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  1. Sunday: 12:01am BBT Erica won the PoV! The feeds are back and Maddy is in the HoH room making her plea to Erica about possibly using the PoV on her. Veronica stepped in and Maddy told her that she is almost done talking so Veronica walked back out. Erica told Maddy that it is nobody's business what she chooses to do and she wants to play with her head and not her heart. Erica asks who her people are that would be grateful if she was taken off the block and Maddy responded that it is Paris and Will. Her and Will had some issues last week, but they have worked through them. Last week she would have included Veronica too, but there has been too many times now that she has heard some things that Veronica said that is not true so now she is sketchy. She is not trying to throw her under the bus, but Veronica is just a big question mark right now. Maddy also feels strongly with Johnny too and she knows that Johnny will respect the HoH decision. Ryan enters the HoH as Maddy leaves the room.
  2. 8:17pm BBT Up in the HoH room Erica, Paris, Oliva and Ali are talking about being in week four and they are one third of the way through the game. The subject switches to when they are able to go in the back yard and how it makes a world of difference to be able to go out. Erica is surprised they do not have a chess board. Maddy walks in the HoH room and said that the PoV host, Will, was just called to the DR....and then the feeds go down. 8:22pm BBT Time for the PoV competition!
  3. 11:05am BBT They picked the players for the PoV! The players are Erica, Merron, Maddy, Ryan, Oliva and Ali. The feeds come back with Maddy in the white bedroom talking to the cameras asking for prayers and doing shout outs. Oliva and Erica are in the HoH room when Ali walks in. Oliva motions to her to be quiet and points to the wash area (because Veronica is in there). Ali is happy that she got picked to play in the PoV and Oliva said that she is happy she is playing also. Veronica leaves the room and Oliva said that is enough small talk. Oliva said that if there is a prize she is for sure going for the PoV. Erica thinks everyone should go for it. Oliva said that she does not think it is good for her game to win it because if she don't pull Maddy off then she will be mad and if she don't pull Merron off others will be mad. Ali asks if she should win it and Oliva said that she can win it, but she will have to think about the repercussions with others in the house if she uses it or not. They continue to go over the scenarios of using the veto versus not using the veto and the different moving parts there are to the subject. Ali thinks that they should try and get the veto then they can control what happens because if one of the others gets it there will be no options and it will force Erica's hand. They talk about getting the veto, saving Maddy so she will be forever grateful, and then putting Veronica up and she goes out. They count the votes to see where they are at and they think they have the votes to pull off the plan. Erica said the idea of back dooring someone makes her feel like crap. Oliva tells Erica that she has a bunch of people that will support her and protect her if she decides to take a shot at Veronica. Paris enters the room and tells them that the odds are good for them to win the PoV because it is not in Maddy's favor or Ryans.
  4. 9:38am BBT-10:00am BBT House guests are in the kitchen just talking, no game talk. 10:03am BBT Oliva and Johnny back in the red bedroom talking. Johnny asks Oliva if she trusts Ali and Oliva said one-hundred percent, but she would never agree to a final two. Johnny said that when he thinks about the people that he wants to work with to the end they don't include comp beast types so it will be a challenge to get there. Oliva agrees and said that is why it is time to get those out now...and then the feeds go down.
