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  1. How does something win the Golden Globe an not even get nominated for the Oscar?
  2. No idea. If I had to guess it would be after this season of nip tuck or in the summer.

  3. Hey Chucky,

    You don't know when Sons of Anarchy starts again huh?

  4. It sounds like The Unit on CBS. Never watched the show but that's what it sounds like.
  5. Kenny tried to do too much last week. Bob didn't screw Kenny. Kenny screwed Kenny.
  6. That was the best episode of Survivor in a very long time.
  7. I would have to say Pulp Fiction or The Devils Rejects. I thought Step Brothers was Will Ferrell's funniest movie.
  8. This show sounds pretty awesome.
  9. chucky

    Sons Of Anarchy

    WOW! That's all I can say.
  10. chucky

    Sons Of Anarchy

    Who do you think is going to die next week? I'm pretty sure it's a woman. I think I saw long hair when they covered up the body on the preview.
  11. chucky

    Sons Of Anarchy

    I loved it when that ATF B***H got her face broke last night. That was hilarious.
  12. chucky

    Saw V

    Don't waste your money.
  13. chucky

    Sons Of Anarchy

    I think she will probably stay but some stuff will go down before she does.
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