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  1. 9:18am BBT The guys are at the kitchen table talking about production and get yelled at by BB. Discussion turns to what the fans think about them. Ryan is thinking that there will be an equal number of fans that hate him and like him and he is looking forward to reading the comments from them both. Johnny and Erica are cleaning up the kitchen and Oliva is at the counter eating. Oliva said that it would be easier if everyone would take care of their own dishes. Erica said that you notice that everyone leaves out dishes when you are on slop because you are not cooking...and then the feeds go down. (possibly nomination time~Sassy2565).
  2. 8:05am BBT Good Morning Canada! The lights just turned on in the BB house, but the house guests are still sleeping. Maddy is the first one out of bed so she heads down to get the box of batteries and makes her way around to pass them out to the house guests. She starts with the catacomb room where it looks like Erica, Derek, Merron and Kaela are sleeping. When she enters the HoH room she tells Hamz that the tv shows Nominations Today. 8:27am BBT Ryan and Jesse are in the shower, Merron is brushing his teeth. The feeds switch to the HoH room where Oliva is talking to Hamz about his nominations. He tells her that he has a plan, he has four people in mind, there are two parts to his plan and he is not going to do what the house wants. Oliva told him that she respects that and she is that kind of person too. Hamz tells her that this week he wants to make a big move and some people will be surprised. The feeds switch to the wash area where many of the house guests are there getting ready for their day and then the feeds switch to the white bedroom where Veronica is telling Will and Paras that she just walked in the HoH room to ask Hamz if they could have a talk and she seen Oliva in there and she looks worried. Paras said that Oliva was pacing around in the room last night in the other room. Paras begin to mock Oliva saying "I threw this one and that one because no one is coming after me" and Veronica follows that with "don't treat people like shit." Paras does not think anyone should get comfortable in the BB house. Veronica starts talking again about how her and Merron had to come in late and some people in the house made them feel uncomfortable. During this time, Will is just laying in the bed listening to them both talk. 8:36am BBT Veronica enters the HoH room and asks Hamz if he is alone and if he can talk. Hamz said that he just got called to the DR but has a minute to talk first. Veronica told him that she is cool with whatever decision he is making and she don't need to tell anyone who is going on the block, but it is only fair that she knows who is going on the block. Hamz said that it is the same thing. Veronica questions if it is Oliva and Jesse and asks if he has talked to Jesse. He responded that he hasn't talked to Jesse, he is just going to drop the bomb because he is here to play. Hamz told Veronica that Jesse wants to talk to him and he told him that he can, but that is not going to change his mind. Veronica is pumped and she told him that he better pick her for the Veto and then she leaves the room. Veronica heads to the white bedroom to get back into bed. Will asked her who is in the HoH room now and Veronica responded nobody because he got called to the DR. The feeds switch back to the HoH room where Merron enters the HoH room, shakes Hamz hand and tells him good morning. Hamz told him that he has to go to the DR real quick, but he can't find his black hat. He found his hat and is getting ready to leave the room when he tells Merron that he can chill in his room and shows him where the ipod is. Hamz shouts out to Carolyn good morning and that he loves her and he will be back. The house guests are up and getting ready for their day. Hamz is out of the DR and sitting at the table with Ryan and Ryan asked if he was going to start holding court. Hamz told him that people have already came in and he did not even get a chance to put his mic on. Hamz said that today is going to be huge. Derek joins them at the table and they start talking about Derek and Kaela cuddling in the catacomb last night and it was warm. Hamz said that he likes to sleep close to Carolyn and how she lays her head on his chest. Ryan said that you could fit two more people between him and his wife in bed.
  3. 10:25am BBT Jesse and Hamz continue to talk about the comp tonight. Hamz hopes it is an endurance and Jesse asks if he is nervous about tonight's eviction. Hamz said that he is not nervous about that he is just nervous about the comp tonight. Some house guests are in the kitchen eating and chatting and others are in the wash area getting ready for their day. 10:50am BBT the feeds go down 11:22am BBT feed four comes back up with Paras, Will, Derek and Jesse in the kitchen whispering something about the comp tonight and planning if it is an elimination comp...and then the feeds go back down.
  4. 10:21am BBT Hamz and Jesse are sitting on the couch up stairs talking about the comp tonight and how everyone thinks it is going to be true or false, but they believe it will be something more because BB has been building outside for a long time. Ali walks past and Hamz asks if they got everything unwrapped. Ali responds yep as she walks away. Hamz told Jesse "we are not going to come clean" and Jesse agrees. Hamz did not want to go downstairs because he thinks that Ryan would expose them because he grills people. Hamz wonders if they can eat now since Ryan got kicked out of the HoH room.
  5. 10:11am BBT Merron walks in the white bedroom and talks about tonight being his first comp. He tells the house guests in the white bedroom that they are not on his radar. Paras tells him that he is one of them now. Will said that they are the misfits. Merron said that he is considering moving into the white bedroom. Ryan and Hamz walk in the white bedroom and the others start clapping that they are back. Ryan has his belongings with him and he said that he enjoys the company in the white bedroom. Ali, Oliva and Kaela are still in the storage room, they have everything unwrapped and they are now straightening out the foil to save it in case they need some. Ryan enters the storage area and helps straighten out the foil pieces to save.
