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  1. @Rosie @SafetyPinDaily @sassyemmy3 @voxdotcom She drank the koolaid,& woke up an idiot

  2. RT @BB_Updates: RT if you want Paul to win Big Brother 19 #BB19 https://t.co/XqRo2BNFS3

  3. @robreiner @Rosie Agree

  4. @racewarspodcast Or Jews

  5. @CNNPolitics What Democratic Party, not mine

  6. RT @MuseumBoulevard: #1Heure1Oeuvre by @malaiet You like it? Share it! https://t.co/jj9Olh6Luu

  7. @AC360 Get him one ,please you move mts

  8. @RobertGBeckel Agree,miss you Bob,no reason to watch Fox

  9. RT @MuseumBoulevard: #1Heure1Oeuvre by @schachay You like it? Share it! https://t.co/NeIc7KEmEc

  10. @chelseahandler Unfortunately a lot

  11. @AC360 Yes she was

  12. @nytimes @joecoscarelli Sad but true

  13. @HeathLuman Why

  14. @Cally324 @carlruiz @OpieRadio Hope it tastes better than it looks

  15. @Kris_Sacrebleu To much of a little shit to be much of anything

  16. @Sherrod_Small Thanks for the heads up

  17. @CNN Sleazy knows Sleazy #whiteshade

  18. @OpieRadio @amazonecho She told me HS

  19. @SherriEShepherd @Essence Read Thom Hartmann book

  20. @FNC_Ladies_Rule Tell us when and if, saw you going to Marie's looking fit Hi Opie

  21. @OpieRadio Wow I starting listening when Mr Small cane on,loved the show

  22. RT @votevets: Journalists die with American troops abroad to give us a voice. An attack on them is an attack on us. https://t.co/eV2s7BHytU

  23. Ian an artist,painter

  24. @Rosie To late for an intervention they all drank the kook aid that Ivanka made

  25. We need an optimistic conversation about climate change – with hope, not fear #ClimateofHope https://t.co/AqKSrrW6ib https://t.co/4jZYx3jsQi