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  1. RT @SenSchumer: I am voting no on the Duncan nomination because his anti-civil rights, anti-LGBT, anti-choice, anti-immigrant record disqua…

  2. RT @davidhogg111: Hi @SpeakerRyan I would really appreciate it if you #AllowTheVote on Universal Background Checks, thanks. Rt if you agre…

  3. RT @fearlessmotivat: The cost of success: https://t.co/Lplbyj964V

  4. @AnnCoulter Are we already jaded.?

  5. @StormyDaniels Trolls don’t listen,they just spur

  6. @carlruiz You did

  7. RT @SandraBernhard: she is a tremendous warrior for righteousness and we stand by her 1000% https://t.co/qSKfVWG4Zw

  8. @LessaT @vrbo @TripAdvisor Your not alone

  9. @EdKrassen @eersrus It’s pure EVIL

  10. @ChelseaClinton You always had class,people listen

  11. @Sherrod_Small @OpieRadio @carlruiz @VicHenley @NYCComedyCellar Thanks,that makes me feel good & you guys make me laugh. Need to laugh

  12. @LessaT She needs him

  13. RT @raindrops58: New work ; The Wall of handmade Peace acryl painting 90 x 90 cm 2018 "My protest against war" https://t.co/KIXVWZ5Lzp

  14. @TuckerCarlson @FoxNews Please explain q, I went to public school in the 60’s-70s. We didn’t have metal detectors,b… https://t.co/eyEZ1aiFrF

  15. @ChrisCuomo I never went to School with metal detectors,neither did you or https://t.co/0SJKouNOH9 president he has… https://t.co/Lc9mZxW8ee

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