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  1. Well, it's been an emotional night for the house.....at least for Karen, I thought she deserved to headline tonight with a quote she said tonight while speaking to Demetres and Ika: 11:37pm BBT: "There is a saying that Rosevelt wrote back in 1929 that is one of my favorites: "It's not the people who sit on the outside and judge. It's the man in the arena that has the blood and the sweat, and the fight. When he fails, he still fails valiantly." Which means you die there, you lived there, but you tried. That's how I came into this game, and that is who I want to win in the end. And it's you, Demetres. You deserve it." Karen is upset and doesn't want Kevin to win. She says all she has ever wanted in this game is for the "right" person to win, and Kevin is not it. She does not want Demetres to give up. She wants him to fight. Through tears, she's begging him to not give up, and to let the right person win for this season. For one season. Demetres thanks her, and tells her that that was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to him. Demetres comforts her and tells her that she has played a great game. Karen is upset that everyone is saying that she's played a "shit" game. Ika and Demetres agree with her that she's played a great game, because she is still here. Demetres thanks Karen again, and leaves to go take a long shower. 12:17am BBT: Demetres is done with his shower, and heads to the bedroom where Ika and him start to talk about their conversation with Karen. They both are blown away by the things that Karen said, and wonder why she think's so highly of Demetres.....Why is he so special? They mean it in a loving, and kind way, and are appreciative of all the things she has said. Karen is in the washroom now getting ready for the night, taking off her makeup. 12:38am BBT: When Karen is finished brushing her teeth, she goes inot the pink bedroom to talk to Ika and Demetres. She tells them that she spoke to Dillon, because he wanted to talk to her. He thought Karen was talking to Kevin because he overheard BB tell Karen to put on her mic in the bathroom, and thought it was because she was speaking to Kev. Dillon asks Karen if she thinks keeping Demetres is best for their game. Karen tells him yes, 100%. Kevin wins the game if they don't. Demetres will win the Pov and pull himself off, and herself or Dillon will be going up in his place. She then tells Ika and Demetres she got all frustrated with him, asking him why they are still talking about it? She wonders if Kevin is getting into his head, trying to swing things around in his mind. Dillon is concerned what will happen if Demetres doesn't win the pov. She tells him that no matter what, they will figure it out, but to stay away from Kevin, and don't let him get to his head. Kevin will continue to work on him, and put doubts in his head. Karen doesn't understand why Dillon just doesn't get it. She wants Kevin Martin out of this house!! So, basically, the same game talk in circles tonight. All the same scenarios are going through everyone's minds, and they keep talking about them over and over. When they aren't talking about the upcoming comps, they are going over Dre's shady behavior before she left the house, and other past houseguests. Emotions are high, lots of tears are shed, but I feel like Demetres is becoming more comfortable with his position now, instead of being so "undeserving." There was a lot of lifting Demetres spirits tonight. One last Karen quote to end the night: Erma Bombech (sp?) a columnist: "When I stand before God at the end of my life, I want to say I've used everything you've given me." Karen: "Second place is not good enough!! I'd rather die trying for first place, than settle for second place."
  2. 10:22am: Kevin and Dillon are hanging out on the couch in the living area. They are discussing Demetres leaving this week because if he doesn't go, then they have less chance at beating him in any competitions. Ika staying isn't too bad because they can at least beat her. Talk goes to general chat about more idle time in the house now, less people in the house, and what they hope the finale will look like. Kevin makes the point that overnight, all alliances were taken out. That everything in the house is out on the table now, and there are no more "groups" to manage. 10:25am: Ika and Demetres are hanging out in bed together in the pink bedroom. Ika is gleaming about last night's speaches, how she brought out all her "Halle Barre" (sp?) with what she said, and how she made Dre scatter about the house whining about everything. [Sounds like the typical "bitching" about Dre's reaction to her speach last night] Ika goes on to say that she's not sure why she said "Thanks" to Canada. Apparently Ika and Demetres are talking to the live feeders, updating us on how things have gone so far in the game. I'm not sure how long this has been going on....but from this point: Ika didn't like Sindy from the first time they came into the house. Sindy told Ika that she had a crush on Demetres. Ika was pissed that Sindy told her that because they were supposed to be "friends." Ika: "Sindy craves attention from men. She needs attention from men. But, Sindy was a great allie for me in the house. She always smoothed things over for us. She worked really hard for us. The downfall was, the week we were in danger with Dillon, we had put in a lot of work with Dillon to make a good connection with him. I generally started to like him. Bruno, Kevin, and Sindy trashed us up and down, tried throwing me under the bus up and down......and I never spoke to Dillon to talk bad about her (Sindy) all I did was tell him that I