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  1. 12:39a BBT: Veronica is talking with Hamza in HOH room. Veronica starts her conversation with him by telling him that she agrees that getting rid of Liv and Ale is an emotional move, and not a smart one. They know that they aren't "threats." She tells Hamza that Ryan is playing both sides of the house. She doesn't trust him, Hamza agrees and says he's made so many mistakes in the house. She says she just wants to warn Hamza of Ryan, and that he's going to be up in his face constantly now, won't give him two seconds alone, and is constantly watching everything from the balcony "like a hawk." She also wants him to realize that Olivia and Ale are just kissing his butt. "I want you to remember all those people who voted for you in that comp (bartender comp) against you and look at you now....you're half a country above them all now." Conversation continues about how everyone underestimated his ability to play the game because he kept quiet and to himself in the beginning. Hamza says he wants to take Jesse down because he's not a physical threat, and use Ryan as a replacement and rattle his feathers. Veronica tells Hamza that the only person she 100% trusts is Will. She wants to work with Will and Hamz. Hamz agrees about Will and says him and Will are tight like brothers for life. Hamz says he can't wait for her and Will to get their chance to start making moves, and he'll have their back. After that, they can come together and beast through the house. Merron interrupts to ask for some time. Hamz tells him to give him a minute and Merron steps out. Hamz says that he (Merron) keeps coming in a lot, and feels super safe and he wants to put him up and then "save" him later so he would owe him. Hamz wants himself, Veronica and Will to just stay tight, even Erica because he's real close with her. Hamz's plan is to take Jesse down, and put Ryan up. He's not going to tell him before so that it rattles him. Then Jesse will owe him, and either way, if they go after Hamz next week, someone will pull him down if he's on the block. "I rattled the house today, tomorrow I'm going to rattle the house even more.....these people shouldn't be able to sleep." Veronica leaves to go fetch Will to bring him into the conversation. Hamz shouts out to Carolyn (sp?) and tells her that he hopes she's proud of him, that he just won $5,000.00 and they are going on a trip soon. Will comes into HOH. Hamz says he hopes that one of them (Veronica or Will) wins HOH. They speculate that the comp could be "truth or false," and then the next comp should be an endurance comp. Hamz tells Will his plan about taking Jesse down, and replacing him with Ryan. He wants to know what Will's thought is, and they are making this decision as a team. The plan is to make Olivia feel super safe until Thursday, and then just get her out of the house. Will says he's good with the plan either way. He will go with whatever they decide. Veronica wants to make Ryan feel like he's not king of the house anymore, and to realise that they aren't stupid in the house. If they convince Olivia that she's safe, that will get to him, and he'll really be shaking. Hamz reiterates to Will that if they pull Jesse down, that side of the house will "owe" them big time. Also, keeping Ale off the block, and not putting her up against Liv, they will also be thankful. So if they want to come after them next week, they should have the numbers to keep them safe. Even if they don't win HOH on their own, they should be safe with Erica pulled in, which helps keep Daela on their side. Veronica feels like Ale realises how lucky she is that she's not on the block this week, and that keeps her in their good graces as well. Chatter continues about the comp today and how everyone played. Then they discuss how strong Derek and Kaela are strong compeditors. If this week is a double eviction, Hamz, Veronica and Will decide to let the other side have the HOH. They will put up Ale and Ryan. Then they'll be able to play the endurance comp, and they'll have the control over the single eviction.
