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Week 14 - The Last Week

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Day 92 – Sunday – Two more go!

09:15 BB calls Billy to the diary room for a battery change. The lights are still out.

At 10:00 BB calls Zach to the farm. Since Billy is up he goes with him.

At 10:20 BB announces hot water, the one everyone has been waiting for. They gave it up yesterday so they would have it today. Even Joel and Zoran get out of bed for a cleaning this morning.

At 11:00 BB announces breakfast is served in the rewards room so Travis, Zach and Billy go inside.

Joel and Travis played a challenge for the Thongey Ball trophy yesterday. Joel won and has the right to take it to South Australia for 12 months. He hid it yesterday so Travis couldn’t get it. Now it is missing from his hiding place. He looks for it and finds it hidden in one of Daniela’s drawers. He moves it so Travis doesn’t know that he has it.

At noon the four nominees are packing. Joel looks around like he is trying to find the trophy and plays like he is angry at Travis or one of the others for taking the trophy. He has told Aleisha that he has it and they play like he is accusing her of taking it. No he is going at Zach and Zoran. They just let him rant.

At 12:45 BB calls Billy, the chef, to the diary room and gives him a big basket of food for their lunch. He has all the makings for a Sunday roast lamb dinner. He tells the HMs that he asks BB why he was giving them this and BB responded that he didn’t have to give a reason. Everyone is wondering what is going on with BB. But for whatever reason, they are going to eat well today!

13:15 and the trio are back in the rewards room. They still don’t know that they will not be nominating tomorrow night. They are still talking about who and why they will nominate.

15:00 and the roasting of the lamb is well underway now and they are making sure that this meal is not ruined by sloppy cooking. Billy announces that they still have about one hour of roasting time left before the meat is done.

16:00 and everyone is gathered around in the kitchen smelling the cooking lamb roast.

At 16:15 the roast finally comes out of the oven. Billy slices it up and serves it out along with a generous serving of vegetables on all the plates. Aleisha says this is amazing as she takes her first bite. Travis proposes a toast to all of the housemates left and they all raise their glasses to themselves and drink.

At 15:45 BB announces it is time to pack and everyone clears the table. Travis goes into the bedroom to finish packing. When Joel comes in he asks him if he packed the trophy. Joel just smirks.

At 17:00 everyone is on the lounge and they are talking about how tonight will go. Will BB take the four out to the eviction room or will everything play out right here? Aleisha tells them that a cool way of doing it would be to separate all six of them into separate rooms with a plasma screen in each room. They let Gretel appear on the screen and evict just the one she wants. Nobody else would know and then it would definitely be a surprise. The only problem would be that you didn’t have a chance to say goodbye.

At 19:00 Zoran and Zach go to finish some last minute hair fixing but everyone else stays on the lounge and waits for BB.

At 19:20 BB announces that an eviction will begin soon. Everyone goes outside to see if they can hear the crowd. Zach stands on the hot tub platform and says, “I hope someone out there is looking out for me!” BB calls them back inside five minutes later.

BB calls the four nominees to the front and has Billy reveals his twist. Billy saves himself and puts Zach up which is no big surprise. Zach goes to the bedroom and comes back out with his pre-packed bags. He is carrying his suit in the cleaner’s bag that they sent it back from the cleaners in the other day. Although he entered the house all gussied up he is going out dressed like a bloke just like everyone else tonight.

Everyone is back in the yard. Aleisha tells Zach that she is going to give him a big ‘girl’ kiss when he goes, full on the lips. She says this is a sad eviction. He says no there is only one week left and they will see everyone next week.

At 20:05 it is back on the couch and Gretel appears on the screen to start the festivities. She reveals that tonight is a double which is no surprise to the savvy housemates. Then she gets the envelope and says, “It is time to go… JOEL!”

Everyone is shocked to see the one that they were all sure would be there at the end get evicted first tonight.

The HMs rush out to the yard so they can cheer to Joel. Aleisha says: “I thought, he’d be here forever.”
“What the hell happened there?” says Travis, adding: “I don’t think he saw it coming either.”
“I did not see that coming,” Zoran says. Travis admits: “I thought Joel would win this, how bloody wrong was I?”
Zoran paces in the yard and says: “I just lost my best friend.”
Travis laughs: "We have a ninja down." He then tells Aleisha and Billy where he has hidden some Starburst snakes.

They all talk about Joel in the house and they find his nametag and hang it on the sculpture alongside all the others who have gone.

At 20:30 Gretel appears again. She has three envelopes now, one red and two green. She opens a green one and says, “It is time to stayZACH!” He was so sure, as were they all, that he would go tonight. He looks like a wall just fell on him but the rest are congratulating him and hugging him. Aleisha is really pleased.

But it is now time for the last one. Gretel opens the red one and says, “It is time to go… ZORAN!” He gets up and they all sent him off with a bang. Then they all rush outside to listen.

Travis makes the unexpected announcement that there are only blondes left in the house now, looking around at all the remaining HMs. They take a second to let it sink in.
They are the Final Four!!

They all says that Joel and Zoran will have a ball this week on the Gold Coast together.

The remaining HMs all sit around on the lounge and reminisce about the many things that have happened in the house this year. Aleisha points out that a ninja will make it to the end!! Everyone that is left has joined the ninja fraternity and performed at least one ninja attack in the house.

They talk about the upcoming week. What will be the FNL? Aleisha hopes that there are heights involved like in past final FNL. Aleish suddenly points out that all of the snorers have gone and they can sleep with some peace and quiet this week!

At 22:30 it is time for the farewell messages on the plasma screen.
Joel’s goodbye message comes on screen. Joel says: “This path, and this journey is the best I’ve had in a short period of time.”
Joel says Travis is ‘an absolute champion’, and he says all the positive things said about him are not cliché but fact. He ends up by saying: “You’re just a great bloke.”
Billy, you’re a champion,” Joel continues: “You’ve got a great heart and you’ve got a lot of good things coming to you.”
He assures Zach: “Just being comfortable in who you are has made a big difference.”
“You’re innocent, keep it that way,” Joel tells Aleisha, before joking: “I haven’t had one bad thing to say about you in this time. The others, not so much.”
“The eyes tell the story and what you see is sweetness,” he adds. Joel finsishes off his message by saying: “In conclusion I would like to say thank you for having me in the house even though it was forced upon you.”
After it is over Travis says: “That was one of the best messages I heard.”
Zoran’s message is next, he starts with: “I want to thank everyone for making this experience in the BB house a fantastic memory.”
“You’re a fantastic guy,” Zoran says about Travis. He adds he loves the way nothing really gets to Travis. Zoran continues with: “I think of you as a great father figure as well.”
Zoran tells Billy he’s a ‘top bloke’ and: “I can’t wait to go out with you mate.”
“I really got to know you in the last two weeks. Top bloke, loud and proud,” Zoran tells Zach. He tells Aleisha: “You are like a little bubble that pops, keep it going and I love our chats.”

After the messages are over the HMs have a snack. Aleisha says: “Those two boys gave me the sweetest messages.”

The gathering breaks up and everyone moves about to reflect. Billy and Aleisha play a game with each other.

Billy is in the yard, when he heads to the House he knocks on the glass door. Aleisha is behind the door and asks what he wants. Billy says: “I’m here to play with Thomas.”
“Thomas is gone,”
Aleisha replies. Billy asks for Bodie, but is informed he is gone too. Billy asks: “I’m here to play with Andrew.”
He doesn’t live here anymore, sorry you’ve got the wrong house, go away,” she jokes.

At 00:25 the diary room doors suddenly close and everyone jumps and wonder what is happening. They sit up and listen for the slightest sound. Billy says Gretel is going to come in. Little does he know that tomorrow she will visit the house.

BB suddenly calls the boys to the diary room leaving Aleisha all alone on the couch. She is sitting there lamenting that they have left her alone and lonely. But the boys come back out a few minutes later carrying their bags. Aleisha hid behind the big plant beside the door to scare them but Billy came out first and just stood in the door like he expected just this type of prank from his in-house squeeze.

Everyone goes to the bedroom and put their clothes away. When they finish talk turns to those who have left.

