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  1. Sadly for Judd it came down to the question of how many people do you want to piss off, 1 or 4? Judd didn't really have anyone, Jessie was playing him. The Goof Troop was never all that real. If Aaryn would have turned on McManda/Helen/Elissa (because lets be honest, Helen is running her game) they would have just voted Spencer out and she'd be toast. Jessie isn't going to win anything so you can take her out any week. Spencer is alone and will be happy to just make the final 6 or 7. At this point of the game things get tough, after you've been in the house that long you have emotions for everybody. Before anyone declares the game won for Helen or Amanda I'd strongly caution to see how things play out. At some point it's going to come down to Team Helen vs Team Amanda and it wouldn't be a shock to see the leaders be the ones to fall while an Andy or McRae or so on win it all.
  2. Ugh, lost a little bit of respect for Hayden with his going on about wanting to date a celebrity when he gets out of the house. I at least thought he'd show Kristen a little respect by at least pretending they're going to "see how things go" outside of the house. As in, at least bone her for a few weeks in Ragans house before you dump her. Especially with her kind of abandoning a boyfriend on live TV for you.
  3. It's like arguing who the better President was, Richard Nixon or George W. Bush. Either way you lose.
  4. At this point I just have to root for Hayden in that at least a decent human being would be winning. He may be a lazy slacker, but he isn't a complete jerk. Kind of sad to have my enthusiasm at that level. Then again, I'm glad I don't have to do any flipping back and forth during Master Chef tonight.
  5. I think for something to count as a lie you have to actually tell the truth at some point. Russell was a one of a kind player and I don't see his strategy coming back again either. They just gave him a freebie by doing All Stars right after.
  6. I personally couldn't care less about Matt's lie. It was a gamble to try to win a game whose point is lying to trick seven strangers into handing you a million dollars. If anything, his lie sets things up nicely for the future because it will never be tolerated again. The next time someone goes into the house and really has a sick family member they're playing for, they won't mention it. Thanks to Matt it will never be believed. They'll have to wait until the wire and then only confide it to their closest alliance. You'll notice this same effect on Survivor, post Jonny Fairplay nobody has really even thought of an elaborate lie to gain sympathy. If anything, in the end it's a net positive because a whole lot of people know a disease exists that they didn't before. Only fragile egos were broken and honestly they all would have broken over spilt milk.
  7. AG could always get them some of that pretend pot Spice/K2 stuff that is apparently perfectly legal for now. Anything to liven things up.
  8. There isn't anything you can do to make Big Brother fair. At least not for everyone. Lets be honest here, a lot of the hating on AG every year comes from peoples favorites being eliminated. If you hate Brendon, then you're probably going to assume the second Pandora's Box was a fix because nobody else would have unleashed Rachel. If you hate Matt, you're going to be sore about the DPOV and were probably one of the ones complaining that Big Brother didn't take it from him for speculating about powers in the house. And so on. People won't stop winding up so mad about the game until they stop fixating on one player as their favorite. You have to treat Big Brother like a horse race. As in, you get to bet on a number of different horses because if you just bet on one you'd probably go crazy. I mean, all of your suggestions have bad sides to them. Post a list of all the competitions beforehand and force yourself to stick to them and you could wind up with boring and/or anticlimactic competitions depending on what's going on in the house. They need to have some leeway to call things on the fly. Watching them put chips into the bag each week would get a little boring, and just because a small percentage of viewers think the game is fixed. I'm pretty sure your third suggestion would guarantee that no Pandora's Box is ever opened again. Put the decision to group think and they'll all just wuss out like it was a competition or something. The best change I can think of that might improve our enjoyment of the game a little bit would be a camera of the Diary Room being added to the live feeds. Or even just posted on the web after a sufficient delay if needed. It would give us an inside look at a vital part of the game without tying the hands of the producers. In the end though Big Brother is more of a fun social science experiment than it is a serious gameshow. If you can't deal with the producers meddling you probably should stop watching. It's never going to change.
  9. Why are so many people getting hung up on Matt losing his diamond power of veto? The only thing they ever said on the show was that he MIGHT lose it if he told. We were never given context as to what would constitute telling others. Maybe the rule was that if a majority of the house found out he'd lose it. Who knows, they didn't tell us. But I'd bet my bottom dollar that Matt knows because I'm sure that was one of his first questions in some DR session we didn't see on TV. There have been two freaking Pandora's Boxes. It would be really stupid to take away a Diamond Veto because he insinuated someone may have a special power. If every player in the game isn't paranoid about that right now they have no business being in the game.
  10. To be honest I don't see a good move out there for Matt. If he sticks with the Brigade he's 4th in a 4 person alliance. If he decides to flip and tosses Enzo on the block then I guess he's going with a 4 person alliance of himself, Kathy, Britney, and Ragan. Putting him 4th in a 4 person alliance. Well, perhaps 3rd but that's debatable and not a huge upgrade. His best chance at the money is picking his path to the final four and then running the table winning the last two HOH's.
  11. I highly doubt that we get both a diamond veto and a coup in the same week. For one, it would raise some ethical questions about who should have had the right to go first. And secondly, it would ruin the power that Matt won and cause all future holders of such power to just assume it's worthless and not go all out. Which would probably ruin the surprises they're trying to throw against the wall praying one sticks.
