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  3. txgirl

    Shelly - Week 2

    For some reason, I would have much rather have seen Shelly go home instead of Cassie. I like Cassie a lot. Rach is so jealous of Cassie and I'm sure she is more than happy to see her go.
  4. txgirl

    Cassi - Week 2 Evicted 7/21

    I'm with sovfan10. I have liked Cassie from the start. She is a beautiful woman. I'm hoping the best for her. I wish the newbies would get their act together and start fighting the vets or they are all leaving.
  5. txgirl

    Pandora's Box - Diamond Power of Veto

    Enzo and Regan were close on votes, but Regan won out.
  6. txgirl

    Matt - Week 3 (HoH)

    I think everyone has forgotten that regan told matt to put up kathy and andrew and he would let matt have hoh when they were on the boards. I can't beleive matt did as he agreed, but here we are. They can't backdoor brendon now since he won pov. rachel just cruises along.