Aleisha remembers how Emma told her she was worried there would be more intelligent people in this year’s BB House. She laughs when she recounts Emma’s first impression of her: “She said when I rocked in she felt better.”
“I’m kind of forgetting what she looks like,”
Aleisha says about Emma. Billy replies: “Blonde, kind of has freckles.”
They lay chatting in bed. Aleisha says about Zoran, adding: “I reckon he’ll catch up with Susannah.”
“I’ll reckon she’ll be engaged to that bloke,”
Travis says about Susannah’s boyfriend. Billy thinks it’s unlikely to happen. Aleisha says: “I reckon Daniela wanted Zoran.”
They discuss the final show and Aleisha wonders: “if anyone is hooking up that would totally shock us.”
They all think it’s unlikely Bodie and TJ have gotten together. They begin reminiscing about the early days in the House and wonder how Kate and Bodie feel now.

They are still lying in bed talking when BB turns out the lights at 01:30.

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Day 93 – Monday – One Week Left

08:45 Travis is the only one up this early. BB calls him for a battery change.

09:00 It’s Bucket Bath Time!!

09:30 and Billy and Aleisha are still cuddling on the lounge. Zach and Travis are over in the farm tending the animals.

Aleisha wants a basketball hoop in the house. She says she is very good at it and challenges Billy to a shootout. The winner takes the other to a movie.

Everyone is lounging in the yard. They are talking about Joel and Zoran leaving last night. They wonder if BB will give Zoran his clothes back.

At 11:00 BB calls Billy to the diary room to pick up this week’s staples. Billy and Travis were waiting for them since they wanted porridge for breakfast and they were out.

Zach has gone crazy with his housekeeper chore. He is cleaning everything in sight. He even polished the chrome tissue box cover in the diary room.

12:15 and BB sends everyone to the bedroom. Set-up for this week’s task is everyone’s guess.

12:45 and yes it is the task. BB calls them to the lounge to receive the task rules. There they find four wrapped presents.
"Big Brother has a present for you. You may open your presents now."
They unwrap their presents all at once, where they each discover a harness and strap. Travis and Aleisha cheer. "Now we can't be separated can we?" says Travis
"For the last 13 weeks, you have been joined at the hip," continues Big Brother. "For this weeks task you will literally be joined with another HM at the hip. Housemates your partners are as follows. Billy and Travis. Aleisha and Zach. Big Brother reserves the right to change the partners at any time."
"I'll think it's funny when we get partnered Travis!" teases Aleisha.
"Housemates," concludes Big Brother. "It's time to buckle up." Aleisha and Zach join together, and Aleisha decides she needs to go to the toilet. Zach buckles himself to the 'holding station' in the Bathroom. "I feel like one of those naughty kids," says Zach.

There is no mention at all of money or a prize. One stipulation is that at least one member of each pair must be standing at all times. If one sits the other must stand. This is tested rather quickly as they finish fixing spaghetti for lunch. When the move to the table BB reminds them of this rule so they return to the kitchen and stand at the counter to eat.

Now the two pairs are plotting tricks on each other. Billy and Travis lock the other two in the house while they workout in the gym. Aleisha bangs on the door but they don’t let her out. When she says she wants in, Billy tells her she is IN! He warns her not to do anything to his bed.
Knowing the other pair, Billy and Travis sneak back inside and look for Aleisha and Zach. They find them in the bathroom holding their toothbrushes. We don’t know what they planned to do with them.

All four workout in the gym for a while in the afternoon. Zach lifts 40kg and surprises himself. This is something he couldn’t do before coming in the house. Aleisha says she doesn’t want muscles but Travis convinces her that she will just tone he body if she only uses light weights and does reps.

Aleisha and Zach have broken the clasp which holds their belts together. BB has them holding hands at all times until he can get a repair for it.

17:20 and Billy plans to hold dinner preparations until after nominations tonight cause they don’t know what is happening.

19:00 and BB has fixed Zach and Aleisha’s belt so Zach is testing the clasp but running away from her and letting the bungee cord pull him back. He doesn’t weigh much so it has no problem.

They are still discussing possibilities for what will happen tonight.

At 19:45 BB calls them to the lounge and BB tells them that they may all sit during tonight’s filming.
"Tonight you'll not be nominating your Housemates. Instead, Big Brother will ask you two questions." Aleisha's the first to be called to the Diary Room.
Big Brother asks Aleisha the first question. "Which HM do you want to win Big Brother?" he says. Aleisha says she thinks Travis should win. "He's been himself the whole way through," she explains. BB's second question is who Aleisha doesn't want to win. "These are really tough, I'd love for all of us to win," says Aleisha. "Purely Zach because he came in later," she decides.
Aleisha leaves and BB calls Billy to the DR. Billy says Travis is the HM he wants to win. "He's someone that's endearing to all HMs," he says. Billy then tells BB that out of the four people still in the House, he doesn't want Zach to win. "He's very deserving but everyone else has been here since day one."
BB calls Travis to the Diary Room. "Which HM do you want to win Big Brother?" asks BB.
Travis has trouble deciding which HM to choose. "I like all the people in here," Travis explains. He eventually chooses Aleisha saying, "I think she's really got energy, she's done a lot in life."
BB questions why Travis didn't choose himself. "I'm a happy man. I've achieved this 93 day mark and I'm happy to be here," says Travis.
The next question is who Travis doesn't want to win. "Zach, because he hasn't withstood the time and the journey every other HM has done to get this far," he explains.
Travis leaves the Diary Room and Zach's called in. BB asks Zach who he wants to win. "That's easy, Aleisha. She's infectious, she's cute, she's adorable. I think its high time Australia celebrated a different kind of personality," answers Zach. BB asks Zach which HM he doesn't want to win. "In all honesty out of the four of us I'd have to say Travis, purely based on the fact of why I want Aleisha to win. Australia's celebrated the ocker male enough," says Zach.

They finish the two questions at around 20:00 and they all sit on the couch. Suddenly BB calls Aleisha to the rewards room.

A baffled Aleisha ran to the Rewards Room and gasped when she discovered Gretel sitting there.
She sat down and Gretel told her she would be asking Aleisha questions supplied by the viewers.
They kicked off the chat by bantering a little. Gretel asked Aleisha what she was looking forward to when she left the House and Aleisha said she was most excited about seeing her family and eating normally – and not being chained to anyone!

It was time for the viewer questions!

Brian and Diane, Queensland
“If you ever decide to come to Queensland can we adopt you as our grand daughter?”
“Aww yes! They can!” Aleisha giggled.

Susan, Victoria
“If Billy travels back overseas would you go with him? They need hairdressers over there too!”
“I’ll do my own thing I’m pretty sure. I don’t know yet – I’ll just see what happens,” Aleisha said diplomatically. “I’m a bit of a whatever person.” Aleisha explained she liked to take on new challenges but said she would want to go overseas on her own terms, not to follow someone else.

Gretel asked Aleisha about her relationship with Billy.
“I was definitely someone that would say, ‘As IF I would come to the House and be in a relationship with somebody.” Aleisha explained she would have struggled without Billy or Emma. “Having that distraction made it cruisy as.”
She said she didn’t really think about what he was thinking too much and that it was a comfort thing for both of them.

Rachel, Victoria
“Do you think Billy got close to you as a strategic move?”
“Yeah, nah not at all. He thought he was only here for a short amount of time.”

Julie, New South Wales
“How come you rarely brush your hair – you are a hairdresser?”
“My Mum will hate me for not brushing my hair. It’s naturally curly and when I brush it, it frizzes out!” smiled Aleisha.

Gretel asked Aleisha if there was anything she wanted to ask her in return. “Is there a mid-week Eviction?” Aleisha asked, adding that she was sure Gretel couldn’t give her the answer anyway. Gretel agreed that she couldn’t.
And that was the end of the questions. The two hugged as Aleisha left and went back into the Diary Room.

Big Brother called Billy to the Rewards Room.
Billy didn’t seem shocked to see Gretel in the Room and immediately described his BB journey as “crazy”. She asked if he was glad to have abandoned his travel plans and make the decision to be on BB and he quickly replied in the affirmative.
Time for the questions!

