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Big Brother Australia 2007 - Final Two

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On Night 99 the public choose their Final Two for the year...

Now it is up to them to choose again.. Who will win? Only one day to go!




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Day 99 – Sunday – Final Eviction Day

09:00 and everyone is up. They are all drinking tea to wake up. Aleisha has a full day planned with packing and shaving her legs before the big night.

Time to tend the animals and everyone is going. They all troop out and see all the animals present for the final day. Rosie is busy chewing as usual. The chickens have also been busy. Zach looks and says there must be 20 eggs in the nests today. To top it off, when Billy looks at the milk box there are two full bottles of milk for them to take back to the house. They get busy and start feeding everyone one last time.

When they finish, BB tells them it is time to say goodbye to the animals. Travis points out that BB has never said that before and that means that they will not be returning to the farm again. Everyone pets the animals and says goodbye.

10:15 and Aleisha is true to her word. She is already packing her bags. Billy and Travis have set up the Thongey Ball court and are playing a couple games in the rather cool morning sun.

10:50 and Aleisha is finished. She is joined in the lounge as she gets an early rest. They talk about what will happen tonight and what the last two will have to do tomorrow. They think there may be some sort of entertainment. Not if BB follows past years. You get put in a small room with products and a rack full of clothes for six hours.

OH, well. Time for a last dip in the pool and some more chats.

The afternoon starts out with a lot more reminiscing outside and in the lounge. By 2pm they are back sunning in the yard again.

At 14:30 they are all lying in the yard talking about how some of the early HMs would have fit with some of the later ones. Bodie and Emma would have had World War III with Michelle they all reckon. They think Kate and Michelle wouldn’t get along either. Bodie and Daniela would not either. But Susannah would have got along with everyone.

At 15:30 BB delivers some fresh white crusty rolls and dijonnaise so they can mix up some fresh chicken salad sandwiches.

At 17:00 BB makes that famous call. They have one hour to pack. But today it is for everyone since they are all up for eviction. Aleisha and Zach head in to finish up. Billy and Travis are still outside playing in the pool. Of course guys never take nearly as long to pack do they?

When they finish it is time for the primping to start in the bathroom. By 19:00 everyone is finished and just waiting around.

At 19:20 BB calls them all to the diary room. They find a final supper laid out on a long table set with four places.

The Audio is off for over 25 minutes with that hated “We are sorry…” playing so we can only watch.
Everything here is from the diary on the OS.

BB calls the HMs to the Diary Room.
When they enter they see a dining table laid out extravagantly with four place settings.
They are impressed.
"Jeez, look at this!" exclaims Travis.
BB thanks them for coming at short notice, and invites them to take a seat for their last supper together in the House.
As they start eating, BB engages them in dinner conversation.
He asks them about their first memories of entering the House, and chides Travis for talking with his mouth full.
Zach asks BB if he is eating too. BB replies: "Of course, it's dinner for five."
Travis asks BB if he talking with his mouth full.
"Never, Travis," responds BB with aplomb.
BB asks the HMs what they will miss when they leave the House.
Zach: "Sleeping next to Aleisha and sharing a bedroom with Billy."
Aleisha: "The surprises, the little tricks you pull. I hope my life isn't boring after this."
BB asks them to explain what they mean by "surprises".
Billy explains: "In all the tasks there's always little things you don't expect."
BB asks Aleisha, Travis and Billy what they thought of Zach when he first entered the House.
Aleisha: "He looked like Willy Wonka."
Travis: "I thought he looked like the guy off the Cadbury's Favourites ad, and he scared the life out of me!"
Billy: "He stared for a while, and then we tried to show him around. It was overwhelming - first Michelle and then Zach with the big hat and the perfect suit."
BB: "If you had to pick one moment from the time in your House what would it be?"
Billy: "Being uncovered for what I was doing in here to being told I could stay to winning Friday night games. I really couldn't pick one."
BB :"What have you thought of the food during your time in the House?"
Travis: "It started off ordinary."
Aleisha: "The last few weeks you've been Santa Clause, before that you were like a strict school principal."
BB: "Zach you are quiet tonight."
"I'm just enjoying this cake!" replies Zach, before continuing: "Will you let me lace you up in a corset some time Big Brother?"
BB: "Big Brother will get back to you."
Travis: "You must be going on holidays in a couple of days, hey Big Brother?"
BB: "Big Brother is always watching."
Aleisha: "What? For the rest of our lives?"
BB: "Perhaps."

The audio finally comes back on just before they leave the diary room at 19:55.

