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  1. Time for the next HOH competition. This competition is called "Slide N Theatre". Before you can see the movie, you'll need to get some butter for your popcorn - 8 gallons in fact. On Julie's go, you'll begin to transfer butter from your gallon across your slippery lane to the large container on top of your popcorn box. The HG to first remove their floating popcorn kernel once their container is filled up will be the new HOH. There is a 2nd smaller container that can be filled too. It will release a larger scooper which will transport the butter faster. Julie gives her GO once the HG's say they understand and off they go! Nicole and James immediately go for the smaller containers while Paul and Corey go for the bigger container. James tells Nicole to fill her scooper as much as possible. Nicole says it doesn't matter if you fall! Victor chortles with laughter watching Nicole. Who will rise to power in this HOH competition? Tune in on Sunday to find out, along with who is nominated. To make way for the NFL on CBS, we are changing the schedule for the rest of the season. On Tuesday, you don't want to miss an evening that will take the HG's completely by surprise as the POV is played, another HG is sent packing and a new HOH plays out. Then on Wednesday, another eviction sends another HG to the jury, leaving the final 3 to begin the final push to the half million dollar grand prize - and it all plays out live! Julie checks in with the HG's and comments on Nicole sprinting, causing Victor to burst out laughing. He says it's fun to watch more than anything. Julie bids the HG's good night and good luck. From outside the Big Brother house, have a good night!
  2. Natalie hugs everyone and wishes them luck. Natalie takes a plant with her, while James opens the door. She tells James she loves him, he says he loves her to. In the studio, Natalie skips to Julie and hugs her while the HG's watch her picture fade to B&W. Julie brings up the tough week. Natalie insists she did not throw him under the bus and Julie explains why it was perceived that way. Natalie still doesn't seem to understand why this was perceived as against James. She says she trusted Nicorey due to James. He really trusted them, but she trusted Victor over Nicorey. She went with James' gut, she wasn't trying to throw him under the bus. That was not her intention. She's honoured to leave next to him and campaigned to keep him, she thought that would show how much she cares for him. Julie asks how real the showmance is. Natalie giggles, it's real! She cares so much - he's her in a guy's body. There is a chance outside the house, she is not going to say yes or no. It depends on how they make it work. She hopes he does well, she's rooting him on. He has her vote to get to F2, she hopes he's not next out! If he works with Nicorey, that's ok as long as it gets him to the end. She supports it. This game is so emotional, you miss your family, you don't have a cell phone, you say things you don't mean. She apologizes right after so that fixes it. Goodbye messages. Victor evicts her because she got him evicted. See you on the outside. Paul knew she was a smart cookie, not dumb like she appears. She lost his respect throwing James under the bus. Otherwise, she's sweet and fun. Nothing but friendship on his end. Nicole is sorry and it means she's the only girl left in the house. Being on the block next to your best friend has to be hard, she handled it well. See you on the outside. James says this is the toughest goodbye message ever. He knows this game has been a stressful, emotional, roller coaster but through everything,he's had a great time getting to know her. She's taught him a lot about himself. He didn't expect to get in a showmance but took one look at her and it was all over from there. She'll always be his #1 and his best friend. (the audience awwws) Natalie says she didn't realize she threw him under the bus. Sometimes you say things unintentionally. Her heart was to always protect him. Natalie is excited to go to the jury house.
  3. Paulie tells us the fact that Nicole is in the final six says something. Her name has been in the mud since week one. Meech says she was hoping they'd take out the bigger target this week but they're dumb nuts. The jurors are surprised by the tie vote but loves Meech's exit. Da'Vonne is shocked by Nicole running the house; she was hiding behind people for so long. She's kind of impressed! Meech hopes Nicole joins them next week. Time for the final pleas. Natalie is first, after she fixes her hair. Shout outs. "I came into the house knowing nothing about the game and made it to Final 6. I've had the honour of meeting all these people and getting to know them. And James, my best friend, my soulmate, I will forever care for you and you're stuck with me forever. Thanks for everything and I've had a lot of fun!" James' turn. Shout outs. "Natalie, it's been an honour to play this game with you. Day 1 you were so scared to play this game but so full of energy. I'm honoured to sit on the block with you and get to know you. HG's, my game and fate is in your hands and I won't campaign so whatever you feel is best, I'm happy to go with." Time for the voting. Paul votes to evict Natalie, Nicole votes to evict Natalie, Corey votes to evict Natalie. By a vote of 3-0, Natalie is evicted from the Big Brother house and the 6th member of the jury.
  4. In the DR, Natalie cannot believe he said she had a fling with Paulie. What? She's crying. Her chest is hurting, her heart is hurting. James is the only person she trusted, and he thinks she's using him? She doesn't know who James is right now. He's not the person she thought he was. James heads out to the Tokyo BR and Paul encourages him to vent and he says he can't. James tells us he's done. He let her have it. He was willing to give up his game for her. This is not how you treat someone you care about. James tells the HG's it is what it is, but he's done. After a commercial break, we're back with Jeff and Jordan in the studio with Julie. (Jordan is extremely cute being pregnant!) Jordan gives the cliff notes of their lives. Their wedding date was supposed to be September 24, however they went to Mexico in January and she got pregnant. They had their honeymoon there - open bar, Jeff chimes in. They went to the courthouse in March after finding out about the baby. She's 6 weeks away from delivery. They are having a boy but have not yet decided on the name. It's very difficult to agree on a name, Jeff says. Jordan had a girl planned out, they were calling her Sailor. Jeff jokingly agrees he was okay with the girl's name. Jordan's mom thinks the baby will come home from the hospital with no name. Julie says people have even changed the name of their baby after a few weeks, so it's fine as long as their baby is happy and healthy. Talk turns to the game. Jordan is very surprised 3 duo's made it to final 6. Jeff thinks Nicorey should've had a target for a long time because they were an early couple. Same with Victor and Paul. Jatalie has been long enough to have a target. Especially once the big target Paulie left. Julie wonders if Jatalie will be the Jeff and Jordan of the season. Jordan says trouble in paradise. James had stars in his eyes and lost himself from the game. If Natalie goes tonight, he could redeem himself and pull out some wins. It's Big Brother! Jordan predicts Victor wins, Jeff predicts Paul. After the next commercial break, we're up for a visit to the jury house. The jurors are playing pool when we first get there. Zakiyah tells us the temperature between her and Paulie has cooled, and they're on speaking terms. Da'Vonne tells us Zakiyah went right back to Paulie, yes, right back to hit butt. She and Bridgette no longer exist! Ok, check! Bye! Bridgette hopes Victor is next in. She tells us he's a huge target, people want him out for sure. He wins everything! Da'Vonne wonders about Meech being the outcast admist 3 pairs. Seeing her would be bittersweet. That's her girl! When Meech enters, everyone groans in upset. More estrogen for you, Paulie, she jokes and quickly admits Nicole is the reason she's there. Meech tells us she should've campaigned more but at the end of the day, she feels it was personal. They watch the tape and Meech says 3 more minutes, he would've been back in the house. Everyone's mouth drops open when they see James threw the wall comp to Nicole. Da'Vonne tells us she's livid. Paulie wouldn't have taken any deal to drop. Bridgette tells us when Paul picks Corey to play in veto, it was obvious Paul was the pawn. It was right in front of her and Michelle didn't get that she was the target!
