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    Cassi - Week 2 Evicted 7/21

    On last nights feeds Cassi was talking about a country singer she used to date that wrote songs about her... anyone know who it is? Leftcoast
  2. I would really like Crazy James and Chelsea to come back in the house. You never knew what to expect during their season. Leftcoast
  3. This was posted over on bigbrothergossip - they said CBS is taking suggestions on what tasks the mole should perform. Leftcoast CBS posted the following image on their Big Brother Saboteur's page. The items are as follows: 1.Duct Tape 2.Super Glue 3.Rope 4.Padlock 5.Food Coloring 6.Condiments 7.Rubber Bands 8.Wire 9.Glow in the Dark Ink 10.Beeping Electronic device
  4. okay 1) Cappy - could not hardly watch while he was on camera - controlling the show. 2) Holly - self promoting whinny girl 3) Jerry - 2faced and senile. Erica was kind of hard to take as was Adam Leftcoast
  5. Leftcoast

    Past HGs Updates

    Don't forget to add the Jailbirds Matty & Adam to the HGs updates. Leftcoast
  6. Did Natalee ever really marry that guy who proposed on air? It seemed kind of staged - Leftcoast
  7. Leftcoast

    BB Office Pool Suggestions

    The emails have started at work... people worried that they will get left out of the Big Brother Office Pool. I make a poster board with each HG's photo with their name and then in red the co-worker's name who drew that HG's name out of a hat. We make Veto and Nominated post it tabs that get moved around. We write EVICTED across their photo once they get kicked out (which backfired a few years ago when James came back in the house). The copy repair techs and spread it guys all stop by to check the boards regularly. Very fun.... now I just need photos/names/bios and we can get this thing going. Leftcoast
  8. Leftcoast

    BB 12

    Allison needs to shut down the chit chat between the HG's and the producers.[/ The HG's shouldn't run into the diary room everytime they have a question and talk to a producer then come back in and announce what they were told. Bull... let them sit there and wonder if they will be getting the hot water turned back on in the morning or in the evening. NO COMMUNICATION EXCEPT THE TAPED INTERVIEWS - with the exception of medical questions. Just incase she does read the boards. Leftcoast