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  1. WannaBeBB9

    What do you want to see in a house guest?

    I kinda thought they had been doing new competitions this year. There has only been two Q&A (I think) and many more endurance type comp's compared to other seasons. I've been okay with the comps this year. I do hope they kick the face comp to the curb this year just so Regan is wasting his time Oops I forgot to actually respond to the question at hand... In a house guest I want to see diversity. Simple as that.
  2. WannaBeBB9

    Rachel - Week 4 (HoH)

    You know when Rachel gets out of the house, she is going to rush online to see how popular she became. She will definitely be one of those "bad attention is better than no attention" types and we are giving her sooooooooooo much of it! 28 pages in one week of it. I say next week, we open her thread and then do not type a darn thing
  3. WannaBeBB9

    Brendon - Week 4

    I can envision at the end of the show Rachel saying "sorry Brendon I was just using your ass to help me along, keep me company, and to get my kicks." He needs to open his eyes!
  4. Most entertaining: Britney Most annoying: Rachel Favorite: I don't know because CBS isn't showing us ANYTHING besides Brendon/Rachel and Hayden/Kristen. I am guessing I don't have one though because it doesn't seem anyone does anything game wise except Rachel and she is too annoying to be my favorite Least Favorite: Kristen. I am not even sure why, she has just been rubbing me the wrong way since Day 1.
  5. I had to create an account for it to work but once I did that, I now have it up and running!
  6. WannaBeBB9

    Big Brother Turkey Style?

    I was coming here to post this story and here it was. LOL. This is too weird. I feel sorry for the girls but at the same, were they really that oblivious?
  7. WannaBeBB9

    Thursday, 8/27 Live Show

    I soooooooooooooo wish y'alls scenerio happen! I want to see Russ stay just for the drama of it all!
  8. WannaBeBB9

    I Want A Bb Avatar

    I do not know where this thread ended up at or if anyone will ever see it again but I was looking through my old posts and came across it from two years ago. I thought it was pretty funny to remember making a new pic and name for me. Look it's three seasons later and I am still stuck with an old name and avatar! LMAO, Next year I will try for a new name and avatar!
  9. WannaBeBB9

    Thursday 8/20 Live Show

    It's time! It's time!
  10. WannaBeBB9

    BB season 1

    I got bored with this season and just watched all of season two in four days on youtube!
  11. WannaBeBB9

    Lydia - BB 11

    I like her best so far...
  12. WannaBeBB9

    Sunday's Show 9/9

    LOL... The delay is keeping me more behind in the paper I need to write for a 9 AM class because I am not working on it even though BB isn't on yet, cause I am twirling my thumbs waiting! Hehehehe
  13. WannaBeBB9

    Dick Week 1

    Well from my what I have read so far and the feeds I have watched... I think Dick truly cares about his daughter and just doesn't know how to be her father. I do not like this twist though because the only thing I am intrested in to see is if they work out their issues, if they team up (which btw I think Dick talking trash in the HOH room was a ploy), etc...
  14. WannaBeBB9

    Big Brother 8 Countdown

    I can not believe we started this 101 days ago! That's almost a third a year ago... it feels like last week.