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  1. PrincessButtercup

    BB Canada Photos, Media & Meme Thread

    Under "NOMINEES" it says "Risha and Sindy were evicted"
  2. PrincessButtercup

    Big Brother Canada 3 - General Discussion thread

    I just read that the live feeds will start on Wednesday after the eviction episode. Bummer.
  3. PrincessButtercup

    Houseguest Sindy Nguyen Discussion

    Not in my top 10 at all. She's annoying with her name stuff and doesn't have much substance.
  4. PrincessButtercup

    New American Fan

    I used a VPN service called Private Internet Access. It is secure and spam free. My husband looked it up and it is the VPN service that most hackers use, so it must be good. hahaha. There is a slight cost but it isn't any more than what we pay to watch the US live feeds. The Canada live feeds are free. https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/ I was able to watch the houseguest's video interviews perfectly fine and hope to get the live feeds when they are available. Good luck.
  5. PrincessButtercup

    Bachelor 11

    I know his brother from hanging out in his bar in Austin. They are very cool cats.
  6. PrincessButtercup

    Council Members

    They don't get "booted". They can leave if they want but there isn't a "someone goes home" theme to this show. Interestingly enough, my 5 and 8 year old boys LOVED the first episode. It was a good time to talk about the scenarios with them and what *they* would do in that situation. Lots of great conversation starters!
  7. PrincessButtercup

    Big Brother 8 Season Finale Show 9/18!!!

    I was thinking the same thing - they never said Eric won money.
  8. PrincessButtercup

    Big Brother 8 Season Finale Show 9/18!!!

    nick... stop with the arm around Joe!! lol
  9. PrincessButtercup

    Big Brother 8 Season Finale Show 9/18!!!

    Jess looks smokin!
  10. PrincessButtercup

    Pet Peevs About House Guests...

    Jen walking around the kitchen in a towel then sitting at the table and eating dinner in JUST a towel with everyone else at the table.... then Jen helping with the dishes IN ONLY A TOWEL. that was just nasty. hope there weren't any pubes on the kitchen floor. blech.
  11. PrincessButtercup

    BB Acronyms - EG. FotH

    can someone explain jedi training?
  12. PrincessButtercup

    Saturday, September 1st

    So... during the double elimination on Thursday (the live show) -- if Eric wins HOH there won't be any time for an "america's player vote" before nominations. IMO, it would be the best case scenerio for Eric to get HOH and not have to nominate based on america's votes. Just thought I'd throw that Idea out there.
  13. PrincessButtercup

    Houseguest "isms"

    daniele -- "oh big brother!"
  14. I'm in Austin, Texas. We have the cowboys game and BB is delayed until 12:30am. Muther Bitches.
  15. PrincessButtercup

    Power Of 10 featuring Amber & Daniele

    it's Tuesday night. not tonight. just to be clear on that.