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    Kaitlin - Week 1

    She reminds me of Sprague Grayden from 24 and Jericho
  2. SpikeyT

    The Freeze Game

    Yah a zingbot style thing haha
  3. SpikeyT

    Emmet is such a baby

    I agree. Emmett can only play the innocen farm boy act for so long
  4. SpikeyT

    I Just Need To Vent............

    My thoughts in the topaz win is that one of the houseguest said she won but we didn't hear it because they aren't microphoned the same way
  5. I do like the three nomination idea and the grenade. I see BBCanada potentially doing that at some point, not necessarily this season, as they seem to be kind of picking the best of all of the international versions.
  6. SpikeyT

    I just read this - is it true?

    I think it's why they introduced having the spy-cam and the hoh room upstairs to make it easier to not be heard.
  7. It actually DID exist: http://en.wikipedia....rother_(Quebec) Also, here is a clip of the intro of the show and an article talking about the low numbers of people who auditioned for BBCanada perhaps because of BBQuebec: http://www.xoxojes.com/2012/10/low-numbers-at-montreal-auditions-of.html
  8. SpikeyT

    What a cheap prize.

    Canadians are not taxed like they are in the US. When you win a lottery here, you get to keep it all so the final winnings is very close To what you get in the American version after they are taxed
  9. I think it's probably because its the first to be on a national network and not just a Quebec channel.
  10. Big Brother Quebec already exists so probably why they didn't.
  11. SpikeyT

    I just read this - is it true?

    The sound proofing is like that in the American version too...it's why they always whisper.
  12. SpikeyT

    Said with much affection - we are soooo Canadian

    Agreed on the easy west thing, not surprising, both countries are so big, they are bound to have differences that way
  13. Why are you getting so worked up over it? It looked like a lot of fun and was something DIFFERENT!! I thought honestly it was one of the better challenges, not the usual back yard business.
  14. SpikeyT

    Is "The Shield" in Trouble?

    Ugh I hate how the shield thinks they are in control, it's really annoying. Being in a secret alliance does not make you in control
  15. SpikeyT

    Alec Beall HG Discussion Thread

    He really is a tool! For someone who claimed he was bullied in the house he truly has some explaining to do regards to the way he has treated people. If you are going to play that card don't be a hypocrite.