says, it will be you and you and you and you. 12:05am BBT Brett is adding syrup to the raw meat and grinding pepper into it as well. He mixes it with his hand. Rockstar walks in heading to bed. She stops at the counter and asks what they are eating. She plans to apologize to Brett. The camera switches to Rachel crying to Kaycee in the HN bedroom. Kaycee is helping her make up her little have-not pod. Rachel is sobbing. She says she is missing her family and friends and this f***ing thing, (the covers) and her comes the cameras! There she is, breaking down! Better get her! They both laugh. It’s a big moment, better get it! More giggles. 12:10am BBT When the camera makes its way back to Brett and Rockstar, she has clearly apologized. She says she is not proud of the way she responded. He says he appreciates her apology. He respects that. I got you, thank you. She says she supposes she will figure out when she watches the show why he said what he did. She leaves and he continues hand squishing the meat. She comes back… she says she was intimidated to have said any of that to him, but she forgot to say that she sees that he is a bright light in this house, and you lighten up for a lot of people and that makes them happy and she appreciates that. She says it was all supposed to be in the one thing, but I didn’t say it so I came back in to finish it up. He says, OK. And I like that you are a musician, she says. He chuckles and she leaves again. RS/Sam/JC/Tyler talk about DJ’s. (I think) Marshmallow is mentioned and Rockstar’s kids like him and JC says he worked with him like 4 times in Croatia. They are all amazed. Tyler says, no way! He’s my favorite! JC asks if they know don diablo? Sam says, I love don diablo. JC has worked with him too. He normally works with singers but he works with DJs too. Fessy and Bayleigh on 2 feeds, and Rachel and Kaycee on the other two. Rachel is still sobbing. She says she has had a really bad day. No one has done anything to me or pissed me off and she knows people probably think she’s mad about being a have not. Kaycee is reassuring her and Rachel looks in the mirror and says I look scary, they better not show this clip on TV. Bay and Fessy are talking about the veto. [yeah, they are, can you believe it? – monadyan] Bay is telling Fessy she won’t tell him not to use it, but if he didn’t, it might be the best thing. She tells him that if she is reading Sam right, she believes that either Rockstar, JC or Rachel would go up in their place. Fessy says she might put up Scottie as a pawn. Fessy says Rockstar told him that Sam told her that she was not going on the block. Bay says, I don’t know who it will be, but I know it won’t be Tyler. Which is weird, Fessy says, because he nominated her. Bay says it is clear to everyone in the house that Haleigh and Kaitlyn are the best friends in the house, so they are a pair. Bay says, tomorrow, no matter what, I’m going to have to do damage control. Fessy says we have to make sure the one that stays doesn’t go to the other side. Bay says if you choose one over the other, you need to make sure they are the one that goes home, because they know everything about you and can hurt you with what they know with other people. 12:25am BBT Sam comes over to the hammock and asks Fessy if he is ok, and if he knows what he is going to do. You don’t? ok. She says the more she thinks about it, she’d just like to know IF he’s going to use it so she has time to think and is not put on the spot. He promises to give her his decision by the morning. He says both of them keep talking to him and he just doesn’t know what he is going to do. He says honestly, going into it I don’t even know if I’ll know who I’m using it on till the last minute. So you ARE going to use it, Bay says. No, um, well, I am leaning towards using it, but it is not 100% because he has thought about the reason not to use it. Sam says, you’ll protect me. If you don’t use it you will be protecting a bunch of people and if you do use it you are protecting only one person. So you have to decide whether you want one person or a bunch of people in your corner. She just wants to know if he’s using it or not so she can make a decision that will affect one person or a bunch of people. Sam wants to know one way or the other. He stays up late, she stays up late, she sleeps late, he sleeps late and if they wait till then to decide, she is gonna be f***ed. 12:30am BBT Bayleigh says to Fessy, I think there goes your answer! He says, what? She says, what Sam just said. Do you want to piss a lot of people off or just one person? He says, that’s her