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I changed my profile pix to honor James Gandolfini, a cultural icon...gone too soon..so sad..

Also my screen name Team Jolie deserves explanation...back in what was it 2005? Angelina Jolie was raked over the coals for being involved with Brad Pitt while he was still married to jennifer Aniston...while I surely do not condone extra-marital affairs it disturbed me that she was depicted in the media as the villian...no you should never involve yourself with a married man ..she was wrong doing that...but she had not taken the marital vow of fidelity with Jennifer Aniston..Brad Pitt did...HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE VILLIAN. IN THE MEDIA..he cheated on his wife..and the media kind of gave him a pass and blamed her..

I would like in 2013 to change my username but think will lose my tenure here at Mortyport for so many years for now am keeping it until I figure it out!

K now you know a little about me...ready for BB15!!!!!!that I