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  1. Sunday, August 18 Live Feed Updates

    10:10 BBT we keep getting WBRB but the Kt is all eating stuff , like Aayan's fried potatoes and Amanada id drining thick sugar in a small amout of water (Yuck says GM) 10:12 BBT Aaryn is measuring out Glasses of wine and Andy says you better not F*** me over .. such a trusting bunch ... Everyone but the Mom Squad is in the KT ... Elissa and helen bemoaning there fates in the Hottub 10:15 BBT Helen: "I wonder if America is looking at our cast and they just love us!" Elissa: "Uh, no! A lot of these people that are unlikable!" 10:16 BBT Lots of Fishes tonight HHmmmm
  2. Sunday, August 18 Live Feed Updates

    9:49 BBT Amanda Please move your Mic ... Now maybe we can hear what her and MCCrae are plotting Ok these 2 are practing the order of HOH's and Comp's 9:54 BBT Helen and Elissa plotting in the Hot tub but mainly speaking of Tired and starving from being have-nots 10;00 bbt Amanda asleep in MCcrae's arm's in the Hammock ..... while Helen and Elissa continue to Gripe about there lack of stuff as Have-Not's 10:03 BBT Amanda awakes to have a smoke with Helen and Elissa by the Hottub as they all Kibbitzz about the hardships of Have-nottness
  3. Sunday, August 18 Live Feed Updates

    9:27 BBT Aayn says the Mom squad (Helen and Elissa) are downstairs from the Hoh, in the KT .. as she's speaking to GM, that there Breast Feeding 9:29 BBT Aayn feels that when things are good they go good but when things are Bad they keep going Bad ... Thats why she has won so much is that her Mental Sanity is Good 9"31 BBT All the meanwhile Amanda and MCcrae are small talking the coolness of the Weather on the Hammock. Amanda's Mic is obstructed but it seems as if she's bitchin' again about not winning a comp 9"36 BBT Aaryn Lieing again ... saying the only Players she doesn't want to stay longer is Spencer and Elissa , Like she isn't in it to win it , yeah right 9:38 Aaryn says shes fine with Amanda winning this Game while complaining that Andy ate all here HOH Goodies each time she won then went and spread everything she said around the House ... all this said in front of my buddy Gina Marie <Smile>
  4. Sunday, August 18 Live Feed Updates

    9:20 BBT Aaryn just counted the fish food and said " Only 15 more Days till I turn 23 on Sept 3rd" (Yipppeee) GM and Aaryn are making fun of Andy on the TV but I won't repeat the ass and clown and red-headed jokes they spewed out
  5. Sunday, August 18 Live Feed Updates

    9:11 pm BBT Amanda says "I wish someone woulda said there's no way I'm going out" ... It woulda been so nice ... Spencer wants to talk to Andy at the Shower door and embarrasse him Aayrn had an Air Force Boyfriend who would Kiss here everytime .... even if she was in the bathtub and she thought it was so sweet 9:14 BBT we have WBRB
  6. Aaryn - Week 8 HoH

    Am I the only who knows that Evel Dick would be putting up either Amanda or MCcrae to basically save his own Ass in the Game ... to stay if he was nomanatied ?????? The Truth is brutalllllll but also a winning strategy ??
  7. Aaryn - Week 8 HoH

    OK HELP does Aayn really still hate Spencer even though they have to work together this week ? I've seen both sides is why I'm so confussed ???
  8. Amanda - Week 8

    Gawd Ginger I have fallin' in Love with your Photo <Smile>
  9. Amanda - Week 8

    1st Rule of BB ....... Get Rid of the Strongest Players especially when the numbers are in your FAV ...... Bye Bye Helen sings Amanda over this Back Yard Convo ... Please Helen QUIT Begging for Amanda to save U
  10. Amanda - Week 8

    OK I Dis-Liked Amanda a bunch but at least she's being EVEL upfront and at least i can deal with that ....considering since i dis-like everyone else. so for now I'm Team Amanda and for those of you who think for a moment, she wouldn't "CUT" MCcrae ... your niave as Hell.
  11. Amanda - Week 8

    Amanda Begs for a BIG SHOOTOUT with Helen and everyone tells her it would hurt there game ... MCcrae walks away with a hurting stomache .... Maybe MCcrae will fold with a strong sense of loyalaty to doing the right thing ? Ok I can't even think silly me of all that Ha Ha HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!!! All MCcrae is thinking of is the KASH??? YEP
  12. Aaryn - Week 8 HoH

    All these HG's have some EVEL in there hearts but maybe the difference is that UN-like Evel Dick they are not honest about it ... not open and not faithfull to at least a Blood Relative .... Is that why I disgust them so much ????
  13. Jury 4 Way Competition Will Be Interesting