  12. What else can poor Matt do. He's in an alliance of idiots so dumb that when he says "I'm pretty sure someone in the house has a special power and they're going to use it" they don't get what he's saying. If he just comes out and says it, he might lose his veto. Short of climbing the damn wall there isn't much he can do to escape the stupid. Ragan is really the only other person in the house with a brain (when it isn't neutralized by paranoia and pettyness) so it would be cool if he picked up on Matt's lack of worry and at least SOMEONE got it. Bet you he'd at least figure out what "I think someone in the house has a power and will use it so I'm not worried" means.
  13. Here's the thing though. If Big Brother never winds up screwing the HOH with a crappy prize how will anyone ever buy the "it could unleash something good, or something bad" nonsense they're given when they get the choice? If every time its opened the HOH gets a veto or coup obviously every single time Pandora's Box is offered it will be opened. Which would take away from it in my opinion. At that point, just announce the powers to the whole house and let them fight for it. I guess what I'm trying to say is that unless we get a few clunkers no season in the future will ever have an HOH get a mystery power and be able to conceal it. Hell, they shouldn't have been able to this season but Matt lucked out being in a house full of dullards.
  14. Do we know that for a fact? They haven't told us any limitations on who it can be used on have they? Obviously Brendon would be exempt being the HOH but have they even stated that? Probably moot because I don't see Matt choosing Ragan even if he could.
  15. For some reason I almost expect Jeff and Jordan to wind up together. Thanks to Jordan being too shy to even want to kiss on camera, they've probably packed a years worth of "getting to know each other" into a few months. In fact, dare I say it, they probably really "get" each other a lot better than some idiots getting married as I type this. I've been wrong before though, for some reason I thought that Eric and Jess would last too.
  16. Well, it doesn't take a genius to guess that America will be the 7th vote. They know Chima isn't at the jury house. If they had of brought Ronnie in to replace her, they would have been told by now. They know it won't be a six person jury due to a tie possibility. I suppose they could worry about a variation (the non jury houseguests picking the 7th vote or something) but probably wouldn't. Big Brother is pretty predictable on things like this.
  17. That's a good idea. A house full of teachers, factory workers, truck drivers, office workers, etc. No models or people with IMDB pages.
  18. And in the end, much ado about nothing. Kevin won, and that isn't going to change. We should just be happy there's as much actual reality in Big Brother as there is. As far as "reality" shows go, it has to rank pretty high. At least this isn't a farce like The Hills or Hogan Knows Best.
  19. At this point the only thing standing in Kevin's way will be not being in the final 2. I think he wins against either Natalie or Jordan. Against Natalie, it's a slam dunk. I think Kevin would get Lydia, Jeff, Jordan, and Russell just to start. In fact, I'm not even sure Jessie gives Natalie a sympathy vote. Against Jordan, it'll be close. But Kevin would start out with Lydia, Jessie, and Natalie. Jordan would probably get Russell, Jeff, and maybe Michele. It could come down to a America's Vote tiebreaker. Natalie is one of my least favorite house guests ever, but Kevin is being smart if he sticks with her. It should be a cakewalk to a half million.
  20. I wouldn't have a problem with a winter season...if it was filmed someplace that it might actually matter that it's winter. Sorry, but sunny California isn't exactly roughing it. Build a big ass igloo in Alaska and let them rough it. Now THAT would be must see TV.
  21. Jeff & Jordan on The Amazing Race seems like a no brainer to me. And I bet they'd do better than you'd expect. Not to demean Jordan, but TAR is a game where a team can flourish with 1 thinker and 1 "just keep up"'er. lol As in, Jeff can take the mind teasing challenges. And Jordan can eat the gross stuff and be shot out of a cannon. I'm just not so sure they'd be put on the show unless they actually start dating. Usually the only friends who get put on the show are of the lifelong variety. I've always thought it would be funny though for CBS to do a season of their Big 3 reality shows with each others contestants. So Evel Dick & Danielle on The Amazing Race (among others of course), past Survivor all-stars playing Big Brother. And of course, Chima playing Survivor. Hehe. $10 says she lasts less than a day.
  22. I'm not sure, they could still have him do the interview but make sure the interviewers understand there's a twist coming up. Just avoid giving him any information he didn't already know and you're fine. All they're going to ask about is him and Jordan anyway.
  23. It would be funny if we could have some kind of interactivity with the show. It would be funny if there was a real time vote going on to turn a persons mic on or off. Ha, that might be abused though.
  24. I just don't see the logic in that. Why on earth would you have a show with a major twist but no promotion? That would be like not promoting a Fast Forward ahead of time. And we know this time around they promoted it so far in advance that they had to call an audible because of Chima. Now, perhaps that right there might explain a reluctance to do it again. But I'm not betting on it. I'm not the type of cynic who thinks AG and company don't care about pleasing us fans. But they care about ratings and the show going on a lot more.
  25. Well, bear in mind it was on a credit card. Which isn't the smartest financial decision in the world, but in all likelihood she probably isn't paying more than $100 a month on them. If you work 3 jobs, $100 a month for a self treat is more than fair. I spend a LOT more than that a month on stupid crap I shouldn't. And, while it may not be fair, it probably is a fair point that the new bust would positively impact her income. Sorry, but a lot of guys will give the chick with the big rack the big tip. All in all, if they made her happy and she wasn't happy with what she had naturally...who gives a damn? Anyone who is smack talking her want to have your own finances opened up for nationwide debate?
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