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  1. mskittywitty

    Big Brother General Discussion

    I agree - very mean girl along with the other HS's who stand around like a murder of crows and take shots at the accused.
  2. mskittywitty

    Amanda - Week 6 - 3rd Nominee

    I will admit that I was a fan of Amanda's in the beginning but now, I would love nothing more than to see her booted out! I want to see McCrae play his own game rather than kowtowing to her - he has to be completely embarrassed of her behavior and comments. I think the physical euphoria is wearing off and he is seeing her true nature. I love how she goes off on McCrae for not moving when Jesse was sitting 4 feet away from him painting her nails but she can cuddle up next to Spenser...
  3. The hubby and I were watching BB after dark and watching Dan work his magic and we both said his wife must think "I wonder if Dan uses his Jedi mind tricks on me???" Yes he's playing a game but with his talent of manipulation it has to be a big part of his normal every day life. I know he's a coach, but it all just comes way to easy for him... Just sayin' (typin')
  4. mskittywitty

    Jenn, Week 6 - Replacement Nominee

    ...and some Beano for all of that gas!
  5. I think the mother of his child should use the things that he has said on the show and petition for full custody of Brady...he will just grow up to be like his vile father if he's around him enough. He goes on and on that he's all about his son...blah blah blah - if he were he would think before he speaks because later, those words will come back to bite him in the butt! I believe the true colors of people come out on this show and he thinks he is loved by all but most of us hate him. I feel sorry for him and his delusions...
  6. mskittywitty

    Frank, Week 6 - Nominee (PoV)

    I am so hoping that Boogie does leave tonight and Julie informs him that it was Ian all along and not Dan! It sickens me to hear them talk about the other house guests and we were watching ST After Hours last night and my hubby says "does Boogie know that he acts and dresses like someone half his age?" Immaturity on both of their parts really shows...