    AMEN Sister I'm with U all the way .. if for nuttin else but the Drama ha ha !!!
  14. LMAO .... Great Line StrayKat .... not to mention Andy is just playing out the string and gonna vote Helen out ... O-U-T on Thursday
  15. I'm watching this convo in HOH with Andy, Helen, Elissa, and GM and... Andy is being as quite as a church mouse except with "OF COURSE I'm Keeping U Helen" ... and not even lieing well ... Helen is believing Him only because she wants too
  16. Andy is defintly with Team Aayn, Amanda, and MCcrae after this HOH Convo while Helen and Elissa we're not in the room ... Till Final 4
  17. An now that Aayn and Andy hand 2 minutes to speak , there still loyal to amanda and Mccrae till final 4 ... Told'em .. Big Dummies
  18. These Folks can be so narrow minded , If Aayon threatened Spencer to vote for Helen and Aayon put up Andy as replacement nom then Amanda and McCrae would vote out helen and Spencer, Elissa, and GM would vote helen to stay and Andy out It matters not that Aayn doesn't like Spencer ... this is the safe bet to keep Helen, yet noone has spoken of it .. Just Dumb in my opinion .. If Aayn puts up Spencer then Andy will go with Amanda and Mcrae till the end ... as I see it
  19. These folks keeep talking about Weed so much and smoking so much, that it's as hard to ignore it,,, as is the racisim ..... Thats why I'm speaking 'bout it . ....maybe .... Really though, the way BB is,,, BB shouldn't just send in a Bong and a pound if that's there train of thought .. Isn't it about the Quality of character that we're talking about...... Meanwhile supposedly,,,,, we got total racisim under contorl (NOT), we got talk about Southern-ism, we got talk about being totally wasted on alcholism ... what's next 3-somes .. this is an awful cast .. let's be honest ... The theme seems to be... to feed them all full of anti-antiexty, anti-depressent meds seems to be the waste....... BB production seems to favor this ? I am totally disgusted by this cast as a group of folks who are under the control of there own selfish wants and desires ... even more than a normal cast ???? If I'm wrong in my observations please help me to understand why that these cast memeber's that they been total casted as a way to shock society into thinking they are they normal teen's and 20's type folk. I hold hope that that's the Bullcrap " .....Super Mom's" are more in control because of some sort of cause ....that they still have half a brain left (Winning the cash) ...... Please let's get to a point of normalcy before this season implodes................. Personally ... about 2/3'rd's this cast i wouldn't even speak too .......... and it's never been like that before on any season of BB. ... (Promise all the way since season One)
  20. Green Candy is NOT Green Candy

    Hawk ,,, I agree with you about the acceptance ... what i don't agee on is that BB makes it a Farce and tries so hard to hide it .. Like it's some Big secret (Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!) not to mention these Women and Men are a pack of jackal's looking to prey on it
  21. Yeah the only Live Feed is the Quad view and NOONE can do reporting on 8 conversations at one time <Smile>
  22. Saturday, July 13 Live Feed Updates

    It's Not just U ... The only LIVE Feed I'm getting is on the Quad view if I switch to a single view it goes back in time to replay - LoneTWolf 10:55 BBT Judd announces "TIME FOR THE VETO COMP" (I too was faked out by Judd just practicing .. I guess he is the Host of it but dude don't play with my emotions like that ha ha !!! ) Camera's 1 2 3 4 are still not Live ... still only Quad Camera is Live
  23. This is how it looks to me.....

    HawkNose Seeing as this is your first Live Feed experience .... Here was the Biggest single revelation for me, that may help ya out and that is BB is actual 2 shows every year ... You have us Obsessed people who watch the Feeds a lot and the TV show and we smirk cause we really know what's happening ... The Second Version of BB is for the people that just watch the TV Show, like my Sister, she doesn't want to know who got nominated before the show starts and thats Cool ... So I just call us Live Feeder's more Hardcore BBer's and those just watching the TV Show, as if ther're watching the BB Lite version .. either way is Cool because it's all about the level of entertainment experience that you want. One last thing since Season One , when the Voting for Eddie as the winner, the show has always been manipulated, in some shape form or fashion. Thats why you hear so many Folks on the Boards complain about NO... DON'T BRING BACK previous HG's cause most certainly they go back and watch there Season and see how much they where manipulated by both other HG's and the DR ... and will surely stay away from that manipulation if they return on the show again, as much as they can Hope this Helps your viewing experience HawkNose
  24. Wednesday, July 3 Live Feed Updates

    7:00pm BBT Jeremy WINS but close with Judd and Andy 7:02 pm BBT Right after the Win we went to Trivia
  25. Wednesday, July 3 Live Feed Updates

    6;20 pm BBT We still sit in wonderment about the HOH Contest as the Feeds have still Not returned (LoneTWolf- No Feeds much longer and we may have to wait until the WEST Coast Prime Time BB Show goes off at 11 pm EDT) 6:30 pm BBT Feeds are back, Sound anyway ... No Video yet, You can hear there all pretty exhausted 6:32 pm BBT Ok No Sound or Video , Now but keep your eyes and ears peeled 6:33 pm BBT Feeds and sound are back