  2. 9:06a BBT: Ryan and Olivia are in the kitchen area. Ryan mentions to Olivia that if Hamza doesn't "change things" (nominations) then he thinks things will be fine. Olivia thinks things will "probably be fine." She says Hamz doesn't really care, he just wants to take out a big player and should put up two threats to begin with and just save her. Olivia and Ryan both agree that he's looking to put blood on his hands and "build his resume." 9:56a BBT: Erica and Johnny are in the RBR. Erica feels like everyone is avoiding her, and it's because she's friends with Liv. Johnny says he thinks that Kaela and Derek are the easiest and biggest targets, but they feel safe because everyone makes them feel like allies. Olivia walks into the room, and basic chatter about the comp. Johnny asks Olivia: "Did you mention to anyone that there was some kind of alliance between You, Erica, Ale, Ryan and myself?" "No, because that's not true, why??" Johnny mentions he heard that, but Olivia says she's not close to Ryan like that. Olivia says she hasn't mentioned anything in the house in regards to Erica or Johnny in the house that might make anyone think that. She admits to being close to Ale, definitely not Ryan though. She tells Johnny that people like to throw things out just to see how you react, or what you think. Everything gets mixed up in the house with everyone talking. Johnny says it's just something silly for someone to mention as "the truth." They all (Erica, Johnny, Olivia) agree that they should sit everyone involved down, and bring it up to get things straightened out. William enters the room, and asks if anyone wants to go out to smoke. Johnny gets up to go outside with him. Olivia and Erica stay behind, and Olivia tells Erica that she's surprised that she would even believe the speculation. Olivia wishes Erica would trust in her more. Erica leaves to get ready for the day. Alejandra pops into the room, and Olivia tells her she had a good talk with Johnny, but she doesn't feel like he's going to take her off the block. Alejandra tells her to focus on Merron, Ronnie (Veronica) and just keep working her game with Madison and Paras today. 10:17a BBT: In the kitchen area, Veronica is talking about what she had planned for her birthday this year (today is her birthday, Happy Birthday Veronica!!). She says she had plans to rent out a huge banquet hall, get a dj, have all her friends each bring food to pass like a pot-luck, and have a huge birthday party. She says she basically saves all her money to spend on her birthday every year. Paras, Maddy, Jesse, Hamza, and Kaela are listening. Talk goes on about what everyone else does for their birthday. Then they remember that BB let them have pizza the day after Liv's b-day, and they hope BB will do something for Veronica. 11:35a BBT: Feeds go down. 4:05p BBT: Feeds are back and it looks like most houseguests are outside enjoying the sun Veronica and Kaela are laying on the top of the hot tub in their swimtops/shorts getting in some sun. Paras, William, Johnny, Derek, Eric, Alejandra and Maddy are sitting/laying in the lounge chairs. Random vague chatter about the comp and what they were asked to do. 5:45p BBT: Veronica and Johnny are in the hot tub. Veronica confides in him that when she and William were in the HOH taking a bubble bath, Hamza came in to tell them to keep it "hush-hush" because Olivia was coming in next to talk to him. During that conversation, Olivia told Hamza that she would target Maddy, the showmances, and the newbies if she was in his position. Johnny promises to keep this info to himself, and they continue to talk about who to target in the future. They agree that Jesse needs to go eventually, but Veronica doesn't think he's that big of a threat with comps. Regardless, Kaela, Derek and Jesse need to be broken up. If they stay around, their strength will solidify and it'll be harder to get them out later. Veronica thinks keeping Jesse around is key to getting "Daela" and his vote for their side. Johnny thinks that they need to get Jesse out asap, before something changes, and while they have a chance. Talk continues about how tight Veronica, Hamza and William are strong, but not formally "aligned." Veronica tells Johnny that they bring him up in a lot of conversations, and they have no reason not to trust him, but he hasn't brought "enough" to them yet. She continues to tell him that if he wants to work with them moving forward, it'll take some work from his side, but if they could become solid, they could run the house to the end. She then talks about how she has worked all the other houseguests in the house, and has tried to keep people close to her, she's loyal to only certain people, and that circle is kept small. Johnny says his connection has been tight with Daela and Jesse, but since they have been throwing his name out recently he has lost trust in them. He can't believe how stupid they think he is. He tells Veronica that those connections are becoming less and less on a game level, yet he wants to keep the social side working. William comes out and joins in on the conversation. Veronica tells William that they should let Johnny into their group with them with Hamza. William discusses Olivia's position....he thinks she's shady and not really talking to anyone. Same with Jesse, he's not really talking game with anyone.
