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  1. sugarmags

    Eric Week 3 - America's Player

    I agree with Pie. Eric threw the HOH comp tonight because he cannot afford to win it. I'm sure America would tell him to do something that would be a bad idea. Poor guy is marked by us.
  2. I tried to post earlier and I guess it didn't take. The reaso Eric rang in so early is that he was trying to eliminate himself. He doesn't want HOH because he'd have to make "america's" nominations and he probably wouldn't agree with them and would probably look bad to his alliance for going against them
  3. Eric ringing in wasn't fishy - he was trying to guess wrong and get eliminated and just failed at first. He doesn't want to be HOH. How stupid would he look making "America's" nominations when his alliance told him to pick someone else. He can really never win HOH and be safe. They so set this up for him to lose
  4. sugarmags


    They seem like they are smart - but I wonder if they will figure out that the best plan is to "flirt" with eachother? If they act like they are "hooking up" it would look less suspicious :?
  5. I'll play - sounds fun. 1. Ashlea 2. Jennifer 3. Howie 4. Janelle 5. Eric 6. April 7 Michael 8 Rachel 9. Ivette 10. James 11. Beau 12. Sarah Runner up Kaysar Winner Maggie No reason for any of the guesses - just cme to mind in that order
  6. sugarmags


    Think I found my favorite. I like the ones that aren't afraid to admit that they are coniving and that the only way to win is to stab everyone in the back. The ones who say they are here to be nice and make friends are full of it -IMHO. I just hope James is smart enough to not let everyone see his plan - sounds like he's off to a good start.
  7. sugarmags

    Pairs Speculations

    Wasn't it Jenn that was complaining about having to cut her hair before going on the show? Maybe she got a cut and dye job so as not to look so much like April I just looked at the profile pictures and you know? - Jenn appeared to have blond roots :shock: MOD NOTE: All pairs discussion here please: http://mortystv.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2236
  8. sugarmags

    Pairs Speculations

    [ Rachel and Howie just a hunch...] You say "just a hunch" - am I the only one who heard them talking on the surfboard about how it was good that it came down to the 2 of them because then they knew they were safe and that they shouldn't talk too much because they didn't want people to know about them? Was I imagining it because it all seemed obvious to me and now people aren't sure I want to watch the show again.
  9. sugarmags


    Xandra - you a fan of Rocky Horror? I've been thinking for weeks that Coby looks just like Tim Curry. Someone with more technical skills than I have should post a picture.