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  1. Jerry appears to be sleeping on the couch. Memphis is tossing around in his bed. Dan is still in the DR. (I'm off to join the HG's in dreamland - night all!)
  2. 8:22PM BBT Dan is called to the DR. Jerry comes out of the bathroom, stops and looks in the Spa Room on his way by. Keeps walking. Memphis is still in his bed. Jerry is standing staring at the memory wall. After a few minutes Jerry goes and lies down on the couch.
  3. Dan is dropping balls out of the plane saying "There goes Jerry! There goes Memphis!"
  4. Memphis is lying in his bed. Dan is wandering the house playing with an airplane and making shooting and crashing noises. (This may be a LOOOONG night) Dan lying in Spa Room playing with the plane. He's pretending it's spiralling in to a crash and saying "No! It's the Jerry plane! Can't take it! CRASH!"
  5. Jerry's unpacking in the Doom Room. Dan is still cooking in the kitchen. Memphis walked by Dan in the kitchen - brief chatter but too quiet to hear. Dan and Memphis are in the bath room - more quiet brief chatter. Memphis asks Dan if he's making tacos. Dan asks Memphis if he made too much of calling him out. Memphis says maybe a little bit but it's all good. Looks like Memphis is now making tuna salad. Memphis says they moved it (the finale I'm guessing) back to Tuesday so he says that means there is one comp on Thurs and one on Sun. Dan says he thinks someone will go home on Thurs. 7:42PM BBT Dan is alone on the couch in the living room. Seems like he's deep in thought. Jerry is now finished unpacking. Dan offers some of the tacos to Jerry (he's lying on the couch in the LR) if he's hungry. Memphis is sitting at the little table eating tuna salad but Dan doesn't offer anything to him. Jerry says thanks for the offer but he's good for now, maybe later. Dan is sitting at counter eating. Looks like Memphis just helped himself to a taco. 7:51PM BBT Jerry is called to the DR. Dan says that he was going to say something to Memphis about eating his taco. Memphis says he was going to say something about it tasting like horse shit. Memphis says he's gotta hold back a bit. Dan says that's why he didn't say it. Dan says "But I called you out about the wind breaker!" Memphis asks Dan if he can taste it yet! He said they have to get through one more comp and then they can flip for who gets to send Jerry home. Memphis asked Dan what he said to Keesha on her way out. He said he had asked her about Renny's vote and it was still up in the air so he told her to finish it for him. Dan says for the 2nd comp if it's something Dan can't watch and Memphis can't tell him, to wear a red bandana if he won and a black one if he lost. Dan says don't be doing any shit about wearing black just to screw with me. Memphis says it's you that does the antics, not me! Dan says to tell Jerry that he knows what the 3rd comp will be so that Jerry will think Memphis will win it and will then throw the 2nd comp to him. Dan says it was a good call keeping Jerry because he folded like a deck of cards during that endurance comp. Memphis wondering what time tomorrow's comp will be at. Dan saying today's comp couldn't have lasted in to the night because it wouldn't have looked good on TV in the night. Dan tells Memphis that if he's in there sitting talking to Jerry to come in and he'll get up and leave because they can't be seen in the same room. 8:00PM BBT Dan finished cleaning up in the kitchen and goes to lie down in Spa Room. Jerry is still in DR. Can't see Memphis.