pitch though… they will be mad at her for putting the other person on the block. Not me, he says. Bay says. but there will be people that won’t want to work with you if you do that. he says, there are people I am not working with now. 12:35am BBT Bayleigh tells Fessy that one of his friends might go up and go home. She says she knows he’s going to use it, so when he tells Sam he’s going to use it just make sure that it is not me that’s going up. He says, she already told you that you aren’t and I don’t think bringing it up to her again is a good idea because she might get pissed off. He says that Sam wants me to protect her by not using the veto, but she wasn’t protecting me when she put two of my friends on the block! 12:45am BBT Bayleigh really wants to know what he is going to do so she says, just tell me. No, he says. Even if he knew, he doesn’t want it to be running around the house. She says, first off, I am not going to tell anybody, you know my soul secret in here and I have not heard it running around this house, so what am I going to look like if I tell a secret of yours? Fessy says, I know two soul secrets of yours. What? She asks. Oh, ok. They laugh. He says, and you know, for you to have told me that says a lot, I mean, that’s scary to tell someone. I know, I wish I wouldn’t have had to tell you, like when you said it the first time, I was like how does he know? HE should have been able to keep a secret, but HE told you. [This is very confusing, but I believe HE is Swaggy and they are talking about the unprotected sex event the night before Swaggy left – monadyan] Fessy says, he just got excited. 12:45am BBT Rockstar comes over and sits down and all Veto discussion stops. [Thank you Rockstar!] Bay says well, I was having a serious discussion with Fessy and now I will have to start over, but never mind. Haleigh walks up and asks about a stack of clothes that was on the washer. She tells Rockstar that she is going to sleep in Bayleighs bed and quickly leaves. 1:00am BBT Brett has finished some of the burgers and delivered them to various hungry house guests and is now cleaning up the kitchen from the mess he made. 3 burgers are seen still cooking in a skillet. A gallon of milk is sitting on the counter. It has been there a while. Bay walks in and asks what he is doing. He says making McGriddle burgers. He hums as he picks up the burgers and places them in a small plastic container. The camera zooms in to show the griddle part of the burgers. He made protein pancakes to use as the buns. He sits at the counter and devours a burger, smacking loudly. He even treats us to a session of finger licking. He heads to the HN room and tells them he wishes they could have had some of his dank burgers. 1:05am BBT Rockstar and Fessy in the hammock talking about votes and flip voters and nominees and powers and why Brett said what he said to her. Maybe Sam did flip the vote, but why me? Maybe he said it to make sure you would vote him out, that way he could make sure those were two votes that would be the ones Sam changed with her power. They continue to discuss the conspiracy theory and secret powers and whether people even have powers. RS says, if Sam did use the power then she will put one of us up. She won’t put one of the other side up. 1:30am BBT Fessy talks about Kaitlyn and Tyler. He wonders if she told him she has feelings for him, real or not because it seems like he will do anything he says. RS says she thinks Haleigh is solid, but Kailtyn, not so much. RS thinks Kaitlyn and Tyler have a final 2, and that Tyler and Brett have a thing too. She says she spends a lot of time watching the cameras in the HOH room and she sees Tyler and Brett having meetings all over the house. One leaves and the other looks around and then they leave too. And Sam really likes the two of them too. 1:40am BBT Tyler/Kaitlyn/JC in the BBR. Career choices are discussed. Tyler says he’s going to move to the west coast and Kaitlyn says he will do great at Venice Beach. JC says he probably has a ton of little girl fans. And Kaitlyn says he has lots of fan pages by now. JC talks about a page called Lesbians that look like Justin Beiber. JC says Tyler is such a delicate person. Tyler says, what?? You see the way you are patting her like that? It shows your social delicacy.
