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    Dick Week 6

    Dick is doing what CBS brougt him there to do, otherwise they would have already sent him packing. I am sure Dick behaved the same way during the auditions and that is what they wanted in the house.
  2. Too lop sided with so many in the big group just sitting by and picking off the others one by one. It is soo boring that I find myself just hoping Dick will go off just to have something to watch on the feeds. I get tired of the bedroom gang just sitting around cutting down Zack, Jen and the Donatos like they are a bunch of saints themselves. Dustin and Eric are just as bad as Dick and everyone in the house thinks the word f--K is required at least 3 times in a sentence. This show has gone to the dogs or should I say trash. Too many f words and too much personal attacks and little game play. Just my opinon but I still sit glued to the feels hoping things will change and the people in there will get some respect for each other and get down to playing the game. I hope this is the last time they have someone play for America unless they let us vote for the player we want to play for us. Best thing they ever did for Kail was send her home.
  3. eric and dustin. amber 3rd
  4. Snakes


    Dustin has it in his head that he is the God Father of big brother. Look in the mirrow Dustin and all you will see is a fairy god mother and we know that are only in your mind.
  5. Snakes

    America's Player

    Dick is too easy since he already said dick and dani. I am gonna vote dustin
  6. Snakes

    Eric - America's Player

    Sorry but I cannot stand Eric period.
  7. Snakes

    Whaoooo Amber Going Off On Eric

    I don't see anyone in this house as a saint. I doubt if cbs would have put anyone in the house that has morals. It is not in CBS nature to do that. I am sick of all of them pointing the fingers at everyone else. Amber had to know she was completely naked in front of a camera when she stood there butt naked for the live feed people to see. The girl has no brain or she just doesn't care. After all, cbs chose all the other house guest centered around her according to Amber. Oh and America loves her the most. LMAO Eric is going to turn out to be alot worse that Dick ever dreamed of being before it is all over.
  8. Snakes

    Ap Task#14

    I do not think erick will be there next week but I want him to have to bow down to dick in more ways than one. LOL
  9. They want to keep Eric for his vote. Once everyone is out of the house except eric and a couple of others, they will send him home using all of this as the reason. They may even want to keep him so if they are sitting next to him they will win the game because of what he did to all of them.
  10. Snakes


    The fairy Godmother needs to be the next one evicted. I am beginning to belive everything Joe said about him was true. I like him in the beginning and now I cannot stand to watch the feeds when he is on there. I like Dick because he is up front and real to your face and not a back stabber.
  11. Snakes


    Jemeka has a nasty mouth and I find it strange that she can hold the bible and chant prayers and the next breath is used to scream out fk or motherfuk out of her mouth. I am tired of hearing about her blocked bowels and farts and such. She is just as trashy as the rest of them. She just hides behind her religion when it is convinent. Like the veto. She only used that veto because she wanted Zack on the block and it had nothing to do with Jen pulling her ball or God sending her a message. Her religion was used to screw her team because she knew they did not want her to use the veto and she used the bible and God for her excuse for going aginst her alliance. Plain and simple. That made her as much of a trader as anyone else on the team.
  12. Snakes

    Saturday August 4 - Live Feed Discussion

    I am convienced that they pulled some of these people right out of a drug rehab center to be on this show. The rest came from a mental hospital.
  13. Snakes

    Amber's Tears

    If they don't throw the comp to kail or Jen I will be shocked. They already talked about letting one of them win hoh to get dick or dani out of the house without one of the alliance having to put them up. So my bet is that Kail or Jen will win hoh. Then Amber will cry and say she tried so hard to win it for the safety of the team. Yeah right.
  14. Snakes

    Ap Task #11

    I want to see King Dustin have to watch queen Kail walk out the door. He will then know he is not the cock of the walk that he thinks he is. Nick won't forget that he screwed him over and Jen will be pissed off that he let her friend get evicted after promising that Kail had the votes to stay. Come on America help send Kail home. I think all the LNC have seen Kail up in the HOH room and after Dustin threw the pov for prizes, they must see him making deals with the two on the block. Kail threw that comp because she felt safe and wanted Jen taken off the block. Unless the others are totally blind and dumb, they will send Kail out the door. That is unless some of them also have a deal with Kail that we do not know about. I hope Erica can pull this one off.
  15. Snakes

    Who Is Going Home This Week?

    Amber said she used to be a drugie and a lier. The only difference now is she needs drugs. I say give her a bag full of drugs and let her overdose and let her go cry in a hospital someplace. I am tired tired tired of Amber.