  6. Jerry saying they had a balance comp like that in a previous season. He said that a little girl that must have weighed about the same as April won. He said it was easy for her because she was tiny and had no upper body strength. Memphis speculates that if April was still in the house she would have won that HOH easily. Jerry says he wants to thank Memphis for today. Memphis says sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. Jerry says he feels bad for falling off so quickly. Memphis tells Jerry that he's going to lie down cause he's beat. He goes to VW BR and Dan says they can't been seen talking until after the 2nd comp. He said that Memphis should try to get Jerry to throw the 2nd comp. Memphis then tells Dan that if they aren't supposed to be seen talking then he needs to get out of his room! (can't argue with that logic!) Dan then leaves the BR and goes to kitchen while Memphis is lying in his bed. Dan tells Jerry the burgers smell good. He says that next time if he says he's making something and Dan says no to make him eat it anyways. (NO Dan NO!!! Sneezeburgers!) 7:30PM BBT Dan says Keesha was pretty classy going out. Jerry says yes. Dan says he really liked her. Jerry then repeats to Dan what he told Keesha yesterday - that she treated him the nicest out of everyone. Jerry is complaining about something sticky being on the floor and is going to go get the mop. Dan is frying up taco meat. Jerry is getting his suitcase out of SR. Complains it's so heavy. Drops it on his bed, gets his pills and heads back out. Jerry is still saying he can't believe he didn't shorten that rope. Dan said he was wondering if he had done the right thing. Jerry says it wouldn't have been long before Dan's circulation would have gone. Dan asks Jerry if he fell okay. Jerry says yes because when he falls he just relaxes. Dan asks if Jerry thinks it's a red herring (?!). Jerry says nope, it's done. He says "You heard what she said, it's over on Tuesday." Some chatting about how they see the remainder of the time playing out. Dan wonders if the next comp will be tomorrow. Jerry speculates the winner will pick who they go with to the final on Thurs. Dan talking to himself now saying a week from today it will be all over.
  7. 6:44PM BBT: Memphis is lying on the mats. Dan yells "Get me off this thing!" Memphis is hanging his head. Dan goes and shakes Jerry's hand and then Memphis'. Jerry is saying to Memphis "Sorry I lost it so quick. I didn't have the ropes wrapped around my hands." Memphis goes inside the house mumbling about it being so slippery. Dan asking Jerry if he lost balance or grip. Jerry explaining that he hadn't wrapped the ropes around his wrists so it was too long and he ended up leaning too far back. Memphis getting his bag out of the SR and changing in to some dry clothes. Dan leaning up against one of the planes. Jerry goes inside the house. Dan talking to himself saying "One more to go." Mike comes over PA and says "Thanks guys. Good job. See you next time. Head on inside." Everyone says "Thanks Mike." Dan says "Good seeing you again." Memphis is changing in the shower. Jerry just sneezed, wiped his hand with tissue and is now kneading the hamburger meat with his hands making the patties for him and Memphis - no washing of the hands occurred! Dan was the smart one declining the offer of hamburgers! 7:00PM BBT: Dan is in the shower. Memphis is sitting on the couch in the living room. Jerry is making hamburgers with his sneezed on hands. NEWSFLASH - Dan is NOT wearing his black and white swim trunks!! He's wearing beige shorts and a camo t-shirt. 7:10PM BBT: Memphis and Dan in VW BR. Dan is lying on Keesha's bed. They're laughing. Jerry is saying he hopes the burgers cooked through. He then says he doesn't mind his a little raw. (well done would be good to cook the sneeze spray out of them!) Memphis tests the burgers and says they're fine. Dan is still lying on Keesha's bed. Looks like he's a little sad maybe. 7:17PM BBT: Jerry sitting at counter eating. Memphis standing eating.
  8. 6:15PM BBT: Dan says "You know what I tell the football players back at St. Mary's? If it ain't rough it ain't right. So guess what Memphis, it's going to be a long night." Dan is yelling to the live crowd (I assume) - "I love you guys! Call me after the show!" Memphis casually looks over, smirks a little and just shakes his head. Jerry looks a little lonely and a little sad maybe. Dan calls out "I bet you wish you had on Jerry's windbreaker!" Dan's jacket looks pretty wet. Memphis doesn't seem to be bothered. Dan's smiling and repeating "If it ain't rough it ain't right." Jerry is now pacing a little by the BY couches. Puts his red hat and jacket back on. Dan keeps saying "Focus on the nose (of the plane)." Not sure if he's talking to himself or trying to give Memphis a tip. 6:30PM BBT: Dan is focusing on staring down at the nose of the plane so the wet air doesn't get in his eyes. Memphis just keeps looking around and squinting. 6:40PM BBT: Jerry is sitting in silence on the BY couch just watching. Neither of the guys seem to be having any issues with this competition so far. (could be a long night!) The planes are now moving faster and higher and tilting to about a 45 degree angle to the side! Looks like BB has stepped it up a notch! Memphis is out!!
