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    BB9 Twists.

    America's player was one of the greatest ideas in BB history, and I hope they do something similar. Here's why I believe that: I remember one scene from Big Brother 6 very vividly. Right after Kaysar was brought back, and then him letting go of the button for that HOH...and then in the discussion of who should be evicted, someone (I forget who, someone help me out here?) saying "This isn't America's game, this is OUR game." No, dipshit, it's not. It's a TV show put on for OUR entertainment, and you are just there for our amusement. It's much more our game than yours. Honestly, I think whoever said that should have been booted out of the house immediately... ...AP was a nice nod from CBS to see that they weren't going to put up with that attitude, and that America would indeed influence the game. To stay on topic -- in addition to keeping America more involved (whether or not it actually ends up being through AP) I'd also like to see alternate ways of eliminating someone as opposed to just eviction...I just hope they don't do something stupid, like banning houseguests from talking about who they want to nominate, like some other countries' (horrible) versions of this show do.
  2. Mewtwo

    Biggest Loser 4

    I just about sh** myself watching this. Gamesmanship and playing to win ran rampant on pretty much every other reality show -- I'd never have expected it here. On one hand, everyone's going to come post here about how Neil is a horrible person. I think he, and the rest of the blue team, are absolute geniuses because they concoted this plan and it actually worked. That having been said, if he gets rid of all that water before the next weigh-in, that would be a huge advantage for that particular weigh-in and another opportunity to manipulate the game. Throwing integrity out the window here -- this is the most cunning plan I've seen on BL yet, and someone from the blue team should take the $250,000 for this very reason.
  3. Mewtwo

    Are You Glad They Saw The Banner?

    Because the lies either wouldn't have been found out at all, or would have been found much later, possibly with him in the final two, where everyone could say "he played the game better" and give him their jury votes to win despite his deceit. Because Jerry Hider intentionally screwed Eric, he should have to pay him the maximum prize possible.
  4. I've said it once, and I'll say it again: In my opinion, Jerry Hider owes Eric $500,000.
  5. Mewtwo

    Are You Glad They Saw The Banner?

    If Eric leaves this week because of that banner, can he sue the person who flew the banner? The way I see it, whoever decided to put that plane up there owes Eric $500,000.
  6. Mewtwo

    Mike "Boogie"

    He was the best player. He should have been the one to win. The ends justify the means.
  7. Mewtwo

    Dr. Will - Evicted Week 11

    That's WHY I wanted him to win. If you go into a competition and you don't care solely about yourself throughout that competition, then IMO you don't deserve to win People who are able to influence others, and manipulate them into doing their bidding so to speak, are the ones who end up as successes in the real world and in business. So apparently it can be a GOOD thing if you were either neglected or over-pampered in childhood.
  8. Mewtwo

    End Voting

    Since they HAVE to have a jury, it should be about gameplay... ...but IMO there shouldn't even be a jury. It should be either: *a final competition (one non-Q+A thing that determines who wins the $) *America's choice, but not ALL of America -- ONLY those that subscribe to the live feeds (they're the ones who see EVERYTHING that's going on and don't get the distorted view CBS tries to throw out)
  9. Mewtwo

    Dear BB Producers from fans

    Dear BB Producers; Here are a few ideas from another random fan. *Power of Veto: The person using Power of Veto should be able to select the new nomination, or to veto BOTH nominations. *Bring back the summer of secrets type thing, except actually have the prize money they can win hinge on the number of things they uncover. *Give HOH the ability to see Diary Room conversations, on the condition that they do not reveal in any way, shape, or form that they have seen them.
  10. Does every non-US Big Brother disallow people from discussing nomination votes or trying to form alliances to get rid of certain people? If that's the case, do you think it's better or worse that way?
  11. "...we have too much integrity for this game. I'd rather have someone piss in my ear than be in the house for another week"
  12. GAHHHH!!!! I would have been on the show, but they didn't want to use the question I would have made (asking about the possibility of double evictions of teams). They told me to call back tomorrow with it x.x; After all that calling...
  13. Hey all, first post, been watching BB6 since the start... Double eviction, double eviction, double eviction, double eviction...(sorry, I HAD to do it)