  5. That night, Corey approaches James to open him up to venting about Natalie. He recounts the comments that Natalie has been saying. Corey tells us this is a real opportunity for him and Nicole to get back with James and move forward with him. Corey heads inside and recounts his conversation with James to Nicole. Corey is tired of bratty Natalie putting it on James. She has no one to blame but himself, why doesn't he realize that? Nicole says his head is not in the game, he feels guilty. Corey wants to reel James in, he wants to make sure James doesn't put Nicorey up if he stays. Nicole tells us she thinks Paul and Victor are great and their alliance is awesome but you have to take shots in this game, and maybe they're working James. 3 vs 2 are not good numbers. In the UKBR, James comments this is one of their last nights, he is sleeping in the same bed as her. Natalie wants to sleep alone, and whines that he needs to stop fighting with her and let her live. She's going home. Natalie says she can't wait till Thursday, meet Julie and go to jury. James says she's acting like a brat and Natalie laughs, scoffing. James says one of them is about to leave and someone's true colours are coming out. That's nice, Nat replies. James says he heard she threw him under the bus, Nat says she never did. That's the way it was perceived, James said. He didn't believe it, but he's a man of actions speak louder than words. Nat says she is sad, and she just... James is sad too, he cuts her off. Nat swears on everyone she loves she never threw him under the bus. James doesn't know what her endgame is. He sheltered her, kept her under her wing and now she wants to be away from him with only a day and a half left. Nat wonders - does James think she used him? Nice. He says she got in a showmance with Victor, didn't work out. Flirted with Corey, didn't work out. Started a fling with Paulie, kept it a secret. Nat denies having a fling with Paulie and asks who he is right now. He asks who she is? Nat says she's had his back too. James asks if that is why some days he can sleep in her bed and some days not? There's a day and a half left, is this how she wants to go out? Paul and Nicorey are trying to eavesdrop in the Tokyo room. Nat doesn't understand why he's upset about Victor and Corey. She can't believe everything he just said. James says he's not killing himself over this.
  6. In the UKBR, Natalie tells James she made a dumb move trusting him and trusting Nicorey. James says it is what it is and Natalie retorts they should've stuck with the people who helped vote Paulie out. Natalie tells us she never really trusted Nicorey but James did and it's bitten her in the butt. She's tells James she's going to dress cute everyday since it's her last week. James tells us there's tension between him and Natalie and mostly because he voted Victor out. There's nothing more he can do about it and he hopes they can move past this. In the BY, Paul and Nicorey discuss their votes. Paul is leaning towards Natalie. Corey tells us he doesn't see a situation where he votes James out and his alliance members may feel the same way. Paul reveals what he told James about Natalie betraying him. Paul tells us he doesn't want Nicole that he and Victor were working James by being honest to keep him close to him and Victor for a shot at survival next week. Nicole tells us she wonders if Paul is just covering his tracks and potentially working with James going forward? That worries her. Victor and James are playing pool later and Natalie stalks by them without a word. Victor asks if they're in an argument and he sighs they always are. Victor tells us if he can be sympathetic to James, maybe he'll get the sympathy back. It never hurts to be close to everyone in the house. When their game is done, James goes to Natalie and asks if she is ok. People can tell there is tension between them. She says not on her end. They're on the block together, it's not fun. Natalie says stop talking about it. James says in a relationship people have to talk about things and Natalie sighs in annoyance. She says she knows she's leaving and it doesn't feel good. James asks how she knows, she says she just does. In the KT, Victor says he thinks James is more worried about his crumbling relationship with Natalie then going home. In the BY, James says he's been holding them together for 80 days and he doesn't know what to think. She'll probably get home and never want to talk to him again. Natalie asks why he would say that and then adds she feels like she's in a nightmare right now. James wonders quietly to himself why he got in a showmance.
  7. A showmance, a bromance and romance on the line. Welcome to Big Brother! Previously on Big Brother, with a scramble for power, Victor egged out the competition. Wanting to stay loyal to his Final Four alliance, Victor put James and Natalie on the block. Natalie tried to make amends with Paul and Victor by pointing the blame elsewhere. In an explosive veto competition, Corey assured Jatalie would stay on the block and the Final Four considered making Natalie they're target. Worried she may be leaving, Natalie had some harsh words for James. Hoping to reel James back to their side, Paul and Victor told him about Natalie's betrayal. At the veto meeting, the couples fate was sealed. Tonight, either James or Natalie will leave the game - but will they be torn apart before a single vote is cast? Plus, Big Meech arrives at the jury house. And BB favourites Jeff and Jordan are back. All this live on Big Brother! "Good evening, I'm Julie Chen and welcome to Big Brother. For the first time in BB history, 3 duo's make up the final 6. And while 2 of those couples are safe tonight, one is not so lucky. By the end of the hour, either Natalie or James will become the 6th member of the jury. But the big question for those voting is not who to evict but rather who to keep to further their chances to get to finale night. So who will be evicted? We'll find out! #ButFirst, after 86 days, is the honeymoon over for Jatalie?" We pick up after the veto ceremony. James tells us being on the block together has strained their relationship and definitely tested it. When you're in a showmance with someone and there's half a million dollars on the line, it's a drag. Nicole tells us she and Corey controls who goes home but she wants everyone in the Final Four comfortable with who they choose because she doesn't want Paul or Victor to come after her the next week.
  8. 1:37PM BBT - JMac says the hardest thing is the amount of times you are locked indoors. Days at a time, cabin fever. Vanessa says the hardest part is that the people you live with are your competition but also people you need to build relationships with. JMac says at home he always has his guitar, video games, HBO... here it's like, I need to be outdoors! JMac says it's too hot to workout right now. Maybe later tonight. Vanessa tells us she's struggling with being a HN. She doesn't like pork and the slop makes her sick. 1:40PM BBT - Vanessa only has protein shakes and pickles. JMac feels more functional once he has slop. It doesn't seem to upset his stomach. Vanessa says different blood types handle different food better. Irish are more "anti-celiac" and digest potato and grain better. Vanessa isn't celiac but she doesn't digest that stuff well. Vanessa hopes she'll remember her cell phone password once out of the house. JMac never put a password on his cell phone. No one would find anything on his phone anyway. Vanessa has her whole life on her cell. 1:45PM BBT - JMac has never had his cell phone off "vibrate". Vanessa says now that he's been on the phone, he should put a password on now just in case. For privacy. JMac agrees. Vanessa wonders if he'd want to do BB or something similar again. JMac emphatically shakes his head. No Survivor or Amazing Race. Vanessa thinks Amazing Race is cool. Jeff and Jackie told JMac about it. Vanessa wants to do Amazing Race. Vanessa shouts out to her friend Mark. She thinks JMac will be his favorite. They're similar. 1:50PM BBT - Mark has never been on a show and doesn't want to be. They discuss their schools growing up and the cities they've lived in. Vanessa says if someone came and threatened to rob her, she'd hand over what they wanted; she doesn't want to get shot. JMac says the subways are safe because they're so many people there. 1:55PM BBT - JMac misses living in Philly. South Philly was a nice place. Safer. Austin wakes up and comes into the BY. He wonders what time it is and they discuss the heat. Austin wants to work out just the chest or something easy in the heat. JMac says he'll do that too. Vanessa gets up to move her laundry.