  14. 3:00am BBT Kaitlyn in the in the HN room alone. Haleigh and Rockstar in the hammock discussing the replacement nominee. Rockstar says what we think should happen might not. Look at Trump. She (Sam) is a mountain mama… and I respect that, but when she is not HOH, we are going to have a talk and I am going to tell her why I didn’t vote for her. It is the elephant in the room and I want to explain it to her. Steve promised loyalty and Sam said she didn’t want to talk game and come up with a strategy, and so I said, well, ok. Rockstar says he hates the fact that they can’t figure out the numbers because we thought we had them every time. Kaitlyn is the flipper, she thinks, but this time she can’t vote. They rehash the Brett/Winston vote and Rockstar brings up the Brett thing again. Maybe she just trusts men more than women. Kaitlyn says she isn’t talking game with the men, she just hangs out with them. Rockstar says she talks about game the majority of the time, that’s what she is here hor. To strategize and win this game. 3:10am BBT Scottie and Fessy in the WA. Scottie says he thinks Fessy was a possibility to go up had he not won the veto. Scottie tells him that Kaitlyn said Sam asked her today why she was sleeping with Scottie? Scottie goes to the KT where he finds Sam washing dishes. They briefly discuss the Veto comp. Sam says it was an entertaining challenge for sure. Scottie says he was making signals and got called out for it. Sam heads to the SP to get a container for her Spider. She wants to make a big habitat for it. She washes out a large canister to place the spider in. Kaycee found it in the house. 3:15am BBT Scottie says breakfast is his last meal. Sam asks him if he is sure he wants to be a have-not again. He says yeah, this time will be easier. He thinks of all the worse things. Eating oats and sleeping in an uncomfortable bed isn’t that bad. Scottie heads to bed. While changing in the PBR, he wakes Bayleigh and she asks him if she is ok. He misunderstands her and says, yeah. 3:30am BBT Fessy and Haleigh in the WA. They go over the sleeping arrangements. Haleigh thinks Kaitlyn and Rockstar are sleeping together. He has given her a jacket, she throws it at him and says it’s not a hoodie, it’s a jacket. She lives in a hoodie at home. FISH When we return we find Haleigh draped somewhat on top of Fessy’s chest. She says, got to get up, it’s not respectful. (referring to what Sam told her after the noms.) They head outside to the hammock. She begins by telling him that she doesn’t want him to feel like he has to use it. He says he told her if she was ever on the block he would save her. She says if he doesn’t use it she will still be ok with him. 3:40am BBT Fessy says if he used it on Kaitlyn, Haleigh is safe. If he uses it on Haleigh, Kaitlyn will go home. He wants to keep them BOTH safe. He’s going to use it on Haleigh, but he doesn’t want her to tell anyone. 4:00am BBT Who flipped is the topic AGAIN… Fessy goes over all the possibilities AGAIN. He regurgitates the Kaitlyn/Swaggy thing AGAIN. Kaitlyn told Fessy she would go home for sure because she has played the game, made moves and made people mad at her. She says Haleigh has done nothing. 4:15am BBT Haleigh is yawning as Fessy goes over the comp again. He says he had no idea about some of them, but he was lucky. He says this is the toughest thing he has had to do in this game and if she goes home it will be bad on her. Haleigh says it was tough on Swaggy, and he was your friend. He says Kaitlyn is a good person, but in this game she felt like she needed to do something. You have conversations with people, you don’t just send them home, he says. She is too emotional. He doesn’t know what to expect from her. Sam comes out to take clothes from the washer and transfer to the dryer. The dryer is already full of stuff. A big load, she says. She asks Fessy to fold the clothes, it is he and Kaitlyn’s stuff. She is headed back to the DR. 4:20am BBT Fessy tells Haleigh that his family is probably watching and was shocked when the news came out about the nominations last week. He says his sister probably texted him mom with a BIG smiley face. They will be thrilled that he won the veto. Haleigh says she should be embarrassed at how bad she did in the comp. She has a high GPA, is smart as f***… She just works poorly under pressure. 