  5. 9:36am BBT the feeds switch to the red bedroom where Johnny is asking Oliva if she would use the veto on Maddy if she won and Oliva responds oh yea one-hundred percent. Oliva feels like there is a bigger play than Merron leaving. Oliva said that she don't want Maddy to leave and Ali tells her to whisper because she is talking to loud. Johnny don't think they have the votes to make that happen if that is what Oliva wants. Oliva thinks they have the votes to get out any player that they want. Ali tells them that Erica just said that she is going to pick Hamz to play the veto if she gets house guest choice. Oliva wonders why and wonders what is up with Erica because she is scared to put Veronica up and yet she wants Hamz to play and get Merron off. Oliva said that is the three people in which they wanted at least one of those three out this week because Hamz, Veronica and Merron are together and they are tight. Ali thinks the odds of getting house guest choice are slim so they do not need to stress about that. Ali leaves the room and Oliva said that she does not get where Erica's head is at. Johnny said that she is tight with Hamz. Oliva said that she gets that but Erica said that they are good on a personal level but their games don't match up with who they want out. Oliva thinks that they could get Maddy on their side and she would be loyal. Johnny agrees because she is not tight with those people (in the white bedroom) at all. Oliva said that they need one of the big players out like Veronica and Hamz and Merron is their minion. Oliva would rather not get Merron out and get one of the other two out this week. Johnny said that he likes them both so it sucks and then he leaves the room.
  6. 9:26am BBT Paras and Veronica decide to get out of bed and start getting ready for the day and then the feeds switch to the storage room where Merron and Hamz are getting something to eat. Merron left the storage room and Hamz takes the opportunity to say good morning to Carolyn and then the feeds switch to the kitchen area where we can see PoV competition today on the screen in the living room.
  7. 8:47am BBT Ryan and Oliva continue to talk about how respectful it is to let people sleep. Ryan said that it is weird in this experience because he is way more compassionate then he expected to be. Oliva thinks that it part of the challenge because you get to know people and build relationships. 8:59am BBT Oliva joins Erica in the HoH room and they are speculating what the PoV comp will be. Erica thinks that eviction days and nomination days are always bad for moral. Erica just realized last night that in three weeks only three of them have won comps, her, Hamz and Johnny. 9:04am BBT the feeds switch to the red bedroom where Paras is telling Veronica if one of them come off the block, she does not want to be another option. Veronica said that if she wins the veto she will have to have a discussion with Erica and find out if she uses it, who would Erica put up. They discuss how it is so weird that all of them are not allowed to play in veto so they don't have a chance if it is going to be a back door option especially since they do not have the numbers. Paras thinks if one of them go on the block then they are going home. Paras climbs back under her covers and Veronica closes her eyes. BB tells her to please get up. Veronica said that she will raise BB get up with she will keep her eyes open. 9:12am BBT Hamz walks in the room and they ask him what kind of comp does he think it will be today. Hamz thinks it may be a spelling comp but he is not sure as he leaves the room. Veronica tells Paras that she is the only one in the house that she really trusts, even over Will because he has been acting so weird lately. Paras talks about how Will came in the wash area and threw them under the bus (Paras and Maddy). Paras said that she specifically asked him right before that if she told him the truth about the rooms he can't throw her name under the bus. Paras said that right after that he went and talked to Derek and then he told her that he was going to protect his own game and go ask about it. Paras said that she told him if he does not have enough trust in her and even if he wanted go and confront them, he should not have thrown her under the bus. Veronica always sees Will with Hamz and she feels like they have something planned like a final two and Paras agrees that they probably do.
  8. 8:09am BBT Good Morning Canada! The lights just turned on in the BB house, but the houseguests are still sleeping. 8:13am BBT We hear the announcement from BB twice telling them Good Morning and it is time to wake up and yet no houseguests listens to BB. Next comes the rooster crow and still no house guests getting out of bed. 8:16am BBT Maddy gets up out of bed and leaves the room. 8:32 am BBT the houseguests are still sleeping so the rooster starts crowing again and then a few of the houseguests start getting up. 8:45am BBT Will is still in bed sleeping and then the feeds switch to the kitchen where Ryan is making coffee. Oliva walked in and asked if people were talking in his room a lot last night. Ryan said no actually he told them that they need sleep for tomorrow because they have someone in there that is competing for the Veto and then when he needs sleep for the Veto he can say the same thing.