  9. 12:01 PM BBT - Nothing much has happened in the last hour. Right now, Becky and JMac in the BY on the loungers, general chit chat about places Becky has been to. Cameras 3 and 4 are on Vanessa and Steve napping. 12:05PM BBT - Becky heads inside briefly to use the bathroom and then comes back out, complaining it's muggy and hot outside today. More general chit chat with JMac, now discussing beer. They both love IPA's. They agree you have to work your way into an IPA, especially if you are not a regular beer drinker. That's like giving someone who doesn't drink coffee a black one. You gotta start them off on a latte. 12:10PM BBT - Becky comments she hasn't been called to the DR since yesterday's POV and she knows she'll be called soon and she doesn't want to get "gross" in the heat. She heads back inside - it's too hot for her blood. She goes inside and heads into the Comic BR, deciding to take a nap. 12:20PM BBT - All 4 cameras are on the napping HG's. 12:34PM BBT - Johnny Mac heads into the washroom and does some ADL's. He then heads into the KT to make some slop. He sits at the KT counter to eat it. 12:50PM BBT - After his slop, JMac stares thoughtfully around for awhile before washing his bowl. He then heads to the WA for more ADL's. 12:56PM BBT - Johnny Mac heads back outside to the loungers. He puts his sunglasses on, lays his head back and chills. 1:02PM BBT - Vanessa wakes up and joins JMac in the BY. He tells her everyone has been up and down with him, but he isn't tired enough to sleep so he wants to enjoy the fresh air. Vanessa doesn't feel well, and it sucks because she wants to work out. She heads inside to grab some laundry. 1:16PM BBT - Vanessa puts her laundry in and joins JMac on the loungers. She wonders why everyone is still sleeping and if they were up all night. JMac says he doesn't know but they are all sleeping. Vanessa asks who JMac would like to get a letter from if he won HOH. 3 way tie between his dad, his mom and his brother. BB reminds everyone they are only allowed to sleep in the bedrooms. JMac wonders who is sleeping elsewhere. 1:20PM BBT - JMac says only he, Julia and Meg have not won an HOH. Vanessa wants to win one in the next few weeks or she'll lose her mind (she wants the letter from home). They discuss the POV's. JMac has won 3 out of 6 POV's. Steve is up and joins them in the BY. Steve tells them he sat down on the sofa and must've dozed off, BB was yelling at him. They resume discussing who won how many comps. 1:22PM BBT - Vanessa thinks Julia hasn't won anything, Steve points out she could've won things when she was playing Liz. Julia's never been nominated, JMac points out. Steve wonders if everyone else is still asleep. Vanessa asks what time everyone went to bed. Steve says he was the last one up and went to bed around 2 or 3. Maybe 4. Vanessa wonders if everyone is super tired from yesterday's comp. 1:25PM BBT - Steve says it was nice that the rest of the HG's got Cinnabuns this morning. Vanessa wonders if they could freeze some for them for after the HN week. Steve debates going back to the HN chair but then he won't sleep tonight. It's a vicious cycle. Vanessa suggests sleeping on the floor, Steve doesn't want to get buzzed by BB. Vanessa suggests piling blankets underneath him and pillows around him so it's softer and he'll actually sleep. 1:27PM BBT - Vanessa tells Steve his ADD is bad right now, he didn't answer her. Steve hotly replies he heard exactly what she said and repeats it. Vanessa backs right down. They then tell cheesy jokes about Cinnabuns. FoTH for about 30 seconds. Steve is trying to fix the clips on his mic. JMac jokes the next takeover twist is going to be Phil Collins. Vanessa thinks the Takeover Twist was a flop. The last one they had was Gronk, which didn't even feel like a takeover. 1:30PM BBT - Steve thinks Probst (from Survivor) would've taken over at some point. Vanessa wonders if they didn't have enough time to cover it on the shows. Steve apologizes for his presence and is going to head back to the dentist chair. Vanessa says on Thursday she'll trim his hair. JMac says he'll likely be in within the next hour. Vanessa wonders if he needs a haircut. JMac thinks another 2 weeks. Clay cut it at one point. Steve meanders back inside. Vanessa discusses her hair - she highlighted it on day 29. 31 days later, it still seems ok. 1:32PM BBT - Vanessa likes JMac's hair color, she wouldn't touch it. JMac needs to trim his goatee/beard. They start to discuss JMac's ancestry. Vanessa thinks he looks the most Polish. He does appear to have some Irish in him too. They discuss that the entire process for BB is 4 months including sequester. Vanessa says this game is much harder than it looks on every possible level. JMac says until you are there, you don't get how hard it is.
  10. 1:40PM BBT - Shelli asks Clay if they should go outside for the next 30 minutes to get some vitamin D. He agrees and heads down to get ready to go outside while Shelli gets ready upstairs. In the BY, Jeff is hoping BB will give them a slip'n'slide to play with. John and Jeff are playing pool. The rest of the HG's are laying by the pool. Shelli and Vanessa are on the circle chair. Vanessa says she has a load of wash in the washer, but she wanted to dry them before a lockdown. Shelli says it may only be till tomorrow. Vanessa had 2 shirts shrink from Forever 21 because she couldn't get them from the washer. She offers one to Shelli. Shelli is interested. 1:45PM BBT - The discussion from the pool is about James' story and how everyone was mortified. Steve is now in the BY with his feet in the pool. Jason, Audrey and John move to the loungers. Jason explains that sometimes there are competitions where you can earn a prize for the group - like a margarita party. Jason thinks the margaritas would be weak. The HG's aren't trusted by BB, he says. They discuss the drinks they wrote down for their HOH baskets. Jason's first choice was Corona with Lime. Jason comments that he is surprised Jeff hasn't enforced his dress code with Audrey. She says she will shower and change into something different. Audrey offers Jason a crop top. He says he normally doesn't wear them but in here, it's ok. He's already sold his dignity. 1:55PM BBT - Jason talks about how where he lives and works, it's very common for people to take Portugese instead of French and Spanish. There is a woman he works with who is fluent who they call on for help quite often. The pool group is trying to figure out how to get more alcohol. BB tells the HG's they are being locked down and to head inside. The HG's think BB said they'd be locked down for half an hour. The HG's all head inside. 2:00PM BBT - Meg tells the HG's that Jeff is on a 24 hour game that he can't say anything mean to her. Jeff says today will be filled with compliments for Meg. Clay will have to take over for him, being mean to Meg. Jason goes to talk to Day, who is just waking up in the colourful bedroom. The HG's are excited, they think something is going down. Jason says BB was nice to them today, letting them sleep in. Becky says once lockdown is over, she's going outside to tan again. Meg and Jason are going to shower and change. They think when the lockdown is over, there will be a grill outside for them. 2:05PM BBT - In the KT, they talk about how hard it is to workout around a busy work schedule. Meg is laying on a bed and comments about how comfortable it is. Jeff was never on time for one job he used to work, they used to congratulate him if he arrived on time. In the colourful BR, they're discussing slop and how gross it makes you feel again. Becky stealthily makes her way to HOH to listen to music. General chit chat in the KT about jobs and working in a clothing store. 2:10PM BBT - Austin is called to the DR. Day says she was called to the DR very early this morning. Jason says they asked him about an HG meeting that took place. They discuss how it will be shown on the show. Meg is so curious to see how Jace was portrayed. Jason thinks well, and Day agrees because the audience cheered so loudly. Jason says probably all will be like that. Day got laughter when she voted to evict Jace. Jason says it was weird for Julie to say his name. Jason used to call everyone honey, especially in the process of getting into BB. In the house, he has not called anyone honey. Day has her speech planned in terms of shout outs but nothing else. She knows what she will say if Audrey is next to her. If not, she's gunning. 2:15PM BBT - Liz is called to the DR. Meg can't wait to her Day's speech; she's good with her words. Meg is shocked that Clay moved upstairs. They went from not sleeping together to them living in the HOH room.... Day says she's been legit with Jason and Meg. And James, although Jason says he hasn't been as open with James. Jason thinks Meg will be on a ton of previews for the show because of her bubbly personality. BB tells the HG's they cannot talk about their DR sessions. 2:25PM BBT - Jason, Day and Meg ignore BB and keep talking about them. BB gets firmer this time and tells them again they are not allowed to talk about their DR sessions. Meg, Day and Jason decide he's serious and stop. Austin and Vanessa are in the Cabana room talking about the group that was up all night together with the wild card Audrey. Talk then changes to how long the lockdown will be. They then go back to whispering, but it is very hard to hear with all the background noise.