4:50am BBT Haleigh asks Fessy if he thinks it is a good idea to use the veto, because she might be a target because she was saved this week. He tells her they will win next week. Sam comes back out to do more laundry. Haleigh says, you think she has a secret stash of drugs? Fessy says, you think she is ex-military? Haleigh says, why is she always doing stuff? Chill the f*** out and sit down! Fessy says, you know she is from VA? I was up there telling her I was in VA Beach for my uncles wedding, and she said that’s where the naval base is, but if you live in VA you probably know that anyway. Haleigh says she could see her being military, but that doesn’t change her opinion of her. 4:55am BBT Haleigh says Kaitlyn is going to freak out after the veto meeting. She will turn to Brett because she thinks we are against her. Haleigh says she really loves Rockstar, she just got f***ed by Brett. Haleigh wants to go to bed, she is tired and her head hurts. He tells her to take a nap out there. He complains that he has to sleep with JC. Fessy says he is going to stay out there and Haleigh says she is heading to bed. Give me a hug, she hugs him and he says, what is it with these fake-ass hugs? She says she can’t hug him, he’s in a hammock. He gets up and goes with her and remembers the laundry he was supposed to fold. Sam is matching up the tennis shoes they used for the comp. She says she is going to leave them there and tell whoever wants them to come get them and the ones that don’t get taken she is going to bag up, put on the DR and tell them to give them to Goodwill. [BB auction, Sam…] Sam says she’s cleaning them with the water hose but they will sour and begin to stink. There is a mountain of laundry on the pool table. Sam debates what to do with the goggles. 5:00am BBT Fessy starts folding laundry and Haleigh says, you’re going to do this now? Haleigh says Kaitlyn is waiting for you. She is in the WA washing her face. (we see this activity on another feed) Kaitlyn finishes and exits the WA, runs into Sam and tells her that she just came out of the DR. Sam is in the kitchen preparing the spider habitat. She can’t figure out what to use for the top. Haleigh is folding laundry and complaining about the fact that all of Fessy’s shirts have no sleeves. She wants to wear his clothes but they are all ruined. She doesn’t want to go to bed because she doesn’t want Kaitlyn to talk to Fessy. She trusts him but she doesn’t want Kaitlyn to get in his head. 5:08am BBT Kaitlyn tires of waiting for Fessy and heads outside. She tells Fessy that he doesn’t have to fold her stuff. Laundry talk, she gathers her things and heads inside after BB tells her to put on her mic. Fessy says, you think she knows? She looks like she knows. Haleigh says, if she doesn’t she’s not very smart. She looks bad, she thought yesterday she was going to lose it. Fessy begins telling Haleigh about their conversation earlier and Kaitlyn telling him she was going to the DR and ask to go home. It’s just drama. Just like Rockstar. She said she was going to go home. She just wanted someone to say, no, don’t go, it’s ok… drama. Rent talk. Haleigh just signed a one year lease right before coming in the house. Fessy says he’s going to break his lease and move to College Station, TX. Haleigh says he would not like it there. 5:15am BBT Haleigh says she is going to bed again and she and Fessy hug. He says, I got you. She says, if you change your mind just tell me. I probably won’t talk to you for the rest of the summer though. 5:17am BBT Haleigh and Sam discuss the spider while Fessy sets up a solo pool game. Haleigh says, it’s a big one. Sam says yeah, it will be able to eat lots of ants. Sam says we need to name it. Charlotte? Let’s call her Charlene. Whose mom’s name is Charlene? Lets get a cotton ball for water. Sam has two other spiders in her room, but now that she has this one she might let those two go. It’s nice to have a pet, Haleigh says. 5:20am BBT Haleigh heads to bed, again. Sam goes back to the laundry and Fessy is singing about the world spinning in a crazy world. He is admonished by BB for singing. He says I am just talking. Sam says is that Jeezy? Damn, Sam… how do you know these things? I know everything, she says. 5:21am BBT Suddenly a sound is heard… it is a tiny bird… Sam turns to the sound, now more of a tiny cry. It’s stuck! she says as she walks towards the little bird. She begins to tweet at the bird and the little bird tweets back. Sam says it’s up there on that wire. She moves closer and tweets more. The light isn’t hurting your eyes? Oh please, says Sam. Fessy says the world keeps spinning in this crazy world and BB tells him again to stop singing. Whatcha looking at Sam, Fessy asks. This little bird… she is in between the walls right there somewhere. 