BB tells them that they have one minute to do a potty break and need to get back to the lounge. Zach is late getting back.

Finally at 20:10 Gretel comes on and opens the first envelope. “It is time to go…. BILLY!” Hugs and kisses around. They all run outside to listen to the huge crowd. Zach says B I L L Y! The in about 30 seconds they hear the crowd yell it and they all start, look around and each other and then they cheer as well.

After the media break they hear the B I L L Y chant start and they realize that Billy has entered the arena and they hear the crowd roar. They run inside and place Billy’s nametag one level higher one the wooden structure on the wall. They take time out to paint Aleisha and Emma’s chrispy with red lip gloss.

Fifteen minutes later it is time for number two. BB calls them back to the lounge. Gretel comes back on and she is holding two envelopes. One green and one red. She opens the green one and says, “It is time to STAY… ALEISHA!! She is totally shocked! She was sure she was going.

Finally Gretel calls them back to life and opens the red one. “It is time to go… TRAVIS!” Now Zach is the one in shock. As he and Aleisha wish Travis goodbye he is apologizing profusely. Travis leaves the house and the final two run outside to yell to him from the yard. Again they stand and listen to the crowd.

Neither Aleisha or Zach were prepared to be the final two housemates in the house. They were convinced that they were gone. Both were absolutely certain that Travis was going to win the whole thing.

It dawns on them that it is just two country kids in the house. A girl and a gay guy have taken it to the end.

"Can you believe there's two country kids left in here?" asks Aleisha in amazement.
"Aleisha, we have the bathroom to ourselves, and the bedroom to ourselves," says Zach, and then continues with: "Aleisha, what are we going to do? The stereotypes are not here!"
"I know, the two pretty boys are gone," she laughs.
"If our parents weren't proud of us before they've gotta be proud of us now," Aleisha adds.
"I hope so. I do hope so," replies Zach earnestly.
"I'm so proud of you," whispers Zach.
"I'm so proud of you," replies Aleisha.
"I'm so proud of you, little country girl. You make people smile," says Zach.
"I knew you'd be in here," Aleisha tells him.
"In this big House," finishes Zach.
They toast each other, giggle and break out into song.
Soon Zach says: "Zach Slap and Aleisha Tickle!"
Aleisha: "I know! We were news partners, bed partners, belt partners and now we're in the final partners!"

They finally make their way back inside and they grab their doonas and sit on the lounge, drink a cruiser and talk.

At 22:00 Travis’s farewell video comes on the screen.
"Well, I've had a ball in the House. I've loved every moment, and the last week couldn't of been better cos I've had the best bunch of people with me.
"Zach. Bloody hell, we've come a long way. We reached new heights in our relationship - 1500m in fact. We were shacked up together, and I had a ball getting to know you. I'm glad you're still here. Keep going, keep kicking goals, you're doing something right. I'm proud of you, you're a top bloke.
"Aleisha, you're a bouncy ball. If you could adopt adults, I'd adopt you. You're a bouncing jelly bean and I look forward to catching up with you. I look forward to seeing you again, you're a bonza chick, you're doing bloody good and I'm proud of you. You're doing a good job.
"Billy goat, Billy the kid, whatever you want to be called, you’re a champion. I didn't think I'd meet a good mate like you in here, but I was wrong. We were shacked up together. We'll catch up and have a Brit or two and see the footy and see more of each other on the outside.
"Good luck to all you Housies. It's been a bloody good time and I can't wait to catch up with you all. Hooroo."

The final two sit and reflect on his message and what they have done.

Then at 22:40 Billy’s message appears.
"Zach. You really are a great person. It's good you've been able to be yourself."
As Billy continues to make glowing, complimentary comments, Zach begins to cry.
Aleisha pats Zach's arm comfortingly and says: "Doesn't his hair look great?"
Billy moves on: "Travis, I know we're gonna be mates for a while. From the first time we sat on the sofa and had a chat I knew we'd be mates. I can't wait to catch up with you on the outside.
"Aleisha. You have brought so much happiness to this House. From the first time I was here you've been a bouncing jellybean. You've made my experience so much. You've made me laugh, and you've never made me cry, thank Christ. You've got such a great personality, you're going to go far in life.
"To all of you I just want to say make the most of it and I can't wait to see you all again."

Aleisha and Zach sit for a while and talk about what will happen next. Zach makes them some hot chocolate and Aleisha likes his better. They decide that this has all been a big mistake and BB will soon announce that they have to redo everything but the crowd will already have gone home.

By midnight all the excitement has finally rolled over the last two. They are in bed and BB turns out the lights for their final night in the house.

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