  3. 8:10a BBT: G'Morning! Live feeds show houseguests still asleep. 8:14a BBT: BB makes his "Good morning houseguests. Time to wake up." announcement. 8:20a BBT: Feeds on cam 1 and 2 switch to WR as houseguests begin to rise. Paras is doing battery changes. Then, she makes coffee in the kitchen area before heading back to WBR to lay down. Ryan is sitting up in his bed in WBR when Paras settles back in bed, and we hear BB say: "Ryan. Please go to the diary room." 8:44a BBT: Ryan peeks into HOH room and tells Hamza when he gets up he would like a chat. Ryan leaves, returns to WBR to change is shirt and lays in bed. 8:49a BBT: Ryan gets Paras's attention (she's laying with her eyes closed): "Paras, don't start the day by getting into your own head. Don't start the day like you finished it Package it, put it away, and make the request. Make the note that you'll chat about it later, and let it go for the moment." Paras: "It hurts. I know." Feeds go out. 8:50a Feeds return with Paras up out of bed pacing, saying "Ok, Ok, ok....." to Ryan. "Happens in my life a lot. You start to spiral because you feel bad about feeling bad, and it just gets worse from there." -Ryan Paras: "I know, it's awful." Paras sits on the side of the bed Ryan is laying in. Ryan sits up and gives Paras a hug. Feeds go out. 8:54a BBT: Feeds return (cam 2) to kitchen area where Jesse is cleaning and putting away dishes.
  4. 9:59a BBT: Good Morning Houseguests!! Live feeds are up!! This morning starts in the WR where Derek, Jesse, Johnny, and William are hanging around while Kaela is curling her hair. Random chatter about what will happen next week, like not wanting to be have nots. Random HG pop in and out getting ready for the day. 11:05 BBT: (Cam 2) Johnny is outside in the hot tub area talking to the cameras alone. He's going over who he feels unsure of in the house. He feels like Merron is acting "false" around the house as far as his gameplay and mentions that others feel the same. He feels like his favorites are all the girls, and William. William is "his jam" and he thinks William is pivotal to him staying in the house. Johnny is not sure yet who he wants to go to the end of the game with. 11:16 BBT (Cam 4) Paras and William are outside alone chatting. They both agree that Erica has to go as she's gaming with everyone. Paras thinks she's only here for gameplay, and no friendship. Paras says if Veronica gets HOH, she wants to put Liv and Alejandra up on the block. They go over item counts in different bedrooms. They discuss keeping their study sessions secret from other houseguests because everyone is scrambling now that they heard William was counting the number of roses. Paras says to not underestimate Ale and Liv. William thinks that Derek is going to be one of the most competitive coming up. Paras and William agree they need to keep tight with just themselves and Maddy and not open up or trust anyone else in the house. Will says Jesse is playing both sides of the house. They agree that Liv and Erica are the biggest threats to the three of them (Will, Paras, Maddy). They agree if either of them win HOH, they put up Liv and Erica, and if one of them wins veto, they use Alejandra as a replacement. They want Johnny on their side because he's too scared to make any moves, and will be an additional vote for their side. 11:31 BBT: (Still outside alone) Paras tells William that Maddy is only nice to Liv only because of of a guy (Jesse). Paras thinks that Maddy would be the jealous type and try to get her out just for talking to Jesse, so she's staying away from him. She says Derek and Jesse are close and want to work with them in the future, but they need to keep their distance for now until Maddy is gone. Paras and William go back into the house. 12:51 BBT: Alejandra and Olivia are walking in the back yard. Olivia tells Ale that she had a game talk with Paras yesterday to socialize and give her some assurance. Paras told her that she doesn't care about Maddy and Will, and doesn't want to be associated with them as a group. Ale says that makes her think she can't trust Paras because of that. They both agree they think that Maddy will be the first to go of the group because she's floating too much. They think they can use Ryan to do the dirty work. Ale says she's still trying to deflect attention off of Ryan's back so the house can refocus. Olivia says she's had good chats with Ryan and trusts him. They agree they like Erica, but think she won't do what the group needs, only what the majority of the house thinks to save her own game. She's too weak for bigger moves. They agree Veronica needs to go first. But they need to backdoor her because she's too social. They talk about who to put on the block next to her to get her out. They agree it's hard to pick someone because they feel everyone will see a benefit to keep her since she's such a big target. Olivia thinks she'll go home if Hamza is up next to her, but Ale isn't so sure. Olivia mentions to Ale that she's got a "gut feeling" something isn't right within their group. Ale tells her to not get paranoid. Olivia says she's not, but she's going to keep her guard up. Ale says to keep calm for at least another week, and that once the newbies (Merron and Veronica) are out, then she can reconsider her unsettled feelings.
