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  1. 2:45 BBT Paul is assembling all the interested parties to the HOH to tell Jess they are ALL on board. Matt, Raven. Mark, Elena, and Paul and Jess are gathered. Paul details the plan. The details are, Jess is safe for the next two weeks. No one in this room can nominate her or backdoor her. And if we win the HOH, we nominate Alex and vote her out. Paul assures her she has everyone in the room plus Christmas (who hasn't hobbled up the stairs yet) Jess says, OK, if I don't use the HEX this week and allow you guys to vote out Cody, I want two weeks of safety in order to not use the hex and I want Alex out. She reiterates that Cody went to war and our government conditioned him in this way. She wants them to know that he is still in that mode and this game has been hard on him and she will stand by and support him to the moon because she has to be fair and kind to him because of what he has been through to protect us. Paul says, I agree with that and I want to say that this game, this house is not a place that Cody should be. Jess says, please be sensitive to what he has been through and even though it is a game it effects us all in some way and we need to be aware of that.
  2. I'm surprised no one got this, so I will give you the synopsis. This morning, 11:30ish, Paul started hatching a plan to get Cody out. In order to do this he had to go to Jess and convince her to assist with his plan. In order for her to entertain his idea she said she wanted to be safe for two weeks AND Alex needs to go ASAP. Everyone must agree. So Paul set out to make everyone agree. He goes to group after group and explains the plan and everyone agrees, only it's really a ruse, because Paul tells some folks He won't get rid of Alex, and tells other folks Alex is a competitor and must go, might as well be now. He also plants a seed of doubt with Jess about Cody and his plan week 1 or 2 to keep people that would get rid of Jessica and all the girls. He tells her that Matt knows it is true if she doubts him. So... Jess goes to Matt to verify and Matt says he doesn't feel comfortable telling her about a conversation between he and Cody that was weeks ago before any of the showmances began. It was back when the Boy Power group was working together. So... she goes to Cody and asks him. This causes him to get angry with her and stomp off. She follows him and he and she have words at 12:24 PM BBT all feeds. He tells her he no longer gives a crap and that he is not happy with her that she doubted his loyalty. He says NO ONE HAS EVER DOUBTED MY LOYALTY. She is trying to get him to calm down and hes all eyes and rage at this point. He goes outside to work out and you can see him huffing and puffing and BB calls him to the DR. At 2:15 Paul and Jess are in the HOH alone and the plan is set. She appears to have a agreed. [please folks, go and watch the whole afternoon because it was the best Sunday yet!-Monadyan]
  3. 10:45 BBT Jason... I'm probably going to get in trouble for this, but ok, so I went to the US Celluar store in the city... Paul stops him and says, "Did you just say that? Don't ever say Cellular! No one says cellular anymore!" Jason repeats," It was the US Cellular Store in the city, the city was Sheridan." Paul and Christmas chime in: Don't say that. Not cellular. Jason: OK, So I went to the cell phone store. Paul : Don't say cell either. Jason: OK, so I went to the phone store. I go in and the girl behind the counter, I had hired before to clerk auctions. Christmas: To what? Jason: To clerk auctions. I went in one time and she sold me a bunch of shit I didn't need, so I said, Hey... do you work on the weekends? Would you be willing to work if one of my other people bail? She said yes, so I hired her. So we are on a friend basis, and I walk in there and she asks me if I'd be willing to clean her stalls. And I'm like, it's $160 bucks. Kevin: What did she look like? Jason: She's good looking. Kevin: how old? Jason: She's married, about 30. So I go to her place, clean her stalls, she's got 2 horses. Kevin: Is that what they are calling it these days? Jason, Yeah, I literally remove the manure from the stalls. Kevin: You get $160 to move shit? Jason: Yeah, so I go to the store. And she says, Hey. And I could tell she wants to say something serious, and she says, there is this dog that's loose and he's always in the road, and she is like this dog freak with like 7 dogs. Kevin: and it's your dog? Jason: NO. She says they don't take care of it. It's always in the road, it's a red heeler. I says, is it a male? Yes, Intact? Yes. So I'm like cool. I'll take it cause