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    Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    I don't think they really rigged the votes, but either way it's just so boring. It's all about Rachel and Brendan, Jordan is sweet and beautiful but not really a player, Jeff is funny and nice to look at, Dani and Kalia and Porsche sit around and complain all day, and even though I enjoy Adam, he doesn't really do anything. The only person who is kind of interesting to watch play social game is Shelly, but looks like she'll soon be on her way out and she won't win any physical competitions between any of the veterans, so. Although I halfway expected Brendan coming back, I'm still disappointed. I think this season is done for me as well.
  2. dnc2008

    Rachel - Week 5

    I know it's been said, but whatever, I haven't posted all that much lately... but just like everyone else I'm really starting to like Rachel (WITHOUT Brendan). I'm actually pretty excited to see how she's going to play in this game. I don't really think she needs Brendan as long as she has Shelly...for awhile at least. Does everyone think that Brendan will really have the votes to come back in?
  3. dnc2008

    Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    The first HOH question was about Dominic's eviction speech right? That one I think was pretty obvious... but I was really confused as to how she knew what the other questions were... I knew that Danielle or some newbie was going to win that HOH competition because this year has been a total snooze, but as much as I hate to say it, with Rachel and Brendan gone, there REALLY won't be anything to watch or do. As annoying as they could be together, who else is going to get everyone riled up on the show? Lawon? Yeah right
  4. dnc2008

    All things Chenbot/Julie Chen

    Just caught up on this past week's episodes.... thought she was going to explode when Rachel swore during the HOH competition!
  5. dnc2008

    Kalia - Week 5 - HoH

    If I were Kalia I would hold off on putting up Rachel. The HG voted back in most likely would be Cassi or Dom, and they weren't very fierce competitors. They won't win against Rachel, no matter what. Plus, she'll have cooled her crazy off and she'll realize that she doesn't have anywhere to live so she needs to fight her butt off. I'm actually really interested in seeing Rachel play for herself...I have a feeling I might like her a lot better now...
  6. dnc2008

    Rachel - Week 4 - Saved by PoV

    Aunt Alison... I love it! I always like to wonder if all the people that catered to BR instead of trying to play their own game realized that they're just going to pay for a wedding that they won't even be invited to. If Rachel leaves, you know Brendan is going to bring up her being homeless blah blah blah to try to guilt trip everyone. I don't care if she's in the jury house or not just because.
  7. dnc2008

    Rachel - Week 4 - Saved by PoV

    I'm sure they don't suck as much in real life as the production makes them out, but they just irk me. With Rachel, something about girls who expect the world to revolve around them but are really drowning in insecurities bugs me. Sounds mean, but I can't lie. Also, watching her and Brendan just make me nervous! They seem like such a volatile couple with so many doubts and mistrusts with each other. I would feel bad having to be stuck with that day in and day out.
  8. dnc2008

    Daniele - Week 4 - HOH

    I never was a huge Danielle fan either, but I am sooooo thankful that someone is finally shaking things up in this stupid house.
  9. dnc2008

    BB 13 - Questions, Theories, Suggestions

    I can't even understand why people would announce that to a small group of friends, let alone on national freakin tv with strangers. Nobody will ever get in a pool with that woman again.
  10. dnc2008

    POV - Week 4 Discussion

    I think if Jeff wins he won't feel pressured at all to use Veto because he knows that if he takes one of B/R off the block, then Jordan will go on the block. He's actually the ideal winner for Veto because no matter WHAT, he won't use it. That's why I'm rooting for him!
  11. dnc2008

    Daniele - Week 4 - HOH

    IF Rachel got to play for Veto...which, the way production goes, who even knows if she would get picked? Probably. If Jeff and Brendan were put up, she's still getting rid of a power couple at the end of the day. She could keep it quiet about who her "true" target is, and then however Veto goes she can use it to her advantage. At this rate, one of them is going to get off the block, and I have a feeling it's going to be Rachel who is a much stronger competitor than Brendan. And as a fan... I just can't stand the thought of Rachel being a queen for another week...makes me sick!
  12. dnc2008

    Daniele - Week 4 - HOH

    Personally, I think she should have put Jeff and Brendan up. She or Jeff might win POV, or even if Brendan did, then backdoor Rachel. Because face it....NOBODY is going to keep Rachel over anyone. I think she could have gotten JJ to align with her if she did that because Brendan and Rachel wouldn't keep JJ in the final four. If one member of BR went up against JJ in final 2, there's no way they would win. They never played a social game with other members of the house, instead they just sat up in HOH all the time and talked crap. They'll be getting rid of JJ before final four, believe it, and JJ will realllllly regret not backdooring one of them when they had a chance.
  13. dnc2008

    Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    I remember how many stunts production pulled to keep Crazy James in the game. I mean, I liked him, and I thought he was a strong competitor with a bunch of yahoos, but even I thought that was ridiculous. you can see it everyone in the shows now.
  14. dnc2008

    Rachel - Week 3 - HOH

    I am quickly getting to that point too!
  15. dnc2008

    Shelly - Week 3

    I completely agree! So far this is just making for a really boring season... the alliances started off the bat, the couples are super boring, and really there IS no other alliance aside from the vets because the newbies were too scared to stick to their guns. Dumb! I wish Jordan would have backdoored Rachel and really stirred everything up. As for Shelley, she's one of the few house guests I find enjoyable to watch. I feel like she plays her game really, really well, while still being pretty genuine with all of the houseguests. Love it, she's classy and smart!