would not put him up. So Dillon kept me off the block. Sindy was on the block up against Jackie. But for three days, Sindy walked around the house trashing me. I wasn't even on the block with her....but she was trashing me all week. The day of the live eviction, Sindy came to me and wanted me to get her to stay. I asked her why I would save her after she had been trashing me all week. Part of me wanted me to keep her that morning, but I didn't know if I wanted to flip the vote for her or not. If we had kept Sindy, Bruno and Kevin would have hated me for it, and the whole house would have wanted to come after us. I would have loved to work with her though. Sindy definitely didn't deserve what she got. She was just with the wrong people, and trashed me. But if she had came to be two days before, things would have been different. But, Sindy went home because of Sindy. Not because of me. People don't go home because of me." Ika and Demetres: "They all just didn't like us because we were playing better than them. There was this side, and then there was that side. And we were right in the middle perfectly, and they couldn't stand it. So now we are scared of everyone who was targeting us, and everyone else in our own alliance, because everyone hated us because we were just doing a better job than everyone else. They were all just jealous." Ika: So Sindy leaves, and it was hard because I liked her, but Dillon was the one who kept me safe. Bruno, Kevin and Neda must have been STEWING!! Bruno has been the most untrustworthy person in this house. Bruno played a really horrible game. He was so shady in this house, and so shady to us. When Kevin and Bruno came to us to make that deal, we entertained it because it was logical to keep them in this house. But Bruno would make a deal with you today, then tomorrow not mean it. He went around the house trashing me while trying to get me to work with him. The morning of the eviction, he pulled me into the pantry and I said "Bruno, I trusted you, and you did this to me....." Bruno says "But, I need you...." It bothered me a lot to see two vets up on the block that week. I was so mad, like what have we done?? To sit there and see the last of the vets on the block was bad. Demetres didn't care because he is a newbie. So anyways, our gut told us we couldn't work with them. "Sorry Kevin, we lied" (whispers) At the time, we would have kept Bruno over Kevin. Five mins before eviction, Bruno went downstairs and trashed me to Demetres. We couldn't trust him. So that's why he left." Ika: "So after Bruno, Kevin wins HOH. "This is for you Bruno!!!!" (Ika is making fun of him) Stupid Dre threw the comp, Kevin wins HOH.....he puts us up. We tried so hard. We gave him the best deal, but he didn't want it because he knew he was going to put us up the moment he won. So Demetres does what he does as superman, and wins the POV. And I'm up there, and he's not going to save his queen. (Ika laughs, Demetres says "nope" jokingly) I didn't want him to use it on me anyway. So I went to tormenting the house...." Karen walks into the bedroom to grab some makeup. Karen is complaining about her hair being so discusting, and how it's so grown out. Ika tells Karen that her and Demetres have been talking about the houseguests. Karen says that's what they are doing downstairs on the couches. Karen says that Kevin is disgusted about some of the houseguests. And the whole "Kevin, Karen" thing is so bad, and how it's coming off like I (karen) have beat up Kevin and Jackie. Kevin told Karen that it looked bad when she had the meltdown at the hottub. Kevin started it when he took his clothes off to start sun tanning." Karen goes on to say that she wouldn't like herself if she was watching this season. Her vision is for her, Ika and Demetres in the final three. Ika hopes that it's herself and Karen. They both agree that after all their trials and tribulations, they deserve it.
  3. Rewound a bit to see what was going on..... Started watching at around 9:30 bb time.....all my own recaps: Not much happening. Kevin, William, Dre, Jackie and Bruno hung out in the blue bedroom for a while, talking about past seasons of BBCA and Sindy's departure on them compared to this season. Sindy got JP out on her past season (thru a backdoor move, I think) and immediately was evicted at the next eviction. So basically, Sindy is having to deal with the same setup this season, with entering the jury house right after backdooring Neda. Jackie makes the comment that even though Sindy went out upset and didn't hug anyone on her departure, Sindy told her (Jackie) that it's only fair to vote as far as how people really played in the game, that voting for your best friend isn't fair. (Although, I feel like that was a talk Sindy had with Jackie to get Jackie's vote for the jury house because I think Sindy really believed that Jackie was getting evicted over herself). Talk resumes to how dramatic this season has been, and how most people are afraid to go home and watch the episodes. Bruno is excited, and wants to get smashed to watch them back....party on! Kevin and William have some alone time cuddling/kissing in the bed in the blue bedroom once everyone steps out. Around 10:30 BBT: House-guests are all in the kitchen, snacking on some fries that Demetres had fried up to share. 