I want to breed my dog cause my wife is pregnant, and at the time my female dog was cycling. Kevin: So your dog is riding a bike? Jason (laughing) Yes. So she calls me and I go get the dog. I put the two dogs together in my barn and they get locked up, tied together, and it's working perfect. So I keep them locked up together for like three days, and I go to the barn, open the door and the dog shoots out like a bullet and I don't know the dogs name. The neighbor calls about a red heeler and asks if it's mine, cause I run heelers, but mine are all blue. But they didn't get ahold of me soon enough, and they took a picture of the dog and post it on Facebook, THEN, they called me. So I went and got it. Yeah, that's my dog. Then they wrote on FB, we found the owner. So the real owner sees the thing on FB, calls the number and says whoever claimed that dog isn't the owner. So I says, it isn't really my dog but I took it home cause I liked the dog, just give them my number. Kevin: So now you are a dog napper. Jason: Yeah, I'm a f'ing dog napper. So this kid calls and says it's his dog and I'm like OK, what is it's name? And he says blah blah, and I'm like my buddy sold it to me in Knoxville, its not your dog. He's like it is too, and I'm like then why was it in Knoxville, and he says, I dunno. It gets loose all the time. So you don't take care of your dog, I says, and he says, Look man it is my dog. So, I'm like, well, you're going to have to pay me fifty bucks. He says, It's MY dog. OK, but if I find this dog again, I'm keeping it. so I met him and gave him the dog. And I see the gal at the store and I tell her, hey I gave the kid back the dog and I didn't implicate you in the thievery. So guess what? The next week, he gets loose, gets hit on the road and f'ing dies! Damn dog dies. Guess what happens two weeks later? My dog is pregnant and has a litter of that dogs puppies. We got 8 pups, one got kicked by a horse, so it's instantly 7. They are born snow white. Then they turn colors. I kept one and sold the rest or traded them for stuff. 10:50 BBT We got kitties, must be VETO meeting time.
  4. 10:00 BBT Alex is laying in her bed with the covers up over her head. She peeks out every once in a while. She's mumbling, Jesus Christ Jason, you are so stupid. Josh is so stupid. Jason needs to stop talking. Kevin walks by and asks her how she is, she says her back hurts. Because of the bed. Kevin says for her to switch. Christmas is out there, Cody is out there, Jason is out there, Paul is out there, Jessica is out there. [she is listening and taking roll] The group in the kitchen is pretty loud. POV today, she says. Josh is an idiot. She keeps mumbling but it is difficult to understand her with the covers over head. Only her little diamond studded ears are visible.
  5. 7:10 BBT Matt rises again, takes his mic from the night stand and walks slowly to the WC. He knocks then enters and the camera pans the room. The floor is littered with towels and clothing, shoes and socks, a pair of black stilettos and what appears to be a pink shower poof. He exits the WC, washes his hands, sans soap, and then wipes his wet hands on his face. Picks up the hand towel and dries face and hands and replaces the towel on the counter. He returns to the bed once again pulling the covers across him and pulling them slightly more off of Raven.
  6. 4:45 am BBT Matt rises and walks the long walk to the WC, enters then exits, washes his hands with soap, and then pats his face with water. His eyes remain closed through the hand washing and open once his face is freshened up. He dries his hands and his face, then throws the towel into the sink. He walks to the kitchen, picks up a cup from the counter, looks inside and then empties out the contents into the sink, refills it with water, takes one small sip, pours out the remainder, places the cup on the counter and heads back to bed. He crawls in the bed aside Raven, who is oblivious to the fact that he left or has returned, pulls the covers over onto him, simultaneously pulling them off the majority of Raven.
  7. 10:20 BBT. Matt is stirring what appears to be slop on the stove while Cody stands on the lily pad drinking coffee. Chat ensues about a light above Raven's bed that stayed on most of the night. That plus some noises kept her awake all night. matt says he has gotten 22 hours of sleep in the last two days. Cody is eating fresh slop and Jessica declined a bowl. She did get a cup of coffee and plopped down on the lily pad in the middle of all the activity. Raven went to put her cereal bowl in the sink and Elena intercepted it and now Raven is putting Froot Loops in it.