  5. 12:37 BBT: Alejandra goes to the RBR and tells Derek, Kaela and Erica about her conversation with Ryan. Says she mentioned to Ryan that she heard that he told someone that when week 5 and week 6 come up she (Alejandra) is going to go after "Daela" (Kaela, Derek?). Alejandra tells them that she reconfirms with Ryan that she's not working with anyone, and that it's not fair to drag other people into a situation just to get to one person. She continues to boast that she has called Ryan out. They discuss moving forward to keep laying low so that they aren't noticed working together for as long as possible.
  6. 12:04 BBT: Live feeds are up!! Andrew is giving Hamza a haircut and Alejandra is curling her hair in the WA. Andrew announces to Canada that he is not a Barber...he has helped his brother, but he's not a professional. 12:30 BBT: Alejandra and Ryan are in the HOH room. Alejandra is telling Ryan to lay low. "Right now the progress you are making (is causing chaos) because people can't keep up with your thought process, and it's freaking them out....it's shifting focus from the newbies. I'm going to work my ass off to refocus the focus on the newbies. I just need you to pull back, and lay low. I'm going to try my best to keep the focus off of you. I believe if I am successful in keeping you in here long enough, there's potential for you and I to work together. Don't alienate yourself, just stop with the stories, and stop with the "miraculous" brain of yours. Give your two cents, lay low, and people need to see you in a positive light." Ryan agrees, and Alejandra mentions that Hamza is not coming after Ryan as well. Ryan says the only problem he has is that he doesn't like when he walks into a room, all conversations stop. He'd rather stay in his room and listen to music than feel uncomfortable trying to mingle with people who don't want to have any conversations with him. Alejandra reassures him that if he lays low, things will smooth over. They both agree that Veronica is looking to stir the pot right now. Before Alejandra leaves, Ryan has her listen to a song that he is listening to....BB chimes in "Please turn down the volume on the music."
  7. Here is where you can find out everything that is going on inside the Big Brother UK house and share your opinion about it.
  8. 2:33 BBT: Ryan gathers all the HG to the LR for a house meeting. First up, Ryan starts the meeting by addressing housekeeping. Little things like picking up kleenex, putting towels where they need to be after use, rinsing dishes after eating, especially slop dishes....etc. 2:36 BBT: Ryan addresses Merron and Veronica (Newest houseguests) in front of the group to "bring up the elephant in the room." Ryan states that he has trouble looking at someone in the face, and lying to them. "I feel like you guys have been put in a position, where I feel like you have been forced to lie to "us." A lot of the things, through no fault of your own, seem like they haven't added up. Again, we all are aware that BB has twists, but the story you came in with over time, (and I'm not the only one here who sees or feels this way) has rung a little hollow, and there's been a couple details since we're all familiar with the process of coming into the house...." Ryan, speaking for himself, admits that he hasn't had any "meaningful" conversations with Merron or Veronica since they've come into the house and has avoided them because (he admits) he doesn't believe their original story. Ryan says, "For me, you're (Merron) from Edmonton, you flew out for a three-day trip to attend the show and come into the house. There's no way if you're from Edmonton, that you've packed for three days and that you have a 50 lb duffle bag." Veronica interrupts, "There's also certain things, that if we say, will create havoc for the whole house. There's also a possibility that what we're doing could be for the benefit for the whole house." Ryan: "I know, I'm sure that's entirely the case. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't think you guys need to try and support that story." Veronica "I told you guys from the get-go, you guys asked me when I came into the house and I told you, and I have not brought it up since then. It's not been something that I've been like, "Oh, Oh my God I can't believe I just came up from the audience and I'm like now, in the house!" I told you yesterday my story, and from then there is going to be no effort from my part to further tell you anything about it. And like you guys know, the show there are twists, and who knows what, if what I'm saying comes out negative on me, or the whole house. (I have an idea though), and what I'm trying to tell you is that possibly, is it really that big of a deal to you guys? I'm just telling you that we get what you all are saying, and when we were told we were coming into the house, we were like "This is the way we were coming into the house, starting on this point," but it's just like you gotta do what is good for the house. The thing is that sometimes what you do goes the opposite way for the house and everyone gets punished, and we get where you are all coming from and we realize this is super sketch, like this is a really sketchy way to come into the house, but trust us when we say that (their entry story)." Basically, Veronica is saying that she's only vocalized her story