  9. 6:09PM BBT Jerry sitting against fence by hot tub. Memphis and Dan hanging in. Dan says to someone that he's glad they're back. That he hasn't seen them in a few challenges. Then says "Yes, you in the baseball cap." - perhaps a camera person?
  10. Jem

    Thanks for the updates!!

  11. Dan goes out to BY to tell Memphis that Jerry cannot compete in the next HOH but that person can compete in the following one. Memphis says he already told him that. Dan says sometimes you need triple confirmation. Keesha goes out to BY and Memphis says that Dan is all excited because he found out Jerry can't play in HOH. Keesha says she knows, that Jerry told her earlier. Memphis says it means the next HOH is him, Dan or Keesha and that as long as Jerry doesn't win PoV they're money. 7:30PM BBT Jerry bashing on the BY couch with Memphis & Keesha. 8:00PM BBT BY discussions of Mexican donkey shows, Memphis' road trip with 19/20 year old girls, and strip clubs. Now camera keeps focusing on occupied sign on bathroom door with Memphis inside. Sounds like Jerry paid for a prostitute back when he was 19 or 20. Back when he was "young and virile" - Jerry's words. When Keesha asks what that means Jerry says "needy or over-sexed or something". (definitely a case of too much information!) Everyone but Renny in BY talking about marriage and having kids. Dan asks when your eggs start going bad. (LOL) Jerry answers "42 and then after that a lot of kids get born with defects". 8:15PM BBT Dan just got yelled at by BB for singing. Memphis is trying to kill a moth by throwing it in the spider's web - Keesha is freaking out yelling at him to stop it. The camera is focused on the spider crawling to get the moth. Renny is now inside lying on her bed while everyone else is mesmerized by the spider. 8:20PM BBT Beginning to wonder what's up with the food they had for dinner - first Memphis in the bathroom with camera focused on the occupied sign, then Rennie with the camera focused on the occupied sign, and now Keesha's turn. The boys still in the BY watching the spider. Keesha goes to VW bedroom and asks Renny why she's lying down. Renny says she's tired. Renny and Keesha lying on Renny's bed together. Renny asks Keesha what do they mean when they ask you in your DR session "So is there anything else you want to ask us?" and Keesha says she doesn't know but they ask her the same type of thing "Is there anything else you want to talk about?" So Renny says they should both go to the DR together to ask them what it means. Off to the DR they go. Dan is on living room couch, Memphis wanders through the living room. Jerry is once again alone, well he has the spider. 8:30PM BBT Dan and Renny on one couch, Memphis and Keesha on the other, Jerry comes in and sits in one of the eviction chairs. Renny asks Dan if he wants to play bicycle. Dan says sure as long as they keep the pillow between their feet. Renny asks why and Dan says he doesn't like foot on foot contact. Keesha says Renny you know he's funny about his feet. Renny makes a comment about he's funny about his feet and he's also funny about that bathing suit that he's been wearing for 500 years and refuses to wash. Dan says it's been chlorinated. Renny says he's going to catch some flack outside of the house for not wearing that swimsuit. Jerry says "Doesn't it give you jock itch?" Dan starts singing again. Delayed reaction by BB "Dan I told you to KNOCK IT OFF!" (they sound MAD!). Keesha says "Sounds like they've had enough of you!!" Everyone sitting in the living room reminiscing about their first day in the house - what they first saw when they came in, how excited they were. Jerry points out how the atmosphere has definitely changed. Keesha and Memphis want to see the first episode, Renny says that's the last one that she wants to see. Dan keeps speculating on what Keesha's sound bite was "Hi I'm Keesha and I'm going to use ALL my assets!"..then "This mid-west girl just turned Hollywood." 