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Problems Logging In, Staying Logged In, Changing Your Settings...

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As most of you know, I upgraded to a more powerful server and the change in service wasn't as smooth as we hoped. Each day I manage to cross a couple of things off the glitch list.

As of today, they tell me you won't have to log in each time you return to the site. Registered users that sign-in will stay signed in on that computer until you log out, or log in from another location (like it was before).

Most users couldn't change their avatars, I thought that problem was fixed, I still got mail saying the system wouldn't accept a new upload, so today this issue was fixed again (we shall see....). Avatars must be either .jpg .gif or .png, because of security concerns, .swf (Flash) avatars are not permitted. Images can be no larger than 90 x 90 pixels.

If you are now having problems logging in try these steps: First, click the link on the main page on the right side, just above the heading "Board Statistics" that says: "Delete cookies set by this board"

If that fails to solve the problem, go into your browser and delete all cookies from TVFanForums.net, cust13389.ipslink.com, host9.parachat.com and s134005998.onlinehome.us. If you're not familiar with your browser's cookie settings and you can't figure out how to delete individual cookies, you can delete all your cookies, however this will cause you to have to sign back in to other sites that "remember you" (it's kind of a pain).

While you've got your browser's settings open, you can also delete your browser's cache. This is a collection of web site data that your computer hangs on to so if you re-visit a site, your computer only needs to download the stuff that changed since your last visit.

That's all I know, so I hope that fixed it.

One last tip they gave me: AOL users should not use the AOL browser, but should use Internet Explorer, or Firefox. AOL users may not be able stay logged in between sessions because your IP address is matched to your cookie, and since AOL can give you a different IP address each time you connect, the board won't know it's you.

Now lets get back to figuring out who will have a showmance with whom this season.




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Thanks Morty... Things seem to be working great so far as far as slow downs go.... Worth having to sign in everytime is we keep the board running smooth IMHO




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When I signed up for the feeds, Firefox was offered as a free download, so I tried it. It's working really well; better than AOL was doing. So, I definitely recommend trying it. Thanks for the great new server, Morty! There are a lot of new features and I've barely scratched the surface! animated_bouncy.gif

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