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  1. @tnacgal @DevonJoelleG @elfitvic LOL - gofundme???? He did this to himself - it's called jury management - same mis… https://t.co/wKgA5pE4VO

  2. #bb19 this gets all my agrees as if I liked it 100 times https://t.co/tvugwzxCAs

  3. #bbcan19 hope @CBSBigBrother doesn't broadcast @celebritybbus the same time as @BigBrotherCA airs #Bbcan6 -don't want anything to hurt BBcan

  4. Don't be mad at #JemeleHill for saying it - be mad at #DonaldTrump for making it possible!!

  5. @Kevin_The__Real @kalena141 well we're at the end of season now but goole ad blocker for whatever your browser is a… https://t.co/BoZlwfRb3e

  6. @Global_TV give whoever this is a RAISE!!! Totally ruled twitter this season!!!

  7. @sittingducksfam @thejessicagraf look at the @ theejessicagraf is NOT her

  8. @CapriceZombie how is saying that transphobia can be cured - sexist and transphobic? Just wondering 'cause you're a… https://t.co/2b9q55u0wG

  9. @gingersnapk no but that is the impression many got from what he said

  10. #bb19 this is NOT a thing!! https://t.co/SZpV4auKAx

  11. Zach by far but Cody gets an A for effort! https://t.co/siqWFJOUm9

  12. I hate rt'ing - i'd rather it the other way around https://t.co/Kwolfnz9o6

  13. @jbobdon7 @BB19KEVIN LOVE Kevin - He's my age...I get him and he's really handsome ;) Seems like he's a pretty cool… https://t.co/wwYhu2Comd

  14. @BBCocoBear my daughter and son in law just until recently were selling door to door (meat) for about $30hr plus bo… https://t.co/vxvORHezBi

  15. @DerrickJCameron @CBS @JulieChen I can't believe they didn't give paul a true edit - cowards!!!!