8:40PM BBT Dan just got called to DR. Jerry says they probably called him to DR to tell him to wash his bathing suit. Memphis says people are going to see him on the show wearing the same clothes every day. Keesha says she saw green mold growing on Dan's bathing suit - she said she's not kidding. Renny asks if Dan wears his swimsuit to bed, she's told no, so she says she thinks she's going to take his swimsuit and wash it. Everyone says he'll be so mad, but she says she doesn't care! Jerry says he was up at 5:00am this morning eating cashews and drinking tomato juice. Everyone except Dan still in living room. Talking about luxury comps from previous seasons. Renny says she doesn't think it's fair that the comps this season they have had with prizes haven't been for everyone, only some people have played and had the chance. Now talk of previous seasons. Jerry finds it interesting that they have so little to do with the actual show...only about 10 min in total with Julie Chen and answering questions. Keesha says it's probably too risky to keep them live on the air too long. Jerry out of the blue says "That's when you start losing your baby fat." About 5 min later Renny says "Baby fat? What? What are you talking about?" Jerry says about 30 is when he thinks you start losing your baby fat. That you don't change much between 18 and 30. 8:50PM BBT Definite case of boredom going on in living room. Renny says that the living room is probably the ugliest room she's ever seen. She said the wall looks like fish scales. 8:55PM BBT Memphis is called to DR. Silence in living room. Jerry then says he wonders if he will have a reputation when he gets out of here. Renny starts laughing and says "Oh you'll have a reputation when you get out of here all right!" She then says she thinks they all will when they get out of here, Jerry and Keesha agree. 9:00PM BBT Jerry is talking about the country club he and Joanne belong to. When they go Joanne has a drink called an Orgasm. He said that one time after she had about 3 the friend they were with stood up to go get a drink and asked if anyone wanted something, so Joanne yells out "Get me another orgasm!!" Dan then asks if he can read Keesha's letter. She says sure. Dan is now reading parts out "You are doing so well, just like you said you would." He says "Were you cocky Keesha?" Keesha says thanks for calling me out Dan while she's laughing. "You are also showing me that you love me. I've heard you say you miss me." and "I want you to know that Gizmo and I watch you all the time." and "I would like us to go away on vacation or just lock us up in a room together for three weeks." and "I have big hopes together for us as a couple." Renny wants to know what time they usually get the wine. Jerry says 9:00 - hmmm right about now. Renny is now off to the storage room to check. Nothing in there. Renny mumbles "Are you kidding me?" Renny and Dan are now going to play a game of Concentration with the cards. (I'm calling it a night. Night everyone!)
  12. 5:45PM BBT: Keesha in BY with Dan saying that she just can't sleep anymore, she's so bored. Jerry actually leaves his HOH room. Memphis tells him the good news about the grill and food. Memphis goes out to BY and Keesha asks if she was talking to Jerry, she could tell by the look on his face. I missed part of the conversation in the kitchen between Renny and Jerry but Jerry said something about a lot of trickery going on in the house. Jerry goes outside asking what they did to deserve the grill. He says it's like something from home. He goes over to it saying "oooooh, it's a good one!" Renny is in kitchen making the appetizers. Memphis, Dan, Keesha and Jerry in BY. 5:50PM BBT: Jerry saying he needs to stop going upstairs to lie down because he falls asleep. He says he's going to sleep his life away. He says his body is shutting down, it's saying "Enough of this shit." and then he yells "ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT!" Memphis goes inside to Renny saying he hates when he does that. He said it's like he has Tourette's for god's sake! Renny says "That's your friend you're talking about!" Memphis says "Shut the fuck up." As an aside turns out the flag was Dan's, he's had it on the shelf above his bed all this time. Keesha pointing out they were away for July 4th and now Labour Day. Jerry says we gave up our summer didn't we. Then his Tourette's kicks in again as he yells "How stupid!" 