  11. 12:25PM BBT - Shelli is cleaning up from breakfast/lunch in the KT while Liz is cooking. Liz jokes that she "Totes gots the votes" once Shelli puts her up as the pawn against Day. LIz feels like she lost weight while she was on slop. She didn't feel that till after because while on it you're so bloated. Austin says it is brutal. Vanessa comes in, Liz offers her banana pancakes and Vanessa groans - she's had more food in the last 24 hours than the entire time in the game. 12:30PM BBT - In the BY, Jason and John are on the loungers. They're talking about one of the fights involving Audrey. Jason says if he will talk behind someone's back, he will talk to their face too. He'd rather go out not being manipulated than look like a fool, as Victoria/Derrick last season. They are interrupted by Liz who begs John to have a pancake since she made so many. He agrees and goes inside to get some food. 12:35PM BBT - Shelli is telling other HG's she didn't even put syrup on hers because they taste like a muffin. Vanessa is helping Shelli clean the KT. Jeff is told to put on his microphone by BB. Becky comes in the KT for some food. She loves Liz's pancakes, very doughy. Jeff is wearing a tank top with an American flag, red shorts and a red bandana. He is complimented for how festive he looks as he grabs some food. Vanessa is complimented on her bandana, which is an American flag. Shelli had sunglasses in the shape of the American flag on the eyes; she couldn't find them before she left. 12:40PM BBT - Vanessa moves on to doing laundry, adding the dish towels from the KT. Becky is hoping for watermelon today. Shelli says likely not infused with vodka. Jeff wants gummy bears infused with vodka and explains how to do it. (Put them in a ziploc bag covered in vodka in the freezer for a few hours and then take them out till the dry. They don't leave the vodka) The HG's are amazed and want to try it. James and Steve are on camera 4, still sleeping in the HN room. 12:45PM BBT - Meg comes to the KT for some slop, looking wistful that she can't have some of the pancakes everyone is raving about. Meg compliments Jeff on his outfit. Shelli is now up in the HOH room doing ADL's. Jason comes in to get some protein powder to make a shake with. Jason feels like Paris Hilton - she doesn't eat. She's anorexic, he says. In the BY, Jeff is rubbing sunscreen on Austin. Meg is on the couch drinking a protein shake. 12:50PM BBT - Clay and Shelli are cuddling in the HOH room, in bed. Clay still hasn't gotten up yet. He loves the music from the CD she got. Clay can't hear a camera sound that Shelli hears every time she walks around. She mimics the sound; he teasingly calls her crazy. In the BY, Meg is teasing Jeff about how he's been acting like an 8th grader. At least he's not as bad as James, Jeff retorts chuckling. Jeff and Austin begin walking around the BY. Vanessa complains that the washing machine isn't accurate. It told her there was a minute left over a minute ago. Meg comments that she needs to do laundry today too. 12:55PM BBT - Up in HOH, Shelli is telling Clay about how Steve is like Clay's shadow and wants Clay to always work out with him. Shelli then comments on John, his stomach is full of muscle. (She felt that when she hugged him after he won veto) Shelli teases Clay will have everyone ripped by the end of the summer. Clay says he'd love to help out anyone that wants to work out. That's the base issue - most people don't find their motivation. Shelli says the more you sit around, the harder it is to find that motivation to work out. In the BY, Jason is complaining to Meg that the HN's aren't getting another food besides slop. He thinks that will lead to HN's being allowed to eat at the 4th celebration that night. 1:00PM BBT - Jason and Meg don't believe Becky is working with anyone specific. Meg and Jason want Shelli to put up Audrey but neither think it will happen. They think Kathy Griffin is going to save Audrey anyway because Kathy is all LGBT. Jason thinks Audrey will be able to put someone one slop for a week, Meg thinks it will be bigger than that. John joins them on the loungers. They're discussing how the chlorine tye-dyed some of their outfits. It sounds like Austin and Jeff are playing pool now. Meg wants to put on a swimsuit, but she feels bloated from the slop. Jason hasn't eaten slop since yesterday; BB will have to give him bonus food because he's refusing to eat. He should've said he was allergic to oats. 1:05PM BBT - Jason and Meg discuss how cool it is to work in production for BB. Jason says he is only interested in BB, Nicki Minaj and fashion. Meg says she's not even hungry, she is just so bloated. Jackie comes out wearing red, white and blue and Meg says she looks so cute. Becky comes outside for sunscreen; she's ready to suntan. Jackie wants to work out today. Becky goes to lay by the pool. Jason, Jackie and Meg then talk about how they fell asleep last night and how they didn't hear the music that much this morning. 1:15PM BBT - Liz comes out for sunscreen and both Jason and Meg tell her they don't know how she did Have Not last week. Jeff compliments Liz on her outfit; she was wearing a non red, white or blue outfit earlier and he made her change. The rest of the HG's tease him about it. Jeff tries to make Jason change into something pink, it's closer to red. Jeff says it's not him enforcing the dress code for the holiday, it's Giselle. They ask where she is; they say she is in chair 1 in the HN room. She won't get up till James does. Steve is in there too, they add and then discuss how crazy last night and the late night chatting was. They are so excited to get out and see tumblr about them. Jackie will post them all and tag everyone. Jason's best friend is going to save them all while he's in there - he will send them to everyone. Was there any from Amazing Race? Jackie says one, she was screaming at Jeff. 1:20PM BBT - Jason says he was burping and farting in the DR and production told him they've been told about the slop gas before. A plane flies overhead, and Jason says nothing better be spelled out on the plane so they're locked inside or he'll be very angry. If so, no one read it! Up in HOH, Clay and Shelli are talking game. Shelli is telling Clay how she and Becky came to the decision for their nominations. Shelli said they had to put up one pawn and one target on each side because back door plans don't always work. Becky's secondary target was Steve, so was Day's. Shelli wondered about that coincidence. She doesn't want Steve going before Day or Audrey. Shelli say you can't tell anyone your entire plan; she didn't tell Becky she was going to have a pawn through BoTB. 1:25PM BBT - Shelli indicated to Day prior to nominations that she'd likely be going up. She comments how well Day has been taking it, even though she's mad; who wouldn't be about being on the block? But overall, Day has taken it well. Shelli says she will not be the one to send out Audrey. Shelli comments there has to be a reason Audrey played so hard so fast, the reason she started a rumour about the Twin Twist, a reason she took the "Black Alliance" out of context. Clay was asked prior to coming in the house if he was down for a showmance, bromance, etc? He wasn't against a showmance. BB tells them to stop about production. Shelli groans and says it's so fun to talk about it! 1:35PM BBT - FoTH.