5:30am BBT Fessy and Sam on the patio discussing alcoholic beverage preferences. Sam only drinks whisky. She says she can’t believe he is one of the ones that stays up and stays up. She says I do too though. He says he just gets excited about all this and he can’t sleep. He wants to enjoy it all every minute you never know when your last day will be. Sam hears a train and says shhhh… I love the sound of a train. Sam starts telling a story about she and her brother racing to the top of the hill to see the train go by. She says they did it just this summer as adults and she recorded it on her phone. She says there is a place near the tracks that is her thinking place. She goes there to think. You can see the fields and the Blue Ridge mountains. Then she tells a 911 story and mentions a teachers name and we get FISH. When the feeds return they are discussing the veto. She tells him to do what he wants to do. She says being the HOH and making decisions sucks. You need practice Fessy. It might be you next week and you might have to make a bigger decision, so you need to do what you feel is the best thing to do. Sam begins to give Fessy the Sam version of the Knute Rockne speech. She says she gave it to Swaggy before he left. She says she knows he is a great team player and that is a wonderful attribute, but when we are playing in a competition, we are not a team anymore. We are playing for ourselves and no one else. Play for yourself and only yourself. And always know this, your team is your family at home. She catches a moth and puts it in a zip lock bag. She says she can’t wait to meet his mom, mama Michelle. He says the two of them are alike, she will talk your head off. Sam says, I can’t wait to go 10 rounds with Mama Michelle. Sam looks at the camera and says, I’m coming for you! 5:45am BBT Sam heads to the HOH and Fessy racks the balls for another game of pool. He may have found his “thinking spot”. Sam begins brushing her teeth and walks to the HOH door with toothbrush in hand, turns and waves at the camera and hits the light. She finishes brushing, rinses and loads the brush again with toothpaste and begins again. While she is brushing with her right hand, she removes her shirt with her left hand. She places the toothbrush gently on the counter, rinses several times, and then picks up the toothbrush and places it in a baggie. She stands in the mirror for a few moments looking at her tattoos. She finally crawls into the big HOH bed and removes her shorts under the covers. She places them by her pillow and adjusts her pillows and covers for several minutes. She asks BB to please turn off the light savers, someone stole her eye mask. She says she will win another HOH for her brother’s birthday and get another mask. 6:00am BBT Fessy comes in to use the WC. He forgets to turn off his mic. He sits on the sofa and takes off his slippers and socks. He wets his hair and puts it up in his little man bunette, and begins splashing water on his face. He rinses his face with water in an almost ritualistic style, several times, face to fingers in ears, face to fingers in ears, face to fingers in ears… he towels off his face and then rinses off his feet in the sink, retrieves a towel from the dining table, and goes to the geo room for his nightly prayers.
  15. BBT Fessy has won the veto and the house is abuzz with ideas. Kaitlyn says she was right there, he could have thrown it to her. Haleigh and Kaitlyn discuss the replacement nominee. Rockstar was told she would not go up. Kaitlyn says she is going to let Fessie be alone for a while. 6:00pm BBT JC and Bayligh in the PBR. Bayleigh says Fessy thinks Kaitlyn can do no wrong. JC says he really wanted the veto. He would have used it. Bay says, Rockstar is going to try to convince Fessy to use it and convince Sam to put up Brett. JC tells Bay that he sannot use the veto. Bayleigh says if he doesn’t use it, they will keep Haleigh. They do not want Kaitlyn here. 6:05pm BBT Rockstar enters the PBR. Fessy is in the HOH. Sam told him he could use the room to process. Fessy doesn’t think Sam can tell him who the replacement nominee is. Kaitlyn enters and takes over the conversation and explains the rules. Sam is not allowed to tell them who the replacement could be. Kaitlyn says she is so happy they wont both be on the block. He will use it. He must use it. Bay says, Brett has been acting real nervous today. Rockstar says she and Sam and Angela were talking before she was HOH about how much Sam dislikes bullies. There is one bully in the house right now. Brett, Rockstar says. Rockstar says if she goes up on the block against Kaitlyn she will go home. If there is a tie, she will send Rockstar home, JC says. She would have to send the replacement home, that way there is less blood. Bay says, Fessy said he had to win because he might have gone up. Haleigh comes in and overhears the conversation and says he doesn’t have to use it. She doesn’t want him eo be upset about it, so she would sit on the block with Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn enters and asks if she should go check on Fessy. Sam walks by and says no one is allowed to go to the HOH. She promised fessy that she would not let anyone go up there. 