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  1. 10:52 BBT Dani, Cassi, Rachel, Brendon and Lawon up at the picnic benches outside of the HOH.. saying how bored they are. Cassi saying she is going to bed, shes bored. Brendon stands up and starts talking to the camera, Rachel tells him to sit down, does he want to lose their 5 Brenchel fans. *I'm out... someone take over please..*
  2. 10:43 PM BBT no alcohol.. HG's realize they are on SHO2, but don't think they are on the feeds yet.. now giving shout outs to family.. Everyone in HOH except for Porche suggesting games, duck duck goose, marco polo, hide n seek. Seems like when someone starts talking about ED being gone, they shh each other, like they were told not to talk about it, Jeff and Adam were saying they hope nothing bad happened, but that if it did that BB should tell Dani at least.. Now talking about playing Mother May I.. someone said that was fun.. when I was 4. HG's are complaining that it is hot in the HOH.. now everyone is leaving to go down stairs.
  3. teams have now switched, Rachels team is switching up the living room. Kitchen team is up in the HOH. 10:37PM BBT All HG's ( minus ED) are in the HOH guessing what was changed in the living room. Talking about Dani breakign a lamp the other day, but she laughs and says it was already broke and taped together. *Dani is talking more and laughing more than I heard her her entire season..nice change* 10:40 PM BBT Now they are doing HOH charades.. just as Adam gets started on acting it out, the HG's are called to the storage room.. everyone excited hoping for alcohol..
  4. 10:23 BBT Rachel is trying to explain this game, and everyone seems a bit confused.. HOH team is Rachel, Cassi, Dani, Dom, Lawon,and Shelia 10:25 BBT, just got a good shot of memory wall, can confirm everyone has a key in their slot except for Keith and Porche, so I am thinking they are nominated.. there is no POV hanging anywhere though.
  5. 10:14 BBT ( I am updating off SHO2 BTW) J/J are trying to figure out where ED is, Jord thinks that ED is doing his show somewhere, Jeff thinks something happened and ED had to leave the game. Rachel is in the fortune teller room explaining the games they played with the HOH cam last year, looks like everyone is in there except J/J and Brendon, they are in the bathroom. Rachel is getting the house to split into two teams to play "whats the difference" one team goes to the HOH and the other goes to a room and switches things around in the room, and the HOH room team has to figure out what they changed. Seems like everyone is pretty much getting along at this point.
  6. 10:12 BBT (SHo2 AD) Keith and Porche's keys are missing from the pic wall.. everyone has one in their slot.. All the boys, are searching the house for more clues. It seems ED is missing and they are searching for clues to find him maybe?? The HG's are on indoor lockdown
  7. still fish... [i am not sure how fond I am of the all white fish/tank decor...]
  8. deniselane

    Rachel (HoH & Co-PoV) - Week 1

    Her face wasn't covered with pimples.... last season it was a small mountain range..
  9. deniselane

    Live Feed Updaters!

    I again will help with the LFU. Mostly late night central time..
  10. deniselane

    Premiere Show - July 7

    Pulled pork is in the crock pot.. headed to the store in a bit for some beverages and snacks.. hubby let me sleep in so I can stay up late for the feeds/BBAD!!!!
  11. deniselane

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 7/7

    Thanks.. I do have both set up to record... but I bet Lyn is right and SHO2W is a repeat.. guess we'll know for sure tomorrow!!!
  12. So I just noticed that when setting up the BBAD episodes to record.. They run from midnight-3AM Friday night, then start 11PM-2AM after that.. but on SHO2W. they start at 3AM-6AM.. so is that going to be the same stuff that was shown from 11PM-2AM just previously recorded? Or are they going to show the house LIVE for West Coast viewers too??? I don't remember seeing it on SHO2W last year...
  13. deniselane

    BB13 Rumors and Facts

    But wouldn't there be some info out there if we were able to "pair up" the newbies.. I remember with the partner season everyone had been pretty much figured out and paired up by us internet peeps already.. I am hoping that maybe the duos are not playing together but as individuals..
  14. deniselane

    BB13 Readiness

    Well I have been lurking reading all the threads of course.. but we have the DVR all set up, ordered the feeds.. saved the Superpass link on my new phone so I can watch the feeds while away from home... hubby is a teacher and we already worked out that I will stay up late to watch Afterdark and hell get up with the kiddos... SO excited!
  15. deniselane

    8/12 - Live Feed Updates

    Feeds back Brendon WAY ahead of everyone looks like at least 6 little squares ahead of Lane and Hayden.. Brendon is breathing HARD