Julie, Victoria
“What do you think the future will hold for you and Aleisha?”
“Not sure,” Billy said. “We’ve both been very honest with each other and very open.” Billy added that they were two different people, living in different states and at different stages of their lives. “Hopefully there’s something there for us and we’ll see how it goes.” He finished.

Sue, Western Australia
“Are you going to resume traveling overseas ALONE as soon as you have finished Big Brother?”
“I’ve still got a mate in London waiting for me,” said Billy before confirming, “I will. When and where I start off again is to be decided.”
Gretel asked him if he would travel alone, or take Aleisha with him.
“We’ll just wait and see,” he replied, grinning.

Maree, ACT
“Was coming into the house as Mr X an advantage or disadvantage?”
“I didn’t even know I was coming in as Mr X to start off with!” revealed Billy. “I don’t see it as an advantage or disadvantage,” he said.

“Would you ever consider Zach as a romantic partner?”
Billy laughed. “Not as a romantic partner – as a friend. I think he’s an awesome guy.”
That was the end of that. Billy joined Aleisha in the Diary Room and told her they had heard her scream as she entered the Rewards Room. “I’m shaking!” he smiled.

It was time for Travis to have a chat.
He was stunned to see Gretel and immediately sat down and explained his Nominations procedure. He said he was very close to Billy and Aleisha and had never wanted to vote strategically, adding that BB was very intimidating and sent “chills down his spine.”

Gretel asked Travis the viewer questions.

Maree, ACT
“You said you didn’t go into the Big Brother house to win the money. You also said, you’re not in it for fame and you don’t like the attention (or words to that effect). My question to you is, ‘What are you then doing in the Big Brother house?’”
“It was something me mates hadn’t done,” replied Travis quickly. “I just wanted to come in and prove that anybody could come in and do anything if they put their mind to it.” Travis pulled a few rocks out of his pocket to demonstrate to Gretel that an “ordinary rock”, aka him, could last in the BB House.

Brian, New York, USA
“Do you think you will return to work as a truck driver after big Brother is over or has the experience led you to wish to do something different?”
“I’m happy with my job, my wife and my little boy and that’s all that matters to me.” Travis responded.

Lynne, New South Wales
“How you use your rocks in the Diary Room - is that how you will teach your children the facts of life?”
“Yeah, a rock off thing…” pondered Travis. “Yeah OK yep, I’ll probably do it that way. I haven’t really bloody thought of it. I suppose like the birds and the bees I could have the rocks…”

Jarrod, Victoria
“What is the first thing you will say to your son when you leave the house?”
Travis immediately welled up. “That I love him.” He fought back tears and said, “Next question please Gretel!” There was a long pause before he said, “I hope he’s proud!” And with tears in his eyes, he left the Room. “As long as he’s proud of me. Anyway, hooroo, it’s been nice seeing ya!”

A lonely Zach leapt up when BB called him to the Rewards Room and exclaimed, “You’re joking me!” when he saw Gretel.
He told Gretel he couldn’t believe he was still in the House and last night, his heart was “palpitating.” He said the “not knowing” was the most difficult, but he could deal with the stress.
Gretel asked him if he had any questions and Zach asked her what hair product she was using. Gretel laughed and said, “You’ll have to ask my hair lady.”

Radia, Victoria
“How do you hold your back so straight?”
“Do I!? Do I hold it straight?” Zach said he put it down to being a dancer adding, “Maybe the corsets help!”

Adam & Mark, New South Wales
“Do you think the other housemates and the Australian community understand the pressures of coming to terms with being gay?”
“It was never a question for me of ‘Am I gay or am I straight?’ I was born gay.” Zach explained that he was from the country and it was hard to be accepted there. He said he thought there was greater acceptance in the city.

Gretel asked if he was proud of himself.
“Absolutely and hopefully my parents are too!” replied Zach.

Kim, South Australia
“Do you think you will continue with your business when you’re out or will you explore other avenues?”
“I hope so!” Zach said. He told Gretel he would make her a corset.

Mellie, New South Wales
“If you were a cosmetic item, what would you be and why?”
“I’d definitely be bronzer,” giggled Zach. “Thousands of luminous spheres!”

Kim, Queensland
“If you would take Billy on a date, where would you take him and what would you wear?”
“I’d take him home to see my parents maybe. … Oh, a first date… I don’t know – Paris? And wearing… not much!” grinned Zach.

At 20:45 the four HMs come back out of the diary room where BB has kept them and they sit on the couch. But it’s not over…

Big Brother then played the Housemates’ answers back to the group – throwing a lit stick of dynamite into an already tense tinderbox!

ALEISHA was asked the question first.
“Which Housemate do you want to win Big Brother and why?”
“Travis. I want him to win because he’s purely been himself the whole way through. He hasn’t had a bad word to say about anyone.
Of course, I want to win but I think everyone here deserves to win. If I couldn’t win, I would choose Travis.”
“Which Housemate do you not want to win Big Brother and why?”
“Geez Big Brother, these are really tough! Zach - only because he came in later and I just think that someone who came in from the start deserves to win.”
Aleisha explained it was very tough to be without your family for such a long time and the people who had coped with that deserved to win.

BILLY was next.
“Which Housemate do you want to win Big Brother and why?”
“I’ve said it since Day 1 - I’d love to see Travis win. He is someone who is endearing to Housemates – he is kind and honest to the bone.
I’d love to win Big Brother – it’s the reason everyone comes to be part of this. But I’d love to see Travis win.”
“Which Housemate do you not want to win Big Brother and why?”
“Zach.” He gave similar reasons to Aleisha.

TRAVIS was up – minus his Nomination rocks.
“Which Housemate do you want to win Big Brother and why?”
Travis struggled before finally saying, “I’ll say Aleisha. I think that she has really got energy and has done a lot in her life and she’s come a long way.” Travis said she had arrived as the youngster of the House and had been great to live with. “I struggle to realise why I am still here.” Travis outright told Big Brother he didn’t want to win. “I’m a happy man Big Brother, I’m a really happy person.” BB reminded him there was half a million dollars up for grabs and Travis said that to him, the money was just dollar signs.
“Which Housemate do you not want to win Big Brother and why?”
“Me.” Travis said quickly, before stammering through the rest of his response. “I suppose I would have to say Zach and the reason would be that he hasn’t withstood the time and the journey that the other Housemates have.” BB reminded Travis he had nominated Zach every week and Travis blustered for an answer, before saying he had recently gotten to know Zach better and that, “you really bloody put me on the spot tonight.”

ZACH was the final Housemate to share his feelings.
“Which Housemate do you want to win Big Brother and why?”
“Aleisha – please Aleisha! She’s infectious, cute and adorable and I love her to death. I think it’s high time that Australia celebrated a different personality. Aleisha all the way!
She’s a girl and it would be really, really good for her.”
Zach added that he “wouldn’t be heartbroken” if Aleisha beat him and he really felt she would be a deserving winner.
“Which Housemate do you not want to win Big Brother and why?”
“Travis – purely based on the fact of the reason why I want Aleisha to win. Australia has celebrated the alpha ocker male enough. … Aside from that, I love Travis but it’s high time a different type of personality got a shot at this.”

The revelation
After they had come back from their chat with Gretel, Big Brother showed the Housemates their responses… just as many of them had feared.
The embarrassed Housemates didn’t know where to look as they watched themselves on the screen. Aleisha hugged a pillow and Travis put his hand over his face. Aleisha was extremely shy as she watched Travis and Zach say they wanted her to win and Travis looked close to tears when his name was mentioned.
“I can’t believe he’s done this,” Travis said, as the second part of their answers were projected on the screen. Zach’s face was expressionless as he watched his three Housemates say they didn’t want him to win. Travis also displayed no emotion as he watched Zach say he didn’t want him to win.

As the tape finished playing, Travis immediately told the Housemates it didn’t matter. “It means nothing!” he said. “I hated going in there!”
Zach however, was more worried about how he looked on screen. “Those close up shots were really bad…” he mused.

But if BB planned to turn them against each other with this, the plot fizzled like a wet firecracker because they just laughed about how they looked on the screen and took no offense at all at what had been said.