  9. 10:44am BBT Hamz and Jesse walk into the HoH room to talk. (there is more discussion going on, but I have to get to work. If no one can cover any of it before I get done, I will try to get back to it.~Sassy2565)
  10. 10:40am BBT Hamz and Maddy walk up the stairs together and Maddy asks if things are still the same. Hamz said yes but he does not like how comfortable Oliva is feeling. Maddy agrees and tells Hamz that Oliva is talking about people that she would put on the block. Maddy thinks that Oliva is showing such entitlement and it is pissing her off where Jesse is doing such a good job at not giving up, he is being funny and social so that is the kind of people she wants to see in the game. Hamz said that he told Jesse not to give up and Maddy said that she is still undecided. Hamz tells Maddy that she wants to throw him a few pity votes but Maddy don't know for her game if it is a good call. Someone walks by so the discussion stops.
  11. 10:37am BBT Hamz walks down the stairs and we can see Live Eviction Today on the screen. Hamz enters the storage area where Jesse is and he tells Jesse that he can't get Will on board and that he is still not one-hundred percent. Jesse said that if he is worried about him and Paris having a thing, there is nothing there. Hamz said that him and Veronica are down. Jesse said that if is him and Veronica, Ryan and Merron then they still have it. Jesse tells Hamz to let him play the game with him and Hamz said that he wants to. Hamz tells Jesse that Veronica is the same way but she is scared to go against Will as well. Jesse said if it happens without Will and he still has the votes he can prove it to Will. Hamz said that he will not have the votes without them two. They both go over the votes and Hamz tells Jesse to go and talk to Will and get him because Maddy will not vote with them if Will doesn't. Jesse said that he will talk to Will and get him. Maddy walks in and interrupts the conversation so Jesse leaves the storage area. Hamz follows Jesse out of the storage area a few seconds later and whispers to the camera that Jesse is fighting.
  12. They discuss again the reasons to get rid of him because he is stronger. Hamz is just feeling the guild and before Jesse's pitch yesterday he was set on sending him home. Veronica said that it sucks because she told Jesse he was safe and she wants to keep him. Johnny pops in and asks if everything is still the same. The others shake their head yes and Merron said that is what they are discussing now. Johnny left the room and Merron told the others that they need to start including Johnny, Paris and Ali in their discussions. Hamz suggests too that they need to include Erica also. Veronica said that they should not be in big groups and they discuss the possibility of a double eviction.
  13. Veronica repeats herself about why she is okay with voting out Jesse now. Will said that getting rid of Jesse now is the best game move for all of them. Hamz questions if they should tell him that they are going to keep him and then send him home. They all laugh at that and Hamz said that he wants a reaction today. Veronica asks if they should just tell him that they are still weighing the options. They discuss making it a 7-4 vote and Will thinks that is too sketchy because people are flopping. Merron said that they will know Derek and Kaela's loyalty if they vote for Jesse to stay. Hamz told Merron to go and tell Paras and Maddy to throw him a pit vote. Merron don't know how they would feel about that and Veronica thinks that they would feel good about that. Hamz is going to go to Paras and Maddy and tell them to vote Oliva out and he will explain to them after it is not a big deal. They decide to tell Jesse that they are still talking it over and they are really torn. Jesse pops his head in the HoH room and then leaves when he sees the others in there. Veronica is going to tell him she is torn and Hamz said that he is torn because if he stays in the game he will be a soldier for them but he could also go back to the threesome. Veronica said that if he stays she could go to Kaela and Derek and tell them that Jesse came to them the night before. Hamz said that Derek would just say that he was trying to plead his case to stay. Will says there is no benefit in keeping him now.