  12. 9:27 AM BBT - Audrey is up, Austin was up and went to the bathroom, now is back to bed. Steve is up, waiting his turn for the bathroom. John is now up and heads to the bathroom, now waiting his turn as Steve is in there. Steve brushes his teeth when he's done in the WA. No signs of life from anywhere else in the house. 9:30 AM BBT - Steve heads to the BY and is joined shortly after by John. John says it feels good to be outside, Steve wonders if he's always cold in the AM too. John says yes. Steve tells John they (production) want him to bring the POV inside when he goes in and asks if John has been in the DR with the necklace yet. We get FoTG (presumably to Steve can be told to stop talking about production) and when we come back, both are silent. 9:35AM BBT - John sits alone by himself in the BY while Steve moves about in the KT. Jason gets up and joins Steve. Steve says he gets more sleep in the HN room than he thought he would. Steve comments they were up late last night, Jason agrees and tells him they were talking about James' silly life stories. When they went to bed around 6am, the sun was up. He'll definitely be going back to sleep later. Jason joins John outside, asking if he has to go to DR as well. 9:40AM BBT - Jason just got out of the DR; he wasn't sleeping much in the dentist chair anyway. We get FoTH. When we get back (2 mins later), John and Jason are talking about laundry. John wants to wash bed sheets today, Jason says it doesn't really matter for him since he's not in a bed. 9:45AM BBT - Jason thinks they'll wait till Monday to do the veto ceremony due to the holiday. However, since he thought Have Nots wouldn't be till Friday, who knows? Day is up now and moving about in the WA. In the BY, Jason and John can't figure out who Shelli will put up. Only Audrey might go over Day. Anyone else would probably stay if up against Day, they decide. Audrey has to rebuild the relationships she has in the house, Jason says. John says she needs to calm down, played too hard too fast. 9:50AM BBT - They think it's possible Jace is in sequester. In seasons 15 and 16, they brought back jury people, Jason says. They have brought back non-jury people too so maybe that will happen this season. Jason randomly mentions he saw a hummingbird the day before; he'd never seen one before in his life. They then discuss birds building houses in trees. Jason hopes they'll get to see the fireworks tonight. They do them on CBS' lot; it's the only time it's open to the public. Jason hopes that the Have Not's will get to eat actual fod for the holiday. Jason says they cut the feeds usually because of the music that is played. We get FoTH (presumably to tell Jason to stop talking about production) for about 60 seconds. When we come back, Steve is making slop in the KT and Jason and John are heading back to the BR's. 9:55AM BBT - The cameras are on Steve in the KT and Day doing her ADL's in the WA.
  13. 9:05AM BBT - All is still quiet in the BB house as the HG's get some much needed rest.
  14. 7:55PM BBT - James wonders if it is time for BBAD or just the feeders are on. Da'Vonne doesn't know. James comments that the cameras are following him. James shouts out to feeders, says he will probably be a Have Not next week. Send him something fun! Jeff is falling asleep on the couch. Meg comes in. She got cut putting the puzzle together. Da'Vonne says her hand was on fire. Vanessa is back. She tells everyone to slap her if she keeps snacking on sweets. Everyone refuses to slap her. 8:00PM BBT - General chit chat in the LR. They are discussing Clay's hair cut. He looks more city boy, and Meg loves it. James calls out that he needs to fix Clay's hair. Da'Vonne and James leave the room. Meg comments that he has to come down with the "peasants". Jeff says he'll sleep with him. Jason doesn't think Clay will sleep upstairs with Shelli. They don't downstairs now, why change? Feeds switch to Da'Vonne alone in the HN room. 8:03PM BBT - Meg discusses volunteering to be a HN. Jeff agrees, and they say a fun group would be great. James reminds Jeff he can't have ice cream or candy and he starts to reconsider. They discuss the cold showers. Liz has to change her mic, as told by BB. Jason says it's better to get it over now so people can't use that against them down the line. They discuss Derrick was a HN, just not got nominated.
  15. 7:36PM BBT - In the LR, Jason says he's warm. He did dishes, and the warm water didn't help. One of the cameras keeps moving and making a noise and it's driving Meg nuts. They discuss some of the changes production does, and think some things are a waste of money. 7:40pm BBT - Meg says that was fun. After all the sitting around, you forget the game is happening. Jason says the time flew by, even with commercial breaks. Vanessa wanted them to have the time to finish their puzzle just to see how long it would take. Jason is happy two girls won, as two guys won last week. Shelli says people immediately start avoiding you as soon as you're HOH. Jason didn't feel that way - he didn't know everyone yet. Shelli says she feels pressure. What are people thinking? 7:43pm BBT - Shelli tells Vanessa she can have her spot in the BR, or can sleep up in HOH for now. Jason warns whomever has HOH will only have it for one night as noms likely will be tomorrow. But Saturday is July 4th so who knows what will happen that day? Jason thinks a lot of production will be off for the weekend. Shelli doesn't have a plan, she didn't think this through. Vanessa recounts normally noms/BoTB is Friday, POV Saturday and POV ceremony on Monday. Shelli may not move too much stuff upstairs until after BoTB. 7:45PM BBT - Vanessa heads for a nap while Da'Vonne joins the LR crew. Jason wonders what Jace's interview with Julie was like. Jason asks the HG's if they said anything sassy when voting to evict; he said he ecstatically voted to evict Jace. Jeff joins the LR crew; he says he blacked out playing the comp. He didn't think strategically or logically, just tried to put the puzzle together. His adrenaline took over. James joins and they talk about the twist again. Da'Vonne thinks whoever is evicted will get to return. 7:50PM BBT - Da'Vonne talks about "she" feels safe. "She" smiled and winked at Da'Vonne, who now feels like she will be going up on the block. Da'Vonne tells James he gets to hang downstairs with them now. It will feel weird, James says. He was upstairs for 15 days. Da'Vonne assumes Austin voted for Jace to stay. James and Jeff agree. Da'Vonne didn't expect it to be unanimous, Austin is his friend. James suggests it could've been Audrey, Jeff says that'd be typical. Da'Vonne says they all expected Austin to vote for Jace. Jeff teases that Clay might sleep upstairs with Shelli. John too, Da'Vonne adds. With Becky. Jeff is surprised, Da'Vonne thinks it's cute.
  16. 3:03PM BBT: When feeds come back, Sarah and Pili have headed inside for food and Zach has joined the HT crew. Discussion in the HT area is back to what time it is. Godfrey swears when he went inside to change his batteries, it was only 1:20PM. He thinks it's about 2pm now. Zach and Britt both think it's about 3pm. Cameras 1 and 2 are back on FoTH. They discuss the 100 minutes of hell. Britt wonders how many more worms would've made it in. Godfrey thinks bugs were coming next. 3:08PM BBT: Neither Britt nor Zach have eaten today. They both agree they'll never miss the slop in the BB house once they're out. They hate going to bed hungry. Godfrey heads inside. Zach can't imagine living in a place where they go to bed hungry every night. Britt says people do it and they don't have a choice, it's devastating. Godfrey had said he was blown away from grocery stores when he first got to Canada. Sarah and Pili in the KT getting food. No conversation happening. 3:13PM BBT: Pili and Sarah come outside and tell the HN's that the pizza is gone. Britt says Sarah's sandwich looks amazing and Sarah promises the second Britt can eat she'll make her one. Britt tells the HG's about her dreams. They discuss the preparations they had to make coming into the house, cancelling dentist and doctor's appts. Spending time with families to prepare from being away from them for 2 months. Godfrey is called to the DR. Zach decides to go make slop burgers. 3:20PM BBT: Talk in the BY turns to general chit chat. Pili and Ash in the WA. Ash is still fixing her makeup. Not much chatting going on there either. Pili leaves the WA. In the HT area, Britt and Sarah are discussing the pizza challenge and the toppings where Britt got pesto chicken confused with grilled chicken. She's been on slop for too long. 14 days left until the finale, Britt says. Pili is in the HT area now, Zach heads inside. 3:30PM BBT: Britt has anxiety about remembering her passwords for her computer, her ATM. Pili chimes in with her phone number. Sarah can't remember hers. Zach comes back outside and talk turns to general chit chat. 3:40PM BBT: All 4 feeds on the HT area. Sarah is called to the DR. Still general chit chat; now about mafia movies. General chat continues.