6:15pm BBT Bay tells Rockstar that Brett will go home next week, certainly before Jury. And next week will be the Battle back and Swaggy can come back in the house. [sorry, bout that… monadyan] Bay and Rockstar both agree that Fessy should leave it the same. Kaitlyn and Kaycee on the balcony with Tyler and Rachel. She says Fessy shook her hand and promised to use it on her. Kaitlyn says he has to use it and if he uses it on her and not me after we shook and he has been my #1 since day 1, it would be weird. She says she is scared that Fessy said the same thing to Haleigh, because she is acting all happy. Kaitlyn says she wants to cry. Rachel says we want you here. Kaitlyn says she doesn’t know who Sam would put up. She says bay and Rockstar are going to try to get him not to use it because they fear they will go up. She keeps saying that last night he said if he won it he would use it to save her. Then this morning he said he wasn’t sure what he would do. He told her he would throw it to her if it was close and between the two of them. 6:25pm BBT Fessy comes out of the HOH, says he was called to the DR. Kaitlyn says, I love you… he says I know. I love you too. He also says that he is stressed. 6:30pm BBT Haleigh/RS/Bay in the PBR. They are talking numbers and flippers. We thought we knew we had it each vote and we have been wrong every time. Haleigh relays an hour and a half convo she had with Fessy where he told her he wanted the two of them to ride it to the end. Bay says he wanted to win it. He fought for it. Now he is struggling with what to do with it, because now we are all in danger. Rockstar keeps throwing up the Brett eviction speech. They think he knew he was going home. Haleigh says he can’t tell the truth about it, he has to maintain the lie or he knows he will be branded a liar. 6:40pm BBT Haleigh wants to know who Sam will put up. She says we have all day tomorrow to have conversation about it. On a personal level he promised Haleigh, but on a game level, is that his best option? Scottie comes in with the banana bread bowl and asks them to lick it with him. They all put their fingers in the bowl and give it a swirl. They lick their fingers and swirl again. EEEK! Meanwhile Kaitlyn and Tyler are having a conversation about the veto. She says he promised her that he would pull her off. Tyler says he will talk to him. She wants to know why Fessy is so upset about it? Tyler says he is in a bad position. She wants to know why Haleigh is walking around all happy. He tells her that they are different and they handle things differently. Kaitlyn is emotional. 6:50pm BBT A crowd in the kitchen, Sam is telling a story about two piglets she had. Pickle and Biscuit. Her ex wanted her to get rid of one, but she wanted to wait and choose which one after their personalities came out. She had no idea piglets reach sexual maturity at 30 days of age. [The cameras switched! Evidently Pickle or Biscuit failed to sign a waiver - monadyan] Fessy returns from the DR. He flops down across the beds in the PBR. Scottie/Bay/RS are in the room with Fessy and the elephant. Surprise! Kaitlyn wanders in and plops down next to Fessy. 6:55pm BBT It is day 32 in the house and in 5 days, Rockstar’s baby Isaac will be 7 months. Kaitlyn asks Fessy to tell her about Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. Now she asks him to tell her funny stories about his sister. 7:00pm BBT Goat Yoga conversation in the kitchen. Haleigh says the goats use the bathroom all over you while you are going yoga. The jump on and off of you and do flips while you are trying to do yoga. Bayleigh and Haleigh and Rachel in the WA. Bay says she has never been this big, she is gaining weight like crazy. JC comes in and says he has been eating all day. He sits down and asks Haleigh if she was ok. She says, yeah. We have learned that Haleigh drew the HG choice chip and she picked Fessy. Rachel asks if she thinks that will give her a better chance to have it used on her and she says that she doesn’t know. Brett comes in and joins the conversation. Haleigh is talking about when you can and can’t get pregnant. Ovulation and birth control discussion ensues. She is explaining the Calendar Method and JC and Brett seem extremely interested. Haleigh took Human Sexuality last semester and she’s an expert. 