when she's entered the house yesterday. That she's avoided talking about it because she doesn't want anyone to think they are being sketchy, but if it's a big deal to anyone, they can ask questions about it. But she just wants everyone to focus on them being there now, "We are the 15 living in the house, and who cares how we all got in here." Ryan interjects to note that they are all 15 houseguests, it's not 13 against 2 or anything, they are all equally in this now. Veronica continues to say she cannot confirm anything additional to their "story" and that eventually she thinks they will all find out in time, but for now, she asks that no one really ask any questions about it because they can't answer anything. Merron jumps in to say his "peace." "I gave you guys my story, and we were not brought here to screw you guys up. I'm personally trying my best to pull you guys aside individually to get to know you better. But you guys are a tight group, and I wish I could be a part of the group that originally came in, but as curious as you all can be, there's only so much we can say. We just want you guys to love us." Veronica: "I just want you guys to know that we are not in a position to be lying to you right now. We're new, and it's early in the game." Hamza is skeptical, asks for more details to their story, if there's any additional info they were given before coming into the house, whatnot. He thinks "he knows how you guys actually got into the house." Veronica just repeats that they can't say anything, and they don't want to give any details that might harm or punish everyone if they say the wrong thing.
  9. Well, it's been an emotional night for the house.....at least for Karen, I thought she deserved to headline tonight with a quote she said tonight while speaking to Demetres and Ika: 11:37pm BBT: "There is a saying that Rosevelt wrote back in 1929 that is one of my favorites: "It's not the people who sit on the outside and judge. It's the man in the arena that has the blood and the sweat, and the fight. When he fails, he still fails valiantly." Which means you die there, you lived there, but you tried. That's how I came into this game, and that is who I want to win in the end. And it's you, Demetres. You deserve it." Karen is upset and doesn't want Kevin to win. She says all she has ever wanted in this game is for the "right" person to win, and Kevin is not it. She does not want Demetres to give up. She wants him to fight. Through tears, she's begging him to not give up, and to let the right person win for this season. For one season. Demetres thanks her, and tells her that that was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to him. Demetres comforts her and tells her that she has played a great game. Karen is upset that everyone is saying that she's played a "shit" game. Ika and Demetres agree with her that she's played a great game, because she is still here. Demetres thanks Karen again, and leaves to go take a long shower. 12:17am BBT: Demetres is done with his shower, and heads to the bedroom where Ika and him start to talk about their conversation with Karen. They both are blown away by the things that Karen said, and wonder why she think's so highly of Demetres.....Why is he so special? They mean it in a loving, and kind way, and are appreciative of all the things she has said. Karen is in the washroom now getting ready for the night, taking off her makeup. 12:38am BBT: When Karen is finished brushing her teeth, she goes inot the pink bedroom to talk to Ika and Demetres. She tells them that she spoke to Dillon, because he wanted to talk to her. He thought Karen was talking to Kevin because he overheard BB tell Karen to put on her mic in the bathroom, and thought it was because she was speaking to Kev. Dillon asks Karen if she thinks keeping Demetres is best for their game. Karen tells him yes, 100%. Kevin wins the game if they don't. Demetres will win the Pov and pull himself off, and herself or Dillon will be going up in his place. She then tells Ika and Demetres she got all frustrated with him, asking him why they are still talking about it? She wonders if Kevin is getting into his head, trying to swing things around in his mind. Dillon is concerned what will happen if Demetres doesn't win the pov. She tells him that no matter what, they will figure it out, but to stay away from Kevin, and don't let him get to his head. Kevin will continue to work on him, and put doubts in his head. Karen doesn't understand why Dillon just doesn't get it. She wants Kevin Martin out of this house!! So, basically, the same game talk in circles tonight. All the same scenarios are going through everyone's minds, and they keep talking about them over and over. When they aren't talking about the upcoming comps, they are going over Dre's shady behavior before she left the house, and other past houseguests. Emotions are high, lots of tears are shed, but I feel like Demetres is becoming more comfortable with his position now, instead of being so "undeserving." There was a lot of lifting Demetres spirits tonight. One last Karen quote to end the night: Erma Bombech (sp?) a columnist: "When I stand before God at the end of my life, I want to say I've used everything you've given me." Karen: "Second place is not good enough!! I'd rather die trying for first place, than settle for second place."