At 21:00 They all are gathered in the kitchen watching while Billy fixed dinner. They are talking about what happened and was said in the video tonight. Zach is a bit off about why they the HMs said he was not the one to win but he says that he is fine with it.

At 22:00 they have just finished their stand-up dinner in the kitchen. Zach and Aleisha are still excited about talking with Gretel tonight, but Zach is more concerned that he met her wearing his worst t-shirt.

The usual nightly discussions are a bit difficult because one of each pair must remain standing but they manage it.

At 23:00 Aleisha and Zach have gone to bed. Billy and Travis are still up. Travis is cleaning the windows in the house and Billy is following him around on the other end of their tether.

At midnight Travis has finished with the windows. They are now using the bungee tether to sling-shot rubber frogs from the bathroom at Zach and Aleisha. Terrible aim though. Even though they do score some hits, the resting pair are ignoring them. They decide to go to bed.

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Day 94 – Tuesday – All Chained up!

08:50 and Zach and Aleisha are up and getting ready for their bucket baths. They are heating part of their water on the stove so when they mix it with the rest it will at least be warm and not ice cold. They take the two buckets to the bathroom and bathe tether belts and all.

Aleisha and Zach are already back from the farm and they are watching Travis and Billy clean up after they finished kneading the dough for today’s bread.

10:00 and Billy and Travis have invented a new game, ‘Slingshot Frogs’. They put some buckets around the yard.
Then they stand in front of the FNL arena doors and try to shoot a bathroom frog using their bungee tether. They get absolutely nowhere close!! Since it is an utter failure as a game, they decide to just throw the frogs by hand. They get a lot closer this way but still no goals.

Aleisha and Zach are doing their laundry as the boys play. They are getting really bored. The domino stacking task last year was a lot more fun for the last week!!

Now they the boys have worked up an appetite, they head into the house and make some porridge to eat. Whoopee!!

At 11:00 Billy walked away from Travis for a second and snaps their tether. They try to fix it but BB called them to the diary room anyway.

Now Billy and Travis have to hold hands like Aleisha and Zach yesterday. Until BB can replace their belts they have to remain physically connected hand to hand.

12:15 and the boys have invented yet another game in the yard. They place three buckets upside down in a pyramid. Then on that they stack six cans in a pyramid. Then they throw frogs. 10 points for each can knocked over and 100 points if you get them all. Everyone is playing and they go to 500 points. Aleisha wants to continue after the boys win. Zach has the least amount of points.

BB tells the HM they may not talk about the questions that Gretel asked them from the public last night. Each one is being called into the diary room one at a time. Zach is the last one called. While he is inside they talk about BB changing partners soon. Who will Zach be with?

When Zach comes out of the diary room, he tells them that BB told him that they may now discuss the questions from last night. As they talk they realize that the questions all followed a similar theme, “What will they do after they get out?” Everyone wants to just get back to normal everyday things.

At 14:30 it has started to rain outside. They gather at the doors and watch the rainwater tank marker rise. They wonder if BB will let them shower?

Aleisha is tired of the one standing rule. She wants to sit down too. She makes such a fuss that the boys tell her to break her tether and see what happens. She won’t do that but she still rants. The boys get into the chill-out room and she yells that they have to stand in there too. She gets tired and she just sits on the floor outside the little door. They tell her to get up but she refuses and remains sitting.

At 14:45 BB calls Billy and Travis to the diary room to get their repaired belts. The come out with a blue envelope to read.

"For this weeks task you have been joined at the hip," reads Billy. "And you have both broken your harnesses. This tells Big Brother you want to be separated."
Billy tells the HMs BB has changed the rules of this weeks' task. The HMs no longer have to stand when the other sits - both can sit at the same time. But the Belt Mates must synchronise their behaviour, and act identically, although they can still communicate normally. "It's time to double up," finishes Billy.
Aleisha can now sit down on the Lounge next to Zach. "Sit down b**ch," he says. They try to synchronise their actions. Travis and Billy sit down, both raising their left knees onto the Lounge. "This is going to be hard," says Aleisha.
Travis asks Billy if he passed wind, which he did. "I can't fart though," complains Travis. "So how can we double up?"
Billy realises if he kisses Aleisha, Travis will have to do the same to Zach. Travis is not so keen on this idea. "You'd better not kiss me then," warns Aleisha.
Aleisha and Zach struggle to lay in exactly the same manner on the Lounge. "You two are bloody hopeless," laughs Travis.

By 15:30 everyone is asleep on the lounge arranged similarly.

At 16:15 Aleisha and Zach are called to the diary room. When they come out they have no belts and are holding hands again. They head straight to the lounge and go back to sleep.

At 16:35 BB calls them back and gives them back their belts. He also tells them that the only one sitting rule is back in force again. They are quickly losing patience with the task.

After lunch, Aleisha and Zach head to the bedroom to pack their bags. They think that there will be a mid-week eviction tomorrow.

Now the HMs are playing like they are fighting between the two teams. They go to the diary room to tell BB that they are tired of the task and come out still belted together. They decide to end the fight and shake hands.

Same oh, same oh all afternoon and into the evening. Travis reminds them that tomorrow is family dinner topic night.

At 22:30 BB tells them that it has rained enough that they can shower tonight. But it is back to bucket baths tomorrow. Zach and Aleisha both head to the showers.

Everyone is in bed by 23:30 tonight. Night, Night!

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Day 95 – Wednesday – Still belted together.

08:45 and there is enough water in the tanks today for BB to let them have hot showers.

09:30 and Aleisha and Zach are returning from the farm. Billy and Travis are doing bread duty in the kitchen.

10:15 and they are making a very large omelet for breakfast. The hens laid a bounty in the farm and they will have plenty of protein today. There are onions and plenty of sausage slices to put in too.

After breakfast, everyone is out in the yard. Billy and Travis are just standing looking at the trees outside while Aleisha and Zach take turns lying down in the sun. There is still a ‘only one sitting’ rule in force during the task.

At 11:00 Aleisha is facing her worst time of the day again. Vitamin Time! She hates them and can’t seem to swallow one whole. She dissolves the C tablet in water and drinks it. She only gets down half of the big one. She gives the other half to Billy.

Billy and Travis are having a Bocce Ball Championship match in the yard. They have a coat hanger and are calling it the "platinum coight". Whoever wins this match gets to keep it (if BB lets them take it out).

Well Travis has another trophy now. He won the Bocce match.

At 12:30 Aleisha wins one! They have been playing the pyramid and cans game and Aleisha finally threw a frog that scattered all six of the cans in a single throw. She wins the trophy which was a frog stuffed into a plastic sup. She takes it and runs to put it on the trophy shelf in the bedroom.

At 12:40 BB calls them to the lounge and has them swap beltmates. Aleisha is now hooked to Billy and Travis is now with Zach.

Billy and Aleisha are back in their old relationship mode. Travis and Zach are standing in the kitchen cleaning up. They are talking about Zach’s past relationships which have all ended badly. He thinks he is just a push-over.

The afternoon is spent in the yard. For a while they are all in the gym working out.

Meanwhile, BB has posted a notice at 15:00 that Thomas and Susannah are now on-line for a joint webchat.
At 15:45, BB gives the two belted teams each a 3D cube puzzle to solve.

Its time to test your puzzle-solving skills. Your challenge today is to try and build the Big Brother 3D Cube. Based on the world’s most popular video game with over 60 million fans worldwide, the Big Brother 3D Cube is incredibly simple on one hand, but also remarkably difficult on another - there are 12 pieces and 9,839 possible solutions.
Each pair of HMs have been given a Big Brother 3D cube and must try and solve it before the other pair figures out one of the many possible combinations in which all the various shapes make a perfect cube.

At 17:00 everyone is in the bathroom getting spruced up a bit for dinner. BB has asked them to dress up tonight. They think that maybe there will be a Wednesday eviction.

