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  1. @StaceyinSpacey I've been researching and going to go shopping this weekend - trying to find a free resource for it… https://t.co/ZfhcG6qLJY

  2. @BBHEAUXX #bbcan6 I'm sure most of the people that voted for Ryan don't watch the feeds

  3. #bbcan6 my thoughts - the casuals didn't like that ryan was nominated after being set up by some of the hgs. Canada… https://t.co/mOE7WKWQat

  4. @BBNutters @GlobalTV lol and depends on where I guess. It happens while I'm driving at least once a day and I've ne… https://t.co/6JXPTW3O4n

  5. @BigBrotherCA The Rick roll for a new generation! LOL https://t.co/uMowtOE8IG

  6. so now I'm conflicted - supporting Olivia but now I'm mad at her...loved @HamzaBBCAN6 gah...the termoil of supporti… https://t.co/X3eT49PVLo

  7. @CherylLynnOKC I refuse to judge based on what they say on the feeds because I'll bet what others say off the feeds… https://t.co/OKVLj6y54Y

  8. @bbbluejoni when I went away on vakay(when my kids were small) for a week about midway I miss my kids so much (day… https://t.co/f6AWjxr9V9

  9. @MarissaMeleske He was impeached over the whole thing - how does that translate to ppl being okay??? No one like it… https://t.co/5iGatnMWuV

  10. @jennajameson and they were all wrong!!! Bill was impeached, HRC lost the election (partly due to this type of thin… https://t.co/wIp06YYIJM

  11. Immaturity = Can't like you or be your friend if you don't like who I like! Mob = c'mon everybody lets gang up on… https://t.co/GAISr5Kg8O

  12. so...serious question - would some with Aspergers, when telling you that is their affliction spell it wrong?? pls o… https://t.co/5J0n88H7Sn

  13. @JoeCGrossy2929 they have enough fans = perhaps she's just saying how she feels - I remember being newly engaged and it's an amazing time!

  14. @BBArchive #BBCAN6 another Guelphite, so cool @mitchellmoffit and now Olivia! I have to root for the "hometown" pla… https://t.co/oYryay9ZwC

  15. @RealitySnob @GlobalTV @CBSBigBrother I know that Bbcan let Neda bring in her Tshirts and they didn't block them ou… https://t.co/waOiVcgQxw