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  1. Even though I have not been a fan of Shelby's this season. I have to give credit where credit is due. Shelby has been knocking out these comp. And with this veto under her belt, She has manged to win the most comps this season. So as far as comps go Shelby on that note alone does deserve to win this season of BB. That being said, her social game sucks. Has much as I would hate it if she wins this season on just winning comps. She does not deserve to win on her social game. But there you have it, The misfits just cant seem to get a break. One of them is going home this week. And if Danielle goes then that means Justin wins the final ACP even though he does not deserve it. He hasnt done anything all season but sing and dance his way through it. So making him part of final four would suck big time. but there you have it. I dont know if I will be doing a eviction vote this week. Just my thoughts on how things stand which is this just sucks.
  2. Morgan just completed the comp. She ran out of dominos at the end and had to grab some out of the trail. She did complete the puzzle. On her first run.
  3. Here's the way I look at things as of now, I think Morgan will go home this week, Here's why: First of all Danielle and Justin are the only two left to get ACP and Danielle as played a much better game then Justin all he as done is throw comps. Danielle deserves to be in final four over Justin. So lets say she gets it and completes the BB comp that means she is safe. That means only Krissy or Jason, Justin can be nom. by Shelby. If Morgan gets AN and one of them wins Veto which really wouldnt matter. Morgan can not vote either can Shelby so that means its a misfit vote and they will vote out Morgan. So final five will be Shelby, Jason Krissy, Danielle, and Justin. The misfits get Shelby out the next week leaving, the misfits as the final four. Then its every man women for themselves. Just my thought as things stand now.
  4. HI; Last night after Alex left, Morgan and Shelby were crying and saying how unfair it was the Danielle got a few extra seconds in the HOH comp. Actually she did not get extra time. Then Morgan get the ACP They seem to think that everything is unfair to them. I tried to vote for ACP last night and was locked out. If others were locked out of voting then how is the vote fair? And I think its fair for Jason and Shelby to get a redo on the second HOH comp. Lets just hope Jason can win it.