At 19:20 dinner is ready and they all sit down to dinner and conversation topics.
A main talking point is the belts they have to wear for this week's task. All the HMs are hating it. They agree for the first day it was funny, but now the novelty has worn off and the task is really cramping their style. They all feel restricted and are getting irritated with the person they are attached to. "I think absolutely get rid of the shackles," says Zach, who is particularly unimpressed with the task.
One question that comes up is: Which HM are you looking forward to seeing when you get out and who would you least like to see?
Billy says he can't wait to catch up with Bodie but had nothing in common with TJ. Aleisha is looking forward to seeing Emma, Andrew, Bodie and Demet, and Nick the least. Travis says he's looking forward to seeing Andrew again and after much dithering, he says he understood Rebecca the least. Zach says he can't wait to party with Daniela on the outside, but isn't too bothered about seeing Laura again because her singing drove him crazy.
The next question on the agenda is one thing you'd change about each Housemate.
Billy: "Aleisha, brush your hair more often. Travis, I'd make you take more beer from the drinks. Zach, I'd make you be more blasé about your hair."
Aleisha: "Billy, I would like to do whatever I want to your hair and I would like you to let me. And I would like you to say what you think instead of doing those facial expressions that I don't understand. I would like Travis to respect Chachi and way I respect Chachi and not treat him like dirt. And Zach, I also liked your hair better the other day."
Travis: "Billy, don't worry about what's going to happen when you get out. Zach, you're the same. I think you should be more open to what will happen when you get out of here. Don't be so hard on yourself because you've got a lot going for you. You've got a lot to offer. It's what within you that shines. Aleisha, don't talk. Don't open your mouth. Nah, my advice to you is don't change. You're very approachable. You're not fazed and you make everyone feel welcome."
Zach: "Billy, I would make you gay. Aleisha, I would get you to change your sheets more often. Travis, I would love to see fireworks from you. I'd like to see angry Travis just once. I'd love to see you lose it."

Dinner is over a little after 8pm and everyone moves to start cleaning up the kitchen and dishes.

They are talking again about past HMs. The originals tell Zach that on Sunday, he will have been in the house as long as Emma and Rebecca were in. As it is now after 9pm, they realize that any hope for a mid-week eviction is gone. Billy tells Aleisha that he was ready to go tonight.

At 21:45 they all visit the diary room for a few minutes and when they emerge that head to the 3D cubes to try to get them together. As they work they hear a bell. But there is only one ring. They think it was the phone and if it does ring, Aleisha is the next one to pick it up. Back several weeks ago before the week BB left, they picked a order for the HMs to answer the phone. Aleisha is next followed by Travis.

At 22:30 the phone rings.
Aleisha answers the phone. BB tells Aleisha: “What you are about to hear you can only share with the HM you are tethered to.”
“Tomorrow the phone will ring again and will give either very good news or bad news,” BB continues. BB explains that two HMs will be winners two HMs will be losers. If Travis or Zach ask about the call she can only respond with: “I’m not telling.”
After the call is over the HMs head to the Bathroom. Billy says: “I got a feeling I’m going home.”
Travis and Zach ask Aleisha about the call, she tells them: “I’m not telling.”
“Have you got to say I’m not telling?” Zach asks. Aleisha replies: “I’m not telling.”

Travis and Zach have gone to the bathroom to clean. Billy and Aleisha are still in the lounge talking about the phone call. Aleisha tells Billy exactly what was said in the call. They discuss whether they should answer tomorrow or let Travis take it according to the planned order. They decide that if Travis is there they will let him take it. If he isn’t they will answer and take their chances.

At 23:00 talk has turned to current and past relationships. Billy says that his family loved Hayley. Zach is asked about proposing. He says he will propose because he doesn’t see anyone ever proposing to him.

Billy and Aleisha talk about how their relationship started. Aleisha jumped into his bed on the Thursday after Hayley told the house that he was her ex. She was just being silly she says. Billy tells her that she is so much different now than when he first met her.

The lights go out shortly after midnight and everyone goes to bed.

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Day 96 – Thursday – Will this task ever end?

09:30 and everyone is up and at ‘em. Zach and his belt partner are on the way to the farm.

Everyone is in the kitchen standing and drinking their morning tea. They are talking about what they will be doing next week this time after they all leave the house.

11:00 and it is Aleisha’s unfavorite time of the day. It’s Vitamin Time!! She actually gets them down with only two tries today.

At 11:30 Aleisha and Billy are called to the diary room where they are told to wash the windows. Zach and Travis start to watch them but they are called also. They have to clean the house.

At noon, Travis is in the diary room doing his on-line diary entry. Zach is sitting on the floor next to the entry waiting for his partner.

Travis comes out and everyone heads to the yard to catch some sun.

13:00 and Billy and Aleisha are back to cuddling and relationship talking again as usual.

14:00 Everyone is talking in the house. The question comes up about whether or not flowers should be sent or taken in person. Both Aleisha and Zach are adamant that ‘in person’ is best. But she also says that if she sees a guy carrying flowers she thinks he has done something wrong and is trying to apologize. So us guys get it both ways, we can’t win the public but we may be able to win the girls heart.

Aleisha and Billy get busy in the kitchen making 'crispy' dolls out of bread dough to represent each of the housemates that have been in the house. Travis and Zach come help them. Emma is the one with the big breasts and Nick only has one arm. Zach is good at making them look lifelike. When they finish they line them up on the counter under the structure where all the name tags hang.

At 15:00 the phone finally rings. Travis answers it and he and Zach have to leave the house… NOW! They have 30 seconds to say goodbye. Travis and Zach go to the diary room.

At 15:15 BB tells Billy and Aleisha to pack Travis and Zach’s bags and remain in the bedroom until further notice. When they finish they sit on a bed and talk about what the other two are doing. Wondering if they are really gone or not.

At 16:00 BB tells them to go outside and stand on the hot tub platform and look over the wall above the gym. The soon see a helicopter rise and inside are Travis and Zach. The chopper circles and then heads out over dreamworld.

At 16:20 Travis and Zach are back and they are full of talk about the great helicopter ride they had all over the Gold Coast. As they talk, BB announces that they can now take their belts off as the task is now over. Everyone quickly jumps up takes the belts off and hug. Zach is running around the yard because he is now free.

Travis is feeling bad about enjoying the outside experience while Aleisha and Billy had to stay in the house. That little bit of outside time has giving him a huge lift.

By 18:00 everyone is taking a nap on the lounge. But only for about an hour.

At 19:00 Aleisha and Zach are playing with the two 3D cubes that BB gave them yesterday. Still no success.

20:00 and Billy and Travis have made dinner. Everyone moves to the table to sit and eat. Back to talking about what they will do next week. One hot topic is that they can shower NUDE!! Everyone wants to do that so they can get really clean for once in 3 months for three of them.

Everyone gets changed into their swimmers and they all head to the hot tub at 21:00. They are in there for quite a while. They have a big white tub of drinks sitting beside them and they keep hydrated.

After being in there for over two and half hours BB finally surprises them with an announcement.

At 23:45 he makes the following announcement:
BB's voice comes over the House, telling HM's they'll be treated to a Big Brother World First. The phones about to ring and HMs from the UK Big Brother will be on the other end. HMs will have 5 minutes to talk.
The Fabulous Four run from the Spa to the phone in the Lounge. "How exciting," exclaims Aleisha.

They get out, grab towels and they all run to the kitchen and stand by the phone. At almost exactly midnight it rings and Billy answers.

The phone starts ringing and Billy picks it up. He says ‘hello’ and starts talking to one of the UK BB Housemates. “We’re just sitting around in the hot tub having a few drinks,” Billy tells the voice on the other line.
“Is there an English Actor in the House there?” asks a UK HM. Billy tells him ‘no’ and asks how many HMs they have left. “Ten and one to go tomorrow night,” the voice replies. The UK HMs talk about how an English actress came into their House and pretended to be an Aussie.
Zach’s next on the phone. “Hello b**ches!” he says as he picks up the receiver. Aleisha takes the phone after Zach and finds out one of the UK HMs is a fan. “I heard you can walk on water,” he tells her. Aleisha starts giggling.
Travis is the last HM to get on the phone. “You guys on the home straight yet or what?” he asks. The UK HMs say they’ve got five weeks left.

The phone goes dead just as Billy gets back on. But the heartrates of the housemates don’t. They are on cloud nine.