10:56pm BBT: Dre and William are in the pantry looking inside the refridgerator, and they are speaking quietly to each other in french. We hear BB say "Dre.....William" and William answers with "Oh, Sorry....." William tells Dre about a conversation he had with Kevin, where Kevin said that after the POV, he started to not trust Jackie because she was going back and forth between the two sides of the house, and specifically talking to Ika about the things Sindy was telling her. Dre seems confused, and chuckles in disbelief questioning William about the situation. William is saying he is having a problem speaking English fluently tonight, and his head is only speaking in French. Anyway, Kevin doesn't trust Jackie. Jackie was making deals with Bruno and Kevin to go thru the rest of the game with them, and Kevin wanted her to be on his side. But, he doesn't trust her now because she was talking a lot to Sindy, and going to go speak with Ika, which alarmed Kevin, and now he's questioning what Jackie will do. Dre says that she cannot be "friends with Jackie," but she does want Jackie on "their side" meaning with her and William. Dre is concerned with Jackie flip-flopping around the house, so she is going to be careful and not give much information to Jackie yet. She goes on to reinforce how Kevin cannot be trusted. That he (William) needs to trust Dre, and not let Kevin take him down with his sinking ship. Dre says that it's getting hard for her to protect William when he's always hanging out with "them" meaning Kevin, Bruno and Jackie. Dre says she'll try her best to protect him, and do what she can do to make sure that they aren't targets to anyone. She will keep an open mind with William, and wants him to be honest with her, and she'll keep an open mind.....but right now she just cannot trust Kevin. If Kevin came to her with strong arguments, and true definite information, that may sway her to feel differently. 11:15pm BBT: Dillon and Dre are hanging out in a corner outside the kitchen area. Dillon asks Dre if she got any information. Dre says that yes, she thinks they are sitting pretty comfortable this week. They are whispering, so it's hard to hear and see everything being said.... Dre goes on to tell Dillon that Jackie went to talk to Ika, and they made a "truse" (sp?) and they are good now. But, Dre doesn't know how to feel, or what really is going on between Jackie and Ika now, so she feels like she needs to watch Jackie. Dillon says something about backdooring "her" and that they need to take advantage of the situation to get "them" broken up because they are both strong players, and are together. (I'm only assuming they are talking about Ika and Demetres) Dre is so happy that Demetres won Hoh, but she's very conflicted. She's loyal to Ika, and loves her....Ika knows that Dre is 100% loyal to her....but Ika used that to her advantage in the beginning to play both sides of the house. Dre says, when it came time for Ika to pick a "side," she chose to stick with her and William. But....when they were talking about possibly backdooring Bruno during William's hoh, Ika ran off to the other side of the house to warn Kevin. Dre says she can't trust Ika anymore, but Ika thinks she can trust Dre 100%. Dre is worried about everyone in the house making "final four" deals, and says if they don't approach her to mention a "final four" with her, then Dre will feel betrayed, and feel like they are going to screw her over. They continue to discuss strategy about getting the vets out moving forward. There's not much wiggle room in Dre's mind on how they are going to separate Ika and Demetres, and be able to get Kevin or Bruno out because they are all so tight. Dre then starts going over all the things that were planned in the house, Ika only told her about those situations after the fact....she's worried that Ika would tell people that "they" together planned moves, when in actuality, Dre wasn't really involved. Ika would tell Dre that the reason why she waited to tell Dre anything until after moves happened was because Ika said she was trying to protect Dre. Dre is really starting to have a realization on how much Ika has been using her. Dre really wants to be able to take her out, but she needs it to happen soon, and it has to happen before the other side of the house has a chance to take a shot first. Dre then goes on to tell Dillon about all the times that Bruno and Kevin were trying to plot getting Dillon out....that every time Dillon's name came up, Bruno and Kevin were the first on board to support the idea. Dre: "The reason why she stuck with me (Ika) was because she knows that I'll never do that to her (go after Ika). She KNOWS I'd NEVER do that to her. That is why she kept playing me, because she knows that. She'll come to me and say she's sorry, call "truse" and I'll be like, "It's okay, it's fine." Not this time, it's not fine." Dillon: "That's why we gotta pull the trigger, the next chance we get." Dre: "I just don't want people to think we are bad people if we do that." Dillon: "They won't. They'll look at us like we are good game players. They are strong people....they are beasts." Dre: "I'd love for Jackie to win next week and put up Ika and Demetres. Ika wasn't that far behind Jackie, Jackie could do it." THey then discuss how if they are ever able to get Ika and Demetres up on the block, and one of them comes down, they need to be sure that whoever comes off the block feels alone. That they don't have anyone to go to....
  4. 3:40am: Bruno, William and Dre make a deal with Dillon. Dillon is HOH They all decide to talk everything out later, but they are 100% safe.
  5. Dre collected $110 William collected $1,400 Bruno collected $490
  6. 3:33am Sindy says there is $2,000.00 hidden inside the house, and if a houseguest finds it before the next buzzer rings, they keep it. There is less than 2 mins ticking down on the timer Bruno runs out and finds $500 William, Dre and William run off.... 15 secs left on the timer And the buzzer goes off William and Dre make it back before Devin. So Kevin is knocked out.