  17. 1:01PM BBT: Everyone is still sleeping by the HT. Britt comes back from wherever she was, murmurs quietly to Sarah and then all is quiet again. 1:30PM BBT: Still no movement from the hamsters, except the odd rolling over. 2:11PM BBT: Godfrey is up but not really moving around. He made a comment about 20 minutes of sun left, give or take. Everyone else appears to be sleeping still. 2:23PM BBT: BB tells the HG's the pantry is now open. Godfrey heads inside to change his batteries. Zach rolls over. The rest do not stir. 2:30PM BBT: Godfrey appears to be trying to decide what to eat. He makes a sandwich out of a hot dog bun. No other movement is coming from the BY. 2:41PM BBT: Godfrey comes back outside, the HG's start to stir. They discuss what time it is, Godfrey says it's 1pm. The rest of the HG's think it's later. Pili thought Godfrey had a raccoon tan from tanning with his sunglasses on but got closer and realized she was wrong. Pili and Britt tease that he must not have a girlfriend. If he did, he might be single now, teases Pili. Who then adds she's just kidding. 2:45PM BBT: Pili says that was a great nap. Uncomfortable, but she slept. Britt says she did not sleep. Ash and Pili head inside to clean up a bit from tanning. Britt sits in a chair by Godfrey. Godfrey is on the floor trying to cross his legs, but says it hurts and he is unable to. Britt comments on his lack of flexibility. They both agree it's hot outside. Britt wants to stay in the sun as long as they can. She thinks BB agreed. 2:48PM BBT: Britt says now that she knows they are leaving soon, she's dreaming more about the people on the outside, looking forward to seeing them. Ash and Pili are quiet in the bathroom as they do their hair and makeup. Godfrey and Britt are discussing dreams. Sarah comes outside with them and they move onto discussing bears and hibernation and all the berries they eat. 2:55PM BBT: Sarah turns the conversation to next week, and if one of them wins the veto. She's very hard to hear; not sure if she has her microphone on. Sounds like she had a dream where she won the veto and took Godfrey off the block and one of the girls had to go up against Zach. Britt says sounds like a vivid dream. 3:00PM BBT: Pili goes outside to the HT area to see if anyone is hungry. Godfrey says he just ate. Pili asks Sarah what she wants to eat. Pili complains her butt is sore from working out; Godfrey says give it time. They discuss the date and Britt calls a shout out Happy Birthday to her mom. Pili comments that there is a ton of pizza left, maybe they should have that. We then get FoTH.
  18. 4:00PM BBT - Britt says it's crazy that Ash wants to vote her own friend out. Godfrey says it's not even about Pili being her friend, it's a stupid move to keep Zach. Sarah agrees. 4:45PM BBT - Nothing has been going on since the last update except general chit chat.
  19. 1:57PM BBT - Ash and Pili are in the KT while Ash cooks. Ash says she'll make sure Godfrey doesn't vote to keep Zach. Pili wants to talk to Sarah again and try to convince her to put Godfrey up in Ash's place. Ash tells her to pitch it one more time. 2:01PM BBT - Britt and Sarah are in the HT area. Pili joins them. Britt says last night was a really great night; she's still taking it all in. Sarah agrees that last night was fun. The girls ask Pili why she's stressed. She's worried about Ash's vote. Ash would be in an awkward position with both of them on the block. Sarah says, "She could not use the veto." This way, she could avoid having to make a decision between Zach and Pili. 2:07PM BBT - Pili says Godfrey is close to Zach and is planning to vote to keep him. Sarah says Godfrey told them he told Zach he was voting him out. Zach is saying differently, Pili replies. She mentions the all girl alliance, and Sarah shoots that theory down since Pili and Ash were ready to vote Britt out last week. 2:11PM BBT - Zach and Ash in the KT. She's eating and he's cooking. Ash says Pili would hate her if she voted for Zach, and she'd look like an idiot. Zach says you aren't making plays to win the game at this point, but to get farther. That's the bottom line. 2:15PM BBT - Pili might be Ash's best friend but she adds no value to Ash's game, Zach says. Other than the fact that Pili will go farther because Ash can win comps. That's the only thing Pili adds to her game. He's just trying to give her the other side of the story. Pili's not going to be able to break Britt and Sarah up, 2:18PM BBT - Zach thinks in the jury house, he'd have JP. Ash thinks he'd have Willow. Zach thinks Ash will make final four, he'd go home before she would. Back to the HT area, Sarah is telling Pili that Godfrey was upset they evicted Bruno over Zach when they had the votes to get him out. Britt says she has to keep faith in that and hopes he lives up to his word. 2:21PM BBT - Pili just wants Ash to get her head in the game. She can't make her vote against her will, but she hopes Ash will realize keeping Zach is not best for her game. Britt thinks Ash has a better chance to argue her case at the end against Pili than against Zach. Sarah chimes in and says no one can. 2:25PM BBT - Sarah says Ash has played as good a game, but perception is that Zach played harder. Zach had so many alliances, ones that Ash didn't even know about (Purple Cobras). Sarah wonders if Pili has seen Ash and Godfrey talk - that's what they have to worry about at this point. It would do no good for Godfrey to play both sides, because whoever leaves will know he was lying. 2:30PM BBT - Sarah doesn't trust Zach not to swing the votes his way if Godfrey was up beside him. Sarah and Britt both say if Zach and Ash make it to the end, they'd both vote for Zach because he has been a target (quarterback) since day 1 and no one took him out. All head inside; Sarah and Britt want to talk to Godfrey and Pili goes to talk to Ash. 2:35PM BBT - After Pili gets away from them, Britt stops and tells Sarah Pili's goal was to stay off the block and say she's afraid they'll vote for her and in the end, they'd vote Godfrey out over Zach. Sarah agrees and they head into the KT. 2:38PM BBT - The HG's are told the pantry is open and Pili goes to change her batteries. Ash goes to the HT area, where Godfrey now is. Ash says she sees both sides of keeping Zach or Pili. Godfrey tells her no one is afraid of Pili. And if Zach is gone, Ash and Godfrey are the next biggest targets. If he stays, Godfrey and Zach are the targets. 2:41PM BBT - Sarah, Zach and Pili come to the HT area as well. Ash is in obvious stress and Sarah apologizes. After a long silence, Ash decides it's too chilly and heads inside while the HG's outside discuss the weather. 2:50PM BBT - Pili and Ash in the WA. Pili is telling Ash about her convo with Britt and Sarah. Ash tells Pili she will always be the least target over Ash, Zach and Godfrey. In the BY, Godfrey, Britt and Sarah discuss. Britt says if Zach survives this week, he's the best player in BB history. Britt tells Godfrey how Ash and Zach are trying to scare Pili so she tries to pitch Godfrey going up. Britt says until last night, Ash wanted to keep Pili and now Zach has convinced her to keep him. 3:05PM BBT - Zach and Ash in the BR. They are whispering so I can't hear them. Back in the BY, Britt and Godfrey are now alone talking. Take Ash's closest ally away and she'll be alone. Britt has no desire to go to the end with Ash or Pili. She'd go with Sarah or Godfrey. They are on the same playing field. They discuss BB season 1 and BB US season 15. Britt says she can't fathom sitting next to Zach. 3:15PM BBT - Britt would rather take her chances with the girls in the house than with Zach in the house. In the WA, Pili and Ash comment that they've tried everything. They head to the BR where Zach is. Not much conversation going on. In the BY, Godfrey is recounting all the great moves Britt has made throughout the game. 3:25PM BBT - Pili tells Zach about her convo with Britt and Sarah. Britt and Godfrey discussing the impossibility of getting everyone out you want without getting blood on your hands. Zach wanted to. They discuss some of Bruno's gameplay, and how he told too many lies. Same with Bobby. They discuss Sindy next; how there was things going on behind her back she didn't realize. They all made pacts and then broke them minutes later. JP didn't play the game very well. Sarah comes out and asks what Godfrey wants on his burgers as she's making them some. 3:38PM BBT - Godfrey says JP thought he was a mastermind. So does Zach, says Britt. Back in the BR, Zach is now gone. Pili and Ash are discussing the goodbye messages. Pili wishes she'd said something different in Kevin's. They are told by BB to stop talking about production. Pili says she told Kevin she loves him in hers and is told again to stop talking about production. She apologizes to BB. They discuss what to wear for the eviction show. Pili doesn't want to borrow anything in case she goes home. 3:45PM BBT - Britt and Godfrey are discussing Bruno's sudden eviction this past Wednesday. She can't believe she did that. She can, but she's still in shock. Bruno had never said anything out loud about who he wanted to go home each week until this past week when he admitted it was Britt he wanted to go. Sarah brings Godfrey a double burger which Britt eyes with envy and says smells amazing. Zach has 3 votes each week because Pili and Ash vote his way, they both agree. 3:51PM BBT - Sarah joins Britt and Godfrey and Britt tells her how fake Bruno was, never admitting who his target was. There is still not a lot of discussion going on with Pili and Ash. Ash tells Pili to say "the usual" in her speech. Nothing cray crazy? teases Pili. Ash tells her no, and nothing sassy either. Godfrey tells Sarah and Britt how Ash has been stressing since she won veto who to keep and who to vote for.