Aleisha can’t believe that Brian in the UK watched the Australian BB before the UK BB season started and knows everyone but Zach. He loved Emma and talked about how nice Aleisha was and even knew the Aussie Truckie Travis. He also knew Billy and how he came in as Mr. X. At first he thought that Zach was Nick but they straightened him out. Aleisha is really stoked about him knowing that Bodie tried to get her to ‘Walk On Water’ way back in the early part of the season. She says when she gets out she will look up the UK BB site to she can see pictures of the people they talked to. Billy wants to see pictures of the twins. Travis wants to look at the 53 year old grandmother he was talking to.

Everyone goes back to either cleaning the house or working on the 3D puzzles. As they do they continue to talk about the phone call with the UK.

They are still talking when the lights go out at 01:30 as the get ready for bed.

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Day 97 – Friday – Games, What Games?

BB gets everyone up with a hot shower at 10:15 today. There is still water in the tanks.

It is a brilliant day outside so they take time to get some sun on one of their last days in the house before they have to return to outside life and WORK!! Aleisha and Zach are talking about what they want to do outside.

Aleisha gives him a full run down of what she'll do. "I want to drive a car by myself with the music up as loud as it can go and a song I know all the words to playing. I want to get up, have a shower naked, go out for breakfast and order whatever I want. Then I'd want to get a juice, then go shopping, then get in my car, put a CD on, drive all the way back home singing. I'd stop and get some take away, do a lap of my town, then I want to go to my family house and have a big BBQ lunch. After that I want to invite all my friends over for drinks then go to the pub and dance all night."

At noon, Ali-B takes time out for a cuddle and a couple kisses.

At 13:00 BB sends them into the bedroom so the crew can start work on the arena.

At 13:30 BB lets them back into the lounge and kitchen but not outside.

Zach and Travis are talking about adventures and misadventures they have had when picking up hitchhikers. Travis tried on time but when the guy saw two big guys in the car he decided he didn’t want a ride anymore. Another time he picked a guy up on the road but ended up making him get out later.

The HMs are lazing around the house this afternoon looking for something to do. They try the 3D puzzles for a bit but give up. Naps seem popular.

Although they have been out of the belts since late yesterday, BB doesn’t ask for them back until today. At 16:45 he calls Zach to bring them back to the diary room. Zach says there will be a ritual burning later.
Back to naps again after the brief excitement.

At 18:30 BB tells them to leave the bedroom so he can bring in the uniforms for tonight’s games.

At 19:00 he lets them back in to find individually colored warm-up track uniforms. Travis is white, Billy is green, Aleisha is lavender and Zach is black. The have color coordinated helmets as well. BB gave them some starburst lollies for energy too.

At 19:50 it is time to enter the arena.
Big Brother informed the excited Housemates that it was the last time they would enter the Arena. Dressed in fancy tracksuits, BB told them that in a few days time, someone would win close to half a million dollars. “But tonight is not about money,” he reminded them. “Tonight is about the quest for glory. Housemates, tonight’s winner will be crowned the grand champion of Friday Night Games.”
After that inspirational speech, the Housemates were pumped. But Big Brother being Big Brother, had an extra incentive for them. He told them to look at the screen nearby and the Housemates began screaming as a picture of their loved ones flashed up.
Aleisha’s brother Joshua, Billy’s sister Rachel, Travis’s father Colin (or, as Travis referred to him, “Collo”) and Zach’s best friend Zac were nervously perched underneath giant buckets. The Housemates squealed and shouted in glee, as for many, it was the first time in a long time they had seen their nearest and dearest.
Big Brother then dropped his bombshell. He told the HMs that their loved ones were sitting under a tank of fish guts, slime and maggots. “I’m sorry Josh!” wailed Aleisha apologetically. BB told them the only way to save their loved ones from a terrible fate would be by winning tonight’s games. “On behalf of your loved ones, good luck.” Big Brother finished.

Thongey Ball – Ninjas vs HMs
Big Brother announced that tonight, the Housemates would take on the Ninjas at their own game. BB instructed them to re-enter the House and the Housemates were delighted to spot the backyard set up for Thongey Ball.
BB told them they would run the game as they were well-versed with the rules. However, he would act as Third Umpire and rule on any contentious decisions. The first team to 10 points would be the winners.
Aleisha flipped for the first serve and the HMs cheered as they won the toss. Within moments, it was 2-0 to the Housemates.
Big Brother ruled on a few controversial line calls and the HMs challenged him good-naturedly. The scores at 4-4, the HMs cheered and clapped while the Ninjas remained stealthily quiet.
What the Housemates didn’t know was that the Ninjas this week were actually Mike, Fitzy and Bree – and the elite Ginger Ninja!
There were a few tough calls and Ninja Fitzy even challenged BB, his arms outstretched, staring at the sky.
It was a close match, with both teams vying point for point. Finally, it was down to the final point. “Next point wins,” announced BB and Travis delivered an amazing shot. BB declared that Zach didn’t serve properly and the point was replayed.
Billy accidentally broke the “net” and BB awarded the Ninjas the point as retribution.
The Ninjas were victorious!

As the Housemates mourned their loss, BB told the Ninjas to reveal themselves. Mike, Fitzy and Bree tore off their Ninja masks and the delighted Housemates ran to them – slapping high fives and exchanging hugs.
“We really won that, we did a good job,” the HMs consoled themselves happily, as they headed back to the holding pen. “How weird to see other faces in here!” exclaimed Travis.

Individual Glory
From here on in, the Housemates would be playing for points – and the winner would be the only one to save their loved one from being drenched in a gross BB concoction.

Round 1: Get in Shape
An approaching wall would creep up towards the Housemate, who would have to fit through a carved out shape. If they didn’t get through the shape, they would be pushed into a put of slime.
Successful Housemates would be awarded 10 points. Unsuccessful HMs would get nothing.
Aleisha was up first and nervously waited as the wall approached. Her shape was a person with outstretched limbs. She managed to get through.
Her next shape was a lot trickier – Aleisha had to jump up and through the shape and managed to just get through. She passed!
Aleisha was awarded 20 points.
Billy sported a huge grin as he approached the wall. His shape was an upside down L. Billy paid extremely close attention as the wall approached and he managed to get through.
The next was a very tricky shape that involved a leg and arm outstretched. He managed to wedge himself through the middle and was informed by BB he was successful.
Billy was awarded 20 points.
Zach spent the whole lead-up time stretching in anticipation. He was given a wall with a perfect circle and managed to gracefully slip through.
His next shape involved outstretched limbs and Zach nervously stuffed himself through the middle area.
Zach was awarded 20 points.
Travis looked extremely nervous as he stepped up. His first shape involved him crouching down and he managed to get through successfully.
Travis’s next shape involved some very awkward angles. “What the HELL?” he screeched as he saw it and only managed to get through the shape at the last possible moment.
Travis was awarded 20 points.

Round 2: The Straight Shooter
The Housemates were given the chance to shoot two penalty kicks at a set of goals. The twist was that before kicking, they were strapped to a frame and spun around for 20 seconds. While the frame spun, they had to stare upwards at a ball. BB reminded them they had to kick immediately after spinning.
And to make things REALLY complicated - there was a small Ninja doll goal keeper also thwarting their efforts.
“Can we go any faster or what?” Billy heckled as two Ninjas spun him around. Billy wasn’t heckling moments later when he tried to kick and stacked spectacularly – missing the goalposts by a mile.
Zach was nervous as he heard about the game, but managed to gently tap the ball in a straight line. It slowly crept towards the goal – narrowly missing the Ninja and scoring him a goal.
Zach was awarded 10 points.
Aleisha looked confident and delivered a hearty kick, but missed the goal posts. Giggling, she retreated to the side again.
Travis absolutely struggled to stay upright as he exited the spinning platform. In a very dizzy state, he managed to JUST kick the ball – getting a goal. There was no celebrations – as Travis continued to struggle to stay on his feet and had to be assisted upright by a Ninja.
Travis was awarded 10 points.

Billy’s second effort was almost identical to his first, although he managed to avoid a stack this time around. Zach kicked more confidently and strongly than the first attempt, but the ball hit the goalpost and just missed entering the net. Aleisha nearly missed the ball altogether. Travis could barely stay on his feet as he delivered a shockingly off-target kick.
Zach and Travis were officially ahead of the rest, being the only Housemates to score 10 points in the round.