5:55PM BBT: Renny tasting her appetizer. Keesha in BY saying "Happy Labour Day guys." Dan echoes. Then Jerry echoes. Dan is called to DR. Keesha goes inside saying she's going to start some clothes. Leaving Jerry alone again in the BY. Memphis in kitchen making something...hamburger patties maybe...the squishing slurping sound as he kneads it is pretty gross. 6:20PM BBT: Renny & Keesha in kitchen. Renny saying "Something's up with that. You have 2 strong competitors out there in the guys. I just don't get it." - she's obviously still complaining that Jerry's nominations didn't protect her. Renny tells Keesha that she's still in the running. Renny asks Memphis to make a piece of the sausage black for her because she likes it black (aka burned!). Keesha and Renny complaining again about the lack of wine even after they asked Keesha in the DR. Keesha says she's going to go ask for it. Jerry comes out of DR saying he just asked for another beer at least, they told him they'll put the request in. 6:35PM BBT: Dan and Memphis in BY by the grill. Dan worried that his flag is 1mm off the ground. Memphis saying "So raise it up!" Dan says they should ask Jerry to tell them the story of Labour Day. Memphis says "Oh please!" 6:40PM BBT: Keesha in kitchen saying to Dan in bathroom that this is some birthday for him. That she didn't even get alcohol for her birthday. Jerry bursts the bubble by saying "I think this is our Labour Day special." Jerry goes out to BY saying "What's up cook?" to Memphis. Dinner is just about ready. Jerry says that he went to the DR and asked for more beer. He said that they should give them each a 6 pack, that this is bullsh*t. His Tourette's kicks in again by yelling "I'LL PAY FOR IT!!" Now Jerry is talking about the Jenn-Air grill in his kitchen - going in to great detail of it. 6:40PM BBT Jerry wants to bring the table outside to the backyard to eat on. Memphis says that would mean they would lock them out again to do it. Jerry says it's not too big that they couldn't do it themselves. He asks Memphis for his input. Memphis doesn't here him (or ignores him). Jerry goes in to the Kitchen and repeats the idea to Keesha. Keesha says they could make do with the white table in the BY maybe. Jerry is obsessed with eating outside, making all sorts of suggestions. Keesha keeps saying "Uh huh." "That sounds good" - definitely humouring him! Then Memphis comes out to BY and is immediately hit with Jerry telling him his thoughts - you can hear Keesha in the background giving a little chuckle. 6:30 PM BBT: Dan and Memphis are in the BY. memphis is cooking on the grill then dan goes inside. Keesha and Jerry are in the kitchen. Keesha is making food and ask Dan how it is going out there but then realizes that Dan cant hear her. Jerry goes outside and says "How ya doing, cook?" to Memphis. Jerry saying how whatever Memphis is cooking looks good and then tells Memphis how he asked the DR for more beer. Jerry proceeds to tell Memphis about his generator grill at home. Memphis says that when he worked at Lowe's he sold a lot of generator grills. Jerry is basically rambling about his grill and says that it has four burners about for times. Memphis says "cool" in a real sarcastic tone. Jerry wishes that they could bring the table outside and eat out there. Jerry goes back into the kitchen and Keesha immediately goes outside and tells Memphis that the food smells good. Memphis says "In five minutes it will be good to go... Good to go." Jerry comes back outside and is trying to figure a way to eat outside. Jerry suggests that they can all sit outside on cushions and make it a Hawaiian laua (s/p?) style. Keesha says that it would be cool. Jerry and Memphis made the dinner table by taking three foot rests from the outdoor couches and lining them up next to eachother then putting the cushions next to them for seats. A decision has been made - they are going to eat "luau style" (Jerry's description) in the BY, sitting on cushions around the little white outdoor table. Keesha says "That's cute. Good idea Jerry." Jerry is now asking Keesha where the knife, fork and spoon go on the table. (He's 75 and never set a table before?) 