  10. 10:22am: Kevin and Dillon are hanging out on the couch in the living area. They are discussing Demetres leaving this week because if he doesn't go, then they have less chance at beating him in any competitions. Ika staying isn't too bad because they can at least beat her. Talk goes to general chat about more idle time in the house now, less people in the house, and what they hope the finale will look like. Kevin makes the point that overnight, all alliances were taken out. That everything in the house is out on the table now, and there are no more "groups" to manage. 10:25am: Ika and Demetres are hanging out in bed together in the pink bedroom. Ika is gleaming about last night's speaches, how she brought out all her "Halle Barre" (sp?) with what she said, and how she made Dre scatter about the house whining about everything. [Sounds like the typical "bitching" about Dre's reaction to her speach last night] Ika goes on to say that she's not sure why she said "Thanks" to Canada. Apparently Ika and Demetres are talking to the live feeders, updating us on how things have gone so far in the game. I'm not sure how long this has been going on....but from this point: Ika didn't like Sindy from the first time they came into the house. Sindy told Ika that she had a crush on Demetres. Ika was pissed that Sindy told her that because they were supposed to be "friends." Ika: "Sindy craves attention from men. She needs attention from men. But, Sindy was a great allie for me in the house. She always smoothed things over for us. She worked really hard for us. The downfall was, the week we were in danger with Dillon, we had put in a lot of work with Dillon to make a good connection with him. I generally started to like him. Bruno, Kevin, and Sindy trashed us up and down, tried throwing me under the bus up and down......and I never spoke to Dillon to talk bad about her (Sindy) all I did was tell him that I would not put him up. So Dillon kept me off the block. Sindy was on the block up against Jackie. But for three days, Sindy walked around the house trashing me. I wasn't even on the block with her....but she was trashing me all week. The day of the live eviction, Sindy came to me and wanted me to get her to stay. I asked her why I would save her after she had been trashing me all week. Part of me wanted me to keep her that morning, but I didn't know if I wanted to flip the vote for her or not. If we had kept Sindy, Bruno and Kevin would have hated me for it, and the whole house would have wanted to come after us. I would have loved to work with her though. Sindy definitely didn't deserve what she got. She was just with the wrong people, and trashed me. But if she had came to be two days before, things would have been different. But, Sindy went home because of Sindy. Not because of me. People don't go home because of me." Ika and Demetres: "They all just didn't like us because we were playing better than them. There was this side, and then there was that side. And we were right in the middle perfectly, and they couldn't stand it. So now we are scared of everyone who was targeting us, and everyone else in our own alliance, because everyone hated us because we were just doing a better job than everyone else. They were all just jealous." Ika: So Sindy leaves, and it was hard because I liked her, but Dillon was the one who kept me safe. Bruno, Kevin and Neda must have been STEWING!! Bruno has been the most untrustworthy person in this house. Bruno played a really horrible game. He was so shady in this house, and so shady to us. When Kevin and Bruno came to us to make that deal, we entertained it because it was logical to keep them in this house. But Bruno would make a deal with you today, then tomorrow not mean it. He went around the house trashing me while trying to get me to work with him. The morning of the eviction, he pulled me into the pantry and I said "Bruno, I trusted you, and you did this to me....." Bruno says "But, I need you...." It bothered me a lot to see two vets up on the block that week. I was so mad, like what have we done?? To sit there and see the last of the vets on the block was bad. Demetres didn't care because he is a newbie. So anyways, our gut told us we couldn't work with them. "Sorry Kevin, we lied" (whispers) At the time, we would have kept Bruno over Kevin. Five mins before eviction, Bruno went downstairs and trashed me to Demetres. We couldn't trust him. So that's why he left." Ika: "So after Bruno, Kevin wins HOH. "This is for you Bruno!!!!" (Ika is making fun of him) Stupid Dre threw the comp, Kevin wins HOH.....he puts us up. We