  8. 10:15 BBT. Kevin, Matt, Jason and Raven at the kitchen counter. Raven has her feet propped up on the counter. Breakfast is getting started along with another pot of coffee. Alex is sitting in the bed curling her eyelashes. Kevin returns to the BR anf gives the weather report to Alex and Ramses who is stirring and peeking from under the covers. It is hot and muggy, he reports. Christmas crutches her way to the HOH, opens the door, startles Paul and asks if she can take a shower. Apologizes for waking him up. Dom does not stir.
  9. 9:45 BBT Cody appears to be the only one up and at 'em. He is sitting in the back yard on a lily pad sipping coffee. He walked into the house. He is not even trying to hop. He drinks his coffee black. Raven walks by and he tips his cup to her as if to say good morning. She continues walking to the WC. The entire washroom area is a mess. Towels thrown everywhere, shower door askew, random clothing strewn about. Kevin is awake and looking for clothes in the darkened room. he dresses and goes to the SR for fresh batteries. He returns to the BR and removes his shirt and applies deodorant. Cody is brushing his teeth. Then he goes to the WC. He finishes and heads back to the kitchen where he meets up with Kevin. No words are spoken. FOTH Wake up time!
  10. 8:10 BBT Mark is rustling the covers and is now completely covered up to the neck. He was looking for the fluffy comforter, but it has made it's way over to Elena's side of the bed and he couldn't reach it. Both Elena and Dominique are sleeping on their tummies with their heads resting on crossed arms like they are laying out in the sun. [never saw anyone sleep like that-MD]
  11. 7:30 am BBT Ramses and Kevin can be heard rustling covers and talking. Kevin asks Ramses what time it is and he replies 7:15. More rustling and then silence once again blankets the BB house. (They sure are sweet when they sleep - Monadyan) Odd that their voices can be heard but they are no where on the feeds that I can see. All feeds show sleeping lumps in beds. Dom and Paul in the HOH on feeds 3 and 4, Mark and Elena close-up on feed one and the long shot of the room on feed 2. It seems to have cooled off in the house. All visible HG are covered with fluffy comforters and no feet are poking out looking for cool air.
  12. 6:25 BBT Raven arises and walks to the WC. Emerges and rinses hands, Water only, no soap, Returns to bedroom and crawls into a bed alone. (Not sleeping with Matt?)
  13. 1:30 BBT Cody and Jessica are sitting in the Have-Not room on their lily pad discussing past showmances. He doesn't know much about them, but Jessica seems to be an expert. Saying she is similar to Rachel, because they both have strong personalities. She asked Cody if he was really 32. He says yes and she says that she was like... "Wow, he's only one year older than me, but now that you're really 32, you're too old for me."
  14. 1:15 BBT Dom, Matt, Raven, Mark, Jason and Josh in the kitchen. Josh is STILL doing dishes. Jason is eating raw slop mixed with chocolate milk. They keep telling him that he is going to get sick. He disagrees. "It's just oats and protein powder, it can't hurt me," Jason says. Matt is teaching Slop 101 to Jason. Water up to here, 4 half cups of oats for 4 servings. Add the oats when it boils, watch for the yellow foam to come, strain it, put it in a tupperware and you're good to go. That's it. Laundry can be seen piled up by the sliding glass door awaiting the open back yard and access to the washing machine. Matt gathered up the towels this morning and now there are no clean towels in the house. Josh needs a towel to dry the dishes as they are piling up. He has seriously been doing dishes for hours. Mark says they will be doing a lot of GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry) the next few days. That's all he going to do. They have been locked in the house since Thursday so no GTL. HOUSEGUESTS - - - YOU MUST BE AWAKE BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 9 AM AND 10 PM.
  15. 1:00 BBT The house is in a holding pattern waiting for the VETO comp. The bedrooms are filled with assorted nappers. Alex is napping, Christmas is laying down with Elena laying on one breast as Christmas strokes her back and shoulders with one arm while she strokes Ramses with the other. She says her ex said she had death grips and Elena agrees that her hands are strong, but that she feels love from every squeeze. Christmas says she thought being in the house and the house being all messy would make her blow her top. But she says its not too bad. She says her house is super clean and super decorated. She worked hard for what she has and she likes it to be neat and nice. She says it is like a college dorm room. She went to VCU, and Kevin knows what it is and that they are having a good football year. (Kevin knows a little about most everything but Big Brother) He always asks about comps and if the house is usually messy, etc. Clearly he has never watched.