  14. Veronica said that the only reason she is considering sending Jesse home is because Derek and Kaela came to them yesterday and promised their loyalty to them. The only reason she was skeptical about sending Jesse home was because of Derek and Kaela, but now she is fine with sending Jesse home. Hamz is down with what ever they decide. Will thinks that Jesse is going to come over and want to know and they have to give him an answer. Will is going to tell him that they have relationships outside this and they can't let it backfire and come back on them. Will also wants to tell him if they are going to have comps with money involved he would rather be up against Oliva instead of Jesse. Merron warns them to be cautious as to what they say because there is still time for Jesse to go and talk to Derek and Kaela. Will said that Paras and Maddy are going to do what ever they tell them. Merron is going to tell Jesse that he feels like he can beat Oliva and not Jesse. Merron hates these kind of conversations and Will said that he can't be mad because it is a game and Jesse said that he would respect their decision.
  15. 9:45am-10:10am BBT All the house guests are getting ready for the day with no game talk going on. 10:10am BBT Veronica and Will join Hamz in the HoH room to talk. Veronica asks if there is anyone else in there and Hamz tells her that Merron is in the wash area. Veronica asks Hamz how he feels and he replies that he feels sad. Veronica thinks that it has been nice for him to be able to look at all of his photos and Hamz said that he had them all week, but he did not think about it until today that he has to give them up. Will thinks that Jesse will be coming in the HoH room pretty soon and Hamz does not know how much longer they have to stay in the HoH room. Merron is now by the bed in the HoH room talking to the others about Jesse. Will said that he is going to be coming to them soon wanting to know what everyone's answer is. Hamz tells Veronica that Will and Merron think that Jesse is bullshitting. Hamz thinks that he is being genuine, he has debated it and he is fine either way. Veronica thinks that he is being genuine too, but Derek and Kaela also told them that they would have their vote so it could go either way. Hamz tells Veronica that Will and Merron think that if they keep Jesse, they will not have Derek and Kaela. Will said that Paras is close with Jesse and then Maddy is flip flopping so she might go over with them. Merron thinks that Maddy and Paras are scared of Oliva so he thinks that they would have Derek and Kaela put up Olivia and Ali. Merron is assuming the game plan right now is to get out the showmance after Jesse. Hamz thinks that as long as the showmance is in the game, they are bigger targets then they are.
  16. 9:40am BBT Jesse is still walking the yard with Ryan and pitching why they should keep him. Ryan can see pros and cons both ways and then Hamz joins them out for a walk. They joke about Jesse walking around without a shirt when it is cold out there. Jesse said that he is prepping for comps and Hamz says that he is going to be a soldier. 9:42am BBT We hear BB announce that the Head of Household must pack and vacate the HoH room. Hamz wonders if he has to do it right now and Ryan tells him that he does.
  17. 9:16am BBT Good Morning Canada! Today is eviction day and the lights are just turning on in the BB house, but all of the house guests are still sleeping. 9:26am BBT We can hear the rooster crow quite a few times to get the house guests up and out of bed. 9:29am BBT Jesse is in the storage room changing his battery and then he grabs the battery box and proceeds to walk room to room and give the house guests new batteries. After Jesse is done going through the house passing out new batteries, he heads to the kitchen and fixes himself some coffee and then heads outside where Ryan is walking laps. Jesse asks where Hamz is. They both joke about everyone wanting to get out as soon as they wake up in the morning and now everyone is still in bed. Jesse decides to walk laps with Ryan while drinking his coffee. Ryan is talking to Jesse about Hamz theory of double eviction battle back. Jesse asked Ryan if he has talked to Hamz about today. Ryan said that he talked to him yesterday and will probably talk to him in a little bit. Ryan tells Jesse wherever he is an hour before they will tell Jesse what is happening.