tried so hard. We gave him the best deal, but he didn't want it because he knew he was going to put us up the moment he won. So Demetres does what he does as superman, and wins the POV. And I'm up there, and he's not going to save his queen. (Ika laughs, Demetres says "nope" jokingly) I didn't want him to use it on me anyway. So I went to tormenting the house...." Karen walks into the bedroom to grab some makeup. Karen is complaining about her hair being so discusting, and how it's so grown out. Ika tells Karen that her and Demetres have been talking about the houseguests. Karen says that's what they are doing downstairs on the couches. Karen says that Kevin is disgusted about some of the houseguests. And the whole "Kevin, Karen" thing is so bad, and how it's coming off like I (karen) have beat up Kevin and Jackie. Kevin told Karen that it looked bad when she had the meltdown at the hottub. Kevin started it when he took his clothes off to start sun tanning." Karen goes on to say that she wouldn't like herself if she was watching this season. Her vision is for her, Ika and Demetres in the final three. Ika hopes that it's herself and Karen. They both agree that after all their trials and tribulations, they deserve it.
  11. Rewound a bit to see what was going on..... Started watching at around 9:30 bb time.....all my own recaps: Not much happening. Kevin, William, Dre, Jackie and Bruno hung out in the blue bedroom for a while, talking about past seasons of BBCA and Sindy's departure on them compared to this season. Sindy got JP out on her past season (thru a backdoor move, I think) and immediately was evicted at the next eviction. So basically, Sindy is having to deal with the same setup this season, with entering the jury house right after backdooring Neda. Jackie makes the comment that even though Sindy went out upset and didn't hug anyone on her departure, Sindy told her (Jackie) that it's only fair to vote as far as how people really played in the game, that voting for your best friend isn't fair. (Although, I feel like that was a talk Sindy had with Jackie to get Jackie's vote for the jury house because I think Sindy really believed that Jackie was getting evicted over herself). Talk resumes to how dramatic this season has been, and how most people are afraid to go home and watch the episodes. Bruno is excited, and wants to get smashed to watch them back....party on! Kevin and William have some alone time cuddling/kissing in the bed in the blue bedroom once everyone steps out. Around 10:30 BBT: House-guests are all in the kitchen, snacking on some fries that Demetres had fried up to share. 10:56pm BBT: Dre and William are in the pantry looking inside the refridgerator, and they are speaking quietly to each other in french. We hear BB say "Dre.....William" and William answers with "Oh, Sorry....." William tells Dre about a conversation he had with Kevin, where Kevin said that after the POV, he started to not trust Jackie because she was going back and forth between the two sides of the house, and specifically talking to Ika about the things Sindy was telling her. Dre seems confused, and chuckles in disbelief questioning William about the situation. William is saying he is having a problem speaking English fluently tonight, and his head is only speaking in French. Anyway, Kevin doesn't trust Jackie. Jackie was making deals with Bruno and Kevin to go thru the rest of the game with them, and Kevin wanted her to be on his side. But, he doesn't trust her now because she was talking a lot to Sindy, and going to go speak with Ika, which alarmed Kevin, and now he's questioning what Jackie will do. Dre says that she cannot be "friends with Jackie," but she does want Jackie on "their side" meaning with her and William. Dre is concerned with Jackie flip-flopping around the house, so she is going to be careful and not give much information to Jackie yet. She goes on to reinforce how Kevin cannot be trusted. That he (William) needs to trust Dre, and not let Kevin take him down with his sinking ship. Dre says that it's getting hard for her to protect William when he's always hanging out with "them" meaning Kevin, Bruno and Jackie. Dre says she'll try her best to protect him, and do what she can do to make sure that they aren't targets to anyone. She will keep an open mind with William, and wants him to be honest with her, and she'll keep an open mind.....but right now she just cannot trust Kevin. If Kevin came to her with strong arguments, and true definite information, that may sway her to feel differently. 