  20. 12:30PM BBT - Sarah and Britt are now alone in the BR. Not much chatting going on, a lot of silence. General chit chat in the HOH. Britt tells Sarah not to freak out; she can see it in her face. Britt tells Sarah she loves her. Sarah loves Britt - so much. She feels sick to her stomach. Britt feels sick too. Britt goes and sits beside Sarah on the floor. Sarah is crying. Britt tells her again not to freak out, it's ok. Britt says look at Graig, that's a big goof! Sarah chuckles through her tears. Britt says it's funny talking game with Pili; Sarah says everything she said was essentially what Ash said. Bruno interrupts the conversation by coming in the room to lint roll his shirt. 12:35PM BBT - Britt randomly mentions she hates feet; she thinks they're ugly. Can't really hear the conversation with Sarah and Britt now as they are very quiet and Bruno's lint roller is loud. Pili is now in the HOH room with Zach and Ashleigh. No talking going on. Bruno and Godfrey are in the other room of HOH, discussing that they have each other's backs - it can't be anyone else in F2. They've been together since day 1 in the HT. 12:40PM BBT - Bruno says no one ever suspected them of having such a close alliance. Zach joins them and they discuss his scruffiness. BB announces it's time for HOH lockdown. Sarah kisses Britt's cheek and Britt mutters they'd rather be locked alone in the BR to be away from everyone else. All HG's head to the HOH room. 12:44PM BBT - Ashleigh is complaining that she scratched her glasses. Godfrey comments she only needs them to read, right? She says and nighttime driving, not that she's doing that here. The feeds then go down. "We've temporarily locked down the BB house. The feeds will return soon."
  21. 12:02PM BBT - Godfrey comments that Pili has no backbone; can't make her own decisions. He has no faith in her. She nominated him when she had no reason to; he never said he was coming after her. She did it on behalf of the rest of them. Britt says of the 7 left, 5 were the first in the house. Godfrey says Ash, Bruno and Pili are all about giving Zach the cash. Jordan would've too. 12:07 PM BBT - They comment how Ash has played the same game as Zach, except she has let him take the heat for her. She's never been on the block; she's pretty much coasted. Ash, Pili and Bruno are on the LR couches. Not much chatting going on. Bruno comments Britt knows she's leaving. Pili leaves the LR and heads to the BR, so back to that camera. Britt says why don't people want blood on their hands when they're HOH? Cause at the end, they'll have a better chance of winning. That's just what it is. It surprises her that superfans aren't more frustrated by it. Zach comes in the room, interrupting the conversation. 12:10PM BBT - Bruno joins shortly after. As Zach is picking out his outfit (a dressier one), Sarah suggests they all dress up tonight. Pili chuckles and says Ash is dressed casually - jeans and a shirt. Godfrey carries his bag downstairs. Zach leaves and finally Bruno leaves. Britt has a quiet conversation about how Graig and Bruno said a lot of untrue stuff before Graig was evicted - Johnny had told Britt things they were saying. Britt adds that there were times Bruno would not leave her by herself so she could have conversations with others while Graig was on the block. 12:20PM BBT - Britt tells Pili they'll be great - just make sure they nominate the right people when they win. Over in HOH, Zach is ironing his shirt while Ash watches. Neither is saying anything. Zach comments how tired Ash is. Ash is watching her Shomi and says it's like her TV. Zach teases her that she's a bum, she says only for now - she's earned that right. Ash goes to leave HOH, Zach says he wants her to hang with him. Ash tries on Godfrey's glasses and says they look ridiculous on her. She will just wear her own.
  22. 11:40AM BBT - Godfrey brings his breakfast and joins the guys on the LR couches. Zach says Godfrey is becoming a cook in the house; he's going to leave the house a man. Godfrey's sister and father are the cooks in his house. He thought cooking was harder than it is but now he'll be able to help. The guys think they have a couple of hours before they have to finish getting ready. The competition is still being built - they can hear it. 11:44AM BBT - Sarah, Brittnee and Pili in the BR; Brittnee is packing. Brittnee says when she's in the jury house, at least she won't have to eat slop. Brittnee says Godfrey will have to carry her bag downstairs. She says they don't know what it feels like to pack their bag every week - it sucks. Brittnee is tired; Pili is stressed and anxious about the upcoming HOH. Sarah isn't saying anything, just looking very depressed. Sarah finally speaks, saying she has faith in Pili or her to win since Ash can't play. 11:47AM BBT - Pili doesn't think Ash would take Pili to F2. Maybe she'd take Godfrey? Pili can't take Zach, she hopes Ash realizes she can't either - neither of them will win against Zach. Especially if the last 3 HOH comps are physical. Brittnee points out that Zach has so many friends in jury, even if they do get to F2 with him. Sarah thinks people in jury underestimate Godfrey. He was a target from day 1 and has made it to F7 having only won 1 comp - a POV. Brittnee agrees. 11:52AM BBT - Godfrey comes into the BR, interrupting conversation. Godfrey is now packing his stuff. Pili goes to get some water; Godfrey asks where Britt/Sarah think Pili is at. Sarah thinks Pili has Godfrey's back, Britt agrees. Sarah says Pili doesn't trust Bruno. Godfrey doesn't know if Pili will have what it takes if she wins HOH to put Bruno up. He knows she won't put up Zach or Ash. So it's down to Godfrey, Bruno and Sarah. Godfrey thinks she'd put him up, she's too scared not to. Sarah agrees. Sarah says her head is telling her to do one thing but she's too scared. 11:57AM BBT - BB tells the nominated HG's their big bags need to be packed and in the pantry in 3 hrs; small bags at the bottom of the stairs in 3 hrs. They discuss Bobby and what he told everyone; he told everyone stories. Brittnee calls Bruno the Wizard of Oz - a small man working behind a shield. Godfrey says they want Britt out to separate Britt/Sarah. Britt wonders about Pili/Ash - why aren't they feared? Godfrey doesn't know. Britt tells them this will be an uphill battle. Sarah wonders why they don't trust her when she's the only one that speaks her mind.
