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    Mystery Door Twist - Part 2

    Maybe Jeff can pay Kevin to take him off the block.
  2. allstarfan

    Jessie - BB 11

  3. allstarfan

    Live Feeds Available (real Player)

    Who needs it? I have Morty's.
  4. allstarfan

    Aussie BB

    When is Pamela scheduled to come on the show and how many more evictions will they have between now and July 13th? It seems like they have too many housemates with only 10 days to go.
  5. allstarfan

    Aussie BB

    wow interesting prediction but it if is up to the voting public then I will have to agree with you.
  6. And how fair is it to have a blind guy in the house. Or anybody with a disability. Can anyone really vote out someone with a disability? I am sure that is why Eddie won Big Brother 1 because he was missing a leg.
  7. allstarfan

    Aussie BB

    Can't say too much because I don't know how to highlight with black. But have to say I'm a little sad about the eviction.
  8. allstarfan

    Aussie BB

    I did not see this week's Big Mouth on XX200XX youtube. Do you know if it was posted somewhere else. I went to Clipster but that site is confusing and don't know how to search. Does someone have a link?
  9. That was a very good post by Moose. You should read it.
  10. allstarfan

    Aussie BB

    Thanks for the long post Moose. I agree with you completely. I love Aussie BB. I am now wondering how I will enjoy the next US BB. I will definitely see it through different eyes and it may even seem a little boring compared to what I am enjoying now.
  11. allstarfan

    Aussie BB

    Ollie is so cute.
  12. I won't know... I've never been anywhere else.
  13. allstarfan

    Favorite Season / Worst Season

    I'm also in the minority... I couldn't stand the Donatos. They made it the worst.
  14. allstarfan

    SPOILERS - The Mole

    Has it been 6 years.... Yikes
  15. allstarfan

    What Kind Of Cast Would You Like To See?

    I'm watching Australia BB and they have task that last several days. One week the houseguest would wake up to the back yard being extremely messy as if there was a party the night before and they had to clean it up. If they completed the task then they were awarded previleges. The next week they had to take turns catching balls that came over the wall. This week they have partnered up to learn different dances. So they have to practice all week for the Sunday show. They are not allowed to strategize unless they are in the Strategy room. The HOH does not have their own room. The American version is so boring because it seems like they just sit around and don't have much to do unless it is the couple of competitions and then they just last a few hours and it is over. Back to sitting around.