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ivenever wanted to see a houseguest go ....

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then DaVonne .... her arrogance and cockiness is what will be her death knell .. and in tonights episode when she was laughing at Tiffany...disgusting... I hate when she morphs into ghetto speak when she talks to Julie or in the DR ... as a Big Brother fan .. we know .. that those that are arrogant and cocky get their comeuppance....

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I find her amusing.  Her game play sucks, and I doubt she's ever going to win a comp, but she's funny to me.  I don't know what her arrogance and cockiness is based on.  She bombed on her own season and isn't doing much other than shooting off her mouth this season.  She won't last long.  I'd still rather see Tiffany go out the door this week.  That bawling is so annoying. 

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