  23. 11:10AM BBT - Bruno is laying on the LR couch while Zach has breakfast. After awhile of silence, Zach walks over and quietly tells Bruno there are going to be 6 girls in jury - Sindy, Willow, Brittnee, Sarah, Ashleigh and Pili. Bruno says they have to vote all the girls out; they have no choice. None of the girls will sway and side with a guy in the end. They both think it's sad that the game tried to be turned into men vs women. All the girls will vote for a girl if there is a girl at the end, which is why they have to get all the girls out. 11:15AM BBT - Ashleigh is sitting on her HOH bed, staring at one of her pictures. Brittnee is back to primping, Bruno gets into the shower that Pili just vacated. Sarah and Zach are down in the KT talking things that can be pickled; beets, green beans, eggs, asparagus. They discuss borscht soup - both love is. Zach's baba makes amazing borscht. He thought it was gross as a kid, until he tried it. 11:25AM BBT - Bruno and Zach move to the LR couches to discuss the first 4 HG's that went home and how hard it would be to have been in the house, be evicted and then go home to watch the rest of the season. Bruno says the 4 at home are good players. It would kill him, says Bruno. See each competition and think "I could've been playing in that. I could've done well in that." They think Sindy would've done really well at the Pick Your Poison comp. Then they discuss how hard that comp was. Bobby would've done really well at that comp too. 11:30AM BBT - Johnny and Naeha would've done really well in all the booth comp's, they agree. Jordan likely would've too. Graig would've been frustrated by them and the lack of physical comps. They feel the comps have been pretty evenly spread across everyone's skills. General chit chat about the different comps.
  24. 10:37AM BBT - Pili, Bruno and Zach in the KT. They are discussing the jury house, and how it feels when a new person shows up every week. They then talk about what the jury house gets to see of the evicted person's episode. The jury's view is very biased based on whatever the evicted HG tells them. Jordan will have been in the jury house for 45 days, Zach says. Pili is shocked. 10:40AM - Zach wonders what Sindy would tell Jordan. Pili thinks when Willow, Bobby and Kevin walk in, it will really stir up the house. All agree. Pili comments that they haven't had a ton of Twistos Twists, Zach tells her they usually only have 3 or 4, and they've had that. 10:44AM BBT - Sarah and Brittnee are in the WA. Sarah is laying on the couch, Brittnee is doing her ADL's. Brittnee says she is not going to be bitter; they did what they felt was best for their game. Pili joins the girls and says her leg is still sore. Talk turns to general chit chat and silence before Pili says they've been building the competition for tonight for over a day; she's a little scared of what it might be. 10:49AM BBT - Brittnee reassures Pili she's not going to campaign. Pili tells her it's okay, and she hopes Brittnee knows it's nothing personal. If she could change or do anything differently, she would. Brittnee says she understands and she knows Pili is a great game player. Brittnee explains that she doesn't understand how things are said and then change moments later. Pili doesn't want Brittnee to feel useless; she fought hard. 10:52AM BBT - Pili says Brittnee fought hard for the house too, and accomplished a lot. Godfrey comes in and looks awkard about interrupting but the girls tell him to just come in. Pili doesn't want Brittnee to leave upset. She says she won't be, she just hopes Pili plays her own game, not what they want her to do. Godfrey finishes in the WA and heads to the KT. 10:55AM BBT - Zach and Bruno are cleaning up the KT while making up imaginary Twistos Twist ideas. Talk then turns to general chit chat. Godfrey is just hanging out, chatting with them. Back in the WA, only Sarah is there, laying by herself. Zach is cooking bacon; he offers some to Godfrey who will eat some after his shower. Godfrey and Pili are now in the WA, both going to shower. 11:00AM BBT - Sarah tells Pili she is going to win HOH this week. Pili's reply cannot be heard - she is in the shower. Ashleigh is primping in the HOH WA - she seems to be by herself. Godfrey is now in the shower and all is quiet on all feeds, except the sound of the showers.
  25. 11:23PM BBT - Britt is in the BY on the hammock and Godfrey on the couches. Godfrey thinks he is going up and wonders who will go up beside him. He hopes she and Sarah can stay strong and vote out whomever he's against. They discuss Zach putting JP up, telling him he'd take him down and not doing so. 11:26PM BBT - Willow and Sarah in HOH. Willow is upset that Sarah didn't tell her about the plan to vote out JP. Sarah says she wasn't sure who else was going to vote him out so she didn't say anything. She says it was all decided before bed last night. Willow says Zach and company are extremely angry. 11:30PM BBT - Sarah says she thought everyone but she and Brittnee were voting for Godfrey. Willow complains that Zach doesn't care about her as a person. He knows nothing about her and only cares about her for a vote. They discuss the various things Zach has said to make Sarah decide she didn't want to be manipulated. Kevin joins them and they ask if Sindy talked to him. Sindy is telling people Willow voted JP out. Willow is very angry. Sindy is bawling her eyes out and Sarah wonders out loud of Sindy is lying. 11:33PM BBT - Apparently Sarah already admitted Sindy voted for JP. Bobby comes into the HOH room next. Willow is mad because she feels Sindy should've just been honest and not be lying. Willow does not want to play a game with someone like that. Bobby doesn't believe you should have 2 lives in BB. That's why he eliminated her first. 11:37PM BBT - Bobby says that Sindy's conversation in the vault about JP makes sense now. She was trying to figure out if he'd be willing to switch to JP leaving. When the vote was 5-4, Willow thought she'd done something wrong and ruined a big plan. Next in the room is Bruno. Conversation stops momentarily but resumes. Sarah says it epic for a blindside as a fan. Bobby says if he'd won HOH, Sindy would be going up. Willow agrees. 11:40PM BBT - Everyone is surprised that Sindy is denying voting against JP. Sindy said Willow did it and then said Kevin did it - both of them who have confirmed they did not. Bruno says Zach never discusses game with him. Bobby is surprised. He always stops conversations Zach is having. 11:45PM BBT - Bruno didn't like JP being so cocky about staying to Godfrey. Sarah says JP is one of her favorite people here, but she's never felt that comfortable. Bruno says as a superfan, he should've known that. Willow says in the house you want to be as normal and composed as you can be. As soon as you act differently, it's a red flag. 11:47PM BBT - Willow wanted to win the HOH because she had no idea what was going on after JP's surprise eviction. Sarah talks about how when she plays a comp, she plays to win. Bobby says the vote had nothing to do with Zach, it was about JP. Zach joins the room, and conversation changes to dinner being ready and if Zach found a lost football. They can't wait to get more juice and pop and stuff. 11:50PM BBT - Moving to the KT feeds, Sindy, Ash and Pili are general chit chatting with Ash cooks. Pili got a dolphin in her HOH basket and she loves them. Ash's is an elephant. They discuss sharks and dolphins and that more sharks have died at the hands of humans than vice versa.