  7. 3:24am: Dillon tells Kevin, Bruno, William and Dre that they need to talk it out and figure out what they want. Dre: "we all need to agree" Dillon: "Right, you four need to agree to help me out this week. You know where I stand. If you guys are good, I'm not putting any of you up, it's simple. I just want to see my family so bad....I'll legit do anything." Kevin "What do you think Dre?" Dre says she doesn't want to get *&$cked over. Dillon says they all need to trust him. "What an easy week it'll be"
  8. 3:12am: Feeds are back. Looks like BB shut the house up, all hg are outside. Demetres, Sindy, Jackie, Karen and Ika on couch watching comp. Dillon still going on about needing to see his niece. Bruno says he'd take that deal, cuz he knows how he feels, but he's gotta be sure first..... Dillon asks Dre how she feels, and Dre gives no answer. Dillon mentions that he'll do everyone's laundry for the week..... Talk stops. Dillon continues to make random sounds, tapping on podium..... Dillon offers foot masages for the week. Dre pipes up and says "What else do you have to offer?? Laundry, foot massages..." Dre thinks for a moment, and says "I can stay for a lot longer." Kevin mentions he'd like to make a deal. Bruno says this challenge is making him crazy. Dillon says "Not to mention.....we get music!" The hg are contiplating and thinking...... Bruno: "What's up Kev? What do you think we'll need?" William doesn't understand what is being said....so Kevin tell his that Dillon wants to do everyone's laundry, keep everyone safe, and foot massages for the week. Dillon "Or we stand here for four more hours."
  9. 2:49am: Sindy, Demetres, and Ika in backyard re-hashing the events from the double eviction chaos that happened. The fight between Neda and Ika happened while Sindy was pulled into the DR. So Ika tells her what/why happened. Sindy explains her thought process, and how she felt. Ika tells Sindy everything that Neda said about her, about how Ika wanted Sindy to backdoor her because they (Ika and Neda) were in an alliance together, and Ika didn't want anyone to know about it....Also, that Ika called Neda out about how she throws anything and everything out on the table when she's pressed....going as far as to make up lies on the spot to just get her to safety. Demetres mentions that he's glad that the three of them are eyeing the comp right now, so that the hg competing can't talk to each other and make any sly deals. They Sindy and Ika agree, and think they should continue to sit there to keep an eye on them. 2:55am: Ika mentions that she can see Dillon trying to get Kevin's attention....telling him that he wants to see his niece. Sindy says "Get out of here!! You think Bruno wants to see his kids? And you think Dre wants to see her mom?"
  10. 2:26am: Ika, Sindy and Demetres sitting quietly together outside watching the comp. Sindy whispers to Ika and Demetres that if Karen had won, she would have put Kevin and Jackie up. They all root for Dillon to fall out of the comp next, and notice how focused Kevin is. Ika says this is one of the hardest comps she's ever done.....Sindy thinks this comp has never been done this way before. They discuss what they thought the comp was going to be like when they first saw the setup.
  11. 2:19am: Jackie is upstairs in blue bedroom pacing and sniffing....upset about losing her place in the comp. She looks to be getting some clothes to change into for bed, and heads up to WA. Karen meets her on the way, and Jackie tells her that she's so upset because she needs to see her family. Karen tells her that she knows.....that it's hard, and walks back downstairs to go outside. Jackie goes into toilet area to change.
  12. Correction....Dre ran upstairs.....not to the kitchen. 2:15am: Dillon is trying to convince everyone that he needs to see his niece, and that he can stay up until 6am. If he wins, he'll keep all 6 left safe (Will, Kev, Dre, Bruno)
  13. 2:13am: Dillon wonders "Who thinks this stuff up?" Says that this is sick and twisted. Suggests everyone quit so he can see his niece. Timer at 00:20: 2:14 BB time...... 2:15am: Buzzer goes off......Jackie is out. Dre immediatly runs into kitchen area and comes back to her post.
  14. 2:11am: Bruno says he's good for another three hours....Dillon says it's crazy. Dre asks when the buzzer will go off again..... In the meantime, the counter is counting down. At 2:12, the timer reads 2:09.....and counting
  15. 2:05am: Ika, Sindy and Demetres in kitchen talking about what they are planning on doing after BB is over. Sindy says she will be taking a couple of months off, and she's scared to go back to doing pagents. Ika says she wants to take a couple of weeks off. Demetres talks about traveling to see people. The three of them talk about taking a road trip. 2:07am: Feeds switch to the back yard where the comp is still going...... Dillon is crouching up and down, stretching his knees. Bruno, Kevin, and Dre look very focused. Jackie, William look tired and annoyed....(Dillon is very fiddly)