Round 3: Greyhound Racing
The next round was human greyhound racing. The Housemates had to race on their hands and knees around a track. They drew their lanes and BB announced that the points would be broken down based on when they crossed the finish line. “There is to be absolutely no biting or sniffing each other,” BB reminded them.
To make things trickier, the Housemates were blindfolded and had to crawl across some varied terrain – including slippery mats and a sticky “mud pond”.
Billy speedily took the winning spot, as Travis crawled around agonisingly slowly – perhaps still dizzy from the last challenge. Zach was close on Billy’s tail but could only pull up second place and Aleisha, who started slowly, took out third place.
Travis slowly crossed the finish line, ages after everyone else. “Geez, I was bloody slow, wasn’t I?” he remarked. He was not exaggerating.
BB announced the points:
Billy – 10 points
Zach – 8 points
Aleisha – 6 points
Travis – 4 points
Big Brother told the Housemates there would be one more round and to remind them what they were playing for, he showed them shots of their loved ones. The Housemates happily smiled and clapped their hands in anticipation.

Round 4: Balancing Act
The blindfolded Housemates were led outside the Arena. “We’re going to the crane!” predicted Aleisha while Zach wailed nervously. “Geez, that’s bloody tall!” said Travis, as their masks were whipped off and the Housemates spied a large contraption.
Big Brother told them they would be airwalking and reminded them, “This is your defining moment.”
The Housemates had to walk across a balance beam that was just 20cm wide, suspended 20m in the air. The further across they could walk, the more points they would win. Travis seemed terrified.
“If you fall off the beam, do not panic too much,” BB told them. “You will fall a short distance but your harness will catch you.”
BILLY was up first.
“[Feeling] good Big Brother,” he said confidently as he was strapped into his harness. “Good luck!” shouted the Housemates as the beam was raised.
Billy confidently worked out a slow but steady walking procedure, facing forward, and managed to make it the whole way across, despite the beam swaying ominously. BB told him he had scored a maximum of 25 points. “Thanks Big Brother!” he shouted.
Travis was openly scared of heights and was very scared as he took his place. “Are you ready?” BB asked. “No!” replied Travis.
He stepped onto the beam regardless. “I’m GONE!” he said, before taking even one step.
Travis crouched down a little and hearing chains clanking, he nervously shouted repeatedly, “Is that meant to do that?” BB assured him he was safe and asked how he was feeling. “I’ve had better days,” Travis admitted.
Travis avoided looking down as he adopted a sideways shuffle step. He sucked back deep breaths as he inched across the beam and made it to the other side. He gripped the pole firmly at the other end, relived to be finished.
Travis offered Zach tips as he nervously made his way to the beam.
When BB asked how he was feeling, Zach simply offered up a few squeaks. He struggled to make even one step but finally bravely began wandering across.
At snail’s pace, Zach walked across the beam. His friend Zac watched very closely, also nervously hoping he would make it all the way across so he would be spared from the BB feral concoction.
“Come on, come on Zach,” he muttered to himself as he took his final few steps – managing to make it all the way across. Overjoyed, he clasped the pole, relieved it was finished.
As Aleisha stepped up to the beam, the Housemates didn’t realise – Zach had the biggest number of points and would be tonight’s winner.
Aleisha offered up premature apologies to her brother. “It’s wobbling already!” she said as the beam was raised.
Aleisha also embraced the sidewards shuffle – encouraged by her Housemates. She very nearly fell in her final steps, but managed to make it the whole way across. She happily wiggled her butt as she was lowered to the ground.
Blindfolded, the Housemates walked back into the Arena, where their loved ones awaited. “I can smell… it really is fish guts!” screamed Aleisha.
The Housemates were instructed to remove their masks and immediately screamed with joy as they came face to face with their Housemates. Aleisha and Travis shouted apologies and Billy cheekily said to his sister, “I’m home!”
“You’re so big!” Aleisha told her brother Josh.
“In fourth place, with a total of 51 points is Aleisha,” said BB. Aleisha’s brother was slimed.
“In third place, with 55 points, is Billy.” Billy’s sister was slimed.
“In second place, with 59 points, is Travis.” Travis’s Dad Colin offered up a small wave as he too, was slimed.
BB announced that with a total of 63 points, Zach was the grand champion.
Zach was absolutely ecstatic as he received his trophy – an enormous gold offering that he could barely hold above his head. He was so excited, that he barely said goodbye as the loved ones were led away.
“Zach, as grand champion you have won one last prize…” BB said. He told Zach that he was allowed to spend one minute with his loved one, Zac.
Zach was clearly overwhelmed and very emotional as Zac was led back out into the Arena. “I cannot believe you’re still in here! What is going on!” shouted Zac. The two clasped hands and happily started at each other. “Did someone get my ticket to Christina [Aguilera’s concert]?” said Zach quickly. “Arghh, you probably can’t say!”
The Games were done and dusted and Zach had achieved his ultimate goal. Not only did he win a Friday Night Games, as he had ached to do, he won the ULTIMATE GAMES – undeniably finishing the challenge in spectacular style.

Everyone is back to the house at 22:00. They go to the bedroom to change and take a shower.

At 22:45 BB announces that he has provided dinner and that it is served in the chill-out room. The three-person rule is suspended for tonight. Everyone crawls in and sits around a large platter of meats and veggies. It looks like Kebabs.

Everyone is talking about seeing their friend or relative in the arena tonight. Only Zach actually got to speak to his friend Zac but the others were real excited to see their faces and see them smile.

They are all reminiscing about past times in the house now. Also past trophies as Zach sits and looks at his huge grand trophy.

BB give them some more drinks at midnight and at 00:30 he starts playing some dance music which Aleisha and Zach take advantage of.

When the music stops they all relax and conversations restart until it is time for bed at around 01:30.

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Day 98 – Saturday – Almost There!!

09:45 BB turns the lights on. Travis rolls over, puts his mic on and says, “One More Sleep Guys!” BB announces hot water.

As soon as everyone finishes their showers, BB announces that he has provided the ingredients for their breakfast in the kitchen dumbwaiter. Billy checks it out and finds plenty of eggs and bacon. They waste no time at all getting started cooking this one.

Everyone is exclaiming about it being the 98th day. Only 2 days to go until this is finally over.

Once breakfast is over and the clean-up is done they all move to the yard where there is a beautiful sunny day waiting for them. Just another sunbaking day.

At 12:45 BB announces that the staples are in the diary room. Billy goes to collect the two crates and when he gets to the kitchen they find that there are steaks, hot dogs and plenty of meat pies included this time. No shopping today.

At 13:45 BB tells Zach that it is time to tend the animals. Aleisha gets to go with him today. Rosie is back finally for the end of the season.

At 15:45 BB tells them that the results of the belt task are in. There was $75,000 up this week, but they broke the links several times. They get zero dollars this week. But he gave them some 3D cubes to play with this week. In the yard is a giant 3D cube. If the HMs can solve it BB will make the prize pool a total of $450,000. He gives them one hour.

The HMs know that they never solved the little ones so they have next to no chance with the big one. At 40 minutes they break a few pieces and they start taking the pieces apart to make them fit. BB tells them that this is cheating but they continue. They finally get a cube but with mostly single parts of the bigger pieces. They stand on top of the big cube a cheer. BB tells them that they failed to do it correctly so the pool is still $437.401. The HMs cheer anyhow and start taking the cube apart and seeing if the pieces float in the pool.

At 17:20 Travis starts making a tower out of the cube pieces. Pretty soon they are all pitching in to see how high they can make it. Soon Billy and Aleisha start cuddling in the mansion while Travis and Zach continue. They want to make it at least 16 levels high, one for each housemate. Billy says make it 17 high.

At 18:00 Travis finally gets the 16th level on the tower and everyone cheers. BB even gets in on the act and applauds their efforts. He tells them that even though they could not make a cube, they did make a tower and he is making the prize pool a total of $450,000 as their reward. In celebration the four run into the tower and scatter the pieces all over the back yard in a single effort.