  18. 10:51pm BBT (that's it for me now, I want to try and save some typing time for tomorrow morning to see what Hamz decision will be~Sassy2565)
  19. 10:42pm BBT Will is pushing for Hamz to tell Derek and Kaela what Jesse pitched. Hamz does not really want to do that because he (Hamz) has a heart and then he tells Will to talk to Veronica about it first and they both leave the HoH room to look for Veronica. 10:46pm BBT Paras and Hamz go to the HoH room and start talking. Paras asks him why he keeps talking to Jesse. Hamz said that he doesn't want to go home yet, he is making Hamz feel guilty and he is pitching some crazy things. Paras wants to know what he wants because she don't want to be on the wrong side of the votes and wants to do what he wants, but she keeps hearing different things. Paras said that he is pitching to everyone and Hamz said he pitched to him and Veronica. Hamz will have his final answer tomorrow morning. Paras said the one convincing thing for her is that he was good with Hamz before he won HoH. Paras said that everyone is alienating Jesse and she cant do that to anyone. Hamz said he can't tell her now but what he pitched is really good and they can make him a soldier, but convincing Will is what is hard. Hamz don't want to make Will angry and Paras said that Will does not want to make Hamz angry. Paras said that people are going to be taking out Dayla and Hamz uses the opportunity to tell Paras that if they keep Jesse in the house they could probably make him take a shot at Dayla. Paras said at this point if they save him now he will be a shield for them and he will owe them so much.
  20. 10:36pm BBT Veronica and Kaela leave the room so Hamz begins to tell Will about his chat this evening with Jesse. Will does not want to keep him because him and Derek are too strong together. They begin to discuss others that will vote how they want and then they start to study days for tomorrow's comp. Veronica is back in the HoH and Hamz is telling her that it is good to work with Derek and Kaela because if anyone wins HoH they will put up the shomances first. They are laughing about how they turned Derek and Kaela against Jesse and vise versa. Veronica said they have all of the alliances, but they are the solid three, the core of the company. They joke about Veronica getting Jesse in the HoH room so Will can hear his pitch just for fun and Will says not to do it. She said that she is not going to do it as she leaves the room.
  21. 10:16pm BBT Hams is back in the HoH room and Veronica tells him that Kaela and Derek want talk. Derek gives his pitch to Hamz that the five of them can work together moving forward. They talk about how it has to be solid, no one can turn on another, they stay in different bedrooms so they can cross with discussions that happen, no one would expect them to work together after Jesse goes home, they could let each other know who is coming after who, and they agree the name of the alliance is going to be fives company with a hand up with all five fingers straight out and then fingers curled to make a C. Derek leaves the room and Will heads to the wash area.
  22. Hamz stays in the HoH room by himself talking to the cameras about how he managed to break up a trio and last week he was on the block. Hamz hopes Carolyn is proud of him and said if anyone says Carolyn's name they are done. Hamz is called to the DR as Veronica and Will are headed to the HoH room. Derek and Kaela follow them in the HoH room and they are whispering to them that four of them are playing for HoH tomorrow and Hamz can't play. Kaela said that they are now going to substitute and switch Jesse for Hamz. Veronica said they will chat later because they are going to have a chat with Hamz now. Will said they have to keep this locked in. Veronica said everyone else is flipping. Kaela agrees and said that everyone is telling her one thing and then telling her another. Derek wants to keep it solid and trust each other. Veronica said we do until now nothing has changed in their relationships. Kaela thinks that it is a lot of people with a lot of trust and it is different with the other side. Derek admits to Veronica and Will that him and Kaela are a showmance and a target. Derek said one good thing about it is two of them are in the red bedroom and two are in the white bedroom so they can cross conversations.
  23. 10:08pm BBT James finishes up his pitch to Hamz and Veronica and leaves the HoH room. After he left Hamz starts talking about how they are creative geniuses. In one week, with Veronica's help, he managed to break up the red room, he managed to put up a guy that no one expected to be put up, he got the showmance in the HoH room and told them that their boy is going home so look out for themselves and then their boy comes in and said that if he gets to stay he will take a shot at the showmances. Hamz wants to get Will in the HoH room so Veronica went to get him.
  24. 9:59pm BBT Veronica has not said anything this whole time so Jesse asks her what she thinks. Veronica said that she thinks it is the smartest thing he could do. Hamz said it is gold that Jesse is thinking about his own game rather then that couple. They discuss being a third wheel to a showmance.