7:20pm BBT Kaitlyn and Fessy talking about powers. Kaitlyn is convinced JC has one. Fessy thinks the crap app people have the powers, because Sam has one. She tells him that she walks around all day talking to people trying to figure out who has the powers so he will believe her when she tells him these things. She is trying to get him to use the veto on her by promising to take him to the end. She knows the game and she can help him. She told him he should have thrown the comp if he didn’t want to have to make this decision. It was an easy comp to throw. They begin to argue about the comp. Fessy got all the questions right, he didn’t miss any. Kaitlyn got one wrong. 7:22pm BBT Kaitlyn says, if I come off the block, and that is what should happen… Kaitlyn is trying to get him to tell her that he promised to use the veto on Haleigh. He nods and says he told her yes. She is not happy. He says he didn’t think he would win. She begs him to tell her the truth and not to do this to her. Look at me, she says. Be honest with me, did you also tell her that you’d save her? He won’t tell her yes or no in words. He says if the best option is to remove her, he will do that. If the better choice is to remove Haleigh, he will do that. He tells her that he doesn’t even want to play this game anymore. He says he is close to her, but when she got close to Tyler, that he got close to Haleigh. She tells him that she threw the comp. Fessy says, not you didn’t! She argues that she did. She says look at me and tell me right now if you are going to use it on me or not. He says he will not do that right now. She says you shouldn’t have shaken my hand! He keeps telling her that she sent Swaggy home and that was his best friend in the house. She has other people in the house, he has no one. Just her and Haleigh. Kaitlyn says if he doesn’t save her Rockstar and Bayleigh will send her home because they are pissed about Swaggy. He says he doesn’t know that to be the truth but he is going to find out the truth and make his decision. 7:30pm BBT Kaitlyn tells Fessy she is going to ask to go home. She heads to the DR. they let her in! Stay tuned, folks! Fessie goes into the kitchen where most of the HG are assembled getting ready for the Have Not feast. They are making banana bread, regular bread, donuts, steaks, chicken. It’s the last night the new have nots get to eat and the first night for the old have-nots to eat. Sam made more puppy chow. JC wants brown rice. They are making fried rice and stir fry. Fessie is wandering around like a sick puppy. He returns to the HOH room, but stops and has a seat on the balcony and talks to Bayleigh. 7:40pm BBT Fessy says he didn’t think he could win that comp, because it was a memory comp. Bay tells him that Kaitlyn was pissed that he didn’t throw it to her. He is surprised to hear this. Bayleigh told her not to pressure him. She wants to know what he needs them to do, because they want him to be OK. He says all he wants in for the outside to open up because he is going crazy in the house. She asks him how he feels about it and he tells her he doesn’t want to feel right now. He asks her of she talked to Haleigh? She says yes, and she says she knows you might not use it on her but she is confused because you told her that you would use it on her, and she chose you to play. If she knew you might not use it on her she would have chosen Scottie because he would have used it to save her. Fessy acts like this is all news to him. 7:50pm BBT Bay doesn’t think she can wait for Swaggy to come back to use her power. But if she goes up and goes home she won’t get to use it at all. She wants it to benefit their game. She says he needs to think about the long term game and if he can get confirmation that Sam isn’t going to put her up, then use it on Haleigh. She asks him if he wants her to talk to Sam or not? He says he will. He questions Bayleigh as to whether Kaitlyn got the last question right. Bayleigh says, she got it right. She told Bay she can’t understand why he didn’t give it to her, because she was right behind him. 7:55pm BBT Fessy asks Bayleigh who she thinks flipped on Swaggy. She says, Scottie. You sure? No, I’m not sure, to be honest, it could have been Rockstar or Haleigh. Then Bayleigh says, are you not upset about her flipping on the Steve vote? Fessy says she had a reason to do that. Bayleigh says, but the reason you think she did it is a lie. He argues with her about it and tells her that he will make his decision. She says she does not know why he trusts her so much, why he believes everything she says… Sam has no reason to lie about it.
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