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  1. it s not like that he got this far because he is a fan favorite thats my point it has nothing to do with me being jealous i have no problem rooting for a guy if he is a good player
  2. are guys okay with Jeff winning the season?? i cant stand the guy
  3. Daniele - Week 7 - Replacement Nominee

    i am really pissed thats she s going home man i cant stand jeff
  4. Wednesday, 8/25 Show

    i dont get jessie is one of the most hated ppl in big brother hostory and he keeps on coming back
  5. Finale' LIVE Show! 9/15

    they didnt even play the 3rd HOH in here man am pissed
  6. Finale' LIVE Show! 9/15

    what happened guys?
  7. Finale' LIVE Show! 9/15

    come on its not live here in el paso why is that the show just got started
  8. Jordan

    she has no chance against kev right ? jessie lydia and russel will vote for him unless kev send natalie home am not sure
  9. Jordan

    plz take natalie to the final 2 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz its ur only hope
  10. Jordan

    so do u think she has a chance now ? the last part is just guessing what ouseguest said or would say
  11. Jordan

    so when r they gonna play the last part it will be on the live show?
  12. i have to go with michelle jeff f****d the whole game lol
  13. Final POV Competition

    its all because of jeff what a stupid move he said before that he would kill him self if kev or nat wins and they will its seaso 6 all over again
  14. Natalie

    do u think the jury will give her the votes? she did nothing to win the money ?