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  1. Arkansas

    America - Week 5 - MVP

    We should have nominated Helen, guys.
  2. Arkansas

    Helen - Week 5

    Helen, it seems, is determined to get evicted as soon as possible.
  3. Arkansas

    Aaryn - Week 5 - HOH

    CBS should stop trying to get Aaryn out. I get that people think she's racist, but that doesn't make it okay for the producers to try dirty tricks to get her evicted.
  4. Arkansas

    Judd - Week 4 - HOH

    Weird... I have literally no issue understanding him.
  5. Arkansas

    Judd - Week 4 - HOH

    Can I ask- Why does Judd get made fun of for his Southern accent but Spencer doesn't? Spencer's southern accent is quite a bit stronger than Judd's.
  6. Arkansas

    Judd - Week 4 - HOH

    Anybody with basic knowledge of Southern American English can understand what he and Spencer are saying perfectly
  7. Arkansas

    This is how it looks to me.....

    This is Big Brother, not a psychology session. Of course what you say in the DR is not confidential.
  8. Arkansas

    Kaitlin - Week 3 (HoH Nominee & PoV Winner)

    Kaitlin is a nice Minnesotan girl but she is being manipulated by this mean girl alliance... She needs to get out of it and show America who she really is, because I have a feeling that she is not a nasty person. I'd love to see a McCrae-Amanda-Kaitlin alliance.
  9. Arkansas

    McCrae - Week 3

    McCrae needs to stay in the game and continue to accurately represent my home state, Minnesota. I want to see him go far and I want to see him make big moves because Minnesotans are nice but we are also big fans of bold moves.
  10. Arkansas

    This is how it looks to me.....

    The gameplay is real and that's all that matters to me.