6:50PM BBT: Jerry going to see if they left them anymore beer. He finds Dan in there and whispers "I asked them for some more beer." (why the whispering Jerry?) Nothing in the storage room. Everyone is helping with the table setting. Looks like Keesha is feeding the fish. Renny is in the DR. Jerry saying "Can we please have our beer so we can have it with dinner? Please!" Memphis says they need Renny so they can start this shindig. Jerry is going up to the HOH to feed the fish. Renny had something in the oven cooking for guacamole but was called to the DR. Memphis wondered what the smell was and found whatever it is burning in the oven. Dan says "Sept 1, 1983" and Memphis says "the day the renegade came in to the world". It's only Dan and Memphis in the BY. Memphis saying that Renny needs to hurry up because he doesn't want to wait forever to eat. Everyone is in the kitchen waiting for Renny to come out of the DR so they can eat. Camera focusing in on the tray of grilled food - looks like they think they're still cooking for 13 houseguests!!!! Renny is out of the DR, it's time to eat! 7:00PM BBT: Memphis gets down on the cushion in the BY to join Dan at the table. He's tugging at the cushion trying to get comfortable then says "Dude I'm not liking this Hawaiian style shit." (referring to the sitting on the ground to eat) Dan and Memphis are already sitting outside eating at the Luau style table. Memphis immediately says "im not liking this Hawaiian style shit" Meanwhile, Keesha, Renny, and Jerry are all still in the kitchen. Dan compliments Memphis's hamburger and says "it actually looks like a real hamburger" Renny suggests that they all say grace. Jerry goes outside and sits down with Dan and Memphis. Renny comes out and says "what is this, a Japanese restaurant?!" and Keesha says "I guess so" Renny and Keesha sit down and Renny starts saying Grace. The guys are outside waiting for Renny and Keesha. Jerry goes in to Kitchen to tell them. Renny seems annoyed "Why they waiting? Just go ahead." (seriously why are they so slow?) Keesha and Renny finally get their plates together and go outside. As soon as Renny opens the BY doors she says "What is this?! A Japanese restaurant?!?!" 7:07PM BBT: Dan is already done his first plate! Heading in for more. He asks anyone needs anything, then asks Renny if she needs anything to drink. She says "No thanks." (she's not falling for that again! LOL) Now Memphis is heading in for plate #2. Memphis finds Dan inside cutting the corn off the cob. Turns out half of Dan's front 2 teeth are fake. Sounds like some kind of basketball accident. Memphis' says his 2 front teeth are also fake. Dan's are just filled with cavity filling material, whereas Memphis' are full teeth that pop in. Keesha is wondering if they are going to leave the grill. (good point - perhaps it's just for Labour Day) Renny is done with the "luau style" dining. She's cleaned her plate inside and is now outside sitting on the BY couch. Renny says "Keesha, you ate??" to which Keesha says "Yep! I ate a full plate!" Renny says "You probably needed it!" Keesha says she ate a hot dog and fish. (do they miss all the eating she does all day??? she just doesn't eat meals with everyone else!) Everyone is in agreement that they are stuffed. Renny says they need to save room for cake.
  13. Dan looking for THE perfect place for the flag - tried the weight bench, the weight tower, the planter things by the pool, and finally decides on the chair that Memphis suggested. Renny says "Would you just put it somewhere!" [definite frustration!] Renny saying she told the DR that she was off to make an appetizer and they hinted that she might want to go easy on it. Keesha saying they asked her about everyone's fav alcohol, complaining there's no wine yet! Keesha saying it's nice to have the American flag flying now and not the Portugese flag. Memphis saying they were in the house for July 4th and now Labour Day. He's saying that July 4th totally sucked and he was depressed watching the fireworks. Jerry lying in bed and mumbles something about one of them is going home as he rolls over. [if no one talks to you you've got to talk to yourself!] Memphis in BY saying he's surprised that Jerry didn't wear anything patriotic today. He then goes inside saying he going to change in to something festive. On his way in he says he's going to do it up right on the grill for dinner. Renny is starting the pineapple, cream cheese, celery appetizers.