  6. 9:55am BBT Paras climbs back into bed while Jesse is in the wash area getting ready for the day. Johnny walked it the wash area and they talk about how Jesse gets up right away because he is in the have not room. Erica walked in the wash area and she is getting in the shower. The feeds switch back to the kitchen where Veronica is looking in the fridge and sees that everything is wrapped in tinfoil. She heads upstairs to tell the other house guests. They speculate what that is all about. Oliva heads to the storage area and starts to unwrap some of the stuff in the fridge and finds that all of the spices are wrapped in the fridge. Derek, Hamz, Veronica and Ali all join Veronica in the storage room and they think that it was Andrew that did it. They start to unwrap all of the stuff from the fridge. Ali suggests to pull everything out and then unwrap it so they do not let all of the cold air out. They think it is definitely a prank as there is also salt, pepper, spices and cereal wrapped in the fridge. Jesse walks in the storage area and starts to help unwrap the stuff thinking there may be a secret power wrapped inside something. He opened a couple of tea bags (because they are all wrapped individually) and then left the room.
  7. 9:48am BBT The feeds switch to the kitchen area where we see "Live Eviction Day" on the screen and Veronica is telling Paras that Maddy said she talked to her yesterday and said she was having a bla day. Veronica said that sometimes you will have a bla day when you thought people were on your side and then realize that they are not, but it is also good for you. BB calls Veronica to the DR and she said always when she is trying to talk to someone and that BB is just trying to ruin her game.
  8. 9:37am BBT Will is the only one to get out of bed and leave the room. Will comes back in the bedroom and climbs back into bed saying today is an important day. 9:46am BBT Paras and Veronica get up and head downstairs, while the other house guests quietly remain in bed.
  9. 9:19am BBT The lights turned on in the BB house and then BB announced good morning to the house guests and told them it is time to wake up. Jesse climbs off the tomb and went to get the battery box and is now passing out new batteries to the house guests. In both bedrooms as they see Jesse walk in, they wake up to get their mic so they can get a new battery in it and then they all lay back down and fall back to sleep. 9:33am BBT BB announces again that it is time to wake up. They are still laying in bed and a few of them are mumbling without their mic on, so we cannot hear what is being said. BB sets off the rooster crow and the house guests in the red bedroom are yelling at Merron to show his face so BB will stop.
  10. 9:00am BBT Good Morning Canada! The only feed that we can see with house guests are on feed 4 in the have not room. The lights are still out and the house guests are still sleeping.
  11. 11:01am BBT Ryan and Andrew are walking laps in the yard talking game. Andrew knows that they are keeping Hamz in the game and they both agree that it is a mistake. Andrew said that Hamz has Will, Paras and Maddy. Ryan tells him to talk quitter so he does not ruin someone else's game. Ryan said that is all it does is make the red room stronger if they know the people in the white room are together. Ryan tells Andrew that they are going to get picked off one by one because it is the red room against the white room. Ryan recognizes now that it was a mistake to put Andrew and Hamz on the block. Andrew tells Ryan that you can't put your allies up to do a back door plan. Andrew thinks that Kaela has a strong grasp on the game. Ryan said that if people don't think that Veronica is the biggest threat in the house they are kidding themselves. Andrew said that he talked to Veronica and she said she made a pack with Merron to vote the same way. Andrew was disappointed that Erica played the veto the way she did because that is why his veto speech was like this is what I have done for you so can you help me out and then nope. They discuss the people that they thought they had on their side, but now realize they don't.
  12. 10:54am BBT Paras and Maddy hang out in the hallway to the outside talking about how they have to make a move and go after the others because the people on the outs like they are have been getting picked off one by one. After they head inside, Paras sits down by Ryan and tells him that she wants to go after Oliva and Erica. Ryan agrees and said that is what he should have done.
  13. 10:38am BBT Maddy, Will and Paras make their way out by the hot tub. Paras said that she talked to Oliva last night about Jesse because when she was out in the hot tub with Jesse, Oliva was giving her a dirty look. Paras said that Oliva asked her if she liked Jesse and Paras told her just as friends and Oliva said that she wants to go for Jesse (showmance) in the next few days. Paras said that she told Jesse that she does not plan on hanging out with him because Oliva is jealous and she does not want to be targeted by Oliva for hanging out with him. Paras said that she also told Jesse that Oliva wanted to put Maddy on the block for talking to Jesse. Maddy said that she was talking to Ali and Jesse and they said they want to go after Veronica and Merron because they think they have a secret power that they want to flush out. They are trying to speculate why Veronica and Merron were put in late. Paras agrees with putting them both on the block to see if they have some kind of power. Will is more scared of the foursome that includes Derek and Jesse. Paras thinks the other four (olive, Johnny, Erica and Ali) are more of a threat. Paras does not believe that there is any way that Johnny is a stay at home dad. Will thinks a big game move would be Oliva and Erica on the block. Will said that if Ryan is such a big fan, he should of made a big move last week. Will suggests they head inside so they are not looking suspicious.
  14. 10:32am BBT Maddy, Will and Paras are the only three left in the kitchen. Maddy and Paras want to think of something fun to do today. Maddy suggests they can play pool and Will said that he does not like pool and does not want to play. The wonder what the next HoH comp will be. Maddy has a feeling that Hamz is going to get the next HoH and Will said that he hopes he does. Paras said that Oliva, Erica, Johnny and Ali are a dangerous foursome and Maddy agrees. Paras reviews the comps that they have won so far and she wants to take a shot at them because they have to break them up. Will said that if you are going to win, this week would be the one to win for sure.