Ever mindful of how BB likes to keep the house, the four HMs quickly start cleaning up the yard. It doesn’t take them long to set it to rights. But they still have plenty of energy and they start in on the house too.

By 19:15 they have finished the house and everyone is outside drinking a cup of tea as they relax.

Soon Aleisha has Billy spread out on the lounge and she is popping the pimples on his back. When she finishes, Travis speaks up.

"Jeez, look what she's done to your back! It's covered in red blotches! She's made a mess of it mate," drawls Travis.
Aleisha giggles and says: "I've been promised a massage in return for popping Billy's pimples."
"I'm not sure she deserves it, mate," laughs Travis.

BB is still full of surprises tonight. At 20:00 he calls Travis to the diary room and he returns tells the HMs that BB will provide takeaway for dinner. He just wants to know what they want. The decide that burgers or fried chicken are both what they want. Burgers first, chicken second.

It doesn’t take long. At 21:00 BB calls them to ‘come and get it’.
As Travis runs to the Diary Room the others ask him not to tell them what it is.
"Just surprise us!" they all agree.
When Travis returns with a platter of chicken burgers, chicken pieces, chips, coleslaw, potato and gravy and soft drink, the three HMs cheer.
Soon all that can be heard is munching and moaning as the HMs tuck in to their meal.

22:30 and BB gives them a letter. BB wants them to find out how much they have learned about each other while in the house. Each HM will get a list of questions in an envelope. Each HMs will quiz the others about themselves and if they can answer the questions, they will get an endless supply of lollies and chocolates that will last them until they leave the house.

Aleisha is first.

How many siblings do I have and what are their names?
Billy knows the answer, and easily rattles of the names of her seven brothers and sisters.
Describe my ideal man.
Travis: "Someone who makes you laugh, has a good personality, who can be your best friend."
Billy: "Dark hair, but that doesn't matter cos you can change it."
Zach: "Someone who puts their family first."
Aleisha tells them they've got them all right.
What is my most prized possession?
Travis and Billy both say it's her teddy bear. Aleisha says no, and then Billy correctly replies: "Your Ford Festiva."
What type of food do I most dislike?
Billy: "Fish." Zach: "Eggs, tofu, rice."
Aleisha shakes her haid, and Billy guesses: "Eggs." Prompting Zach to exclaim: "I said that!"
Who was is my least favourite HM?
Everyone answers: "Nick."
Who is my idol?
Travis guesses her mum, but Billy is right again when he says it's her sister.
What's my worst habit?
The boys simultaneously make Aleisha's popping noise.
Who was my favourite bed partner?
They all correctly answer emma.
How many pairs of underwear did I bring into the House?
No one knows, not even Aleisha. They guess at 10 or 12.
What has been my low point in the House?
Zach guesses: "Your night with Michelle?"
Travis and Billy get it right: "Emma leaving."
The questions are finished and Aleisha says: "You guys got 'em all right!"
"All except the undies one maybe," replies Zach.

Billy is second:

What town was I living in before I entered the Big Brother House?
Aleisha says: "Was it one in Canada?"
No one knows, so they decide to come back to this question later.
Where do I plan on going next?
Travis correctly replies: "London then Switzerland and Europe."
Do I ski or snowboard?
All three reply as one: "Snowboard."
Describe my ideal woman.
Zach laughs: "Aleisha."
Aleisha: "Someone shorter than you, and blonde."
Travis: "I reckon someone Jessica Alba style."
Zach: "A girl up for anything, up for a good time, a girl who won't say no to anything, not too hot and cold."
Billy: "I can't really answer that, but blonde and shorter than me is about right."
What type of food do I most dislike?
Travis: "BB staples and kidno beans."
Billy agrees with the kidney beans, but says it would have to be Brussels sprouts.
Who was/is my least favourite HM?
Aleisha and Travis say TJ. Billy agrees.
What is my best attribute?
Zach: "Do you want me to answer that one?"
Aleisha: "What's an attribute?" Zach explains it to her.
Travis: "You're a doer, you're easy-going."
Who was my favourite bed partner?
Both boys say Aleisha. Billy tells them it was Andrew for a long time, and then Travis.
How many pairs of undies did I bring into the House?
Zach guesses 10. Aleisha counts on her fingers: "Two blue, one grey, one white, one light blue, one black with red. So six."
Billy describes every pair of pants he brought in and then tells them – eight.
What's been my highpoint in the House?
They all agree it was winning his first Friday night games.
Billy reminds them they didn't answer his first question. They still don't know the answer. He tells them it was Kelowna.

Zach is third

Describe my ideal man.
Aleisha: "Billy."
Zach: "No."
Aleisha: "Romantic."
Billy: "Caring, affectionate."
Aleisha: "Proud to walk down the street and hold your hand."
Travis: "Someone who makes you laugh."
Zach tells them they've got them all right.
Who is my idol?
Travis gets it straight away: "Marilyn Monroe."
What type of food do I most dislike?
Billy knows that it's mushrooms.
My worst habit.
They all start making a whining noise, which makes Zach laugh. After much guessing at what it really is (Billy: "Having perfect hair and clothes, and being concerned about the way you look." Aleisha: "Biting your nails, biting your lip."), Zach tells them: "Licking my fingers. I do it all the time when I'm eating, and Zac hates it."
How many pairs of undies did I bring into the House?
Aleisha and Travis thinks it's 10, and Billy guesses13 or 14. Zach doesn't know.
What is my favourite item of clothing I've brought into the House?
Aleisha says it's his corsets and white suit. Zach smiles and nods.
Who was/is my favourite Housemate?
Aleisha says Emma, Travis and Billy say it's Aleisha. Zach tells them it's Emma.
What has been the low point of my BB experience?
Zach tells them there have been four. Aleisha and Travis both say it was when Billy was the star.
Aleisha: "Missing your parents' birthdays, and when we were tied together."
They can't guess the fourth one for a while. Eventually Aleisha says: "Taking off the bracelet." Zach nods.
What did I leave for Billy for when I get evicted?
He tells Aleisha to tell the others. She announces that Zach made a bracelet for Billy.
Zach explains: "For the past two weeks I've been hiding it under your mattress. I made it for you as a thank you for being my male support in here." He hands the bracelet over to Billy, who is visibly touched.

Travis finishes up.

Where did I get married?
Aleisha knows: "At that maze near Dromana."
How old is my son?
They all know he's three.
What TV commercial was I in?
After lots of guesses Travis has to tell them it was an ad for Lada cars.
Who was/is my favourite Housemate?
Aleisha: "Andrew and Billy." Travis agrees.
What type of food do I most dislike?
Zach: "Anything someone else has prepared."
Travis says this is true, but there's one thing in particular that he can't eat. Billy knows it's bananas.
Who is my idol?
Zach: "Your wife or your dad?"
Again Billy knows: "You want to be like your grandpa."
What is my worst habit?
Zach: "Not accepting help."
Billy: "Not putting yourself before others."
Aleisha: "Farting." Travis agrees with Aleisha.
How many pairs of the old Reg Grundys did I bring into the House?
Travis doesn't know, but they all guess: Aleisha – 8, Billy – 10, Zach – 12.
What has been the highpoint of my BB experience?
Billy: "Winning Friday night games, and before that the Ice Cave."
Zach: "Getting through evictions." Travis replies "nah", and Billy says "that's easy."
Zach tries again: "Getting through your son's birthday, or the ride in the helicopter."
Travis: "That was a high point (referring to the helicopter), but there's something else."
Aleisha guesses correctly: "The restaurant."
What is my best attribute?
Aleisha: "Good listener."
Zach: "Putting others before yourself."
Billy: "Caring."
Travis smiles and replies: "Caring, easy-going, good listener, putting other's before self. So I reckon you guys summed me up pretty well."

They finish up almost exactly on midnight. BB is good to his word and calls them to the diary room where they find an entire staples crate full of lollies and chocolate and treats. There are even some frozen chocolate fudge sticks. These don’t last long as Aleisha and Zach grab them and rip the paper covers off. Billy and Travis take one too.

The sugar rush only lasts for a while though and by 01:00 we have four tired housemates heading to the bedroom and getting ready for bed. BB turns out the lights.

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