  14. 5:30PM BBT: Outdoor lockdown is over. They got a BBQ in the BY. Keesha is totally excited. Renny keeps saying they got a "Kitchen Aid" and saying what an awesome grill! They point out it's Dan's bday and then think it's for Labour Day. Keesha says that they did ask her about wine and Dan, Renny & Keesha all go running from BY in to the Storage Room. Dan is hoping for fireworks [no chance of that!] Seems that in the DR they asked Keesha what her and Renny's fav wine is. They gave them hot dogs, veggie patties, sausage, real hamburger, beer and a flag. Jerry laying in his bed watching the others in the kitchen on the spy screen. Keesha told the DR that Renny likes Chardonnay and she likes Cabernet wine. Dan is walking around the BY waiving the flag and is asking Keesha and Renny where to put it.
  15. 4:00PM ish BBT: Renny & Keesha in VW bedroom complaining about the house and how bored they are. Renny saying after all of this she'll need to spend a week with her husband alone to get grounded and then she'll go back home to see her kids. Keesha agreeing and saying she'll need to spend a week here before going out to Ohio for a week. They both agree they're just sick of this house and Renny points out that they never seem to use the front room. Keesha says that's because it's for evictions. Renny pointing out there's no TV, no phone, no nothing - isn't that the point? Talking about how there's been no luxury comp. Renny also mentioned she was going to make an appetizer for dinner tonight of celery sticks, cream cheese, and pineapple. [sounds interesting ] Renny wondering if she'll be hounded after the show. Keesha saying people will ask her questions. Renny is speculating what it will be like at the first place she goes with her husband, to a lounge in L.A., she seems to think that people will come up to her and ask questions and say "Were you on BB?" She says she'll say no, it's not her. 4:30PM BBT: Renny saying that 3 months in this "adventure" can change someone's life so much, in the way that they think. Keesha agrees saying it's changed her thinking so much. She said she came in to the house thinking she had a good head on her shoulders and didn't have much to change about herself, but now she sees so much she wants to change. She thinks she used to take people for granted but doesn't want to do that anymore. She said she's realized so much in here and that she's associating with people outside that aren't good for her and now she doesn't think she'll ever bother to be around those people anymore or allow them to have such an effect on her. Renny feels the same. Jerry is still sleeping in HOH. Dan still sleeping in the Doom Room. 4:45PM BBT: Keesha and Renny agreeing they liked April right off the bat initially, but that it only lasted for about 5 minutes. Renny talking about how she was trying to console April when she was crying in the BY that first week telling her about her family and her mother. Renny is saying she was always complaining about something or someone, that she couldn't stand anyone. Keesha points out "except Ollie". Keesha reminiscing about that first fight she had with April, that the first week they were already bumping heads and that she couldn't wait to get April out of here. Saying she was uncomfortable as a person not in the context of the game to be in the same room as her, that it was uncomfortable being fake. Sometimes Keesha wondered if she wasn't giving April the benefit of the doubt, thought maybe it was her and she wasn't giving her a chance. Renny disagrees with that and says that she was never going to like Keesha. She says that she never liked herself and was very insecure, unless she was in control of a situation. Keesha saying she didn't like how April would go on power trips. 5:00PM BBT: Renny saying they are getting a lockdown soon. Keesha & Renny in bathroom hoping it's a luxury comp. Renny saying they need to do something because they aren't making good TV because they are depressed from boredom. Keesha hoping it's Gizmo. Keesha telling Renny that she calls her Renny-roo all the time and Keesha's favourite cartoon is Winne the Pooh, says that she's Winnie and Renny is Roo, the little kangaroo. 5:05PM BBT: Indoor lockdown called. BB won't let Renny in to storage room either. Keesha & Renny in kitchen. Renny points out that the cards are made in Ohio [she must be bored!] 5:10PM BBT: Renny and Keesha making up fortune telling card games. Renny: Keesha, what's your fav number? Keesha: 5 Renny: K so if you pick a 5 then you're going to have a child soon This goes on covering multiple scenarios and each time the "right" card turns up it is followed by screeching laughter.