11:15pm BBT: Dillon and Dre are hanging out in a corner outside the kitchen area. Dillon asks Dre if she got any information. Dre says that yes, she thinks they are sitting pretty comfortable this week. They are whispering, so it's hard to hear and see everything being said.... Dre goes on to tell Dillon that Jackie went to talk to Ika, and they made a "truse" (sp?) and they are good now. But, Dre doesn't know how to feel, or what really is going on between Jackie and Ika now, so she feels like she needs to watch Jackie. Dillon says something about backdooring "her" and that they need to take advantage of the situation to get "them" broken up because they are both strong players, and are together. (I'm only assuming they are talking about Ika and Demetres) Dre is so happy that Demetres won Hoh, but she's very conflicted. She's loyal to Ika, and loves her....Ika knows that Dre is 100% loyal to her....but Ika used that to her advantage in the beginning to play both sides of the house. Dre says, when it came time for Ika to pick a "side," she chose to stick with her and William. But....when they were talking about possibly backdooring Bruno during William's hoh, Ika ran off to the other side of the house to warn Kevin. Dre says she can't trust Ika anymore, but Ika thinks she can trust Dre 100%. Dre is worried about everyone in the house making "final four" deals, and says if they don't approach her to mention a "final four" with her, then Dre will feel betrayed, and feel like they are going to screw her over. They continue to discuss strategy about getting the vets out moving forward. There's not much wiggle room in Dre's mind on how they are going to separate Ika and Demetres, and be able to get Kevin or Bruno out because they are all so tight. Dre then starts going over all the things that were planned in the house, Ika only told her about those situations after the fact....she's worried that Ika would tell people that "they" together planned moves, when in actuality, Dre wasn't really involved. Ika would tell Dre that the reason why she waited to tell Dre anything until after moves happened was because Ika said she was trying to protect Dre. Dre is really starting to have a realization on how much Ika has been using her. Dre really wants to be able to take her out, but she needs it to happen soon, and it has to happen before the other side of the house has a chance to take a shot first. Dre then goes on to tell Dillon about all the times that Bruno and Kevin were trying to plot getting Dillon out....that every time Dillon's name came up, Bruno and Kevin were the first on board to support the idea. Dre: "The reason why she stuck with me (Ika) was because she knows that I'll never do that to her (go after Ika). She KNOWS I'd NEVER do that to her. That is why she kept playing me, because she knows that. She'll come to me and say she's sorry, call "truse" and I'll be like, "It's okay, it's fine." Not this time, it's not fine." Dillon: "That's why we gotta pull the trigger, the next chance we get." Dre: "I just don't want people to think we are bad people if we do that." Dillon: "They won't. They'll look at us like we are good game players. They are strong people....they are beasts." Dre: "I'd love for Jackie to win next week and put up Ika and Demetres. Ika wasn't that far behind Jackie, Jackie could do it." THey then discuss how if they are ever able to get Ika and Demetres up on the block, and one of them comes down, they need to be sure that whoever comes off the block feels alone. That they don't have anyone to go to....
  12. 3:40am: Bruno, William and Dre make a deal with Dillon. Dillon is HOH They all decide to talk everything out later, but they are 100% safe.
  13. Dre collected $110 William collected $1,400 Bruno collected $490
  14. 3:33am Sindy says there is $2,000.00 hidden inside the house, and if a houseguest finds it before the next buzzer rings, they keep it. There is less than 2 mins ticking down on the timer Bruno runs out and finds $500 William, Dre and William run off.... 15 secs left on the timer And the buzzer goes off William and Dre make it back before Devin. So Kevin is knocked out.
  15. 3:24am: Dillon tells Kevin, Bruno, William and Dre that they need to talk it out and figure out what they want. Dre: "we all need to agree" Dillon: "Right, you four need to agree to help me out this week. You know where I stand. If you guys are good, I'm not putting any of you up, it's simple. I just want to see my family so bad....I'll legit do anything." Kevin "What do you think Dre?" Dre says she doesn't want to get *&$cked over. Dillon says they all need to trust him. "What an easy week it'll be"